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This thread contains links and descriptions to any "crossover" stories, as well as any fic that leaves me thinking WTF! Stories that have descriptive sex in them will be marked (M)

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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1. Sheldon's Dream: The Ultimate Crossover by  Li-Li-ThePinkbookgirl
Sheldon just wanted to dream, traveling with The Doctor on adventures. But when his dream is rudely interrupted by random fictional characters, trouble is bound to ensue.

2. Leonard's Mistake by Joe the Human
Leonard goes to a research facility with his friends and makes an accident of epic proportions. What will Sheldon think of him from now on? Crack

3. Well, Well by gertie-flirty
Penny suffers a fall and then things get ridiculous. Crack

4. Twilight Talk by BrilliantRed22
Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, and Raj talk about twilight. Crack

5. Sheldon in Space by Lavender Fleetfoot
Sheldon is lost in space in a shuttle Leonard made out of spare parts. He's gone a bit nuts.

6. Dr Sheldon Cooper Rocks Out by Runt Thunderbelch
Having lost out on a badly-needed research grant, Sheldon forms a rock-and-roll band to make money.

7. The Worst Shenny Fic Ever Written by Concupiscence66
My fangirl life has lead to this moment. No cliché is left unused. Any resemblance between the characters in this story and the one's you know and love is purely coincidental. Crack (M)

8. The Achromic yet Perspicacious Submission by AbitheWitch88
Penny helps the guys to enter a talent show to beat Kripke at CALTECH. All they need are some segways, bling and breakdance lessons.

9. Mothership Reject by Arabella Song
What happens when Sheldon's home planet doesn't want him back? Crack Drabble

10. The Fangirl Swarm Complication by Dr.Roxas4dawin
Sheldon is chased around at every turn by Sheldon Cooper fangirls! Crack

11. Sheldon Discovers TV Tropes by Jane Poirot
Exactly what it says on the tin. God have mercy on us all.

12. The Wonderful Wizard of Woz by Themightylin
Penny hits her head at work and has the strangest dream...  Crack

13. Insert Complex Physics Term Here by Here for the Twister
Someone familiar is popping up in the Big Bang Theory fandom... but not where she'd be expected. An Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society

14. The Alternate Intelligence Theory by skytennis1
In Sheldon's dream, he and Leonard are kicked out of the University. They go to work at the Cheesecake Factory, but then at home Sheldon finds a new Superman suit to try on. Then in a huge crash Penny gets Sheldon's Intelligence, and Sheldon becomes dumb.

15. Clue by lonegungal17
The Big Bang Theory gang have a Clue themed party but will someone really die?

16. Jolene by Hortense J. McPseudonymous
Two clichés walk into a bar. The third one ducks.

17. Gender Bender by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
Howard finds a computer program that allows him to see what a person would look like as the opposite sex

18. How Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper Saved Your Life by Mirumo
Complete and utter crack. The title speaks for itself.

19. The Sheldon Clause by Darkly Dreaming
In a moment of pure crack, I was reading Shenny while watching The Santa Clause. Merry Xmas. (The Santa Clause/BBT Crossover)

20. Penny Snaps by Tsukiakari no Ha
Sheldon chooses the wrong time to knock on Penny's door. With her hormones all frazzled due to her period, how will she react to Sheldon? Crack

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The Disturbing Wonderland Prognosis by Her Head In the Clouds
There is that one part of everyone's mind in which they are afraid to find themselves. And one night Sheldon discovers that inside his own, there exists many.

22. Penny's Internet Date by kirbykid13
I got this idea from that State Farm commercial where the girl gets a date off the internet. Penny is about to go on a blind date, and Sheldon intrudes. Crack

23. Leonard and Sheldon's BIG Bang by amyrogers44
How the big bang really happened. Slash Crack (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

24. The Big Fart Theory by ben1981
Something stinks when Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Penny all come down with a bad case of the farts. Complete and total crack

25. The Food Fight by pixelnerd (Story deleted)
Sheldon and Leonard have a bit of a rivalry. Oneshot.

26. The Anime Assimilaton by Mononoke-hime x sukai kurora
Howard brings the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers to the apartment. He does not know that the anime will have drastic consequences for his best friend Raj.

