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This thread contains fan created stories where Leonard, Amy, and occasionally Bernadette get their "Just Desserts". In these stories they could learn hard lessons about become better friends and people, or they may let their hubris rule them and end up in Arkham … or a body bag (Mah ha ha). Stories with descriptive sex in them will be marked (M)

WARNING: If you don't think Leonard is a superficial, whiney, jealous stalker troll; or Amy is a creepy, manipulative predator..... MOVE ALONG,  These aren't the droids stories you're looking for.

NOTE: Regarding 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor Fics. Any stories that were considered Supernatural, Fantasy, Spy/Secret Agent, Superhero/Villian, Disaster, or can be considered part of a different universe (like Harry Potter, Firefly, etc) are now in the Alternate Universe Thread. The rest of them (even though they could be considered criminal/serial killer AU I left here.

If you think any of these Fics belong in one of the other category threads, please let me know by PM, or by email at 

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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1. Reactions by mariteri
Leonard finds out that some words will get you hurt. Violence. Not Leonard friendly

2. Restoration by Risknight silver
Two weeks after the disastrous Arctic trip, Sheldon discovers a true friend. I hadn't intended to expand on this story, but my hubby gave me a good idea and I just couldn't ignore it. Not Leonard friendly

3. The Sad and Mournful Tale of Leonard Leakey Hofstader by devilbk Soft Kitty
The story of Leonard Hofstader's life and what brought him to The Cheesecake Factory parking lot on a Tuesday. Not Leonard friendly

4. The Hofstadter Hypocrite Hypothesis by TriplePirouett
Sheldon calls Leonard out regarding his relationship with Penny. Not Leonard friendly

5. The Jackass Revelation by mmooch
Penny invites Leonard out as a friend; only to find out he isn't one. Not for Leonard fans!

6. Voided Agreements by Risknight silver
Penny and Sheldon are no longer friends. So who will help him when his world suddenly falls apart? Not Amy/Leonard friendly Attempted Rape (M)

7. The Naked North Sea Ramifications by Devilbk Soft Kitty silver
Per Season 7, Episode 1, while Leonard was away on the North Sea expedition, he proudly showed a Youtube video of a nude scene Penny had done for the never-released film Serial Apist to his shipmates. This is what happens when Penny finds out about it. Not Leonard friendly

8. What Howard Thinks by supercave
But in no friggen universe is Leonard not a dick. He's got snide and spiteful on lock down, but you know, whatever, Howard doesn't judge. A very short story about Howard's not so fragile thoughts on his friends. Not Leonard friendly

9. Trap For A Solitary Man by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
Pasadena is in the grip of a heatwave. And in the grip of fear. Someone is strangling beautiful young blondes… Not Amy/Leonard friendly

10. Shifting Paradigms by Risknight
Friends sometimes drift apart. Can they restore their previous closeness or is it too late? Not Leonard friendly

11. They Saved Sheldon's Brain by Devilbk Soft Kitty
Sort of an anti-Valentine's Day gift. Enjoy. No brains were actually harmed in the making of this story. Some may explode after reading it, though. Not Amy friendly.

12. Einstein's Definition Of Insanity by Risknight silver
After Leonard tries to move in with her, Penny takes a good hard look at her life and doesn't like what she sees. It's time to stop doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. Losing Penny from his life makes Sheldon think about what is truly most important to him. Not Leonard friendly

13. The Turnabout Maneuver by devilbk Soft Kitty
It begins with a typical argument. It ends the way too many arguments usually do. It begins as Lenny and ends with a hint of Shenny. This is now a multi-part story. If you believe that Leonard Hofstadter is the perfect male specimen this is not the story for you. Not Amy/Leonard friendly

14. New Year 2014 by BreathlessFaith
It's Dec.30 2013 a new year is about to begin. Penny has some exciting news about her career that Sheldon already knows. How will her boyfriend Leonard react? Not Leonard/Amy friendly

15. Love and Marriage by Risknight
He has spent decades trying to control every single aspect of his life. To maintain equilibrium in a chaotic world. Now that he has lost that control, he discovers what is really important.

16. A Fowl Dissipation by devilbk Soft Kitty
Amy Farrah Fowler just stops showing up one day. What happened? What will happen? If you like Amy you will not like this little story. Just a hint of Shenny, for those who are terrified of such things.

