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Sheldon/Leonard: Shelnard Stories - Nutz - 09-07-2015


This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories between Sheldon and Leonard. These stories can contain friendship, or romance between the two. Any story that has descriptive sex in it will be marked (M)  

If you think any of these Fics belong in one of the other category threads, please let me know by PM, or by email at

silver Indicates FanFiction BBT Top 200 Favorite.
Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.

RE: Sheldon/Leonard Fics - Nutz - 09-07-2015

1. The Dinner Date by roseweasleygamgee
Through an outlandish chain of events. Leonard takes Sheldon out on a dinner date to impress Penny (Sheldon/Leonard)

2. Shortest Distance by moonlit flower
Sheldon gives a direct answer. Leonard muddles it up. In the end, they'll get to where they need to be. Pre-slash (Sheldon/Leonard)

3. We Built the Pyramids by Ku-chyan
10 song Drabbles (Sheldon/Leonard)

4. Chicken Soup by moonlit flower
Sheldon's sick. Leonard's sick of taking care of him. Except, he really doesn't mind. Pre-Slash Drabble (Sheldon/Leonard)

5. The Affect Effect by frazthealien silver
The gang attempt to hook Sheldon up with a nice girl he meets at a convention and things don’t quite work out as they planned. In other words, an epic love story. (Sheldon/Leonard)

6. Midnight Sun by Mrpointyhorns
At the North Pole, when the heat goes off, Leonard makes the decision to use the can opener to give false positive results in the experiment. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

7. Bananas by malaga
Dr. Beverly Hofstadter has decided that her son and Sheldon ought to be in a relationship. Sheldon has been convinced by the logic of her argument, and it's all sorted. Except for Leonard, of course, but they are sure he can be convinced easily enough. (Sheldon/Leonard)

8. The Thermal Transfer Conundrum by blipblopblork
Sheldon makes some discoveries in the North Pole - just not the discoveries he had hoped to make. (Sheldon/Leonard)

9. The Jealousy Factor by IchigoPudding
Sheldon and Penny argue over who Leonard likes more. (Sheldon/Leonard)

10. Semi Precious Physicists by VividMind
Sheldon gets off on something very unexpected. Leonard sleuths around, and is shocked by what he finds. And then Sheldon finds him (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

11. An Eye for Specifics by Moretta silver
"We were playing Truth or Dare-" "Seriously? I used to play that in high school!" Raj whispered to Howard, "Exactly. We're not normal, we're nerds, right?" Leonard needs to explain something he said. Raj is tipsy, Howard is prying, Sheldon is quiet (Sheldon/Leonard)

12. Boyfriend by Callmejude silver
Sheldon proves he's human, and Leonard is thankful (Sheldon/Leonard)

13. Complex by Talibra
Howard has been studying psychology, and he can't help but notice his friends seem to have some interesting mental complexes(Sheldon/Leonard)

14. And Your Ego, That's The Best Part by Talibra silver
In theory, Sheldon says one night, as they waste time watching Battlestar Galactica, we are much closer emotionally than you and Penny could ever hope to become. Leonard doesn't know what to say to that (Sheldon/Leonard)

15. The Pon Farr Clause by SteelAgainstIvory silver
Unfortunately, Sheldon is no stranger to the evil animal instinct of arousal. So, through Leonard's own fault really , he has to help Sheldon overcome his baser desires (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

16. The Love Conundrum by Anonymous Rose1
Penny has good advice, every once in a while (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

17. The Boil Cure Complexity by hopesuffocating
Sheldon gets his Pottermore email and is delighted. Leonard is less happy (Sheldon/Leonard)

18. Be the Dice by Concupiscence66
Sheldon has fully committed himself to letting the dice make his decisions (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

19. Tea and Sympathy by  Concupiscence66 silver
Sheldon cheers Leonard up. (Sheldon/Leonard)

20. The Agreement Termination by hopesuffocating
Another argument about the thermostat leaves Leonard with no doubt about what he has to do. (Sheldon/Leonard)

