Sheldon/Penny- Collections, Drabbles and PoV's
Collections, Drabbles & PoV's

This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories to the following Sheldon/Penny fics:

One-shot collections: A collection of Sheldon/Penny drabbles or one-shots that are not connected to each other. (Most of these were in the AU thread)

Drabbles: Sheldon/Penny short stories that contain around 100 words.

Point of View (PoV): A story about Sheldon/Penny as seen through the eyes of one of the Big Bang Theory characters. (Most of these were in the Schrödinger thread)

These tales can be anything from friend to lovers (and anything in between). Stories with descriptive sex in them will be marked with a (M). Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.

silver Indicates The Big Bang Theory Top 200 Favorite
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. Conviviality On The Fourth Floor by Risknight
Two years in the life of our favorite Los Robles tenants. Each chapter deals with a different holiday, some everyone knows and a few you may never have heard of. I found all of these holidays listed both on a funky calendar my boss has hanging up at work and online. I added a third year to include some of the suggestion made by the reviewers. (Collection)

2. Magnetic Attraction by Magnetic Attraction
A series of short stories compiled from the challenges over at Paradox. They are not in any order and only a few deserve the M rating. I'll be sure to include a warning at the beginning of a story if need be. (Collection), (M)

3. Penny's Science by deathrosekitty
Drabbles of a Shenny nature. Most of which are towards Penny's perspective. "Star Wars and Star Trek are the same thing!" Drabbles, (Collection)

4. The Ramblings of a Warped Mind by Risknight silver
A collection of TBBT sci-fi. None of these stories are connected. They are all AU. It started with one little story, but my mind likes to wander. (Collection)

5. Sheldon & Penny Drabbles by Riley-Ann Charles
Collection of Drabbles (Collection)

6. The Shenny Alphabet by BeyondTheVeilOfShadows
The title speaks for itself. Rated M for some chapters. Drabbles, (Collection), (M)

7. A Whole Lot Of Woo by Risknight silver
Short stories set in alternate universes about how Sheldon and Penny come together. (Collection)

8. Last Exit to Arkham by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
Where All the Crazy Lives. Various drabbles, and odd ideas that don't fit elsewhere. (Collection)

9. Shenny Cooper for the Win by Jaycie Victory
A collection of unrelated drabbles and ficlets which celebrate all things Shenny. Rated T because some are a little more adult than others. (Collection)

10. Rain by Risknight
Four short one-shots about the gang that just happen to occur while the weather is not so sunny. Drabbles (Collection)

11. Changing the Future by SweetTale4u
A vignette of drabbles from 'A World of Challenges', each entry has a separate prompt, each entry 100 words. Drabbles (Collection)

12. Dreaming Darkly In Pasadena by Risknight
A collection of dreams from the residents of TBBT. (Collection)

13. Insert Complex Physics Term Here by SweetTale4u
A vignette of drabbles from 'A World of Challenges', each entry has a separate prompt, each entry 100 words. Drabbles (Collection)

14. The Miscellaneous Minutae Collection by jessicajason
A repository for my Sheldon/Penny drabbles and ficlets. All are or will be rated PG at most. Drabbles (Colllection)

15. Against All Odds Drabbles by ryoluna
Follow Sheldon and Penny's relationship as it grows and evolves. Some are funny, some are serious, some are sad. These drabbles are in no particular order. We all know they belong together. Drabbles (Collection)

16. Three Sheldon and Penny One Shots by VeryBerry Rebecca
Three stand alone one-shots originally written for the Paradox Drabble-a-thon: 'From the Ashes of War', 'Digital Music of the Night', and 'The Elevation Reaction.' Drabbles (Collection)

17. Wedding', 'Birthday', 'Drums', 'Moving' by VeryBerry Rebecca
Four stand alone one-shots originally posted for the Penny and Sheldon Drabble (Collection)