17. Horrible Doctor Cooper by Darkly Dreaming
Sheldon decides to get revenge after the Arctic expedition with Penny as his partner in crime. Rated T. Warnings: violence, vengeance, and major character harm. Not Leonard friendly

18. Leonard Hofstadter Must Pay by spikespetslayer
Begins immediately after Leonard and Sheldon's confrontation at Penny's apartment in episode 3.01 the Electric Can Opener Fluctuation. Penny thinks that Sheldon needs revenge for what happened in the Arctic. Who really wants revenge, though-Sheldon, or Penny? Sexual situations, adult language, concepts and dubious consent. Not Leonard/Howard or Raj friendly. (M)

19. Falling Apart by Risknight
The bonds that hold these friends together are unraveling. Will they find a way to keep the group together, or is it too late? Not Leonard/Amy friendly

20.Contraceptive Contradiction by matuisgman (Story removed)
A one shot story based on a review for my story Endings
21. The Higgs Boson Excitation by Devilbk Soft Kitty
Taking off from episode 6.3, The Higgs Boson Observation, Penny has a strong reaction to Amy's activities in Sheldon's office. Not really a Shenny, but not a Shamy either. Not Amy friendly

22. Mistakes by PotterNutter93 (Story removed)
Her nights can be such a nightmare. Penny catches Leonard kissing another girl. Raj comforts her but Penny is thinking about Raj as more than a friend… Not Leonard friendly

23. A Shenny Valentine by Daedaleopsis
A terrible turn of events gives Sheldon a new perspective on his life. Will he have the courage to grasp at a chance for true love? Not Leonard/Amy friendly

24. Triple Toddler Troubles by Risknight silver
Penny suddenly finds herself with three very smart babies. Thanks to Rene who contributed a little of this story. Not Leonard/Amy/Bernadette friendly

25. The Cooper Hofstadter Replacement Theorem by xxchompchompchompxx silver
After catching Leonard cheating on her with Priya, Penny begins to see Sheldon in a new light. The only problem is, he is with Amy and there's no way he would ever return her affections... or could he? Not Leonard friendly

26. The Fundraiser by readinggirl1989
Leonard gets upset when Penny turns him down again. (Leonard POV)

27. The Airing of Grievances by Risknight
Penny has a few things to get off her chest during the holidays. Not Leonard/Amy friendly

28. Our Dinner with Beverly by Devilbk Soft Kitty
A good scientist always keeps excellent records. That might be a mistake for one of them. Beverly Hofstadter comes to visit and she knows things. Now while canon couples may appear in this story, the story is not kind to them. Not Leonard/Amy friendly

29. The Penny Blossom Recalibration by devilbk Soft Kitty
Penny's sister is in a terrible car accident and Penny volunteers to take care of her 12-year-old nephew while her sister recovers. Sheldon inexplicably helps her. Leonard and Amy are not happy with either development. Secrets about Penny's life in Nebraska are revealed and things will never be the same. Not Leonard/Amy friendly

30. Lenny Gone Wrong by mjhammer
What happens when Leonard and Penny's relationship goes bad. Not Leonard friendly

31. The Chew Toy Catalyst by JustMyLuckiness Soft Kitty
Standing at Penny's door, hoping to offer some comforting tea in the wake of Leonard's betrayal on the North Sea voyage, Sheldon heard a sound inside her apartment that struck fear into his heart. Dashing in, what he finds is not at all what he expected. In the end, the unexpected helps us grow.

32. The Vegas Retribution by JustMyLuckiness Soft Kitty
Set in the aftermath of the Season 8 finale. Penny doesn't just ignore Leonard's confession of the drunken kiss on the North Sea expedition. When one member of the group is betrayed, where does everyone's loyalty lie? Rough justice, Vegas-style.

33. Righting the Ship by JLynnB Soft Kitty
"It's over," Amy said. And that should have been that. But for Sheldon it was just the beginning. An AU take on s8. NOT Canon or Amy friendly. Platonic Shenny

34. The Cold Dish Delivery by devilbk Soft Kitty
A long-forgotten (for some) transgression rears its head at a most unfortunate time.

35. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Ghosts by matuisgman
Ok, after several attempts I did it. The story could end before the five year jump. But it wouldn't be 1500 words in story as challenged, but it is a bit rushed. Has a relationship between Penny and Sheldon, non-Shenny. Leonard or Amy does die in the five year jump, sort of. The other could be dead too. Anyways hope you enjoy.

36. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor Halloween Challenge: It's murrrderrrrrr by Kimlavina
Somebody has been murdered! Who did it! And most importantly, does anyone care?

37. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: MONTE by Risknight
I love Halloween. I love Halloween prompts. Here's my entry for the prompt sent to me by Dsnynutz.