27. The Big Bang Theory: Time Travel Terror by YungCheeze
Sheldon's time machine causes a whole lotta trouble for him and his friends! Crack

28. Silence by mariteri
Leonard comes back from the North Atlantic expedition and finds Penny and Sheldon...meditating? Just a plain silly fic. Drabble

29. Sheldon's Big Secret by Herbert J Schlomiczaihjioanego
Sheldon has a big secret to share with Penny and Leonard. Crack

30. The Mystery Of the Pumpkin Mask Big Bang by Ariel McLass
Penny gets a bang of bottom kind when she squeals to Howard's wife that he is checking out her butt. Halloween offers the perfect chance to wear a mask, voice scrambler and take Penny in hand. Warning: spanking an adult over eighteen.

31. When Penny Goosed Sheldon by TempestJo
Title pretty much says it all.

32. The Friendship Fee by Kaynasou
Sheldon is convinced that his friends owe him money for being friends with the brilliant, genius person he is.

33. Sheldon's Mortal Enemies by mjhammer
Amy makes the mistake of asking who is on Sheldon's shit list.

34. The Egg Cream Non-Existence Insistence: A sillyfic by ProLiferChelle
Sheldon insists that there is no such thing as an egg cream in this sillyfic.

35. The Stephanie Theories by SuperBear
Penny with magic powers! Raj as a sleeper agent! Sheldon as the Reverse-Flash! These short stories offer a few theories to answer the question: Why did Dr. Stephanie Barnett abruptly disappear?

36. The Trial of the Victim Named Sheldon by DarkAngelSnapeLover
Sheldon has been killed! This is the story of the humorous trial that follows this heinous crime.

37. 5557649430 by Lazurite92
Penny receives a string of wrong numbers. This leads both Sheldon and Leonard to being thoroughly confused.

38. The Impossible Confession by Mirumo
What Penny would never admit. Crack Drabble (Shenny)

39. The Lilliputian Variation by GirlX2
Leonard and Sheldon get shrunk. Guess who's fault it is?

40. Can I Kill Him, Pretty Please? by paintedallup
Supernatural/The Big Bang Theory Crossover
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. Wonder Woman In My Living Room by paintedallup
Heroes/BBT Crossover

42. The Cheesecake is Different Here by amtrak12
The HIMYM gang vacation in California where they find The Cheesecake Factory to be a bit strange, Tressling to be a bit awesome, and nerds to have more pull with the ladies. It's going to be legen, wait for it... dary! (HIMYM/BBT Crossover)

43. Comic Relief by jlm110108
David Sinclair meets the geeks from Big Bang Theory. (Numb3rs/BBT Crossover)

44. Supervillains by kumikokat
Sylar finds himself in the living room of 4A, where Sheldon has an interesting proposition for him. (Heroes/BBT Crossover)

45. The Hofstadter Gaunt Duality by weasleytook
Lord Voldemort pays Leonard a visit in the middle of the night to discuss a few things. Blame this crack on someone else. I just wrote it. (Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

46. That Don't Impress Me Much by Wolf Maid
Sheldon and Penny meet Shawn and Gus in a cafe. Psych/BBT Crossover

47. Lost in Pasadena by amtrak12
Troy and Abed search for Annie's Boobs. In Pasadena, California. (Community/BBT Crossover)

48. And the Sheets Are Made of Fire by Dsieya
“Check-in time is now, check-out time is never.” The Pasadena gang goes to Philadelphia. So does the Scranton gang. This never should have happened. (Office/BBT Crossover)

49. W is For Wolowitz by Number1PixarFan
The NERDS mistake Howard for the villain they are supposed to fight in the next book. (NERDS/BBT Crossover)

50. The Project Planner by teshara
When Dr. Sheldon Cooper is asked to help on a secret project he's in for more than a few surprises. (Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

51. Why No One Goes In Sheldon's room by StarscreamPrime
Penny has had it with all the little rules Sheldon has. One day, to get back  at him, she defies his rules out of spite when he isn't around, leading to consequences beyond her worst nightmares. (Aliens/Predator/BBT Crossover)