18. Lost by muaaimoi
In which History is a long, long time to miss each other. A few almost's that could have been a lot further back than you think. (Drabble)

19. End of the World '10 by Odyle
A collection of doomsday ficlets written during the Sheldon_Penny 2010 Paradox-o-rama. (Collection)

20. I, Sheldon by MrsVincentCrabbe
Inspired by Isaac Asimov's Robot Series. Prompts: Homecoming, Future, Rain, Smile, Ice Cream. Drabble (Collection)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. Two Sides of a Medal by Tumblr Ate My Soul (Must have HQ account to read)
The first part is Sheldon that likes Penny and the second is Sheldon that is content with Amy. (Sheldon POV)

22. Waiting for the End by MixItUp
Stuart watches Sheldon and Penny. Shenny (Stuart POV)

23. Spit Take by BobtheFrog
Why Sheldon was so insistent in the opening that Amy was not his girlfriend. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

24. The Light Splitting Experiment by droidgirl
A five-time fic about Amy, her relationship with Sheldon and Penny, and what it's like to accidentally blend into the background through no fault of her own. Implied Shenny (Amy POV)

25. Spin by damalur
Sheldon asks the universe why; the universe declines to answer. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

26. The Hacky Sack Cogitation by causidicus-an
What does Sheldon think about during those twenty minutes? Set during 6.8."The 43 Peculiarity" Shenny (Sheldon POV)

27. The Juice & Muffin Quandary by Red Bess Rackham
It's not just the orange juice with too much pulp or the over toasted English muffin - but Sheldon's not about to admit that. (Sheldon POV)

28. Untitled by Darkly Dreaming
That fateful encounter in which she steered him toward another woman was the catalyst for his emotional downward spiral, until he was a mere shell of a once-formidable Home Novus. Drabble. (Sheldon POV)

29. Sheldon's Log by Risknight
Various selections from Sheldon's journal written the first year he knows Penny. (Sheldon POV)

30. Close by MrsVincentCrabbe
Leonard's feelings on Penny's wedding day to another man. Shenny (Leonard POV)

31. Lies We Tell Ourselves by Besottedly
Focuses on the prompt "lies we tell ourselves". It was written for the fourth Fiction Friday at Paradox.  Drabble (Penny POV)

32. That River in Egypt by Wolf Maid
Leonard tries to explain away what he sees. Shenny Drabble (Leonard POV)

33. The Radial Velocity Condrum by Lady Lioness silver
Raj can suddenly talk to Penny and he is determined to find out why this change happened. (Raj POV)

34. The Hofstadter Nocturnal Inference by gwendy
A series of nightly observations leads Leonard to believe Sheldon is having sexual relations with Penny. (Leonard POV)

35. The Last Day on Earth by CSI Ames
What will happen when it's the end of the world and Penny and Sheldon are left to wait for it alone? (Penny POV)

36. Database Corrupted by Anita
Raj finds himself lost in an extremely odd yet strangely familiar world. Shenny (Raj POV)

37. That Thing With Feathers by Dsieya
When it came to Sheldon, Mary Cooper knew better than to get her hopes up. Shenny (Mary POV)

38. Nightmare by crystalballer
Set after The Maternal Congruence. Shenny (Leonard POV)

39. Interest Point Zero by LovelyLittleSeddie
Many people will tell you Sheldon has no interest. One-sided Shenny. Drabble (Sheldon POV)

40. Logarithmic Curves of Her Backside by
A look inside the fun world that is Sheldon's head as he thinks about his relationship with Penny. Set during "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency." Not quite "shippy" but a bit more than friendship. (Sheldon POV)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. The Guy Code Conundrum by muted hitokiri
Penny and Sheldon's first kiss, Shenny (Leonard POV)

42. Wet Dream by Leotron
Sheldon may have been asexual, but he was still human. And, biologically speaking, he needed a release somehow. One-sided Shenny Drabble (Sheldon POV)