38. Junior Rodeo is a Killer (100 Ways To Kill a Doctor) by Shenandoah76209
You really shouldn't talk down to someone who grew up on a farm and possesses a lot of practical knowledge without being sure she can't understand you. You won't like the results otherwise

39. Revenge of the Primates (100 Ways to Kill a Doctor) by Daedaleopsis
When Penny finds out why her friends don't want her to break up with Leonard, she decides to make some changes in her life

40. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: The Staircase Implementation by Darkly Dreaming
In an alternate universe, Sheldon wasn't in the apartment when Leonard decided to show off.
41. Batter Up (100 Ways To Kill A Doctor) by matuisgman
Here is my second addition to the nny is a little out of character, but it is beginning season 2. So character not established argument? 1500 words in story, Doctor death and mayhem. As well as a Penny/Sheldon "Relationship". Also I ran out of words, so Sheldon is really casual about the events. Sorry.

42. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Problem Solved by Risknight
Raj takes matters into his own hands.

43. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: The Far, Far Better Thing by Daedaleopsis
When Leonard realizes that Penny is miserable because of him, there's only one way he can make things right.

44. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor by JustMyLuckiness Soft Kitty
Leonard's had one too many second chances when word of his infidelity on the North Sea voyage reaches Sheldon and Penny. During their discussions about what to do, they discovered a new closeness and Sheldon comes to similar realizations about Amy. Together, our heroes decide on the most appropriate punishments for their erstwhile significant others' sins.

45. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Halloween Challenge by Jaycie Victory
Halloween Challenge where writers are encouraged to create a story outlining the death of Doctor Leonard Hofstadter and/or Doctor Amy Farrah Fowler, thus stopping the deterioration of Sheldon and Penny forevermore. Based on Series 3 Episode 23, The Lunar Excitation. Early Shenny. This was so much fun, Please bear in mind this was written tongue in cheek!

46. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Suspects by Risknight
Yet another story for the Halloween Challenge

47. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: A Simple Mistake by mariteri
My answer to the 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor challenge! Needless to say that there will be MAJOR character deaths. Rated T to cover my bases

48. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Spanish Flu by Shenandoah76209
Bernadette has had quite enough of the machinations of Amy and Leonard


50. Homeostasis (100 Ways to Kill a Doctor) by WellPlayedPenny
Change is never fine. Or is it?

51. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Ooops? by Shenandoah76209
It really was an accident, but pissing off a junior rodeo champion is never a good idea

52. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: The Real Criminal Mastermind by Daedaleopsis
Murder shouldn't be this easy

53. 100 Ways to kill a Doctor Halloween Challenge: Vengence by matuisgman
Another one. 1500 words exactly, death, and a more platonic relationship

54. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: The Flames Burn Brighter by Risknight
Another story for the Halloween Challenge. Only a couple more weeks until all the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls come out to play

55. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Making a Clean Slate by Shenandoah76209
Howard isn't stupid. Nor is he unobservant

56. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Comeuppance by Risknight
Yep, it's another story for the challenge

57. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: It's Always the Quiet Ones by Shenandoah76209
He's been observing the changes for quite some time and he really doesn't like what he sees. Something needs to be done



61. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Hazardous Hormones by Shenandoah76209
She didn't think it was possible to actually ride someone to death. Turns out it's not really, not without some chemical hel

62. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Of Can Openers and Gardens by mariteri
The discovery of an item that shouldn't be on the inventory list for the Arctic leads to Sheldon's idea of revenge. Rated M for mature content.

63. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: The Coronary Complication by Daedaleopsis
Under the "beta test" rules, Penny decides it's time to tell Leonard about a big problem.

64. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: The Weird Thing Is by Risknight
Another story for the challenge

65. 100 ways to kill a Doctor Halloween Challenge: Monster in the Closet by matuisgman
Another Halloween challenge, fixed and completed. 1500 words in story and a Penny/Sheldon relationship. Minimally that they get closer. Might make this into a full story

66. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Neanderthal Solution by Shenandoah76209
You never know when an empty elevator shaft will come in handy. Or for who

67. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Poison by Cosmic Empress
This is for the Halloween Challenge. The FBI is questioning the gang upon Leonard's death, but wait. A week later, Amy is found dead, too.

68. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Archimedes' Revenge by Shenandoah76209
Give me a lever and a place to stand and I can move the world. But don't try to push a two hundred pound desk up four flights of stairs.






74. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Hokey Pokey by Spooladio
Loosely based on The Pulled Groin Extrapolation Sesaon 5 episode 3.




78. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Vegas Epiphany by Shenandoah76209
Raj has connections and he's decided its time he used them. The rest of the weekend, that was a surprise even to him

79. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Nightmare on Los Robles Avenue by kimbee73
What if the kiss between Sheldon and Penny was not a nightmare for Leonard?

80. 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: The Bazinga Augmentation by Daedaleopsis
Sheldon always loved a good prank, especially when it helped him kill two birds with one stone.
81. 100 Ways to kill a Doctor - Devilish Revenge by Riley-Ann Charles
My contribution for the Halloween challenge ... sorry, I had no time to translate to English ... but have fun reading (In German)

82. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: The Beta-2 Receptor Test by Sat night 815
How Do You Spell Revenge? This is my contribution to the challenge. It is also my first story. Thanks for reading.

