TBBT: Crossovers (Bat Crap Crazy Collection)
The life and times of Nightvale Series Cont. by Paper_Stars
181. Drive by Paper_Stars
Sheldon doesn't drive for various reasons. (Welcome to Nightvale/BBT Crossover)

182. Of Tattoos and Lazy Days by Paper_StarsSheldon and Raj finally take a day off and they still spend it doing nothing but watching TV and talking about tattoos. (Sheldon/Raj) (Welcome to Nightvale/BBT Crossover)

183. Bangable by billymermays (Account deleted)
Sheldon Cooper stands at the crime scene. Crack (Hannibal/BBT Crossover)

184. SHELSPOLOCK-"I Need A Case!" by respectTheBatch_221B
Sherlock Holmes is not in the best of moods, he is in dire need of a case and his teatime companion, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is not quite cutting it. Fortunately, Sherlock is about to be asked to take a case that he cannot refuse albeit it involving the space-time travels of one Mr. Spock, will Sherlock Holmes be able to boldly go? (Sherlock/Star Trek: TOS/BBT Crossover)

185. Equal Opportunity Employer by Tallulah Rasa
Stark Industries has a lot of employees. Some, Tony hires himself. (IronMan/BBT Crossover)

186. Teaspoon: The Stolen Earth Equation by Cheriluvs10 (Account deleted)
Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj are visiting London when suddenly they're caught up in the events of The Stolen Earth. (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

187. The Manhattan Repetition by 2ndA
Rodney McKay and John Sheppard are sent to recruit Leonard and Sheldon (and Penny) to an Atlantis-based project to save the universe. Stargate Atlantis/BBT Crossover)

188. Hook-Ups and Doo-Wops by misura
After party. (Avengers/BBT Crossover)

189. What You Know by droid_girl
"Sheldon, he's from the future," the bespectacled one said. "He probably knows what he's talking about," Angst (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

190. Super Monkey Lizards Gone Wild by Missy
Penny must keep Sheldon safe when an extra curricular experiment of his gets out of hand. Crack

191. The Costa Rica Complication by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
In the end it’s the elevator shaft, not the stairs, that does for Leonard. Crack

192. A Strained Relationship by ThreeHats
Leonardo da Vinci and Sheldon Cooper see each other frequently, but to call them friends would be a bit of a stretch… (Assassin's Creed/BBT Crossover)

193. Breaking News by KissMeDeadly
Penny thought she and her friends would watch her new role until the news broke (Buffy/BBT Crossover)

194. Judge, Jury, and Whoever Else Shows Up by Skater2
It is one of the most basic responsibilities of a citizen - Even if you are a genius. (Criminal Mind/BBT Crossover)

195. Two "Sociopaths" and a Hypothetical Death Ray by lita
Aka the first time Sherlock and John met Sheldon and Leonard. (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

196. An Unexpected Journey by Ljparis
The gang from The Big Bang Theory unexpectedly finds themselves in possession of a portkey and take a magical trip to Diagon Alley. (Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

197. The Nephew Materialization by eggsbenni221
Mark Darcy's 16 year-old, super-genius nephew, whom he's never met, is visiting from America, and Mark and Bridget agree to have him to stay. What could possibly go wrong? (Bridget Jones/BBT Crossover)

198. An Afternoon At The Museum by Skater3
A trip to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum is never uneventful when Sheldon Cooper and Spencer Reid are involved. And then, when they are joined by the psychic detectives, things really get interesting. (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)

199. The Carter Penny Transference by SuperBear
Imagine that you are Major Samantha Carter of Stargate Command, and you wake up one day and find that you are Penny, a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena. Sam Carter didn't have to imagine. It happened to her. And things got stranger still when Colonel Jack O'Neill switched minds with Sheldon Cooper. (Stargate/BBT Crossover)

200. Helping Family by mariteri
Darcy Lewis, college student and cousin of one Sheldon Cooper, receives a phone call that has her rushing to his aid. (Avengers/BBT Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
201. The Symbiote Complication by Logan GC
When Penny enters Sheldon's room, she discovers why no one enters it. (Spiderman/BBT Crossover)

Particle Accelerator Series by LordPrisonerX
202. The Mini Particle Accelerator Explosion - Sheldon and his friends make a portal to the flash tv show (Flash/BBT Crossover)

203. Flashmas Carol - Sheldon has a dream that he meets The Flash (Flash/BBT Crossover)

204. A Bloody Nuisance by Marjorie Nescio
Doctor Sheldon Lee Cooper broke into Bill Compton's restricted database. Both men are brought before the Magister and Penny and her nerds show up at the scene. The Magister orders Bill to turn the fivesome. He is a cruel man indeed. (True Blood/BBT Crossover)

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205. The Magic Paradigm by Whedonista93
"Did I just lock a monster in Sheldon's bathroom? He's gonna be pissed if he has to clean up after a monster." Crack. (Librarians/BBT Crossover)

206. The Professor Proton Resonance by penna.nomen
Sheldon and Rodney bond over Professor Proton (BBT/Stargate:Atlantis Crossover)

207. Penny vs The Brain Deterioration by marcelb
Carmichael Industries is called upon by General Beckman for, what is presented as, a relatively simple search-and-retrieve mission. But nothing is ever easy for Team Bartowski, not when the mission involves the Intersect, unexpected allies and a race against time to save a team member. (BBT/Chuck Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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