Sheldor the Conqueror
(09-11-2018, 01:34 AM)CTR69 Wrote: No doubt. Doesn't matter, tech heads or jocks. When pack mentality takes over, all bets are off.

It is interesting in these series(incl: Young Sheldon), they are light entertainment, but delve into different areas. C. Lorre in one of his vanity cards, agrees with you 

' I now see that human nature, particularly during times of stress, becomes tribalistic, not pluralistic. Which is neither good nor bad. It's probably just how we're wired, a survival mechanism baked into our DNA. Under pressure, the prime directive is to protect the tribe. Genetically, that makes perfect sense. Human beings without a tribe tend to starve or get eaten'.(#575)

I think Sheldon does think his intellect makes him superior, and he did bully Howard early on. I think they bully Zack, because although physical he isn't aggressive or smart enough to understand. But it was a different matter with Kurt, Sheldon decided it wasn't worth the risk.
I've always just accepted that Sheldon came from Texas, but it wasn't until YS that I started to wonder why. Is it because Texan culture is seen as 'real America'. As the culture you are born into determines many aspects of your character(beliefs, values, perceptions,etc), was Sheldon from there, because to become Sheldon he would have to question everything, he is instantly an outsider and that would lead to mocking even bullying. I think Sheldon would relish that position and the odds; Sheldon Vs Texas! 

Some remnants of Texas remained. I like it when they play with the gaming and real world contrast, and Sheldon is a virtual cowboy. 

I think it's interesting when TBBT and YS address issues like this(even Penny apologised to someone she bullied at school). From my observations on forums, it's the bullies who are fearful. It unsettles them when someone has a different view or perception because it challenges everything they have been lead to believe.

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