RE: Sheldon/Leonard Fics - Nutz - 09-07-2015

21. A Change of Heart by AlexMegan-chan
What happens when Sheldon has a change of heart? (Sheldon/Leonard)

22. The Spot by kiky21
A little one-shot of a life changing something that happened to Sheldon's spot. (Sheldon/Leonard)

23. Whatever Works by Concupiscence66 silver
A visit from Leonard's mom takes an unexpected turn and the effects are far-reaching. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

24. The Love Algorithm by EvenBiggerBang
After he has come to a disturbing conclusion, Sheldon goes to apartment 4B to ask Penny for help. The result is The Love Algorithm which Sheldon wants to effectuate to win Leonard's heart.. (Sheldon/Leonard)

25. A Twisted Smouldering Wreckage that Was a Fantasy by Autumnoxe
The arrival of Penny puts Sheldon's ideal relationship with his roommate in danger. (Sheldon/Leonard)

26. The Touch Paradigm Phenomenon by Jack Solo Black silver
Sheldon has a problem and he wants Leonards help... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

27. The Boyfriend Agreement by Doctor Sexy
When Leonard tells Sheldon that he wants to be more than friends, Sheldon draws up The Boyfriend Agreement. But is Sheldon functional enough to be in a relationship? Is Leonard patient enough? (Sheldon/Leonard)

28. Tea by The Emcee
Set immediately after The Middle Earth Paradigm. Leonard was a bit surprised by Sheldon's gesture of making tea and offering him comfort. As a result, his thoughts begin to wander... (Sheldon/Leonard)

29. The Needs of the Few by cedarrapidsgirl78
Leonard can't sleep. Sheldon tries to 'help'. Confessions are made. (Sheldon/Leonard)

30. The Companionship Experiment by armybro8
While visiting his mother for the weekend, Sheldon finds himself unable to sleep and seeks comfort in Leonard. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

31. The Butterfly Effect Hypothesis by Lady Mirelle
When Howard and Raj do something that seems to be breaking the entire social group apart, and with Priya AWOL, Leonard comes up with a drastic solution that also addresses some hidden feelings. Rated M for strong language and very suggestive adult themes. (Sheldon/Leonard) (Howard/Raj) (M)

32. Shelnard by TalaDentro
A very short Sheldon/Leonard drabble. Featuring Penny, but no bashing, she's just a supportive side character. (Sheldon/Leonard)

33. Experiment by NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon silver
Sequel to The Seduction Experiment: Upon realizing that Raj and Howard aren't just friends anymore, a curious Sheldon proposes to Leonard an experiment to find out if there is a difference between kissing a girl and kissing a guy. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

The Seduction Experiment can be found in the Wolopali Thread

34. Give Your Heart a Break by xxEmoRainbowxx
Leonard thinks about how he feels about Sheldon, and something happens. A songfic using the song "Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato. (Sheldon/Leonard)

36. On Top by Yaoimelody
A fluffy/angsty drabble. (Sheldon/Leonard)

37. Wish You Were Here by InnocentSmile97 (Account Deleted)
Sheldon's away from home and gets an odd... feeling... about someone. Who might just be feeling the same thing... (Sheldon/Leonard)

38. Sleeping Pill by InsaneAndHappyAboutIt silver
Sheldon is feeling sexually frustrated and he, being a robot, has no idea how to deal with the situation. Naturally he doesn't behave as a normal person should... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

39. Perfect Mate by emmaspirate (Story deleted)
Sheldon and Leonard is the last two in the group of friends that isn't married. And the two of them figure out, that the person they are met to be with, is right in front of them. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

40. The Stress Manifestation by Princess Zombie
A short little scene wherein Leonard gets sick at the lab because of Sheldon. Mentions Leonard/Sheldon, but can be seen as slash or not slash. (Sheldon/Leonard)

RE: Sheldon/Leonard Fics - Nutz - 09-07-2015

41. The Pyrex Dish Separation by mo person
In which Sheldon is an oblivious mate and Leonard loves him anyways. And Rajesh and Kripke share a complicated relationship. (Sheldon/Leonard)

