SPOILER WARNING: Canon : Season 10
Shenny for the win indeed. Heart Heart Heart

This thread is to discuss canon as the story unfolds and as these relationships confirm everything Shennys have been saying since day one. Shy Tongue

We always said Penny settled for Leonard and this was argued fearcely by canons, but it has since been confirmed by the show.

We have also pointed out that Amy is manipulative and that their 'cuteness' is tainted by some pretty unpleasant behaviour. Take this season...

It's now CANON that Amy spikes Sheldon to get his to do what she wants, which she did in 10.12 the Holiday summation so she could get him in the car. She also interfers in his life claiming to have "Managed the situation for you" when she went ahead and told his mother that they were living together. Sheldon was angry and said "My mother thinks I'm incapable of getting a mate and my mate thinks I'm incapable of running my own life." This is never resolved... its also skirted around on the canon fan site because its pretty uncomfortable stuff.

Some time ago, I considered writing a fan fiction where its discovered that Amy was drugging Sheldon but I thought it might be a little too insensitive so I decided not to. Flash forward to the latest taping report for 10.17 and Amy has Sheldon on meds??? It tells us that Amy admits dosing Sheldon with something to make him more compassionate. There is nothing legally available to produce empathy right now. There's one in development which they hope to use on pyschopaths who have no empathy and commit horrendous crimes. Amy couldn't get this? Its not for autistic people and its pretty offensive to suggest it should be. So if she's got him on something, she's experimenting on him herself?

Sheldon seems to be considered a NON-PERSON because he's socially different. And Amy is the protagonist who we support. Her years of manipulation are rewarded by expressions of love. Its a very dark message!
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Ever since they introduced the character of Amy as a girlfriend (not a pal), Sheldon has been treated as something that needed to be fixed. It's always his fault. Amy is perfect and Sheldon is in the wrong, just for being himself. Somehow, instead of "fixing" him, however, her beige reign of manipulation, emotional blackmail and scolding has turned him from an eccentric genius into a floundering, village idiot. But he says I wuv you now, and dresses like a normal boyfriend, and throws brunches, so I suppose being "one of the greatest minds of his generation" can fuck right off.

God forbid we liked Sheldon just as he was. Before Nurse Ratched got to him...
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A drug called Tolcapone was in the news last year as being a potential medication for those with extreme lack of empathy. I'm assuming Amy had taken it upon herself to administer this to Sheldon. It's currently used for Parkinson's ONLY and is not available for this use. So if Amy has Sheldon on it, she's doing so illegally and exposing him to potential side effects.

"A pill that makes people kinder sounds like a slippery slope towards mind control - does it count if you do a good deed under the influence?"
Sheldon made up a job to stop Raj being deported. After, y'know, inviting the guys along on his science grant had gone wrong for him. He never needed medicating into kindness.

Playing off drugging/doping/drink-plying someone as both funny and acceptable is a level of disturbing shit I don't want to watch. There's a level of normalising these revolting behaviours and attitudes by using them in light comedy, and it is disgusting.
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I liked Sheldon's indifference to the world. He was kind when it really mattered. He couldn't lie. To me this alone made him both vunerable and heroic. He made the rest of them, including Leonard sniffing around after Penny, look inferior. It's hard watching the show now. Not only is Amy always attached, he acts like he has the mental age of a 7 year old. Sheldon was epic once. It will always hurt that they let Molaro turn him into a Nickelodeon tweeny. While he's in charge the show will probably stay high in the ratings but low in our expectations. Sad
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re: the old Sheldon. The thing with him is that he is empathetic. The trick is that he's also practical. He saved Raj from deportation. He loaned Penny rent money (and from Leonard's comment, had also loaned him some at some point). When he thinks Penny is going to dump Leonard, he does his best to prevent it. Despite it being a federal crime he goes to fix the MARS Rover problem.

When serious shit happens, Sheldon rises to the occasion. But that's the point--when it's serious. When it's not, he doesn't bother with it. Why? Because he's a dreamer. Dreamers are winning Nobel Prizes and President's Medals and redefining the known universe. They don't have the time (or inclination) to worry about why their roommate is stealing mail or why someone who claimed to be above human intimacy is suddenly horny as hell. And it's not to say that Sheldon doesn't care about Leonard or (friend) Amy. He does--in a practical way. He supports Leonard when he confronts his high school bully. He gets Amy's mother off her back by pretending to be her bf. These are tangible problems.

The crap we're seeing now is Sheldon being chastised for not being the wuvvie-duvvie bf who does cutsie-wutsie things for his gf. It's absolutely baffling that Sheldon is being accused of lacking empathy by someone who can't accept his quirks. As his friend, Amy never called him anything other than 'at times a left-handed monkey wrench'. She never called him stupid. Never selfish or insensitive. Now she drugs him to make him compliant to her wishes. Now Sheldon's so-called friends are constantly putting him down. The writers are dumbing him down. No one seems interested in empathizing with Sheldon--they only want to change him.

It's ironic that the writers have Amy so concerned with Sheldon's empathy given that the writers haven't clued in how many people were empathetic with Sheldon as he was. He wasn't someone to be laughed at, but with. It's why he became the breakout character.
Let's go exploring!
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S10 in one gif

[Image: 9d3ed488daee3879_disaster.gif]
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Yeah I clocked that. An insider joke? Or another pop at our fandom. Happy well balanced relationships don't make for good sitcoms I guess. But it's 100% on point nevertheless.
I've said it before, the show is making fun of these people so of course they're bad. The fact that they had Sheldon say that... it is an inside joke. But also they're not supposed to be aware of how awful they are or how there made fun of... idk. That's funny that he said that. I think the writers know the ships suck... they don't care!
Bitches be crazy. 
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I am a relative new comer to Shenny coz i haven't shipped them since season 3 and only recently started shipping them again, and haven't watched the show regularly since season 7.

I wanna know if any members on here have info on relative popularity of Shenny fan fiction compared to Shamy/Lenny and other canon pairings ?

Which character has the most fan fics written about them ?
Which ship has the most fan fics, quantity wise ?
Which ship has the best(quality wise) and most popular fan fics ?
Which is the most popular non cannon pairing ?

Any stats and numbers would also be appreciated ! sorry if my questions sound dumb or if this isn't the right place to ask . i am looking to read Shenny fan fics and i was just curious.

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