The Ryan Gosling fanclub.
Okay that might be a bit specific, but consider any actor you would like talk or rave about.

I am a big Ryan Gosling fan, under the usually calm exterior are deep emotions, and I've watched most of his films from; The Slaughter Rule(where he has to deal with a predatory football coach), through several great love stories like La La Land and The Notebook, troubled love stories like Blue Valentine and All Good Things(with another fav actor Kirsten Dunst, Melancholia by von Trier), plus of course Blade Runner 2049 and First Man(latter not seen yet). 

But the one I want to mention is Lars and the Real Girl. He plays a rather socially awkward young man, who is being pestered by his sister in law to get a girlfriend. He starts a romantic relationship with a sex doll(sounds like a Howard story), I won't give away much more, but the story says a lot about relationships, growing up, the reasons for his reluctance to make friends and the humanity of the town where he lives.  

Just doing some background on Ryan. Parents Mormons, which heavily influenced their lives(even which tv programmes they watched), but Ryan couldn't identify with belief.

His parents argued and divorced when he was thirteen, he lived with his mother and sister whom he has said programmed him to 'think like a girl' and 'I'm attracted to films that have strong female characters because there are strong female characters in my life. That's my own reality so it's a doorway into a world for me'. 

  Evaluated for ADHD, hated elementary school, bullied and no friends until he was fifteen. Thankfully he found a way of focusing his energy, but his early years may explain that calm, controlled exterior, with undercurrents of emotion.

There is a link between Doctor Who and Ryan Gosling. Ryan directed a semi auto biographical film called Lost River. It's a dark psychedelic dystopian drama set in an abandoned and over grown Detroit. It had a good cast; Matt Smith who plays a character called Bully(a sort of scrap yard bully), and Saoirse Ronan as Rat. 

The Vacation Solution> Penny becomes a famous movie star and cheats with Ryan Gosling. 

Penny: 'So you're saying if I became a famous movie star, we got married, you wouldn't sign a pre-nup?'

Leonard: 'Absolutely not! If I'm gonna be stuck at home with the kids while you're on location cheating on me with Ryan Gosling, then Leonard gots to get paid'.

(11-19-2018, 06:17 PM)ricardo shillyshally Wrote: plus of course Blade Runner 2049 and First Man(latter not seen yet). 

First Man was such a great movie, you MUST see it. It builds up to such an emotional ending.
Finally got to First Man. I think that's the first time I've seen Ryan show any emotion on his face. Usually it's like there's a storm in the mind that's blasting out through the eyes. Jim as Sheldon does that at times as well, usually just before a meltdown.

Yes it's a good film. They get the balance right between; the late 60's tech and NASA, the emotional stress on the astronauts families and the political pressure. I'm prompted to go and watch some documentaries about the flight now. (I've got a PC game which requires controlling a space craft in 3D space, so I know how hard it is to stop those spin outs).

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