42. Good for Great by Yaoimelody
Finally together, Sheldon is worried Penny is still after Leonard and he's not good enough to be better than her as a partner... That has to be wrong though? (Sheldon/Leonard)

43. Opposites Don't Always Attract by Ema Schopenhauer
Two geniuses. Two opinions. One truth. Okay, how's this all going to pan out, then? With Leonard and Sheldon involved, it is sure to be one heck of a strange ride… (Sheldon/Leonard)

44. Changes: Scenes from My Life with Sheldon Cooper by julesmonster (Story deleted)
This is the story of Sheldon and Leonard, from their first date until they have reached the ripe old age of 68. Each chapter deals with a major event in their life together. There are funny moments and romantic moments and moments that might bring a small tear to your eye. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

45. A Physicists Romance by Komak
One-entry Big Bang Theory fanfic about Leonard, Penny and Sheldon. Contains a lot of sex and nudity so this one isn't for you kids. (Sheldon/Leonard) (Leonard/Penny) (M)

46. Give Me Love by WhoserLoser
I fell in love with him during our second year as roommates. And my feelings still haven't changed for him. If anything, they've only grown. I don't think my love for him will ever change and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. (Sheldon/Leonard)

47. The Break Up by Concupiscence66 silver
Leonard and Sheldon aren't a couple, they're just roommates, so they can't break up. Only Leonard is stupid enough to buy that one. Written for a prompt for an asexual Sheldon dealing with a break-up with Leonard. (Sheldon/Leonard)

48. The Spectrum of Desire by Gypsy Love
Leonard thinks about Sheldon. (Sheldon/Leonard)

49. Understanding by afullmargin
Sheldon thinks nobody understands him. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

50. The Friendship Level by WhiteDarkChocolate
Sheldon has been doing research on friendship and explains to Leonard where he falls in a certain category. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

51. Two Christmases by Empress Shellie
Leonard is feeling a little bad after he finds out during their Christmas-themed Dungeons & Dragons game why Sheldon isn't all crazy about the Holidays as he is. He figures a little gift might help make things better. (Sheldon/Leonard)

52. Reflect by Cumberbatch Critter
Whatever Leonard had been expecting, it wasn't a hug. Character study/spoilers for the May 1st, '14 episode. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

53. The Sustenance Deficiency by Book girl fan
Sheldon is caught up in a new project, and Leonard is worried. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

54. I Get You by spn22
When Raj and Howard play a practical joke on Sheldon, Leonard realizes that Sheldon feels things differently to them. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

55. Hot Chocolate by Ersatz Einstein
What Sheldon should've said in response to a particular query of Leonard's. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

56. Alpha Centauri by snarechan
Leonard and Sheldon decide to spruce up their apartment. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

57. Of Geniuses and Men by Gypsy Love
Sheldon struggles with dead ends in his work. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

58. The Synesthesia Revelation by Nausicaa Smith
Howard drugs Sheldon, and Leonard accidentally discovers the secret of why Sheldon is the way he is. Missing scene from S2E1. One-shot. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

59. Appendicitis by Phelpsgirlxxx
When Sheldon comes home from work and finds Leonard passed out on the floor, he realizes he really would miss Leonard if something was to happen. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

60. Sheldon’s Cat by hey citrus
Is there a fatal flaw in Sheldon's hypothesis? And is the cat dead or alive? (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

RE: Sheldon/Leonard - Shelnard Fics - Nutz - 10-12-2015

61. Wonder What's In His Wonderballs by moonlit flower
Late in the night, Sheldon Cooper is ever vigilant. He's faster than a speeding photon, able to know both where he is and how fast he is going at any given time and is able to bounce quarters off his star-spangled bottom. Crack (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

62. The Asexual Physicist Conundrum by Chash
Honestly, I don't know why you don't just date Sheldon.

63. 2BDM1BTH, Whistlers Need Not Apply by fujiidom
Leonard meets Sheldon for the first time, as mentioned in The Friendship Algorithm. Written before The Spaghetti Catalyst aired, so apologies for any similarities or mistakes in comparison to canon, now-a-days. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