52. The Emotional Spectrum Controversy by TheZMage
The rings of the emotional spectrum come to our favorite geeks. (Lantern Corps/BBT Crossover)

53. Destiny by Dulcedecorumest
The similarities between their relationship and Gaius Baltar & Caprica Six on BSG. (Battlestar Galactica/BBT Crossover)

54. Take it back! by Sunriserooftops
Sheldon is about to get unglued, when a certain crowd sets him straight. (Stargate: Atlantis/BBT Crossover)

55. The JLA Big Bang Problem by Aggie Deneys
The Justice League of America sends Dr. Ray Palmer/Atom to retrieve potentially dangerous information that fell into the hands of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Is the JLA ready to take on Sheldon? (JLoA/BBT Crossover)

56. The Ersatz Complication by PaperPrince
Raj and Howard discover they are fathers! Story told from a mostly sheldony point of view. Booth makes an appearance too! (Bones/BBT Crossover)

57. The Deductive Realization by shinysylver
A chance encounter with a mysterious man in London changes everything for Penny and Sheldon.  (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

58. Werewolves and Geniuses? OH MY! by riri1148
Sheldon has been acting strange...stranger than usual. What can he possibly be doing that is more important than going to the comic book store? Will Penny and their friends figure out his secret? (Supernatural/BBT Crossover)

59. The Behavioral Analysis Mutiny By tfm
Gideon recruited a different genius to the team, and nobody is particularly happy about it. (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)

60. The Annoying Genius Conundrum By tfm
Sequel to "The Behavioral Analysis Mutiny." Sheldon Cooper does not make friends easily. (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. It's All About Who Says It by mmooch
Sheldon stuns the guys and Penny with talk of his sexual escapades. (Buffy/BBT Crossover)

62. The Toy Story Fright by AlreadyOnMar
After watching Toy Story 3, Sheldon lists why toys can't move. A late night visit from our favorite group of toys prove him wrong. (Toy Story/BBT Crossover)

63. The Impala Conundrum by Team Free Will
I always knew Sheldon would be the death of me. - CRACK-FIC! (Supernatural/BBT Crossover)

64. The Physicist by gertie-flirty
Written for ladyhouston and the Write For Relief meme. Prompt was: "Turns out Sheldon's a Time Lord. He takes Penny along as a companion." (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

65. The Dawn Conundrum by mmooch
Will the geniuses survive when Dawn comes to live with her cousin, Penny? Not Leonard Friendly (Buffy/BBT Crossover)

66. Silence by Bellalyse Winchester
Penny doesn't believe in those science-fiction monsters...perhaps she should! After she walks into the gang watching The Impossible Astronaut, she experiences her own close encounter. (DoctorWho/BBT Crossover)

Apoplectic Denial Series by Tari Roo
67. Apoplectic Denial - Rodney's plan backfires... just a little. (Stargate: Atlantis/BBT Crossover)

68. Friends with Benefits - Semi-sequel to Apoplectic Denial. Sheldon vs McKay equals war. Woolsey resorts to getting in a mediator - Leonard. (Stargate: Atlantis/BBT Crossover)

69. Best Laid Plans  - Sequel to Friends with Benefits. Sheldon has a cunning plan. It's just a pity Howard and Raj aren't home to sign for their delivery. Penny is though. (Stargate: Atlantis/BBT Crossover)

70. Sheldon's visit to the future by originalseriestrekkie
What if Sheldon's skit came true? What if Spock really came to take him to the future? The Federation needs Sheldon's help. (Star Trek: TOS/BBT Crossover)

71. Saturday Morning Ritual by torchwoodtimelord
Dr. Sheldon Cooper has a strict routine for his Saturday mornings. What starts as a programming error turns into quite a surprise. (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

72. Gremlins 3: Attack of the Nerds by Tari Roo
for Auntmo's prompt: Dean flirting with Penny. So, I threw in Sheldon and Sam too not flirting! (Supernatural/BBT Crossover)

73. That's my spot by SkinuzBear
What if...? Sheldon Cooper, Patrick Jane and a couch. This story came to my mind after seeing the 4x04 episode of The Mentalist. (Mentalist/BBT Crossover)

