Sheldon/Penny: Alternate Universe Stories
Alternate Universe (AU)
This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories where Sheldon and Penny are in a different Universe/Dimension. These stories may include Sheldon/Penny being (or dealing with): Candy Clowns, Ghosts, Werewolves, Witches, Dragons, Aliens, Demons, Secret Agents, Detectives, Serial Killers, Super Hero/Villains, or animals. As well as any end of the world, historical, futuristic, and childhood friends stories. Stories with descriptive sex in them will be marked (M)

silver Indicates The Big Bang Theory Top 200 Favorite. Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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1. It's Only Time by Rashaka silver
It’s only time that pulls the stars apart, it’s only time that brings your orbit ‘round - Childhood (AU)

Weirdcraft Series by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty  silver  (Weirdcraft Universe)
2. World of Weirdcraft -  This is Sheldor the Conqueror – a cold, brutal warlord. He's quite a guy. This is Queen Penelope. She's a beautiful barbarian. She's one warrior-goddess who knows how to take care of herself. When they met, it was...Mordor.

3. Through The Looking Glass, Darkly - Sheldon subscribes to the many worlds theory, which posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldon's, in an infinite number of universes. He just never expected to meet one of them.

4. The Curious Incident of the Dragon in the Night-time - A tale from the World of Weirdcraft. Because I have no self-control. (I know after reading this you may be confused what its doing in a BBT thread, but, I'm told it will make sense soon)

5. New story coming soon

6. Tesseract by Rashaka
Two friends are caught up in the end of the world as we know it (Disaster)

7. Apocalypse Plan: Number 19 by Ayla Pascal
Sheldon has a beautifully detailed plan to save them from every eventuality. However, it's Penny's idea that saves the day (Disaster)

The Dancing Series by Devilbk Soft Kitty (AU)
8. The Dancing Diversion - Our four young scientists are still friends. They just haven't met Penny. Yet. Howard and Bernadette are about to get married and Raj has arranged a bachelor party. Things take off from there. This is a Shenny story with some mature themes and language. Some occasional OOC behavior. Not Leonard friendly

9. After the Dance - Five years after the events of The Dancing Diversion Penny and her daughter Cyndee vanish. Ten years later a stranger appears at Nora's door. Her old friend needs her help. What will she do? What will Sheldon do?

10. Role Reversal by SparkELee
Sheldon posed the concept of there being many universes, in all of which, he existed in some capacity. But I don’t think he considered this one - Switch Up (AU)

11. The ArchVillain Conundrum by Bartimus Crotchety
As Miss Wonderful, Penny loves being a super hero, her only drawbacks in life are the pesky evil armored freak, Doctor Devastator, and the annoying super genius next door. A solution is about to present itself  (Superhero/Villain)

12. The Game's Afoot by Len
Sheldon Cooper is the world's greatest consulting detective. Penny Bailey is a barmaid determined to help him catch a killer (Detective/Secret Agent)

13. Super Penny by Ayla Pascal
Sheldon gets rescued by Penny (Superhero/Villain)

14. As It Appears by Dsieya
Penny's life changes at a petting zoo (Supernatural)

15. Red Cape Complex by graffy
Afterwards, there are no harsh words. No forced anger, or departures that break hearts (Superhero/Villain), (M)

Night Life Series by muaaimoi (AU)
16. Night Life - The arctic betrayal happens a few years earlier. Penny breaks up with Kurt right after they move to Pasadena. Penny and Sheldon find themselves as neighbors in L.A.

17. After the Dawn - Sequel to Night Life. Penny and Sheldon try being friends. Mostly they fail

18. In the Sunlight - Sequel to After the Dawn. Sheldon and Penny are together, in love and life goes on

19. Running Up That Hill by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
Err, well, yeah, so...This is a dark-bunny that has been hopping around in my head for a while. Very, very AU. Slightly less dark than it could have been. Almost certainly a one-shot. Apologies to; Peter Hamilton and Martin Caidin. (AU)

20. Finding the Proper Tenses by Lady Lioness silver
Sheldon wakes up to a problem (Time Travel)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. Mr. Mysterious by: CSI Ames
Penny meets a mysterious stranger at the annual work office party and her obsession is driving people insane. Will she find her Mr. Mysterious? Rated T for a few sexual innuendos and because I'm paranoid about my ratings (AU)

