SPOILER WARNING: Shenny : Season 10
(09-28-2016, 07:55 PM)Idle Miscreant Wrote: Sheldon was the reason I was drawn to the show, Penny was the reason I stuck around. Her response to his oddities was exactly the thing I've always admired in reality; the challenging, pisstaking, yet loving reaction to a thing beyond our ken. Acceptance above all.

Not to MOCK the thing misunderstood, not to demand it CHANGE, but to accept it, if you love the damn thing.
Sheldon and Penny always accepted each other, even to infuriation.

Their relationship was the solitary glory of Big Bang. A unique event surrounded by the usual circumstantial sitcom chaos and charm. It didn't ask for anything, it wasn't selling anything, it just leapt out as a unique event. Bizarre and extraordinary.

When Amy turned up I lost that. She seemed to hate him. She saw him as a cutout "boyfriend" and a substandard one, that she took because she had no other option. His role was reduced to "idiot manchild who doesn't put out", rather than extraordinary, otherworldly genius, flummoxed and annoyed in the land of social ventures.

I don't watch the show now, because I can't stand to see that beautiful character being dragged through the dross.

The writers are exceedingly clever, the owners are sharp, but there is a abyss between what they think is noble and worthy of artistic continuation, and what they are producing.

But again, perhaps this is indeed our own sufferance, forcing itself upon their device. Perhaps they think it poetic? If so, there is nothing else to do than back away and weep, quietly.

Perhaps it is glorious! Perhaps!

Inspired by "Idle Miscreants" post I want to take the chance to declare how I came to "TBBT", and how I became a "Shenny".

How mentioned in another post there were already Nerds in other series, but only as sidekicks. "TBBT" gave them at first the mayor-parts.

(There is a similarity to "Spider-Man" who was the first comic-figure by wich the main-charcter was a teenager,  whereas at comics previously teenager were only next-characters. Like "Robin" for example)

One of my motivations and hobbys is it to read "between the lines". Like "what was the intention of Gene Roddenberry when he conceptualized his Star Trek? What for a philosophy rules the Star Wars-saga? What for hidden meanings are at Battlestar Galactica?
(In my weakness for the SF, horror-literatur and movies, for example "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" was for me the philosophical question "If a man have a special gift or talent, how he/she would use it rather? Altruistic or egoistic?" Or my personal definition of "Planet of the apes" is " An accusation against religious bigotry as a political medium for purpose."And so on.The most of my related people are thinking that I am a little bit stupid because I am interested in such questions)

To read between the lines there where very much opportunity at "TBBT".
But beside of that I have of course my sense for the fun about that. And so I could identify with the guys. My eyes went larger when I saw the "Time-Machine" and the "Morlocks". Or the "Gorn" on the couch. It was to meet old friends and this-fictional- characters seemed to be related to me.

(Regarding hobbys. How mentoied I am not a nerd but more childish. I have no "island-talents" and I would give my right arm to have a little bit of the intellects of this figures.)
Why Sheldon became my hero, is because he was the loner of the loners.
He was a little bit like a comedy-version of the main-characters oft the movies of John Carpenter. He had his own rules, habits and goals. He believed in nothing-except the science- liked his friends but at last relied only on himself. What, I think, is important for the popularity of Sheldon in general: At the most of the cases he was right. His kind might sometimes seem arrogant.....but he was-because his IQ- like untouchable. So sometimes his friends seems more  envious. And so, I think, everybody would to be a little bit like Sheldon. Alpha-natured, independently, untouchable.

(And also he had the most coolest shirts. The black one with the "Batman"-logo in varied blue-touches was always my favorid one).

And than Penny. This awsome female being. Heart  I think every man could imagine to have a neighbour like Penny. That Leonard was interested was claer. Also in which kind. But at the first two season Penny and Sheldon came closer and closer. In this nice warm and thrustfull instance. It was simply nice and exciting to watch that this two so different characters had from the first moment on this bound,...that they understood each other in this special kind.

How mentioned "Panty" was for me the special episode. And so I was looking at the net to see this scenes again and found so much of fanvids and also the term "Shenny", and saw that I was not alone with my "weakness". That there was/is a base of the viewers which have the same oppinnion.

And so I was sure-regarding the extraordinary of the show too- that THIS two would come together and not Penny and Leonard,.... because that would be too much conventional and ordinary.
Also this thing with Amy. The show was-at the beginning- so made against the mainstream I was convinced that her and Sheldon would not come together, excactly because she was-at the first view-introduced for it. I was sure that she would get interrestet in one of the other guys. Leonard or Raj.
(Another potential "Oohhh"-event of the show.)

And so longer this "Lenny" and "Shamy"-stuffs went on the frustration was greater. Sometimes at the beginning I was unsure. To "fight" for that two fictionally figures would come together? But it is right. Because not only bacause this two nice characters-and my special male-weakness for Penny- but also it would be such a great chance in TV-history.  A pair-constellation the people would still speak about after decades. About "Shamy" and "Lenny" no one would be speak after five years after the show had ended.