74. Butterbeer and Bazingas by Jessiclar
Neville and Sheldon are a couple still down to watch a movie. A heck load of awkward. (Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

75. The Buffy Inversion by ObscureEnough
Why You Don't Go As Buffy For Halloween. They should have known better than to tempt fate like that… (Buffy/BBT Crossover)

76. The Twin Paradox Interpretation by Anita
"A physicist is just an atom's way of looking at itself." (X-Files/BBT Crossover)

77. The Homicidal Castle Dweller by Sarah1281
On their way to visit a very old professor Sheldon is certain is wrong about something, he and Raj run into a closed road and no Wi-Fi. Fortunately, there was a castle a few miles back and someone there should be able to give them directions to Dr. Scott. (Rocky Horror/BBT Crossover)

78. CooperReid Theory by S. Crovax
About Life and its entailments in Modern Society. non-slash, attempt at funny/translation (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)

79. The Shawarma Proposition by Dr.Roxas4dawin
Tony Stark! James Rhodes! Sheldon Cooper? Watch as our favorite nerd herd of Sheldon, Howard, and Leonard join up with Iron Man and several other Marvel heroes. (Marvel/BBT Crossover)

80. Does This Game involve Particle Physics by Ktstoriesandstuff
Dr. Sheldon Cooper makes a time machine and blasts off to the year 3312. Instead of landing at Starfleet Academy he lands in Technology Square in the Third District of Panem on Reaping Day. Join Dr. Cooper as he attempts to mentor our favorite nerds! (Hunger Games/BBT Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. Bazinga by LulaMadison
Short, one shot fic, written for a prompt on Avengerkink. When Loki steals the Tesseract at the start of The Avengers he doesn't take Erik Selvig, he takes Dr Sheldon Cooper instead. (Avengers/BBT Crossover)

82. The Doctor & Sheldon Cooper by gingerwhovianrobotskeleton
Ficlet. The Doctor meets Sheldon Cooper, and it's not pleasant. (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

83. The Final Destination Theory by sapphiresilver49
What happens when the characters of the Big Bang Theory survive a terrible accident and Death starts coming for them? (Final Destination/BBT Crossover)

84. Clash of Two Great Minds by WolfNightV4X1
A crossover fanfic where Doctor Sheldon Cooper and Sherlock Holmes meet. They are in the waiting room of a dentist office, Sheldon attempts to start a friendship with Sherlock but it quickly devolves into a Rivalry (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

85. Planet Crazy by Harry Potter Fan 1994
Sheldon finally gets aboard the Enterprise. The wrong Enterprise. (Star Trek 2009/BBT Crossover)

86. The Cambridge Excursion by Thatonepsychocat
Sheldon id on and important business meeting and decides to bring Penny along for the ride. But what happens when they run into some familiar faces? (Glee/BBT Crossover)

87. The New Conundrum by Dark Lunar Love 19
Rose knew that this time traveling and jumping from place to place would get them in trouble one day, but meeting Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper was the worst mistake yet. (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

88. Saviour by starlight.moon.princess
"In the end, it's really Sheldon who saves them all." :: Trespasser attacks, and Penny's world is never the same again. (Pacific Rim/BBT Crossover)

89. You're in My Spot by Grac3
Sherlock is in Sheldon's spot. Drabble (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

90. The Environment Exchange Paradigm by BadWolfz (Moved to AU Thread)
What happens when Penny and Sheldon find a blue box in Sheldon's living room? And what happens when the Doctor and Rose are stuck in Pasadena with a bunch of nerds? Only one way to find out... 10/Rose and Shenny (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

91. The Gilligan Conundrum by Dabbled-at-Euchre
What if someone wrote a Gilligan's Island computer game? Sheldon/Penny/Leonard/Howard discusses solutions. Takes place sometime during season 2 for the Big Bang Theory. Refers to episode 1x15 of Gilligan's Island.