43. And You Turned Away by Dance Elle Dance
It is difficult loving Sheldon Cooper, but not for all the typical reasons one might specify. One-sided Shenny (Penny POV)

44. Broken by Crying Raven
Sheldon goes to Penny's bedside at the hospital. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

45. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by TuesdayTerrible
"I love you, but Im not in love with you." Shenny (Sheldon POV)

46. The Kiss That Got Away by Lizwontcry
It's the morning after Valentine's Day and Sheldon and Penny discuss the "kiss" One-sided Shenny (Penny POV)

47. Pondering A Pirate Wench by BreathlessFaith
Sheldon ponders a certain blonde's wench costume. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

48. I Must Be Dreaming by Idair
While Leonard is away, Sheldon dreams of his roommate's girlfriend and it's not pleasurable. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

49. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by devilbk Soft Kitty
"Help, I Can't Tell Where I Am. It's Dark And I Hear Laughing." Shenny (Penny POV)

50. Dice Roll by mjhammer
How rolling the dice should've been done years earlier than it had. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

51. Find the Halfling by JustMyLuckiness Soft Kitty
It was over. He'd failed in his quest and now his Queen was giving up her dream to slink away to a burrow with a Halfling. Then he woke up. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

52. His Only Regret by lonegungal17
Sheldon only has only regret on his deathbed. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

53. You See Me by Mirumo
Penny is having some surprising thoughts during a random conversation. One-sided Shenny (Penny POV)

54. The Closest She Is Ever Going to Get by Mirumo
"The bastard doesn't notice a thing, of course. Oblivious to what he does to her. " Angsty not so romantic one-way romance. One-sided Shenny (Penny POV)

55. As You Wish by illrain666
Sometimes, the littlest things can make you realize incredibly important things. Angst One-sided Shenny (Penny POV)

56. Lessons Learned by TempestJo
Inside Sheldon's head during the arctic expedition. One-sided Shenny (Sheldon POV)

57. Tuesday's Visitor by XX4aXX
Penny pays a visit to apartment 4A. One sided Shenny. Drabble One-sided Shenny (Penny POV)

58. The Scientific Method by secondhandsmile
Leonard asks a question. Shenny (Leonard POV)

59. Difference Between Content and Happy by jazzlover5
Penny learns the difference between being content and being happy. Shenny (Penny POV)

60. This Ain't Nothin' by The-Coalition-Of-Nerds
My first Songfic! AU This Ain't Nothin' by Craig Morgan. Character Death Shenny (Sheldon POV)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. Talk Nerdy to Me by Dance Elle Dance
While on a date with some random meat-head, Penny realizes just how much she misses the incessant geek-talk of Sheldon Cooper. Sure, she hardly understands what he's saying most of the time, but she can still miss it. Shenny (Penny POV)

62. The Sexy Spaghetti Subterfuge by TriplePirouette
Set during/after The Launch Acceleration. How did Amy know to do all those things for Sheldon? Shenny friendship (Amy POV)

63. The Covalent Bond Corollary by Jaycie Victory
Raj questions the bond between Sheldon and Penny. Shenny (Raj POV)

64. Too Late by gladdecease
Sheldon's gone. Shenny (Penny POV)

65. Positive and Negative by TriplePirouette
Sheldon's thoughts after The Vegas Renormalization and Penny's after The Monopolar Expedition in poem form. Two separate poems posted together inspired by Lisa Hannigan's Venn Diagram and Ocean and a Rock, respectively. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

66. The Post Script Plurality by slybrunette
Post S2 finale. There's a note on the bed. Three months of coffee deprivation, missing socks, and broken laptops pass, and she waits. Shenny (Penny POV)

67. Warm Gulf Wind by ishie
Penny is thirty-four the year she begins again. Shenny (Penny POV)

68. Requires Further Research by gladdecease
"Putting aside the fact that you're a theoretical physicist, and this is biochemistry you're working with here, what kind of research could you possibly want to look into that involves sex hormones?" Implied Shenny (Sheldon POV)