64. The Scientific Method by Pumpkin Head Jones silver
"Maybe the reason you don't find women sexually stimulating is because you prefer men." "Leonard, is that supposed to be some kind of joke that I'm not picking up on?" Sheldon tests his sexuality, with surprising results. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

65. Tears that Lead to Smiles by KakashiYuffiePro
Penny is gone without a trace, leaving poor Leonard in a terrible depression. Can Sheldon cheer him up? (Sheldon/Leonard)

66. The Gifting Venture by Geeky Blue Strawberry
Five times Leonard lowkey celebrates Sheldon's birthday and one time Sheldon returns the sentiment. (Sheldon/Leonard)

67. The Male Pregnancy Conundrum by noelia_g
On the plus side, Sheldon gets to be on the cover of various scientific magazines, and a plethora of not-so-scientific too. He basks in the publicity, although says he'd prefer if it was for his scientific achievement, not the mere fact of existing. Crack (Sheldon/Leonard)

68. and I won't hate you (but oh, it stings) by sareli
How does it feel to be adored by him? (Sheldon/Leonard)

69. The Lime Floating In Virgin Cuba Libre Is Not That Sour by GhostheartMetaphor
Dr Sheldon Cooper dissected the theory of soulmate with the crowning science and won Nobel prize for it. But what concerned the media most was the mystery of his soulmate. (Sheldon/Leonard)

70. Needs Must by Zaxal
Leonard has needs. Luckily for him, Sheldon also has needs. It works out for both of them. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

71. The Answer Lies In Love by ladyofdecember
Sheldon suffers a family emergency and Leonard is there for him. (Sheldon/Leonard)

72. Time Apart by Cloud889
Sheldon dreads the four months he has to spend without Leonard. Drabble (Sheldon/Leonard)

73. The Homo Novus Dating Process by therealfroggy
Sheldon freaks Leonard out by suggesting they date. Leonard eventually agrees, but there's something wrong with the way Sheldon rationalizes their relationship, and it all makes Leonard highly uncomfortable. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

74. The Tentacle Debacle by Zaxal
Leonard accidentally awakens a long-ignored and forgotten aspect of Sheldon's body, and they are so happy to meet him. Alien Sheldon (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

75. The Interspecies Breeding Paradox by VincentMeoblinn
Our favourite geeky group lives under da sea, and to add to the fun Leonard the Octopus is looking to mate… with Sheldon the Shark! Howard is being his usual Dolphin slut self, but Raj wants to get him to settle down in a nice bit of anemone and make some little pink anemone fish/dolphin babies with him. AU ABANDONED (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

76. In an Apartment on Los R'obles… by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Prompted by damalur: "something something Big Bang Theory characters in a Lovecraft setting?" I strongly suggest reading the tags before you read this, just in case. (Sheldon/Leonard)

77. Gift Box by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Sheldon. Leonard. Inexplicable handcuffs on an inexplicable bed in an inexplicable room. In short: PWP. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

78. The Amatory Gambling Scenario by lesyeuxverts
Sheldon has known about The Bet since the first day he met Leonard's friends, and has followed it through its various permutations over the years. He's now aided by Penny, who can be convinced to do almost anything for chocolate, but he was able to remain aware of the situation before she entered into the equation. Lesser minds always underestimate his talents. (Sheldon/Leonard)

79. To Come Apart by Zaxal
Leonard loves reducing him to a whimpering, writhing mess. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

RE: Sheldon/Leonard - Shelnard Fics - Nutz - 04-22-2016

Whatever Works Series by concupiscence66
Part 1 of this Series "Whatever Works" can be found in the Alt Ship thread (Beverly/Sheldon) (M)

80. The Reckoning Part 2 of the Whatever Works Series
Leonard really doesn't want to know Sheldon's secret. Sheldon tries to have a rational conversation with Leonard who insists on being difficult.  (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