92. The Lupin Hypothesis by roxy cartwright
Sheldon sighed. It was another Wednesday night at the comic book store. Apparently, everyone else had better things to do then perform their weekly ritual of buying comic books. When Sheldon looks out the window, however, he sees a family stranger then he has ever seen, and a somewhat familiar one too... (Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

93. Teal'c Sings Soft Kitty to Sheldon by SuperBear
The title says it all. Special guest star: Captain Picard. (Stargate: SG-1/Star Trek: TNG/BBT Crossover)

94. The O'Neill Reconfiguration by SuperBear
Colonel Jack O'Neill is dancing to music from "2001" with Raj, Howard, Sheldon and Leonard. Until the Terminators and Replicators invade the holodeck. (Stargate: SG-1/BBT Crossover)

95. Brief Encounter by Marjorie Nescio
The zombie virus hits humanity and Penny and her friends try to make it to a safe haven. When they run into Sophia they promise her to find her mother. (The Walking Dead/BBT Crossover)

96. What You Know by droidgirl
Sheldon Meets the Doctor. The Doctor and Clara finally get together with no real complications. Penny and Sheldon angst at each other. Fluffy stuff! (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

97. Quarrelling Minds by StarfireRocks
John and Sherlock, Leonard and Sheldon. Of course arguing ensues! From demonstrating deducing to deciding who has the worst roommate, these four are fun to write in a meeting. (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

98. The Animation Hunters by Batwing17
Sheldon and the rest of his crew are enjoying their favorite pastime; it's Sunday night and that means its the start of Animation Hunting day. Thanks to Sheldon's new Wormhole generator animated characters are brought to their world and are hunted down by Sheldon's gang. (Lilo & Stitch/BBT Crossover)

99. Grocery Shopping with Genii by Skater3
Even a quick trip to the grocery store can turn into an adventure when Sheldon Cooper and Spencer Reid are involved. (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)

100. The Leia Conundrum by crazysockmonkeys
When Sheldon's action figure goes missing at Comic Con, it's up to Shawn and Gus to recover it before he drives everyone insane. (Phych/BBT Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
101. The Warehouse Circumvention by Daedaleopsis (Moved to AU Thread)
A mysterious artifact shows up at a critical juncture in Sheldon's life. Can Myka, Pete and Claudia save the day? (Warehouse 13/BBT Crossover)

102. Pop Culture and Social Protocol by Wolf Maid
Castiel tries to give Sheldon relationship advice. Implied established Sheldon/Penny. (Supernatural/BBT Crossover)

103. 100 Rules by Shenelopefan (Account deleted)
I was thinking about how much I like The Big Bang Theory a how life would be if we live like the people in the series.

104. French Toast and Thought Experiments by OpiumPoppy
It's Sheldon's obligation as a citizen of Earth to ensure the Homo Novus race develops.

105. Tick by Orrick
Sheldon's ticked

106. The Renovation Dilemma by Trisha Uchiha
When Golden Dragon closes for renovations Sheldon's frantic to find a substitute and the events that unfold yield unexpected results. What's the cause of his craziness?

107. The Intellect Appropriation by Sanctuaria
My rewrite of Sheldon's one act play he and Penny did from "The Thespian Catalyst" in season 4. Features Spock, Lucky #2 the cat, Sheldon's parents, and a special surprise for Sheldon up on the starship Enterprise.

108. Heart of Gold by Risknight (Moved to AU Thread)
A not-so-ordinary evening at the comic shop. (hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy/BBT Crossover)

109. The Prostitute Quandary, or Why Leonard Will Never Eat Thai Food at Midnight (Again)by sabinelagrande
Leonard meets another member of Sheldon's species. Slash (Stargate Atlantis/BBT Crossover) (M)

110. The Anonymity Caveat by sabinelagrande
Rodney doesn't really care who it is. Slash (Stargate Atlantis/BBT Crossover) (M)

111. The Covalence In The Bond by fujiidom
To help with a murder case, Sheldon gets Penny to drive him to D.C. to give the fine folks at the Jeffersonian some information. Shenny (Bones/BBT Crossover)

112. The Brownie Sundae Catastrophe by wraith816
An enforced babysitting job and Leslie Winkle's latest project combine with some interesting consequences for Sheldon. Crack

