Character Screen Time Stats
These stats were put together by Tensor at the fansite but I thought the numbers might be of interest to some of the old Shenny fans, even if they aren't a huge surprise. The following is the minutes alone time per season for each pair of characters.

               Shenny               Lenny               Shamy
S2              57:49                36:03                  --:--
S3              44:10                25:44                  --:--
S4              30:19                11:55                20:19                    
S8              21:40                23:14                38:35
S9              05:45                23:04                45:25
S10            09:25                22:00                54:45

The full thread is here
Ya know, a VAST amount of grief could have been avoided, also the overwhelming sense of betrayal and bitterness, if they'd kept the Shenny scenes even vaguely proportionate.

I mean, they destroyed Sheldon, so even the Shenny scenes don't work now, but out of basic decency and artistic sensibility, keep a screed of continuity with the show's original spirit!

Perhaps shave a sliver off the hulking mammoth of Shamy screentime? Yes, it's the same screentime as early Shenny, but Shenny actually DID things with their time (attended court, ACTING, learned physics, went to the ER, made Penny blossoms etc). Shamy appears to have two settings; sticky nickelodeon teen romance and occasional FWF (which isn't, and has never been "Fun").

Also, now there's a cast of 7 plus, that's a disproportionate amount of screen time regardless.

Moreover, S/A scenes prevent both Shelnard and Shenny scenes from occurring, and aren't they the PREMISE of the show? They're certainly the reason it became so popular. TBBT used to be about the clash of universes, and how deeply fascinating and rewarding that can be. Exemplified by Sheldon and Penny, polar opposites. 

There's no clash of universes whatever between Sheldon and Amy. She brings nothing new to his life in terms of a philosophical world-view. Nor between Penny and Leonard. Leonard was always a "straight", and Penny's been watered down to a straight now too, in the same way they infantilised Sheldon to allow for Amy's existence.

Amy and Leonard are effectively the same character. Self-pitying and emotionally manipulative, trying to make up for childhood slights, obsessed with being "one of the cool kids", determined to change everything they profess to love about their partners.
5 bloody minutes of Sheldon/Penny scenes in Season 9! Considering the Shenny  scenes are responsible for all the show's iconic moments and bloody merchandise catchphrases, I consider that the height of cheek sir!

Good day to you.

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And the Shenny scenes in S10 weren't great. I liked the laundry scene but I don't remember much about the rest because I think they were talking about Sheldon and Amy anyway and they just didn't have that Shenny magic. The data was collected by a Lenny fan to highlight the reduction in screen time for Leonard and Penny but it also shows what we have been taking about here at HQ. Shenny was the early season powerhouse. But even at its height it was never double the Lenny scenes. Shamy has surpassed that percentage now.

If I were a Lenny fan I would not be happy about the latest figures. S10 ended with Shamy almost the same percentage as Shenny in S2 but the gap between Shamy and Lenny is a lot wider. For the so-called primary couple on the show you'd think the removal of Shenny would allow them more focus. That has been denied to Lenny fans. They got rid of us only to be consumed by a even larger screen gobbling monster.
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Here's the rest of Tensors totals posted by April

                Shenny                     Lenny              Shamy               Shelnard

S1                 23:11                 22:58                --:--                50:50

S2                 57:49                 36:03                --:--                33:03

S3                 44:10                 25:44                --:--                32:19

S4                 30:19                 11:55                 20:19                 38:09

S5                 09:55                 31:44                 22:16                 35:44

S6                 13:59                 34:14                 43:55                 23:59

S7                 24:40                 30:16                 37:55                 25:40

S8                 21:40                 23:14                 38:35                 32:59

S9                 05:45                 23:04                 45:25                 17:19

S10               09:25                 22:00                 54:45                 10:05
No wonder why S2 was the best. They really were a great couple. Second half was one great Shenny ep after another, up until the Vegas. Downhill from there.
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