22. The Lights No Longer Shine by rightxhere (Account Deleted)
The world was coming to an end. Character Death (Disaster)

23. Repopulation by lonegungal17
Sheldon and Penny may be the last two human left on the planet. (Disaster)

24. Forget by lonegungal17
Penny has broken Sheldon's heart, is the only way to stop the pain to erase her from his memory? (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Universe)

25. Run Away, Love by Amputation
Misery loves company, but what happens when misery is met with solutions? - Childhood (AU)

26. Look! Up in the air! by anenemies
It should be noted now, at the beginning that is, that Sheldon Cooper PhD. had absolutely nothing to do with the following. Crack (Superhero/Villain)

5th Universe Series by MixItUp (AU)
27. Perfect Fifth silver - Leonard and Sheldon have a beautiful new neighbor. Too bad that Leonard already has a girlfriend. 5th Universe

28. Consonant - Penny figures things out. Predominantly a character study. Companion to "Dissonant". 5th Universe

29. Dissonant - Sheldon finds himself and home. Predominantly a character study. Companion to "Consonant". 5th Universe

30. Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt by Talitha Koum silver
Based on the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Penny moves in to 4A and comes to find that the previous tenant has yet to leave. (Supernatural)

31. Divergences by Lady Lioness
Every decision we make alters the course of our lives. Make one decision differently and go down an entirely new path. Sheldon/Penny One vignette does contain character death (AU)

32. Evolution by droidgirl
Sheldon gets sucked into the future for a few minutes. It's all he needs to see what he could stand to lose. (Time Travel)

33. The Progeny Refutation of the Chronology Protectio by Alyce Gates silver
Penny finds a lost toddler outside her apartment one evening and goes to Leonard for help, but only Sheldon knows what's really going on. (Time Travel)

34. Not as We Know It by TempestJo
Meet Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD, Private Investigator. (Detective/Secret Agent)

35. Son Of A Preacher Mom by stock2007
Sheldon opens new doors for Penny - Childhood (AU)

Conqueror Series by Darkly Dreaming (Fantasy AU)
36. Sheldor the Conqueror: Battle-Mage and Fighter-For-Hire - Sheldor the Conqueror, warrior-mage, is hired to help win a war between two small kingdoms. However, curiosity leads him down a different path. Possibly toward love?

37. Sharing the Shenny Sauce - Sequel to Sheldor the Conqueror and Battle-Mage for Hire. "Good things always happen after midnight."

38. Shelphyre by Skye.RavenStarr
Sheldon meets Penny in the middle of the night and things will never be the same again! Crack. (Supernatural)

39. I Have Gone at Dusk Through Narrow Streets by meinterrupted
Penny refuses to call it The Disaster or The Meltdown or any of a hundred phrases the news reports had named it in the few hours the news was still on. It stank too much of finality, and she isn't a quitter. (Disaster)

40. The Coworkers by SmuttyShipper
Penny has been Sheldon's co-worker for 2 years, and she's secretly in love with him. They're good friends, despite their differences - Sheldon's idiosyncrasies vs. Penny's carefree lifestyle. (AU) (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. The Zombie Apocalypse Eventuality by Sheldorfan
The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, Sheldon and Penny have survived. Now, 4 years later, something is bothering Sheldon. (Disaster)

42. The Factory by Trbl
Because after my last fic, I became obsessed with the idea of Assassin!Penny. Although, it's actually SuperSpy!Penny. (Detective/Secret Agent)

43. The Many Superpowers of Sheldon Lee Cooper by knwho
Penny discovers Sheldon's superpowers. (Superhero/Villain), (M)

44. Your Own Ending by wee-me
There's more to Penny than anyone could imagine. (Supernatural)

Big Bang Series by Darkly Dreaming (AU)
45. The Big Bang - Penny's friends Bernadette and Stephanie drag her to Bernadette's boyfriend's concert.