81. Saints and Cynics Part 3 of the Whatever Works Series
Leonard tries to understand what Sheldon is saying. This is the follow up to "the Reckoning". Leonard rushes in where angels fear to tread.  (Sheldon/Leonard)

82. The Benefactor Part 4 of the Whatever Works Series
A side street on the way to nerdvana (Sheldon/Leonard)

83. Seduction and Spaghetti Part 5 of the Whatever Works Series
Leonard reviews the list of permissible sexual activities from "Saints and Cynics" (Sheldon/Leonard)

84. O Part 6 of the Whatever Works Series
The boys become men of action. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

85. Red Shirt Part 7 of the Whatever Works Series
It's time for some mutual world rocking. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

86. Epilogue Part 8 of the Whatever Works Series
How long can the boys keep their secret from their closest friends? (Sheldon/Leonard)

87. A Christmas Miracle Part 9 of the Whatever Works Series
Sheldon and Leonard's first Christmas eve as a couple. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

88. The Day After Valentine's Day Part 10 of the Whatever Works series
Smut and fluff. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

89. Regional Birthday Traditions Part 11 of the Whatever Works Series
Leonard gives Sheldon a special birthday gift. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

90. Absolute Pleasure Part 12 of the Whatever Works Series
The gang goes to the Rocky Horror Picture Show because nerds like costumes and memorizing things (you know we do!) and Raj wants to wear high heels. Sheldon and Leonard discover a new kink together.   (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

91. Won't Say a Word by concupiscence66
Why does Sheldon make Leonard eat bugs?

The Spot Series by concupiscence66
Part 1- Sheldon's Spot can be found in the Alt Slash thread (Sheldon/Howard) (M)

92. Leonard's Spot Part 2 in the Spot Series
Sheldon won't tell Leonard what happened with Howard so Leonard plays dirty. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

93. Raj's Spot Part 3 of the Spot Series
Sheldon needs a guide book to relationships, Leonard could use one as well. Raj is feeling left out of the lovefest. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

Part 4- Howards Spot can be found in the Wolopali thread

94. Like This by concupiscence66
Leonard once again violates the roommate agreement (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

Arctic Circle Series by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Part 1- The Quadripolar Exploration can be found in the Wolopali Thread
Part 2- The Experience Explanation can be found in the Wolopali Thread

95. Homecoming Part 3 of the Arctic Circle Series
Penny welcomes Leonard home from the Arctic. (Sheldon/Leonard)

96. More Bang for Your Buck by concupiscence66
Written for the BBT Kink Meme for the prompt Sheldon decides he needs to check first-hand on Leonard's, ahem, "performance" so that Sheldon can be sure Leonard's earning the maximum possible money for the department. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

97. The REM Renormalization by DisaLanglois
Leonard would never have thought he’d miss the damn Friendship Rider.

98. July Fourth by clumsyghost
Sheldon and Leonard spend the Fourth of July in Texas. Established

99. Destined by clumsyghost
Sheldon and Leonard meet as children. Alternate Universe

100. 3 a.m. by clumsyghost
Five years after the death of his wife, Leonard is reluctant to move on. Sheldon, however, is more than ready."

RE: Sheldon/Leonard - Shelnard Fics - Nutz - 06-11-2016

101. The Texan Revelation by clumsyghost
Mrs. Cooper deals with news about her son's relationship with his friend.

102. The Christmas Tree Deviation by clumsyghost
Leonard wants new holiday traditions and Penny plays ninja! Matchmaker

103. The Lunch Substitution by clumsyghost
A student at Caltech observes Leonard and Sheldon's relationship when Dr. Hofstadter takes over the class.

104. The TARDIS Intervention by clumsyghost
Sheldon and Leonard discover a TARDIS. Or do they?

105. Buoyancy by clumsyghost
Leonard confronts Sheldon about his fear of swimming.

106. The Relationship Implementation by clumsyghost
Sheldon won’t stop talking. Leonard has to take drastic measures. Clichés abound. Fluff (M)

107. Water and Air by clumsyghost
After an accident, Sheldon confronts Leonard about his relationship with Penny. Pre-slash.

