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Penny spin off?
According to some media outlets Kaley is up for a Big Bang Penny spin off.

What do you guys think? Would a Penny spin off work.... and how?

...your thoughts?

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(10-01-2018, 02:36 AM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: According to some media outlets Kaley is up for a Big Bang Penny spin off.

What do you guys think? Would a Penny spin off work.... and how?

...your thoughts?

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A Penny spin-off? Are they talking about Penny as a kid, like Young Sheldon? If so, no, god no. No need for retcon land. Young Sheldon is bad enough.

On the other, Penny as a teen? Eh, maybe? I mean, we know she left her hometown with Kurt and IIRC, they were together for four years or close to it before the 1st episode of season 1. I'm not sure how it'd work, especially since we basically already know why she and Kurt left home and later broke up. And I don't want to risk retcons there. But they might be able to get something out of it? *Shrugs*

Penny as an adult(Well, technically, she already is/has been for a loooooong time)? Only if Leonard's gone and there's no kid in the picture. And that she still has an amazing, weirdly wonderful friendship with Sheldon, even if it's only talking to each other on the phone. Also, hopefully Amy's not in the picture there either.

The real issue is, what would she do? She's moved beyond acting AFAIK in the later seasons, and TPTB have reduced her friend group to just Amy and Bernadette. Maybe they could make a show about Penny recognizing how bad her relationship with Leonard was, about her healing and moving on and opening up to new friendships and the like...

But that'd never happen. That'd mean Lorre, Prady, the writing team, and anyone even tangentially involved in the process were/are tacitly admitting that Lenny(Maybe Shamy too) was wrong and toxic as hell.

I think a solo spin-off can't really happen with the way TPTB have written and forced Penny into the role of Leonard's wife. Take her out of it, take her away from Amy and Bernadette, take her away from everyone, and what can you do? The character of Penny has become so forcibly wrapped up in TBBT cast and the Lenny relationship, that I can't see how they'd do a spin-off of just Penny. So my bet is, if a spin off does happen, it'll be of Penny AND Leonard, which I don't want to see.
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A "Penny"-spinn-off?!
Perhaps. Possibly. Maybe.

The main-question would be in which way. A prequel like the "Young Sheldon." I could imagine that it could be difficult. With Sheldon they had the advantage of this backround of the science, his eccentricity and his inteligence as the pool for ideas. But with Penny what stories could be told there? The "adventures" of a young girl in Nebraska in which we see how she decided to become an actress? (What we know she will never be Sad ). Or we will see also there this marks why a whiny self-pitying guy named Leonard "must" become in the future the man of her live.

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By a prequel of course there must be a new cast. I read a statement of Miss Cuoco that she would not have a problem to play forever the "girl next door." But, well, like all of us she is not getting younger. She still looks youthful, (and she will always be my crush Heart ) but as a younger version of herself it wouldn'twork. So there must be another actress who would have a difficult job, because without this secial backround that Sheldon has she would only have a kind of character-bonus. The thoughts in the backs of the minds of the viewers that this girl will later become the girl next door to Sheldon and Leonard. And if that would be enough to create funny and exciting moments?

The other way could be, that the show could play in the future, also in timeline after the end of "TBBT". But then it could eventually be (how "Nostalgia" pointed out) more a "Lenny"-spin-off. Of course it would be the chance to hold Miss Cuoco as the main-actress,.... but would anyone of us want to see how Penny and Leonard play "happy family"* in a future timeline?

[Image: tenor.gif]

But well, there is a chance fo a good possibility If it could be a pure "Penny"-spin-off which will play in a future, then it could be play after her divorce from Leonard and we could see how she finds herself again. At least that nightmare would be over.

I think, all in all, a "Penny"-spin-off could be possible, but it would be very very difficult.
I think if Penny was offered the chance to be in charge of something (other than Leonard) she'd jump at it. What if it was in a different city and Leonard had just been (for some ungodly reason) granted tenure at CatTech. I think Penny would want to try to make the long-distance thing work with Leonard reduced to between-episode visits and eventual non-existence. Build an entirely new supporting cast. Of course there would be sweeps visits from the other cast members (except Jim) if the ratings required them.
I’m thinking along those lines as well Dev. And there’s a article on Comicbook that reads:

“There are plenty of fans who would like to see the Big Bang universe continue in some form or fashion. Sure there is already Young Sheldon, but that show is a prequel and doesn't show the cast as they are now. There are several opportunities to expand the show, with one option being Penny and Leonard, but who knows, maybe by the end of the season Penny would be single and she would lead it on her own. Crazy theory but hey, it could happen.

Sheldon and Amy would be a likely scenario if Sheldon actor Jim Parsons wasn't ready to leave the show, so that rules that option out.“

So I say YES!! but it can’t be Leonard and Penny I don’t think, as he makes her boring.
Am I right in thinking that prequels, sequels and spin offs are often never as successful as the original. Thinking the sequel to 2001(Kubrick), Joey from Friends, The Connors? Are CBS just trying to milk it, the Golden TBBT Cow?

I also wonder about typecasting. Not only for actors, but in one of his vanity cards(YS), CL talks about desperately wanting to work on a drama, but CBS being against it. He already produces dramas that are lightened by humour. With YS I think there was some interest in how he became the way he is. I'm not sure that would work with Penny. So If they got adventurous, and created a parallel universe to TBBT(Sliding Doors scenario), that might work.  


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