46. The Big Bang 2 - Aftermath - A sequel to The Big Bang.

47. Partnership by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
In memory of Anne McCaffrey. (Space/Alien)

48. The Blue Lunchbox Conundrum by JJ Louise
Sheldon's son was looking for a way to cheat on his physics exam. Except he ended up in 2011, then totally pulled a Marty McFly, and screwed up the moment his parents were supposed to fall in love… (Time Travel)

49. your fonder heart, half lit in the half light by whatbecomesofus
What would you do if you met the other you? In which there is a free ticket to space and a fine line between what is and what should have been. (Another Earth Universe)

50. The Known and Unknown Universe by Eternal Contradiction silver
Christmas Eve, an actress far from home receives a ghostly visitor in her hotel bedroom. Christmas Eve, a genius scientist is making final adjustments to his time machine. They meet. (Time Travel)

51. The Lighthouse Keeper and the Mermaid by TriplePirouette
"He looked out over the horizon. The shinning rays of the sun bounced off the water, making him squint, but he'd seen it. Her beautiful blonde head, trailed by a great iridescent tail as she swam off." (Supernatural)

52. The Accidental Transportation Device by Trisha Uchiha
Sheldon locks himself in his room for days building an alternate universe transport device. To his amazement and Leonard's, it's functional and when he uses it he realizes that he made a blunder in his calculations. It's not showing him other worlds but.. - Dimension Hopping (AU)

53. The Day of Reckoning by Trisha Uchiha
After Bernadette's team accidentally creates a zombie virus in a Caltech laboratory, it quickly spreads throughout Pasadena and eventually the entire USA. Luckily, Sheldon is prepared, as always and is determined to survive it to the end with Penny. (Disaster)

54. Dream's by muaaimoi
Penny is in love with some one who doesn't exist. Sheldon thinks he's in the same boat. They're both wrong. (Supernatural)

55.The Angelus Theorem by Trisha Uchiha
Penny is an actress and after landing her first movie role she dies in an accident. She's denied into Heaven and must work for St. Peter for four years. Now a guardian angel, her last task is Sheldon Cooper before she can have another chance at life. (Supernatural)

56. Detour by supercave silver
He has to spend a year in high school, tenth grade. All Mary Cooper wants is for her baby to have some friends, maybe even a girlfriend. He's sure no good will come from this, and then he meets her. He hates it when he isn't right. - Childhood (AU)

57. Overlanders 2517 by stock2007
Sheldon swore a silent oath he would kill whoever had done this. (Firefly Universe)

58. The Big Bang Theory The Mirror Mirror Continuum by Chris Colon
Sheldon wakes up in a universe where Penny is the genius and the guys work at the Cheesecake Factory. Switch Up (AU)

59. The Parallel Universe Prospect by AliceAtHeart silver
What if Penny was born a genius and Sheldon wanted to be an actor? What if they completely switched places... Switch Up (AU)

60. Don't Mess With Voodoo by muaaimoi
Penny was right. Or the reason Sheldon is so prepared specifically for the Zombie Apocalypse. (Supernatural)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. The Incident by Reparata
A deliberate accident affects Sheldon and Penny and their future together more than either of them can imagine. Well, Sheldon has quite the imagination, doesn't he? Is he dreaming or remembering? Does Penny really love Sheldon or it is just convenient? (Supernatural/Time Travel)

62. The Alpha Dominance Principle by O.E.M silver
Sheldon Cooper believes in a multiple dimension and multiple universe theorem. That one change can alert everything. This is the story about what would happen if the books of Mr. Sade and Mr. Sacher-Masoch were accepted. (AU) (M)

Optimal Series by Lady Lioness (AU)
63. Optimal - Penny realizes something important when Sheldon tells her he's going to be gone all summer.

