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10.06 The Fetal Kick Catalyst
(10-29-2016, 08:23 PM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: By the end of this episode I could just see Penny wondering why she married the guy. This was so awful! He was worse than embarrassing.

Just watched Fetal Kick and its not a very good ep. Not when the best relationship on the show is boring old Howard and Bernadette and their boring baby arc. At least these two seem to have a way of communicating where you don’t feel they are headed for a break-up all the time.

Sheldon and Amy came across as a miserable couple. Sheldon is horrible to her, ALL THE TIME. I felt sorry for her as he mocked her over her dinner idea. Their relationship is so bad, and her angry face is rarely funny (unlike Pennys). Then suddenly he cooks and puts on brunch (without even informing her) and this is supposed to make it all better. Amy was so drab in this episode, the deadpan face and monotone voice really contrasted against Sheldon animated one. Jim Parsons acting is still top notch but he is totally outclassing Mayim Bialik on that front, and itas eps like this which really show how much.

Then Leonard and Penny at the convention! Leonard is such an ASS and not a funny ass. He’s just an ASS of the highest order! All that bragging, what a twit. The coin belt. Pah! Sorry but Galecki is no great comic. Again, its Parsons and Cuoco who are holding this show afloat and they are not being given anything to do TOGETHER that is not just them talking about their relationships.

I agree that Jim and Kaley are the best actors on the show... even with the poor writing and material... they can make it work! 

Is it bad that I don't care how Amy is treated? This is what she gets for manipulating Sheldon and taking advantage of him in so many ways. This is what she gets... I'm sorry I just can't care about her. It's like how Penny will trash Leonard and im all for it. Maybe I'm it makes me a bad person... but yeah.
Bitches be crazy. 
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(10-29-2016, 08:45 PM)CTR69 Wrote: For Penny, it must have felt like a Kick-in-the-stomach Catalyst. I've never seen her so sad and humiliated. She had that "someone shoot me now" vibe the entire time.

I'm surprised Leonard didn't start pimping her there. 100$ for BJ, 400$ for coitus. Edit: He doesn't round prices, so that's 95,99$ and 399,90$. Hell, they could open an auction booth at Comicon and make a fortune...

[Image: Auction2.jpg]

This picture makes my skin crawl, because the caption is all too credible. Smug little turd is just asking for anthrax in his inhaler.
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It's a good way to get Lenny shippers triggered. I wonder what their reaction would be...

This is the no-caption one, if anyone else wants to have a crack at it: https://s16.postimg.org/bvkw73uid/Pimp.jpg

I'll try to come up with a fix-fic, I just cannot let this slide.
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Here comments from "serienjunkies.de".
I (try to) translate:

'Do not know surely what I should hold from the episode. On the one hand I have laughed a few times, on the other hand, the eyes-rolling coefficient was also as high as seldom. Sheldon who hops as usual like a rabbit on speed between the habit to unrestrained make down others, and sudden unexpected charms, was the absolutely inhospitable climax of the whole thing. The Howard-Raj-Bernadette-Storyline is, in the meantime, already with announcement, the worst of every episode. Howard was once my favorite character of the series, before he has got to know Bernadette. However, with the baby his destiny might be chiselled in stone long ago. Pity for a great figure. Regarding Stuart and the contact with him I can only join. In early seasons his life was mostly commented by himself and with gallows- humor. If someone self has experience with depressive phases, this one knows that (a) is more realistically and (b) more entertaining for all partners than the "beating- boy's" role which one intends for him during the last years. And what does it say, actually, about the society, or rather the look of the standard authors at the society, if the people on this Convention also do not want to think, after multiple confirmation of both sides, that Penny and Leonard are married? Dear TBBT team, sometimes heard about "opposites attracted?" But, at least, the scene was still entertaining in contrast to other. And this, although the gag would have to be, actually, done long ago'