69. ERROR! by ishie
While Sheldon prattles on about adhesive safety ducks…Shenny  Note: the links are going to a weird places. (Drabble)

70. Mrs Cooper's Ways by BaronessBlixen
Mary Cooper contemplates what Sheldon just told her. Implied Shenny. Drabble (Mary POV)

71. The Peanut Gallery by stl85
A companion piece of sorts to Watching, but you don't have to read it to understand this one. What the others think about Sheldon and Penny. Implied Shenny. Watching can be found in the Encounters thread (Drabble)

72. Tick Marks, Tally Sheets, and Zombie Monkey Overlords by eeyore9990
The Habitation Configuration (Penny's POV)

73. The Gift Equality Theorem by magpie
Sheldon ponders what to get for Penny's birthday. (Drabble)

74. The Hot Borg Equilibrium by d i n o b o t
To put it mildly, Sheldon and Penny are on opposite sides of the spectrum. But what could they possibly have in common? Maybe TV's Seven of Nine, from Star Trek: Voyager? Penny has fun finding the answer. (Drabble)

75. Nintendo by AllaRuse
Retro gaming night with Sheldon and Penny. (Drabble)

76. Champagne & Oreos by purpleroyal5
What happens when Penny is woken up at 3 AM by a certain nerd? (Drabble)

77. Zip it Sheldon by rhapsodybree
A humorous one shot with Penny and Sheldon. (Drabble)

78. Missed Friendship by driver picks the music
Penny spends time with an old friend while Lenard is away. (Drabble)

79. But Who's Counting by JLynnB Soft Kitty
It takes a lot of courage to ask a woman out. (Drabble)

80. Crossing the Streams by jackwabbit
Penny is not as clueless as she lets on. (Drabble)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. The Homo Novus Doctrine by NightlyBlueDemons
As I have informed you on numerous occasions I have chosen to live my life under the Homo Novus doctrine. I have chosen to rise above the human need to copulate and sate animalistic desires'. Just a little addition on The Killer Robot Instability between Sheldon and Penny. (Drabble)

82. The Nomenclature Destination by isthatforhereortogo
Penny's come up with a new word. Can she get Sheldon to say it? (Drabble)

83. Scientific Mindset by Lysana
A very, very short conversation between Penny and Sheldon, in which they somewhat inadvertently discuss the nature of scientific thinking and inquiry. As usual, neither of them is quite following where the other is coming from!  (Drabble)

84. Fame Monster by ishie
"What on Earth happened to that woman's pants?" Shenny (Drabble)

85. Silver Linings by ishie
You know what? Sometimes it's really nice to know that all it takes is a little shouting and help is on its way. Weird, practically-more-trouble-than-it's-worth help but whatever. (Drabble)

86. Potency by Southern_Heaven
Sheldon might call poison control. Shenny (Drabble)

87. Siblings by Southern_Heaven
Shenny Drabble

88. NO! by FrostedMerry
This story is within my Costumer Conundrum AU world, but it's before that story so it stands alone for all intents and purposes. NOTE: Costumer Conundrum is incomplete, so not in the collection yet. However, if you would like to read it. Costumer Conundrum (drabble)

89. Movie Date by FrostedMerry
Sheldon and Penny see Deadpool and discuss. This story is within my Costumer Conundrum AU world (Drabble)

90. Twenty Questions by cheshirejin
Shenny friendship (Drabble)

91. The Quotation Theory by booksblanketsandtea
Shenny Drabbles

92. Their Darkest Moments by Risknight
Two short fics, inspired by songs. One for Penny's POV and one for Sheldon's POV.

93. I Thought I Saw by Orange.Dreams.
Leonard keeps seeing things... or is he? (Drabble)

94. Not helping sweetie by rhapsodybree
Sheldon tries to help (Drabble)

95. A Snapshot by lenoirleon
Sheldon and Penny get caught at a fancy event. Based off of the recent photo shoot the cast of The Big Bang Theory did. A little different in regards to what Penny is wearing and a Doctor Who reference. (Drabble)