All Souls Series by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
108. All Souls Sheldon's not happy with the changes happening in his life. Very mild Sheldon/Leonard (rating for language rather than anything else). Season four AU, spoilers up to 'The Herb Garden Germination'. Pre-slash

109. Into the West This is a POV-flipped version of all souls as requested by Concupid

110. Approximity by misura
Even though he knows what's going on - knows it before stuff starts showing up on the evening news, with old, avuncular professors looking straight into the camera when they admit that 'there may be some reason for concern, John' - it's not quite real until Sheldon sits down a whole two minutes early for Battlestar Galactica and says: "We're all going to die." Friendship (Disaster)

Under His Thumb Series by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
111. Under His Thumb They’re out at dinner and Sheldon secretly pleasures Leonard under the table. Established Relationship (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

112. Routine Disruption Sequel to Under His Thumb. Leonard ups the ante. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

113. This Side of Paradise by concupiscence66
Sheldon gets dosed with a powerful aphrodisiac created in Amy's lab and Leonard has to help him... get it out of his system (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

114. Like Harun and Tanvir by tomatopudding
Two pairs of nerds contemplate how they just might be like Harun and Tanvir. Leonard and Raj POV (Sheldon/Leonard) (Howard/Raj)

115. A Contract by Titti
Sheldon needs to redraft their roommate agreement. Fluff (Sheldon/Leonard)

116. Red Matter by Captain_Loki
Sheldon and Leonard go see Star Trek (2009) Friend Fic

117. The Emoticon Incongruity by china_shop
Sheldon needs help deciphering a note. Friendship

118. “The More Things Change” by debirlfan
Sheldon learns he has options.

119. By a Green Light by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Did Sheldon let Leonard use his Green Lantern, Lantern and Ring? (in 'The Justice League Recombination')

120. Sedating Sheldon (or, Initial Calculations of the Relationship Algorithm) by Niektete (therealfroggy)
Why Leonard really puts up with Sheldon. (M)

RE: Sheldon/Leonard - Shelnard Fics - Nutz - 09-01-2016

121. Mania by Zaxal
Leonard has to take care of him. That's just what Leonard does. (M)

122. The Water Sustains Me by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Prompt was: Somehow Sheldon ends up needing help bathing to retain 100% cleanliness and somehow gets Leonard to help. Leonard is aroused/attracted to Sheldon, but Sheldon is oblivious. Sheldon finds he enjoys the intimacy and attention from Leonard and plots to keep the help going even after it becomes unnecessary and unneeded. (M)

123. Black And White And Red All Over by Zaxal
Howard promised to publicly humiliate Sheldon, but Leonard wasn't expecting the maid costume or his own reaction. (M)

124. Jedi Mind Tricks by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Written for Kink Bingo 2013 for the 'hypnosis/mind control' square. (M)

125. Shut Up by Zaxal
Leonard can't handle any more of Sheldon's condescending criticism. (M)

126. Missy and Shelly by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Leonard walks in on Sheldon in the bathroom and gets an eyeful of something he was not expecting. Transgender, Shelnard Friendship (AU)

127. Reducing the Coefficient of Friction by lesyeuxverts
At some point, what Sheldon wants and what Sheldon needs started to take priority over everything else, the way that Sheldon's restaurant schedule trumps the fact that Leonard sometimes likes a little variation in the order of his meals. (M)

128. The Kryptonian Encryption by inouken
Leonard's never getting into his Fortress of Solitude again.

129. Steer Your Ship My Way by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Penny's fine with Leonard going away to the North Sea. Sheldon isn't. Friendship

130. Snapshots by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Leonard has been Dr. Cooper’s grad assistant for four days, and it feels like four weeks. Four moments from a universe that could have been. AU (Sheldon/Leonard)

131. HeroCon by clumsyghost
When no one accompanies him to a local comic convention, Leonard feels free to cosplay any character he wishes. But what will Sheldon say when he surprises his roommate? (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