And so I am a "Shenny" and I will alsways be a "Shenny".
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And how "Nutz" has written at "What fresh...." it would be great if at the end a voice over of Leonard would be explain that his relationship and marriage with Penny where only wish-dreams and that in reality Penny and Sheldon had became a couple. Or that generally before the end will come a turn and they come together.

(How mentioned I had once an idea for a fanfiction. "The big freeze-theory" is one othe the scientific theorys about the end of the world and could be the title of a last episode-regarding the end of the show- in which would be explained that the guys at the end of season two were frozen at the pole. And that the whole years where only Leonards dreams).

I am still sure, that there will come something with this two.
Because, if Mister Molaro really let them end up as " animals for slaughters" for Amy and Leonard-regarding their characters and the beginning of the show in general- I can only say one word:

[Image: 2ba.jpg]

Greetings from Germany!
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Always great to find some Ratman posts Big Grin

Here's a great quote about 10.02 by Digital Spy...

"This later also leads to a great scene between Sheldon and Penny in his and Leonard's apartment that delivers some solid laughs and subtle tenderness that will delight fans."
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I thought I'd post my Shenny hopes outside the chat box because I see so much analysis of Shamy and Lenny on the fansite I feel our opinions should count also.

What do I want?

Well they have sewn Sheldon and Penny up like kippers!! Chastised them so they are nothing but trophies to the 'deserving' underdog who happened to have a hard time 20 years ago in high school. Tsk!! Any road...

They have created a situation where any move towards Shenny would 'hurt' those they are promised too. So they couldn't have them discover love because it would turn them into 'bad people' who had affairs and broke hearts but I've very much like to see them teeter on the edge of this. For example, show Sheldon and Penny growing closer, show them thinking about each other in ambiguous ways, show them realising that they would have been able to make it work but not acting on it.

That would be cool. Because Lenny is not cool. Lenny is whiny little squinty who would literally be happy with any woman who gave him an ego boost, so that he could impress people with what a stud he could have been. And as for Amy, she ruined Sheldon. They dumbed him down to ridiculous levels. Its a wonder the guy can dress himself! He's basically Zack, and all done in an effort to prop Amy up (also to make Leonard look better). And its insulting to her character as well. Amy could have been a really great character in her own right, with a less creepy child-molesty vibe but making her the tool with which to alter Sheldon has cheapened her.

Oh and another thing!! I'm dreading what Molaro has planned, having Sheldon suddenly wanting to have loads of sex with Amy. The canons are demanding it and he will deliver and it will be damn awful.
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I have just imagined. If Penny and Sheldon would come closer, how Leonard and Amy would react.
I am sure they never would behave like someone their hearts got broken. Both would rather react like crazy collectors where a "Renouard" was stolen. Like someone whose ownership-claims would be violated. They would never sit there and cry but they would be angry/insulted Angry  because their vanity would be attacked and that would expose their pathetic egos. sass

The coitus with Amy was already an affront against the "Vintage-Sheldon", but his decision to limit it to one time in the year was a spark of him. If Mister Molaro really want to extinguish this too, it would be not only like a rewrite of the character but like as when a Doppelgänger would have taken his place.

[Image: The%2BMan%2BWho%2BHaunted%2BHimself%2B-%...2BBill.jpg]

Than this character on the TV-screen would be have with "Dr. Cooper" only the actor and the name in common.

And that would be really a desaster. Morlock Angry Puke
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So let’s recap! We ARE getting Shenny scenes this season. Blossom

10.02 The The Military Miniaturization
Sheldon and Penny talking about falling out with friends.

[Image: tumblr_oe6kkahZTh1s6fovto1_1280.png]

Coming up soon…

10.04 The Cohabitation Experiment (airs on Monday)
Sheldon getting advise from Penny. Heart Heart Heart

[Image: tumblr_oeiw65Xo8g1s6fovto5_1280.jpg]

10.05 The Hot Tub Contamination (airs 17th Oct)
Sheldon and Penny getting ice cream, there will also be car scenes. (in my latest ff Sheldon and Penny go and get ice cream… just saying Tongue) She looks pissed, I wonder what he's saying this time!!

[Image: tumblr_oepf1myELA1qdxmh0o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oepf1myELA1qdxmh0o2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oepf1myELA1qdxmh0o3_1280.jpg]
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Cute! Penny is such a good listener. You can see Sheldon pouring out his troubles to her and she's there for him. He has no other person in life to consult him like that.

On the third picture, she feels sorry for him, when he explains how miserable he is with Amy. Her expression mimics how bad things are in Shamyland.
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Shenny caps (by special request)

[Image: tumblr_oewckiGXuk1s6fovto1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oewckiGXuk1s6fovto2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oewckiGXuk1s6fovto4_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oewckiGXuk1s6fovto5_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oewckiGXuk1s6fovto6_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oewckiGXuk1s6fovto3_1280.jpg]
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Shenny caps. Smile Sigh. I'm sure they're the best things to come from that episode. It's times like these when I'm glad I gave up the show a while back since now days only screen caps of Shenny can make me like the show for even a second or two.
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To all our Shenny non-members and passers by.

There are no Shenny scenes in the next two episodes. 10.08 The Brain Bowl Incubation airing on 10th November or 10.09 The Geology Elevation 17th November.

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