Autism study
I know back in the day we had discussions about whether Sheldon was on the Autistic spectrum, maybe Aspergers(with apparently; Mozart, Isaac Asimov, Bill Gates, Stanley Kubrick, Einstein and Newton ). 

Some of Sheldon's traits I could put down to knowing too much about organic chemistry at an early age, at a microscopic level it's a war zone involving humans, bacteria and viruses. Other traits maybe just a reaction to not being afraid to be intelligent in a world of jocks. 

The same autism expert (as article above), Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen(Autism Research Centre), has believed for twenty years in these two theories; 'Empathising-Systemising theory of sex differences and the Extreme Male Brain theory of autism'.

I'll just point out these two ideas; 'although autistic people on average struggle with ‘cognitive’ empathy – recognizing other people’s thoughts and feelings – they nevertheless have intact ‘affective’ empathy – they care about others'.

'This study also pinpoints some of the qualities autistic people bring to neurodiversity. They are, on average, strong systemisers, meaning they have excellent pattern-recognition skills, excellent attention to detail, and an aptitude in understanding how things work. We must support their talents so they achieve their potential – and society benefits too'.
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I like that term 'neurodiversity'. I've read that Einstein used a method of solving problems; by using his logical mind to absorb the data and do some of the thinking, but then carrying out another activity(like playing Mozart on the violin) which allowed his subconscious to make a leap of creativity with the ideas. I remember Sheldon trying similar techniques mostly with comic effect.
Here's a clip about empathy, posted mostly because I enjoy it.  


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