10 Years Latter: 1.11 The Pancake Batter Anomaly
Season 1, Episode 11 - The Pancake Batter Anomaly (First Aired on March 31, 2008)
[Image: 1x11-The-Pancake-Batter-Anomaly-penny-an...48-704.jpg]
When Sheldon gets sick, Leonard, Howard and Raj go AWOL, leaving a reluctant Penny to deal with him.

Canon Facts:
  • The song Soft Kitty is introduced
  • The domed building visible from Leonard and Sheldon's apartment window is the Pasadena City Hall
  • Code Milky Green is a code for when Sheldon is sick
  • Sheldon revealed that Leonard is a poor chess player previously, and it is shown how he is not well suited for three-dimensional chess in this show
  • Leonard, Howard and Raj attend a Planet of the Apes marathon in an effort to avoid Sheldon when he is sick. Before the Marathon begins Leonard cracks his glasses which is reminiscent of the classic Twilight Zone episode, Time Enough at Last, which was penned by Rod Serling. Serling also wrote the screenplay for the original Planet of the Apes

Read Informal Protests wonderful take on the episode Here

One of my favorite episodes. Classic Shenny, the three stooges and a measuring cup “misunderstanding”. I could watch this episode every day.

Favorite Scenes/Quotes:

Sheldon: If influenza was only contagious after symptoms appeared, it would have died out thousands of years ago. Somewhere between tool using and cave painting, homo habilis would have figured out to kill the guy with the runny nose.
 [Image: blossom.gif]
Sheldon: Wait. [hands Leonard a measuring cup] Put this in the bathroom.
Leonard: What for?
Sheldon: I need to measure my fluid intake and output to make sure my kidneys aren't shutting down.
Leonard: I mix pancake batter in this!
Sheldon: No, that measuring cup has always been for urine.
Leonard: You had time to make a label for everything in this apartment, including the label maker, but you didn't have ten seconds to make one that said urine cup?
Sheldon: It's right here on the bottom.
Leonard: Oh. I guess I owe the Betty Crocker company a letter of apology.
 [Image: blossom.gif]
Leonard: Alright, well, get some rest and drink plenty of fluids!
Sheldon: What else would I drink? Gasses? Solids? Ionized plasma?
 [Image: blossom.gif]
Penny: Why didn't you just have soup at home?
Sheldon: Penny, I have an IQ of 187. Don't you imagine that if there were a way for me to have had soup at home, I would have thought of it?
Penny: You can have soup delivered.
Sheldon: I did not think of that.
 [Image: blossom.gif]
Penny: You are a grown man. Haven't you ever been sick before?
Sheldon: Of course. But not by myself.
Penny: Really? Never?
Sheldon: Well, once, when I was fifteen and spending the summer at the Heidelberg Institute in Germany.
Penny: Studying abroad?
Sheldon: No, visiting professor. Anyway, the local cuisine was a little more sausage-based than I'm used to, and the result was an internal blitzkrieg, with my lower intestine playing the part of Czechoslovakia
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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Everything about that pic is perfect, almost spiritual. The medicine here is Penny, not the rub. Her presence, positive energy, voice and touch. That's what heals him and makes him feel better, every time. She could spray whipped cream on him, it would still work.

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