Banned from Comic-Con
When we pulled into San Diego in need of R&R
The gang set out investigating every joint and bar.
We had high expectations of their hospitality
But found too late it wasn't geared for gamers such as we.

Chorus: And we're banned from Comic-Con, ev'ryone
Banned from Comic-Con just for having a little fun
We spent a jolly geek fest there just for three days or four
But Comic-Con doesn't want us any more

Leonard's tastes were simple, but his methods were complex
We found him pursuing five dif'rent girls, whining at them all for sex
Security were on the way, he got no second chance
We pulled him away in the nick of time, still in his baggy pants

Our Penny, she would yield to none at putting down the brew
She out-drank seven cosplayers and a demonstration crew
An attempt to drown out boredom meant she outdrank almost all
And now they've got the beigemobile on the roof of the great hall

Our proper Dr Cooper was drugged with something green
And hauled into an alley, where he suffered things obscene.
He sobered up in sickbay and he's none the worse for wear
Except a tic, an IQ drop and and the loss of half his hair

Amy Farrah Fowler disappeared into the main bazaar
Buying an odd green cocktail 'guaranteed to cause Pon Farr'
She came home with no cardigan and a truly creepy leer
And a way of making Sheldon twitch and flinch in fear

Howard (no PhD) Wolowitz won a hall-wide bet
By hacking into the attendee's con'frence intranet
Now every time someone calls up on a SdCC screen
The flesh is there, but the clothes they wear are nowhere to be seen

Rajesh loves humanity, though half of it sends him quiet
Security arrested him for inciting a Cosplay riot
We found him in the city jail, and promptly bailed him free
Intact except for hickeys and a Showtunes DVD.

Bernadette loves exotic germs, the germs all love her, too
She took some on the trip with her to see what they would do
'Til the convention manager called us up and swore upon his life
Talking fungus had engulfed his house and then seduced his wife

Wheaton's posse landed, and nobody seemed to care
They stamped into the nearest bar to announce that they were there
Half our gang was dealing cards, and invited them to play
They took one look at 'Warlords of Ka'a' and quickly ran away


Our gang is CalTech's finest, and our record is our pride
And when we play we tend to leave a trail a mile wide
We're sorry about the shitty scripts and the shipwars and the fuss
At least we're sure that fandom won't be quick forgetting us!
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Very funny. Don't suppose you know they all decided not to go to comic con this time for various reasons we never wanted to see. So this is the anti-episode. They trade the fun every time these days. Heart the panel should be "banned from comic con" as they don't support nerd culture anymore. It's all about explaining how they grew out of it like no one can possibly chose not too.
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