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22.23/22.24 The Change Constant and 22.24 The Stockholm Syndrome
So here it is people, the last promo for the finale two episodes, which will be shown together on the same night.

May 16

A sorta Shenny promo to say goodbye....

Not seen this yet but feel free to leave your votes on this episodes Shennys. It’s finally over. Years of forced canon. Now it can disappear into the past where it belongs.
Why did they chose that title? Anyone?

“Stockholm syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These alliances result from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time together, but they are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.”

Trapped together in a building, a show with no real reason any of them should actually like each other. Perhaps the writers get where we were coming from after all... or not  Huh
They're simply there for each other. I know I've repeated this so many times, but their mood and tone changes noticably, when they're with each other. While toxic Amy and Leonard bitch and whine terribly about Sheldon, Penny is enjoying every moment with him. Between the apartment scene and the elevator scene, the contrast in mood is huge.
She's so sweet with him. "What do you think? Wanna give it a try?" The way Kaley said that and invited him...

[Image: CC1.png]

[Image: CC2.png]
Watched the final two epsiodes and liked The Change Constant. It had humour and everyone acted well. It was a well written epsiode. The only Shenny scenes in the entire season though. It was nice to have something to go out on. Give it Blossom Blossom Even Penny and Leonard talking about the pregnancy was done well. But Penny went drinking with ... Sheldon. How? Why? and what the hell?

The Stockholm Syndrome on the otherhand was just awful. The only laugh for me was when Leonard gave Sheldon a look and said 'Cool' when he told him he was becoming a valuable member of his entourage.

Sheldon practising his speech wasn't even remotely funny. In fact, Amy and Sheldon just had no chemistry at all and when Amy told him what she thought about how he treats people, the studio went so quiet, it was painful. Now Penny always tells Sheldon the truth all the time, in their scenes and its warm just works better. It was a huge reminder of what did and didn't work in regards to Shenny vs Shamy. In the previous ep Penny is gently telling Sheldon a truth and its wonderful. Even when she's mad at him, she can do it so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable.

Also they should have had Amy wear her normal day clothes because it was just Mayim Bailik throughout all the scenes, with the exception of the speech, where her nervousness made her appear more Amy-like.

As for Sheldon's speech, I can't even begin to describe how awful it was. He was paying tribute to his friends, which in itself is not a bad idea but it was just done so badly and purely to satisfy the viewer. To have Sheldon make 'amends' for all the selish behaviour which was the trademark of the character. The trademark that has provided the laughs and most of the plots for 12 years. I didn't need or want to hear it done in this way. It could have been lighter, funny and less like the actor paying tribute to his colleagues. I read that there have been tears over this speech but I just cringed and wanted it to stop.

I'm sad to say Goodbye to Big Bang. A little sad that the final ep was IMO a bit of a dud but there must have been a great deal of pressure to get it right for the other fans. But hey! Give it Sock Sock

Goodbye to the show which inspired me to do this website, which made me hopeful and furious and which I got many years of fun from. Wine Blossom
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A little bit "Shenny"-spirit at this point.

I can'resist to imagine my own ending of the show.
Please imagine that you saw this last episode in the way it was, and then after the final scene...the TV-screen starts to blur and then changes into a close-up of Pennys surprised face, and then she says:

"Ehhm, that all was really Leonards fantasy?"

The camera angle changes and shows her and Sheldon sitting next to each other on the couch.

Sheldon:" Yes indeed. He told me that he has this imaginations over the years about that you and him could be married some day."

Penny smiles uncomprehendingly.

"I liked him, but...."

Sheldon:" Well the fantasies of our other friends were no less grotesque. Howard and Raj really had this fantasies about they could pair off my person with a kind of female clone of myself, which could also turn off mypersonality. Isn't it ridiculous? Although also every non-talented person in science, knows that only opposites can attract."

Penny smiles again and moves a little closer to him.

"You mean like back when you came back from the pole-expedition?"

Sheldon:"Yes. That is also an interessting methapher, because at this moment it came clear who were the real minus-and plus-poles(!)."

Penny:"Well, let they have their fantasies. We have our reality."

Sheldon:"I agree."

And the scene ends with a deep kiss.
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