64. Three Months - Sequel to 'Optimal.' Penny and Sheldon communicate by emails while he's away.

65. Paradoxical Sleep by MixItUp silver
When Sheldon and Penny begin sharing dreams, their relationship changes in ways they never anticipated. (Supernatural)

66. The Beast In Me By Risknight
Penny and Sheldon deal with the changes in each other, their friends, and in the world. There's no fluffiness here. Sometimes you just figure things out too late. (Disaster)

67. Secrets by Risknight
You know that "one lab accident away from being a super villain" theory of Leonard's? What if it happened? Just not the way they were expecting. (Superhero/Villain)

68. Food by Risknight
Another zombie story? Yes. No. Kind of. Zombies everywhere, and Penny searches for Sheldon. (Disaster)

69. The Tardis Complexity by stl85
This is Dr. Sheldon Cooper for experiment Tardis. Our previous data has come back with very positive results. This will mark the first time we will be using human test subjects… (Time Travel)

70. Exhilaration by Palaemona
Her heart drums within her chest, as the crowd claps for her. The lights nearly blind her, and her feet had been rubbed raw from the strappy heels they insisted she wear. It burns when she breathes, and her head aches with agony. But none of that matters. It's exhilarating. (AU)

71. Midsummer Cognizance by Risknight
Sheldon discovers a secret Penny has kept hidden from her friends. (Supernatural)

72. A Favorable Outcome By Risknight silver
A bet places Sheldon and the guys in a dance club, on the prowl. (AU)

73. The Shaggy Physicist By Risknight
Sheldon wakes up with a tiny little problem. He's a dog. And his human body is laying in an alley in front of him. What's a little Yorkie to do? (Supernatural)

74. A Beautiful Lie By Risknight
Ever wonder why Penny doesn't have a last name? Maybe because there is no Penny. (Detective/Secret Agent)

75. Frenemies By Risknight
Sheldon discovers that he and Penny share a common secret. The problem? He's been ordered to kill her because of it. (Detective/Secret Agent)

76. The Friendship Conundrum by Mus4u
A snippet of AU where Sheldon and Penny are childhood friends  - Childhood (AU)

77. A Proponent's Volition by Risknight
This Penny and Sheldon have little in common with the canon versions. An A/U where Sheldon and Penny met as teens in Germany. Their lives are entwined from then on. Rating is for later chapters. - Childhood (AU) (M)

78. The Parallel Universe Venture by superlc529
Thanks to Sheldon's new toy, Sheldon and Penny find themselves in a parallel universe where Penny never moved in across the hall. How can they hope to get back? And what changes might occur between them along the way? - Dimension Hopping (AU)

79. A Random Sequence Of Words By Risknight silver
The guys meet Stuart's new cashier, a cos-playing Nebraskan blond named Penny. (AU)

80. The Time Travel Experience by emily-cullen23
Sheldon's friends have often wondered if their friend had any sexual feelings for anyone at all. They thought he would never even have an actual girlfriend, let alone have a family. That is, until proof that Sheldon does have a deal falls out of the sky. (Time Travel)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. Unlikely by Temperance-is -a -virtue
How many negatives do Penny and Sheldon take to make a positive? Penny and Sheldon meet in a small town in Germany. I make a few assumptions, having never been to Germany. (AU)

82. A Different World By Risknight
Penny works in a brothel. She has a new client who is tall, lanky, super smart, and doesn't like being touched. What's a girl to do? Smut inside (AU), (M)

83. Against the Fall of Night by Reparata
Humanity is being culled and as society falls into a new Dark Age, a waitress, a physicist and a bitch try to find their way through to the light. Character death in first chapter. What happens when society's boundaries are gone and Sheldon gives free reign to his limitless imagination? Shenny (Disaster)

84. The Myth Manifestation by spikespetslayer
When myth becomes reality, Sheldon has nowhere to hide. (Supernatural)

85. Bound by Love by pandakelly
Penny reads a rather unique book. Based on the idea that someone should write a book where the character slowly falls in love with the reader. Shenny all the way. (Supernatural)

86. Born To Be Wild by spikespetslayer
Being a woman is a biker gang is dangerous. Penny is looking for love and acceptance and willing to get it from anyone; she was Lenny's girl first, but will Shelly be the biker that rides away with her heart? Things are never really what they seem. (AU)

87. All Aboard The Arctic Express by Risknight
President Seibert sends Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj on a scientific expedition to the arctic. There's just one catch. He's sending them with a babysitter. (AU)

88. Sheldon's Shirts by stl85 (Supernatural)
Why does Sheldon wear two shirts everyday in sunny California? Why won't he let people touch him? What's the real reason why he is so different?

