More TBBT Spinoffs?
Let's posit that CBS is so desperate to continue getting TBBT/Young Sheldon-style ratings they add more spinoffs featuring the current cast (excepting, of course, Jim Parsons who just says "Thank you but no." What would those spinoffs look like?
PENNY - The pharmaceutical company offers Penny a big promotion and raise that takes her to Seattle to open a brand new sales office, hiring her own staff. When she gets there she discover the new offices are in a strip mall with a constantly changing set of tenants. Leonard has just been awarded tenure and since he knows that will likely never happen anywhere else refuses to move. Penny insists they can make it work long-distance. (Top 10 Hit.)

LEONARD - Follow the adventures of Leonard Hofstadter as he plays with lazars and tries to convince his wife to move back to Pasadena. (Cancelled after i episode.)
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Penny decides she can no longer ignore the creative urgings of her soul and gives up her current job to give acting one more shot. Series follows penny’s attempts, disasters and triumphs and the people she meets along the way. Leonard plays supportive husband and has limited role. Penny gets into scrapes and mischief. The show becomes more of a Kaley show driven by her natural charm and humour. Very tongue in cheek, lots of guest stars, emphasis on gags.

Of course eventually Jim makes a surprise return. Perhaps penny has success and the character has her own TV show, within the show. The Penny Show.

I really think that spin off or no, Kaley could carry her own show now.
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Can’t really think of much for Howard and Bernadette that’s not just a domestic show with lots of old fashioned plots, regurgitated for this couple. I could see a Howard and Raj spin off of sorts, if they hadn’t spent so many years focused on romance as the main event in a persons life.

Amy could have a show as well. They’d have to keep it focussed at work so we never saw her husband. She could make references to him and get laughs that way. Not sure how much you’d get out of it long term. But I’m sure the shamys would watch a season or two.
Howard decides to be a stay-at-home dad, turning his garage into an engineering lab. Hilarity ensues.
PENNY BLOSSOMS - At some point Penny tried making Penny Blossoms again and the business took off. Five years later and she's an internationally known brand based in the midwest worth millions but she runs her company with a bunch of misfits who can't separate their work and home lives and they're always trying to set her up. What happened to Leonard? Like with many divorces with no kids, a few years later he hardly ever comes up, only during sweeps.
It is really interesting, that the most of the proposals include the requirement that the main-figure of this spinn-off must be stand alone in the focus (single, divorced, long-distance-relationships and so on)

And when we read something like this from "Tuesdays"post from the "Penny-spinn-off"-threat with the quote from "Comicbook "....

".....maybe by the end of the season Penny would be single and she would lead it on her own. Crazy theory but hey, it could happen." Big Grin

......we can see that many folks are actually know that the characters are at their bests when they are for themselves ......

(exept the "Shenny", because this is, for me, a a thing of nature...."opposites attract.")

.........and that the canon-ships are only a

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