'Sheldon's behaviour was subsequently once more so not Sheldon-like! Where has the guy suddenly learnt cooking and baking? What Amy makes with him is simply intolerable. And  funny was this 'party'also not. I do not want to talk about Stuart rather at all. His change of the dear-worth cynic to last pitying "Nervtöter" is really pity. The character has not earned this really. The plotline with Leonard and Penny was still most witty and also mostly logical ones, even if Leonard exaggerates it once more, but this we are accustomed from him.Howards suddenly panic because still nothing is prepared for the baby, and then security-technically overreacted fits actually, but anyhow only came out somrthing witty at this storyline when it was once more about this little bit strange respect of him and Raj.One of the worse episodes, even if we takes the more and more sinking level of the last and the current season as a graduation. Remains only to hope once more that the Army-Cononel appears, this topic brought new swing into the show. One of the worst things,  is in my opinion, is that the sweet Laura Spencer alias Emily became a victime of the salery-increases. Already during the relationship with Raj they had not enough money to set up they as a part of the group. And now her relationship with Raj is simply finished without big mentions, so that they can extend the story by Howard and Bernadette with a little bit scurilla component. Obvious the authors have intended only this role of the Sidekicks for Raj instead of giving a weighty role  to his character in the series.'

'No big surprises. That a Nerd is together with a woman like Penny was at the  show one of these gigantic mysteries. The only what could even more incorrectly in the series is, if there would be a woman who is a Nerd. But finally this would sprinkle the imagination of the authors. The only example was removed fast again. Otherwise it will go so further as before. Namely so long as still the last money from the series has squeezed. And if the rates still goes on, it will take quite a while. It seems, with the stereotype of Nerds, like the usual viewers perceives it, they are able to bushels money for a long time.But this is for all the actors a blessing, because after the series it can only go downhill for them. Since this might be the career climax for everybody.'

'Sigh.These were now 20 minutes of foreign-shame.'

'Yes, one of the episodes in which even inattentive persons can understand how strongly TBBT diminishes.'

'Is it now, normal that Sheldon more often sometimes is got drunk? The character is meanwhile so far away from the once brilliant Nerd which I earlier liked so.I cannot understand why this show in America is still looked up to vomit, they must notice as badly Tbbt has become.How long it will go further so? Does it not become time for Tbbt to consider something good? This becomes with episode more dull.'

From myself:

I can 'CTR69' only agree.
Pennys face-expression up there. I have never seen her so hurt and offended before!
She is a trophy, she was a trophy and she always will be for this guy. Nothing changed about that. Angry

"Shamy" and "Lenny" good couples?

[Image: tumblr_m8m9wcpZby1rq8im4.gif]

P.S.: To "Queen": NO, it makes you not to a bad person" Wink
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All good points and yes I can see where this person is coming from. I thought Jim acted well but it was true to say it was not in character. Yet under the circumstances, Sheldon drinking regularly makes sense in my head canon. Our sober, intellectual, unique character who launched into long scientific monologues, never needed Amy on any level so he has this personality makeover. One that appeals less too adults and more to the very young.

Penny's is on anti-depressants now (this is canon) and Sheldon drinks 5 mimosas over brunch. It makes perfect sense when you think about where their personal lives have gone. Penny could do better and Sheldon has found himself in a situation so removed from who he is, with a clever and desparate person who transpired for it to happen.

I also agree that Stuart is far too good for any of these people. I really do not enjoy the way they mock him. It shows a real hateful side of the writers which I'd wish they put away for good. Stuart is single so therefore must be degraded. It doesn't matter that the people doing the degrading have nothing to shout about. It's sad that I no longer find Sheldon's insults funny. He used to be innocent and factual, but they have dumbed him down too much and he's creul now. Stuart should be allowed the last laugh once in a while. he should also be happy that he's not like any of them. I would!

The sophistication of all the characters has been depleted. Yes Simon is wasted on Howardette and Raj is a side note. I can see why some liked the Leonard scene but it just confirms what Shennys have been saying about this character for far too long. Penny settled for Leonard and he thinks of her as a trophy. Both these things are now canon.
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