96. Wi-Fi Password Proposal by emmaspirate
To Penny's surprise Sheldon changed the password again. But this time it has surprising results. (Drabble)

97. Of Chickens And Hens by BeeKay-Em
Sheldon has a run in with a chicken while visiting Penny's family farm. Based on Gwendy85's fan art (Drabble)

98. The Schrodinger Scrutiny by Risknight
Penny and Sheldon's first date. (Drabble)

99. Such a Deal by Michea
Penny/Sheldon (Drabble)

100. The Acoustic Search Aggravation by redgrunt84
Sheldon and Penny go looking for something. (Drabble)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
101. The Etiquette Elucidation by Kathryn Shadow
"I'd rather have a kid with your genes anyway." "...Really?" "Really." (Drabble)

102. Momentos by Southern_Heaven
Shenny (Drabble)

103. Sheldon Cooper Has a Fan Club by loveneverfails
The prompt was: TVTropes - Instant Fan Club. (Drabble)

104. Baby, It's Cold Outside by loveneverfails
Sheldon and Penny have a snowball fight. (Drabble)

105. Curses, Foiled Again by misbegotten
Despite Sheldon's best efforts… (Drabble)

106. Pieces of Eight by TriplePirouette
Eight Pirate S/P Drabbles (ok, most are a little longer than drabbles!) in honor of Paradox's mysterious 'Pirracy Prroject'

107. The Many Verse Dance Hypothesis by gwendy
The Many verse theory posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldon's in an infinite number of universes...yet none of them are dancing. However, there's this. (Drabble)

108. Fascinating by Ishie
Penny has no idea what she's doing. She just broke up with Kurt, like, a week ago. (Drabble)

109. Who You Gonna Call? by loveneverfails
The prompt given: END OF THE WORLD - ghosts. (Drabble)

110. A Big ol' Five by Jaycie Victory
Penny always goes after what she wants...Or does she? (Penny POV)

111. The Physical Contact Trice Impossibility by Red Bess Rackham
Sheldon doesn't like to be touched for a number of reasons. But this... this is different and he's not sure why. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

112. The Sheldon Cooper Love Experience by iwillshutup
Love is just a chemical reaction in our bodies, what our hormones make us feel. Lust is driven by testosterone and estrogen. Then adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin do the rest. It's not something magical, it's just science. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

113. A Day Like This by Tumblr Ate My Soul (Must have HQ account to read)
One-sided Penny/Sheldon, (Penny POV)

114. Watching by stl85
Two one-shots that are related. First in Sheldon's POV then Penny's. Why aren't they together?

115. Surrender by medusa20
Sheldon finally realizes tea is not the cure-all. Penny is. (Sheldon POV)

116. The Chemistry of Schrödinger's Cat by gwendy
We've seen this principle applied to the Leonard/Penny relationship. But what happens if it's applied to Sheldon/Penny? (Drabble)

117. Disorder and Decay by M Elizabeth Penn
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that systems left to themselves invariably tend towards disorder. (Drabble)

118. The Glory of Spock by TempestJo
Inspired by The Thespian Catalyst, sort of, in a roundabout way. Just for fun. I'm the pied piper? (Drabble)

119. An Explanation by PawaPendragon
Most people wouldn't dream of doing the things they dream about. (Drabble)

120. Attraction by NightlyBlueDemons (Story deleted)
A short set of drabbles about the epicness that is Shenny! (Drabble)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
121. In Love by JessicaMota
It was very easy to find when Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper was in love. It was also easier to discover by whom Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper was in love. And one day he invited her to go on a date. (Drabble)