89. Sheldon's Shirts, The Supplements - Missing scenes of a sort from Sheldon's Shirts.

90. Penny's Total Recall by Risknight silver
A bump to the head brings out a side of Penny that Sheldon never expected, but finds fascinating. How will this affect everyone around her? Death of minor characters (Detective/Secret Agent)

Kitty Series by TriplePirouette (AU)
91. Chilly Kitty - silver Sheldon doesn't like change, even if it might get him the Nobel Prize

92. Hurt Kitty - Sequel to "Chilly Kitty". 'Just like when she was a teenager: some stupid crush that she blew out of proportion. She sighed, it just made her delusional. Near crazy. Especially since she knew, knew, he could never love her back.'

93. Tradition - An exchange of gifts set sometime in the future the night before the wedding.

94. The Magic of What Could Have Been (or, Blink, and You Might Miss It) by Amy Vaughn
Penny believes in magic. Sheldon is part of the reason why (Supernatural)

95. Beginning by Risknight silver
In a world were Penny and Sheldon grow up together, what will happen when emotions start to intrude on their friendship? - Childhood(AU)

96. Chance Romance by MelyBelle44
This is what happens when a geeky physicist and a spunky blonde have a chance meeting at the top of a water slide. (AU)

97. Leap of Faith by JlynnB Soft Kitty silver
Penny needs a change and decides to go to her whack-a-doodle neighbor for help. While assisting in the effort to 'better' her Sheldon unexpectedly discovers what life is all about. Character Death (Supernatural)

98. The Adventures of Cap't Sheldon Hook and Penny Pan by Risknight
Penny Pan is fearless, brave, foolhardy and she's once again become separated from her shadow. So, what happens when she finally corners it in the cabin of the most bloodthirsty pirate in Neverland? - Fantasy (AU)

99. Multitude by Risknight
If I summarize this story, I give away the surprise. But I think we can all agree that Sheldon shouldn't be allowed to play with chemicals. Ever (AU)

100. Shenny Halloween 2013 by BreathlessFaith
Penny and Sheldon meet in an alternate universe (AU)
101. Rewriting History by Risknight silver
Someone (I cannot remember who) asked me once what I thought Penny would be like as a mom. As any mom can tell you, it completely changes your world around. So, welcome to a 'verse where Penny has a daughter, and Sheldon doesn't have a chance (AU)

102. The Titanic Theory by ms. rosey cheeks
We know what happened with Jack and Rose but what about Penny and Sheldon. Please R&R. Please note that this is the Titanic there will be death. Whose? well you just have to read and find out (AU)

103. Across Time and Space by TrishaUchiha2413
A collection of stories about how Sheldon and Penny meet in different points and time in history (AU)

104. Five Times Penny Tried to Seduce Sheldon in the Laundry Room by Lizwontcry
In a world without Leonard and Amy, Sheldon and Penny keep crossing paths in the laundry room. Penny has a sexy plan, and it's up to Sheldon (and the universe) whether it's successful or not (AU)

105. Pennon and Penrose by Nival Vixen
Penny's powers and villain status don't really help in the way of love, so she pretends to be a superhero. Sheldon's power doesn't help him gain friends - which he is perfectly fine with, actually. But Penny can teach him how to use his power which he sorely needs. All she asks in return is that he choose a side: good or evil. (Superhero/Villain)

106. Festivities and Alternate Realities by thisisonlineright
In a different universe, Penny wants Sheldon, but he has no interest in her (AU)

107. Petrichor by bourbonandlace
A slightly dark, AU take on Penny's backstory. I have no idea. Penny and Sheldon at the end; Sheldon/Penny if you stand on your head. Warnings for implied child abuse and non-major character death (AU)

108. The Unhinging Pursuit of Concomitantly by wolfofsheep
I welcome you to a whole different world with all your favorite BBT characters with Sheldor of Galstire as your so called 'hero' Shenny - Fantasy (AU)

109. Changes by Risknight
Sheldon has noticed that Penny isn't acting like he expects. What has happened to bring about the changes he see? (Supernatural)

110. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by tx-fictionqueen
"Why say no when you can say yes?" (Disaster)

