Sheldon/Leonard: Shelnard Stories
1. The Dinner Date by roseweasleygamgee
Through an outlandish chain of events. Leonard takes Sheldon out on a dinner date to impress Penny (Sheldon/Leonard)

2. Shortest Distance by moonlit flower
Sheldon gives a direct answer. Leonard muddles it up. In the end, they'll get to where they need to be. Pre-slash (Sheldon/Leonard)

3. We Built the Pyramids by Ku-chyan
10 song Drabbles (Sheldon/Leonard)

4. Chicken Soup by moonlit flower
Sheldon's sick. Leonard's sick of taking care of him. Except, he really doesn't mind. Pre-Slash Drabble (Sheldon/Leonard)

5. The Affect Effect by frazthealien silver
The gang attempt to hook Sheldon up with a nice girl he meets at a convention and things don’t quite work out as they planned. In other words, an epic love story. (Sheldon/Leonard)

6. Midnight Sun by Mrpointyhorns
At the North Pole, when the heat goes off, Leonard makes the decision to use the can opener to give false positive results in the experiment. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

7. Bananas by malaga
Dr. Beverly Hofstadter has decided that her son and Sheldon ought to be in a relationship. Sheldon has been convinced by the logic of her argument, and it's all sorted. Except for Leonard, of course, but they are sure he can be convinced easily enough. (Sheldon/Leonard)

8. The Thermal Transfer Conundrum by blipblopblork
Sheldon makes some discoveries in the North Pole - just not the discoveries he had hoped to make. (Sheldon/Leonard)

9. The Jealousy Factor by IchigoPudding
Sheldon and Penny argue over who Leonard likes more. (Sheldon/Leonard)

10. Semi Precious Physicists by VividMind
Sheldon gets off on something very unexpected. Leonard sleuths around, and is shocked by what he finds. And then Sheldon finds him (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

11. An Eye for Specifics by Moretta silver
"We were playing Truth or Dare-" "Seriously? I used to play that in high school!" Raj whispered to Howard, "Exactly. We're not normal, we're nerds, right?" Leonard needs to explain something he said. Raj is tipsy, Howard is prying, Sheldon is quiet (Sheldon/Leonard)

12. Boyfriend by Callmejude silver
Sheldon proves he's human, and Leonard is thankful (Sheldon/Leonard)

13. Complex by Talibra
Howard has been studying psychology, and he can't help but notice his friends seem to have some interesting mental complexes(Sheldon/Leonard)

14. And Your Ego, That's The Best Part by Talibra silver
In theory, Sheldon says one night, as they waste time watching Battlestar Galactica, we are much closer emotionally than you and Penny could ever hope to become. Leonard doesn't know what to say to that (Sheldon/Leonard)

15. The Pon Farr Clause by SteelAgainstIvory silver
Unfortunately, Sheldon is no stranger to the evil animal instinct of arousal. So, through Leonard's own fault really , he has to help Sheldon overcome his baser desires (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

16. The Love Conundrum by Anonymous Rose1
Penny has good advice, every once in a while (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

17. The Boil Cure Complexity by hopesuffocating
Sheldon gets his Pottermore email and is delighted. Leonard is less happy (Sheldon/Leonard)

18. Be the Dice by Concupiscence66
Sheldon has fully committed himself to letting the dice make his decisions (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

19. Tea and Sympathy by  Concupiscence66 silver
Sheldon cheers Leonard up. (Sheldon/Leonard)

20. The Agreement Termination by hopesuffocating
Another argument about the thermostat leaves Leonard with no doubt about what he has to do. (Sheldon/Leonard)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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