132. To Boldly Go by andithil
Leonard's confidence is shattered during a costume party at the comic shop, but Sheldon is there to mend the pieces. (Sheldon/Leonard (M)

133. There Is No reason At All Why You Can't Leave Here With Me by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
A visit to a nightclub prompts Sheldon to make a move on Leonard. Or Leonard to make a move on Sheldon. They more or less meet in the middle, at any rate. (Sheldon/Leonard)

134. The Short Line by MangoMartini
My contribution to the 2016 Shelnard Big Bang (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

135. We Could Be Reborn by Zaxal
An argument, an accident, and a chance for them to change what might seem set in stone. (Sheldon/Leonard)

136. BDSM: A Joint Hypothesis and Experiment by Zaxal
There are undeniable similarities between The Roommate Agreement and a slave contract. Intrigued by the possibilities, the boys decide to experiment. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

137. Fun with Flags by concupiscence66
Sheldon is having a hard time accepting that both Penny and Amy have moved away, so Sheldon decides to focus his energies on Fun with Flags. He's noticed there are some fans who seem more interested in his relationship with Leonard than in vexillology, but Sheldon is committed to improving his ratings. An appearance from Leonard will surely drive their fan girls wild! (Sheldon/Leonard)

138. BuddyCon by captain_lion18
For the prompt: Sheldon suggests a cosplay for Comic-Con that can be interpreted (easily or covertly) as a couples' cosplay. Leonard goes along with it. (Sheldon/Leonard)

139. Slow Burn by inouken
Leonard burns his tongue and Sheldon's I-told-you-so attitude isn't at all helpful. (Sheldon/Leonard)

140. The Noble Observation by inouken
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. (Sheldon/Leonard)

RE: Sheldon/Leonard - Shelnard Fics - Nutz - 09-01-2016

141. The Call by YlvaBorealis
The year is 1995. Two teenaged boys, one misdialed call. The rest is history. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

142. Friends Forever by aikakone
Sheldon has become immortal after a particle accelerator accident, and he comes back in naked water every time he dies. Being immortal is great for Sheldon, but not so great for Leonard who has to go pick him up from the ocean after every time he dies.

143. The Valentine's Day Compromise by Geeky Blue Strawberry
Sheldon's not a fan of the holiday, but he and Leonard have figured out how to compromise.

144. We're Going To Need A New Roommate Agreement by Tigtig2003
Sheldon walks in on Leonard and a guy doing "you know" and claims what's his. Basically a smutty Shelnard fanfiction with barely any plot. big bang theory, boy/boy, sex, that's basically it. (M)

145. The Sheldon-Leonard Conundrum by DarkPrinceOfClowns
Leonard is feeling like everyone is putting him down and feels a need for controll, and Sheldon discovers that lack of control can be a wonderful thing in certain cases. Dub-Con (M)

146. For Science! by DrWorm
"So long as the true nature of Sheldon's sexuality remains unknown, he is both gay and not-gay until we open the box?" Leonard has some investigating to do. (Must have A03 account to view) (M)

147. Can I...? by Zaxal
Sheldon has a question.

148. Confronting by KSForever
Sheldon & Amy break up because Amy realizes Sheldon loves Leonard

149. Love Is Okay by KSForever
Engaging in some Spock role play helps Sheldon to tell Leonard he's in love with him

150. Vulnerable by ShelnardCooper
Even Sheldon is prone to vulnerability. Shelnard fluff. Mentions of sex, but nothing explicit.

151. The Dissertation Discourse by madwriter
Sheldon goes to Penny for advice, because: "While attempting to engage in male-male coitus, we encountered a problem."

152. The Middle Earth Correlation by andithil
Sheldon complains, and Leonard reassures him. Then they switch.

153. The Luminous Fish Progression by clumsyghost
Takes place after "The Luminous Fish Effect"

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154. Valentines Day by Demontoizer
Leonard watched from outside his window on the biggest events such as: valentines, new years, Christmas and festivals where couples show love to one another. Leonard wants to experience love and he may have found the right one when Dr. Sheldon Cooper is new to the University

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