111. Of Knights and Fey by muaaimoi
There are Faeries and Magicians and Knights, oh my. Shenny as always. Tw: main character death - Fantasy (AU)

112. The Time Perplexity by Risknight silver
Sometimes something happens that completely breaks you down. So what do you do when you get a chance to change everything? (Time Travel)

113. 21 Days by wolfofsheep
The Tallex Cormus asteroid is headed for Earth. There are only 21 days left until the annihilation of life, itself. With Leonard off to New Jersey and Penny with only a quarter of a tank of gas, Sheldon must find a way to Texas to see his family one last time... with Penny as a companion. (M) (Disaster)

114. The Baser Urge Manifestation by thisisonlineright
Sheldon Cooper is the arrogant, cocky, condescending, selfish, short tempered, rude, genius new boss. Penny is the spoiled daughter of the owner that always gets what she wants. Blackmail can go a long way. (M) (AU)

115. The Big Bang Fable by Risknight
A beautiful princess, an army of vicious trolls, and a tall, brave ...stable boy? Not your average fairy tale, I assure you - Fantasy (AU)

116. The Virus by HallowsEve
After a virus outbreak a secret about Sheldon comes to light changing everything the group of apartment 4A knows. (Disaster)

117. A Breath of Fresh Air by Risknight silver
Howard's childhood friend has moved back to Pasadena suddenly, and she's only got eyes for a certain clueless physicist. (AU)

118. The Dance Reformation by shydiva1996
It's Senior Prom, and Penny, the most popular and sought-after gal in Pasadena High School is miraculously single. Who will have the guts to ask her for a dance? - Childhood (AU)

119. Travelin' Soldier by mjhammer
Sheldon Meets Penny prior to going into the army. Character death - Childhood (AU)

120. Release the Dragon by muaaimoi
Sheldon makes a terrible dragon and Penny is even worse at being a damsel in distress. Shenny as always - Fantasy (AU)
121. An Error of Comedies by Risknight
Penny asks the guys a question that leads to some outlandish ideas. (AU)

122. The Penny Paradox by mariteri
Penny has a dream and goes to the one man that has all the answers-Sheldon. -Dimension Hopping (AU)

123. Light Years Apart by howlingmysteries
Penny takes a journey; physically and emotionally. when she takes matters into her owns hands she discovers what she is really looking for. Includes obstacles, banter and adorableness (Leap Year Universe)

124. By Any Other Name by JLynnB Soft Kitty silver
In 'The Habitation Configuration' Sheldon told Penny that it took Leonard to make him like her. So what would happen if Leonard didn't move into apartment 4A before the Pilot episode? (AU)

125. Denial by mariteri
Leonard wakes to find out that nothing in his life is what he thought it was. (AU)

126. The Naked Queen by Risknight
A special one-shot for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Shenny, of course. (Pirate AU)

127. Space Soldiers by mariteri
Out there in space is yet another alternative universe-where scientists can be scientists and Shenny can roam free...Yeah, I know. Just read it. Rated T to cover my bases. (Space/Alien)

128. Witchy Woman by Risknight
There are many words Sheldon could use to describe Penny. At the moment the only one that comes to mind is 'Witch'. (Supernatural)

129. Villainy, Minions, and His Girl Friday by mariteri
Leonard finds out that Sheldon isn't the man he thought-and neither is anyone else he knows. EVIL!Sheldon! DARK!Penny! Victim!Leonard! Bizzaro!Raj and Howard! Unapologetically Shenny (Super Hero/Villian)

130. Learning To Live by Risknight
Sheldon has just under three weeks to learn some manners or he's barred from the university fund raiser. Howard and Leonard, have a possible solution. A therapist named Penny Queen may be just what he needs. This story contains non-canon pairings, foul language and discussions of sexual abuse, rape and sexual surrogacy (AU) (M)

131. Intergalactic Peace Corp by Risknight
Captain Leonard Hofstadter is the captain of a new military spaceship. Life is good. It would be great if it wasn't for his annoying ship's doctor. (Space/Alien)

132. Sheldon Cooper, PI by mariteri
Penny is the trusted employee and bodyguard to the world's most exclusive private eye-Sheldon Cooper. Shenny (Detective/Secret Agent)