83. 100 Ways To Kill A Doctor: Petty Vengence by muaaimoi
In which Penny and Sheldon conspire independently, and somehow still manage to work together. For he 100 Ways to Kill a Doctor Halloween challenge.







90. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: The Mistletoe Solution by Shenandoah76209
When you want to kill someone, it's best to be sure your poison goes to the intended recipient

91. 100 Ways To Kill a Doctor: Finding Closure by Shenandoah76209
Amy tried to break Sheldon of his need for closure. That might have been a mistake on her part

92. The Perfect Murder? by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
kinda ended up being a weird combo of the Movie Challenge and How To Kill A Doctor. Enjoy!

93. A Brand New World by Risknight silver
Penny can no longer take the anger, pain and unhappiness that is her life. So, she makes some big changes, starting with her circle of friends. Not Amy/Leonard friendly

94. Another Hesitation Ramification by Daedaleopsis silver
Sheldon has always said that Penny and Leonard's relationship was a mistake. How will he react when he learns that Leonard couldn't accept Penny's proposal?

95. Believe in Magic by CTR69 Soft Kitty
Sheldon uses his knowledge to become an illusionist and Penny wants to be his assistant. But one person has a problem with that... (The story follows the '100 Ways to Kill a Doctor' rules - Shenny and character death).

96. Bound To Happen by CTR69 Soft Kitty
Sheldon is in big trouble for what he did and there's only one person who's willing to help her friend. Canon to AU. (This plot bunny came to be with the promos for episode 10.06 The Fetal Kick Catalyst and kept me going well beyond the original thought. I took detectives names from NCIS, but I don't watch that series regularly. (M)

97. Life and Death Over Christmas by CTR69 Soft Kitty
A silly little '100 ways to kill a doctor' themed story, inspired by The Holiday Summation ep. Shenny with you-know-who character death. (M)

98. The Whiteboard Correction by JustMyLuckiness Soft Kitty silver
When Sheldon's Vulcan hearing detects the Beta Test conversation, he decides to intervene in an unexpected manner. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Will his efforts be successful? Not Leonard friendly

99. A Dish Served Cold by Risknight silver
Sheldon plots his revenge on his former friends for tampering with his experiment.

100. Karma by CMW2 silver
For every action, there are consequences to be faced. After the Arctic implodes the group, everyone has to pick up the pieces and move on. Penny will make this easier for Sheldon. Not Leonard Friendly
101. The Return of The Physicist by Devilbk Soft Kitty silver
Sheldon returns to Pasadena after a summer away. He's ready to make some dramatic changes in his life and at least one person won't be happy about those changes. While not a Shenny story per se, this is certainly not a "Happily Shamy After" fantasy. Not Amy/Leonard friendly

102.  The North Sea Nullification by Daedaleopsis silver
Leonard thought a simple apology was enough when he tampered with Sheldon's monopole experiment. How will he react when someone interferes with his own research? Not Leonard/Amy friendly

103. The Prom Equivalency Recalculation by Devilbk Soft Kitty silver
Penny is tired of being a prop in Leonard's and Amy's efforts to reframe their sad pasts. Not a Shenny tale per se, but Shamy and Lenny acolytes will not be happy with this story. Be warned. This is primarily Penny's story, though others appear. Not Amy/Leonard friendly

104. Anything Can Happen Country Night by lia200304  (moved to Encounters)
It's anything can happen night and penny gets Sheldon into chaps for a country bar. Not Leonard friendly

105. An Unexpected Proposal by Marathon Zack 140.6
Sheldon asks Penny an unexpected question.

106. The Fission-Fusion Reaction by CTR69 Soft Kitty
Gloves come off on the Jerry Springer show - Shenny, canon-unfriendly

107. That One Accident by O.E.M (Story removed)
Everyone said he was one Lab Accident away from being a super villain. For once, they were right. Last Updated 8/2015 (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

108. Blowjobs and Monkey Glands by Delgardo
A rather brutal rough Shenny / Anti-Amy piece where Amy steps over a line, ethically and relationship wise, and gets punished for it. Not Amy friendly dub-con (M)

New Stories Added: 06/18/2019

109. Love In Paris by Wintreaux
His voice was husky as he let a dangerous hand trail up the length of her exposed leg, and rests his fingers on her hip. "Do you know how many men are staring at you?" She loves when he's possessive, "No...tell me," she smiles innocently. "Far too many," he growls in her ear before pulling her flush against him. (M)

110. We Can Do It by Wintreaux
Sheldon needs help, and obviously Penny's going to be there to help him.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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