113. The Crossover Conundrum by torigates
Sheldon's a guest lecturer at the Jeffersonian. Naturally the gang tags along. Things go badly for Leonard from there. (Bones/BBT Crossover)

114. The Ted Mosby Connection by galfridian
Missy Cooper has an epiphany, moves to New York, and ends up in an introductory architecture class. HIMYM/BBT Crossover)

115. Reunion by jujuberry136
Spencer’s in Pasadena and wants to catch up with an old…acquaintance (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)

116. Witless Interrogation by jujuberry136
“I told you someone was going to catch on to your pornography habit,” an accented voice hissed from inside the apartment. “I told you! See if I visit you when you’re somebody’s bitch in the big house.” (Criminal Minds/BBT Crossover)

117. Silver Lining by sentientcitizen
Sheldon Cooper made even Kavanagh seem like a paragon of friendly good will. (Stargate Atlantis/BBT Crossover)

118. Recruitment by plazmah
Penny thinks she finally might get her big break and land a sweet acting gig. But things take a turn for the odd considering Ben is involved; the only person he's really concerned with is Sheldon. (Lost/BBT Crossover)

119. Hanging With Mr. Cooper by fujiidom
Set in an alternate reality where a young Sheldon didn't get a chance to escape, grew weary and jaded with his doomed lot in life, and eventually took a teaching job because he's still just as smart, but lacks the grades (he'd stopped trying/caring by late highschool) and qualifications (he's only got a bachelor's degree! from community college!) to do anything else, as he'd prefer. AU (Glee/BBT Crossover)

120. Moonpie and Meemaw by damalur
Meemaw entered the room Velociraptor-first. Shenny Crack
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
121. Kafka, Schmafka by ishie
Raj scoffed. "How is this weird? Howard's turning into a butterfly." Crack

122. Warped Reflection by meridian_rose
While Walter and Sheldon argue about scientific principles, Peter and Leonard bond as the unappreciated sidekicks to their respective geniuses (Fringe/BBT Crossover)

123. Shipping Tales by matuisgman (Story removed)
A little parody and fun

124. The Delectation Contingency by Computer Gremlin
How will our intrepid scientists react when they encounter the joy ride of a lifetime? (Alternate Dimension)

125. Operation Penguins by themockingjayxx
zombie apocalypse time! another zombie story, read if you want, it'll only take you two minutes.

All I Ask Series by ishie
126. Down to the Seas Again - There was a point during every duty shift when Sheldon would look down at the microtapes and wonder where they were supposed to go (Star Trek: TOS/BBT Crossover)

127. The Wind's Like a Whetted Knife - It's fast and frantic and over almost before they've begun. They press new bruises into skin already broken and battered, and she can't tear her eyes away from his. (Star Trek: TOS/BBT Crossover) (M)

128. Thursday Lunch Café by clavicular
The table was turned 45˚ too far clockwise, hardly the optimum angle for maximising space. There was really no reason for Sheldon to be crushed into the corner. And yet. Thanks to the incompetent café staff, here he was. (Leverage/BBT Crossover)

129. Breathing Time Machine (Take You All For A Ride) by betternovembers
It's nothing like a dream, everything seems oversaturated and heavy and real. (Flash Forward/BBT crossover) (M)

130. The Scripted Parallel by slybrunette
the eggnog that was really rum, and the confusion and worry -- disguised as depression -- that brought on the drinking were real. the cover story wasn’t. (Battlestar Galactica/BBT AU)

Roommate Series by trascendenza
131. Thursday - College roommates (ie, if Gus went to Meitner) AU. Sheldon's routine is thrown off. (Psych/BBT AU)

132. Iron Horse - How they become roommates. "It's as if you read my mind, provided of course that such a thing weren't physically impossible and intensely undesirable," Sheldon said. (Psych/BBT AU)

133. Chuck vs. The Checkmate by betternovembers
Chuck is good with lasers. Really, really good. (Chuck/BBT Crossover)

134. The Dress Code is Invasion Casual by damalur (Story deleted)
She wasn't the prom queen. Penny POV (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served in Bed by damalur
Bad enough that she woke up in bed next to her nemesis, but did there have to be a maniac shouting in Klingon outside the window? (The Guild/BBT Crossover)