133. A Very Shenny Halloween (part 1) by Risknight
Sheldon has a secret. He'd tell you what it is, but then he'd have to kill you. Dark!Sheldon! (Criminal/Serial Killer)

134. Fixing The Past by Cosmic Empress
I had made the greatest scientific discovery to man, but no one except me would ever know. It was too dangerous in the hands of anyone else. (Time Travel)

135. A Very Shenny Halloween (part 2) by Risknight
Sheldon's new office is almost perfect. There's the little matter of the ghost who wants him out, but other than that, it's great. (Supernatural)

136. The Communal Comatose Calamity by Darkly Dreaming
Sheldon makes Amy his emergency contact and after a few days Amy isn't sure she can handle it. This isn't a happy one, folks. Character death (Supernatural)

137. A Very Shenny Halloween (part 5) by Risknight
Penny goes on a trip every 29 days. Sheldon wants to know where she goes and why. (Supernatural)

138. When Sheldon Met Penny by thisisonlineright
It takes more than a different universe for him to realize what he wants -Dimension Hopping (AU)

139. Home for Christmas by Risknight
A teenage Sheldon comes home for Christmas with Meemaw. Things don't go exactly as he had hoped - Childhood (AU)

140. Being Human by JlynnB Soft Kitty
Not every Operating System has a manual. Neither does life -  (AU)
141. The Telepathic Transference Complication by Alex Conrad silver
A lab accident leaves Sheldon with the ability to read minds. Is this a gift or a curse? (Supernatural)

142. Sick Day by Daedaleopsis
When Penny discovers a startling secret about Sheldon, she realizes that she is only one who can help him in a time of crisis. Warning: major character death (Space/Alien)

143. Pirates Ho! by JlynnB Soft Kitty
Leonard, Howard and Raj are in search of booty and find more than they can handle, while Sheldon befriends a blonde buccaneer. (Pirate AU)

144. Gateau Affairs by Grignard
In which quarks and protons become sugar and spice, head baker of a prestigious shop, Sheldon Cooper, finds himself mentoring a failed actress attempting to get her own bakery off the ground. Shenny. (AU)

145. The Alternate Profession Quandary by (Must have HQ account to read)
Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj go out for a boy's night. (AU) (M)

146. Back Through Interruption by LilyAyl silver
Eight years is a long time (AU)

147. After by Devilbk Soft Kitty
The Arctic Expedition ended in tragedy. How will the survivors deal with their sense of loss. Character death. (AU)

148. Yet Another Valentine's Day Story by Risknight
Apparently I can be as sentimental as the next person. So, for all you wonderful Shenny fans out there, here's a bit of cupid inspired fluff for you. (AU)

149. The Greater Good by Risknight
The happiness of two people is nothing compared to the lives of three billion. (Time Travel)

150. The Dream Anticipation by SecretMel
The day before Penny moves into 4B, Sheldon has a crazy dream about the woman he doesn't know he's about to meet. A dream that changes everything before it begins. (Supernatural)

151. Nameless by muaaimoi
Penny can't remember a time before The Agency. A time when she wasn't a weapon, when she didn't follow orders mindlessly. Shenny as always, although it is mostly friendship. (Detective/Secret Agent)

153. Advise by Risknight
Sheldon receives some help from an unexpected source. (Supernatural)

154. The Trust Algorithm by Trbl
AU from the guys' return from the Arctic at the beginning of Season 3. Their new neighbor may be a vampire. Who you gonna call? Peter Vincent, of course. Shenny, and I'm not a Leonard fan. (Supernatural)

Collision Series by Rashaka (AU)
155. The Earth Moved 1,117 Miles In Our Kitchen - Like Wonder Woman, Superman, She-Ra and all those characters her geeky friends cherished, Penny knew in one single, glorious moment what she had to do. Part 1 of the Collision series

156. A Swiftly Tilting Heart - When an act of romantic charity misfires, Penny, Sheldon, and their friends have to deal with the fallout. A comedy of jealousy and need. of the Collision series.

