International Talk Like a Pirate Day Challenge 2019!
Darkly Dreaming has issued a call to Shenny FF writers…

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day Challenge!

It's September again and we all know what that means: International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up on the 19th! 

Pirata Codex:

1. It has to be a minimum of 1k, but no max. Write as much as you like.
2. Must prominently feature Sheldon and Penny, but does not have to be shippy if you want a wider audience.
3. Since we're starting a bit late, we'll extend the deadline to the end of September (but if you still don't get it done before then, post it whenever! No pressure!)

Only dead men tell no tales, so look lively and remember to have fun!


So get your thinking caps on Shenny....

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1. Talk like a Pirate Challenge: Booty
A quick attempt at the challenge, but maybe not. AU and OOC, oh well have fun.

2. Prevailing Winds
Penny the tavern maid wins a ship in a bet. Unfortunately for first mate Leonard, the ship wasn't truly his to bet in the first place. Both will have to face the wrath of Captain Cooper - once he gets free and finds them. One man's quest to get his ship back meets one woman's quest for a magical amulet that controls the wind. Freedom is the name of the game and not everyone wins.

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