135. Failed Experiments in Literary Criticism by shinealightonme
Beckett and Castle meet a less-than-helpful witness. (Castle/BBT Crossover)

136. Sheldon of the Lens by Ankaret
"On the beam and on the green, Dr. Cooper," she breathed to herself through softly parted red lips, "all the way." (Lensman Series/BBT Crossover)

137. The Present Is A Foreign Country by lannamichaels
The world does not end and Sheldon falls in love. (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

138. The Uterine Corollary by DameRuth
Jack Harkness tries to help Rajesh Koothrappali learn to talk to women, and both of them get a surprise. (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

139. Exchange by puszysty
Leonard: it's not even my birthday (Battlestar Galactica/BBT Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
140. The Alien Irritant Anecdote by DameRuth
There's an alien in Leonard and Sheldon's living room, and he's really annoying (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

141. In A Hot, Dense State by curiouslyfic
In which Leonard contemplates "normal", Jim's just moved in, Spock's on a schedule, and Pavel speaks French. Welcome to Halo Night at Enterprise Estates. (Star Trek/BBT Crossover)

142. Genetic Drift by ishie
Jayne was sitting at the mess table, a bewildering array of weapons spread across its surface in various stages of disrepair. (Firefly/BBT Crossover)

143. Mangalsutra by Kasuchi
"You made me a profile on Shaadi.com?!" Kelly and Raj get set up by meddling parents. Only, it turns out all right. (Office/BBT Crossover)

144. It's Like a Million Little Stars Spelling Out Your Name by d_sieya & weasleytook
Three beautiful girls arrive at CalTech claiming to have special abilities and needing the four boys' help with something. What could they possibly want? And what do their special abilities have to do with Sheldon and Penny? Story is better than summary we swear! (Intentional humor. Mary Sue, bad fic crack)

145. The Big Bang Theory Job by Keenir
No real plot. Just humor. (Leverage/BBT Crossover)

146. Eat the Brownie by concupiscence66 (Moved to Ot3 thread)
Penny throws a kick ass party. Sheldon loves homemade brownies. Everyone ends up in bed with someone/some persons. Crack. Dub-con (M)

147. The Princeton Collision by concupiscence66
Leonard ends up in the hospital while visiting his parents. We all know the best diagnostician in the New Jersey! (House/BBT Crossover)

148. Ficlets by concupiscence66
Two ficlets from the amazing tv show Spaced written for Miss Jaffacakes as part of the Big Bang Land gift exchange. The first is a TBBT crossover, the second is all Spaced. (Spaced/BBT Crossover)

149. Correcting a Misunderstanding by Rivulet027
A mistletoe causes Sheldon and Blaine to try kissing (Glee/BBT Crossover)

150. The Pumpkin Variation by subcircus
Nightmare Before Christmas/BBT Crossover

151. Bait by MissE
In which Sheldon finds out about magic. (Buffy/BBT Crossover)

152. Why You Don't Go As Buffy For Halloween by MissE
There's a reason to not go as Buffy for Halloween. The gang from Big Bang Theory discover why. Crack (Buffy/BBT Crossover)

153. The Buffy Drabbles by MissE
What happened while the gang was transformed? Spike with boobs? Xander is short? Sheldon babbling?

154. some things will never change by nikmood
No matter where he finds himself, he always finds his spot. (Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

155. The Case of Sheldon Cooper by fanficavidreader_20
Sherlock meets Sheldon Cooper. (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

156. Our New Friend Is Going to Be… Iron Man by verizonhorizon (Account deleted)
Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj wrangle invitations to one of Tony Stark’s house parties, where they attempt to make him their new best friend. (Avengers/BBT Crossover)

157. Theory Of Relativity by Abby_Ebon
Written in response for this request "Sherlock/Big Bang Theory crossover please. I don't care how, I don't care why. I just want Sheldon and Sherlock in the same room." (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

158. Paternal Pentagon by JadelynTate
Five guys Buffy slept with who could be Dawn's father (And one who didn't but wished he had). (Buffy/Torchwood/SG-1/West Wing/White Collar/Iron Man/Avengers/BBT Crossover)