157. TDT by VLH5589
No summary. No slash. Take a chance! (Time Travel)

158. Alpha Male by TheDarkestShinobi
He could have her, he knew, until the Alpha decided to do just that. Shenny (AU)

159. The True Penny by Cosmic Empress
There is more to Penny than the gang knows. Can Sheldon man up if he is going to be able to save the one he has loved since day one or will she be doomed? (Disaster)

160. Of Conquerors and Barbarians by Risknight
He is determined to conquer the Wild lands. She is determined to stop him. Who will prevail when a barbarian priestess squares off against a ruthless conqueror? - Fantasy (AU)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
161. The Lucky Penny Tergiversate by secondplacechampion silver
Penny deals with her emotions and her family as the world faces its inevitable doom. The boys have left, and what's with the note that Sheldon has left on Penny's door? (Disaster)

162. Radiowaves by Risknight
He listened to her every weekend. She was soothing. Mysterious. He felt like he knew her. He had no idea how right he was. (AU)

The Portal Series by Darkly Dreaming (Pirate AU)
163. The Portal Conundrum - Penny accidentally falls through a portal and ends up on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean. Will a familiar face be able to help her get home?

164. The Portal Perpetuation - 2017's International Talk Like a Pirate Day Challenge, and short sequel to The Portal Conundrum. Story is K , but author's note contains profanity, as befits a pirate.

165. Queen of the Seas by Daedaleopsis
A period piece for Talk Like a Pirate Day! Pirate captain Penny has just taken four scholars prisoner. She intends to hold them for ransom, but what will she do when she starts to fall for one of them? (Pirate AU)

166. The Uncertainty Difficulty by Risknight silver
Sheldon cut everyone out of his life after everything he had worked for, dreamed of or stood for was destroyed by his friends two years ago. When he learns that Penny has been hospitalized, he drops everything to return to Pasadena and help her. There's just one problem. Penny hates him. (AU)

167. A Tale of Pirate Shenny by devilbk Soft Kitty
Three men find themselves on the Isle of Tortuga in a world of pirates. And guess who the meanest, nastiest pirate of them all is? (Pirate AU)

168. And As It Always Has, Rock Crushes Scissors by fujiidom
What might've happened if Howard lost the (posited) game of rock, paper, scissors. (AU)

169. It's Been One Week by ishie
The Leonid camping trip was a bust. The next week doesn't get much better (AU)

170. The Pon Farr Hypothesis by Zenkindoflove silver
Sheldon thought a homo novus was immune to seduction and physical allure. But when a beautiful, mouthy neighbor elicits new sensations in him, Sheldon must discover a novel side of himself he never anticipated. (AU) (M)

171. The Natural Selection Examination by lyrisca silver
Drunk and disillusioned by her dating options following her break-up with Leonard, Penny comes home from the club early and decides to hang out with Sheldon for the night. Things get weird. Very, very weird… (Disaster/Sci-Fi)

172. A Point In Time by LadyHouston
A collaboration between medusa20 and myself. Penny's daughter travels back to the year 2011 to enlist the gang for help in stopping an evil corporation from stealing technology. (Time Travel)

173. Memento by JLynnB Soft Kitty
Some things are more powerful than science. (AU)

174. Timeless by MissDementia
Time is essential. Especially now. (Disaster)

175. Shenny at the Movies: The Laureate by Sat night 815
This is Sheldon. He's a little worried about his future. (Personally, I consider the ending of this movie to be the ideal ending to this show - if you're a Shenny fan anyway) Warning: NOT canon friendly. (AU)

176. Shenny at the Movies: Starman by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
What if Sheldon really was an alien? i had fun with this. Enjoy! (Space/Alien)

177. Shenny at the Movies: The Silence of the Lambs by Sat night 815
Quid pro quo, Doctor. - Hopefully, it's a little tongue-in-cheek at times, although perhaps that's not the best figure of speech considering this movie. I hope you enjoy, and thanks again for reading. Warning: NOT canon friendly. (Criminal/Serial Killer)

178. Shenny at the Movies: Groundhog Day by JLynnB Soft Kitty
One of these days, Sheldon is going to get it right. (Time Travel)

179. Shenny at the Movies: What's Up Doc? by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
How about some classic movie comedy fun? (AU)

180. Shenny at the Movies: Spy Movie! by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
what if... (Detective/Secret Agent)

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