159. The Comic Con Job by Inspired_looney
Hardison helps an old friend get revenge, Leverage/Big Bang Theory crossover with a little Numb3rs for those paying close attention. (Leverage/BBT Crossover)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
161. Pretty Ponies by rdm_ation
Pretty, pretty ponies. Drabble Sheldon/Irene A (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

162. Kiss Cam by rdm_ation
They get caught on kiss cam at a sporting event. Drabble (Glee/BBT Crossover)

163. Already On The Outskirts by Muir_Wolf
I’m Dr. Molly Hooper,” she says. She takes his hand, and it’s only then he realizes how completely out of place his offering it in the first place was. Her skin is warm and soft against his, and he lets go as soon as possible. It must be the jetlag, he thinks. That or the foreign soil. It’s just a handshake, anyway.  (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

164. 42 by Tieleen
"That's a preposterous question," Sheldon said, primly. Drabble (Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy/BBT Crossover)

165. New (Ninja-ly) Neighbors by Crunchysunrises
There are new neighbors in the building. Sheldon does not handle the changes well. The new neighbors do not handle Sheldon well. Penny thinks it's hysterical. (Naruto/BBT Crossover)

166. The Friendship Algorithm by Crunchysunrises
Penny has a summer of fun and friendship with Leslie Winkle and the denizens of the fifth floor while the boys are off measuring magnetic thingys at the North Pole. (Naruto/BBT Crossover)

167. The Taricha Incident by Pennfana
(Harry Potter/BBT Crossover)

168. Azazel's "special" child by antrazi
Azazel, theoretically Sheldon Cooper was one of his special children, but he had enough sense to leave him where he was (Supernatural/BBT Crossover)

169. Penny's Orgy by Broba
Penny has decided things need spicing up a little, and so she invites the boys over. All the boys. Crack

170. The Wrong Penny by meridian_rose (meridianrose)
Sheldon is disconcerted by finding the wrong Penny in his building. Meanwhile Dr Horrible is trying to figure out what went wrong with his device. Set during early seasons of "Big Bang Theory" and post "Dr-Horrible". (Dr. Horrible/BBT Crossover)

171. Anything You Can Do by Missy
Chance encounters aren't always a much fun as they're cracked up to be. (How I Met Your Mother/BBT Crossover) (M)

172. Sherly Meets Shelly by cupcakelock
Sherlock and John receive a visit from a strange man and his long-suffering flatmate… (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

173. Sherly Meets Shelly Again by cupcakelock
The last person Sherlock wants to see after finishing a case is Doctor Sheldon Cooper - and he isn't exactly pleased when John invites both Sheldon and Leonard back to 221B for a cup of tea. (Sherlock/BBT Crossover)

174. The Saturnalia Deviation by Thette
The Doctor, Amy and Rory celebrate Christmas 2008 on Earth, more specifically in Pasadena, California. But there's something weird going on with our favorite scientists. (Leonard/Priya) (Doctor Who/BBT Crossover)

175. Guess the Universe! by Vilakins
Vila Restal walks into a bar and meets... Raj Koothrappali! (Blake's 7/BBT Crossover)

176. Cross Tracks by muaaimoi
Sheldon and Brittany meet briefly on a train. That’s it, that’s the story. (Glee/BBT Crossover)

177. Nesting & Promises by onque (Story Deleted)
Penny just wanted to get the wifi password of the week, and ended up with a pregnant Omega in her arms. Crack

178. Jack's Decisions by Willow124
What if Jack could find a way to bring Nathan back? How would he do it? Who would help? And how would he convince the person to help? Rated T for stuff that happens in the show. Shenny (Eureka/BBT Crossover)

The life and times of Nightvale Series by Paper_Stars
179. Sheldon the Nightvalean - The move to the outside world from nightvale can be a terrifying experience but when you start it off with a punch and a kiss it's always a little bit sweeter.(Welcome to Nightvale/BBT Crossover)

180. I'm coming home - Or 5 time Sheldon cooper went home alone and the 1 time he brought someone with him .(Welcome to Nightvale/BBT Crossover) (Sheldon/Raj)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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