122. 10 things Dr Sheldon Cooper Would Never Admit by Tooba K
Penny makes me, Homo Novus, do unspeakable things. 10 things Dr. Whack-a-Doodle will never admit about Penny. (Drabble)

123. A Voyage by SweetTale4u
Sheldon and Penny in a Thunderstorm. (Drabble)

124. Spot by SweetTale4u
Penny and Sheldon Angst. Depression, Attempted Suicide (Drabble)

125. Supernova by tbbt156
They were opposites in every way. (Drabble)

126. Smirking A Drabble by BreathlessFaith
If I tell you there will be nothing for you to read. (Drabble)

127. Addiction by Southern_Heaven
Shenny Drabble

128. Laundry Time by Southern_Heaven
Shenny Drabble

129. Your Flag on the Marble Arch by damalur (Story deleted)
It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. (Drabble)

130. I Want What's Yours by BL_Arata
A TBBT one-shot where Sheldon discovers his true feelings for Penny. Sort of. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

131. You Can't Blame Gravity by Lascylla
Maybe it's not healthy, but she finds it helps to think of him like a robot, or a computer; you can't interrupt him halfway through a process without deleting all his progress, or crashing his operating system, or whatever. Sheldon/Penny Angst (Penny POV)

132. Details by hitlikehammers
It shouldn’t be a surprise, but it kinda-sorta is. (Drabble)

133. Multiple Applications of the Term "Busy" by misbegotten

134. Chewing Gum by Donaji25
Based on a song by Paty Cantú - "Goma de mascar" (Chewing gum). A Shenny songfic. (Sheldon POV)

135. The Missing Compound by gaialux
The Cohabitation Formula coda. (Drabble)

136. Voltage Running Through Her Skin by opia
You are my electric girl. — Sheldon/Penny. (Sheldon POV)

137. The Somniloquy Question by Darkly Dreaming
Somniloquy is sleep talking. Sheldon's locked out of his apartment again while Leonard and Penny are on a camping trip "spicing up their relationship," so Sheldon spends the night at Amy's. Hints of Shenny. (Amy POV)

138. Sheldon's Somniloquy Log by Darkly Dreaming
A loose sequel of sorts to The Somniloquy Question. Alex listens to Sheldon's sleep talking and hears something she never wanted hear and hopes she never will again. Hints of Shenny (Alex POV)

139. Simple by Kaytrina
Short scenes, in no particular order, with no plot connection or timeline, of the wonderfully weird, yet fascinating relationship between Sheldon and Penny. (Collection)

140. Fairy Tale by muaaimoi
Magical realism, Penny searches for her story. (Penny POV)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
141. Verge of Nothing by PammieOmana
Amy decided to confront Sheldon about her assumption that Sheldon and Penny might have a relationship. But what will happen if Sheldon affirmed it? Will their "relationship of the mind" change? (Amy POV)

142. Her Hair by a_mi_zivi
Penny has a complicated relationship with her hair. Shenny (Penny POV)

143. Differential Equations in Particle Physical Relationships by misbegotten
The new girl is a difficult to quantify. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

144. 10,000 Nights by renrenren3
Sheldon is nothing like any of the guys she's dated before. Which is probably why she likes him so much. (Penny POV)

145. She'd Be California by mrsvc & sinstralpride
California was home. Shenny (Sheldon POV)

146. Baskin Robbins Is for Amateurs by ishie
Sheldon can complicate anything, even ice cream. Drabble. Implied Shenny (Sheldon POV)

147. Boston by Southern_Heaven
Shenny Drabble

148. Watching Again by stl85
Why aren't they together? Two one-shots that are related. (Sheldon's POV) (Penny's POV)

149. In Every Universe by audi katia
Sheldon subscribes to the many worlds theory, but what he doesn't know is that wherever he ends up, Penny is there, too. AU (Drabble)

150. Through the Looking Glass by ishie
There exist a mind-boggling number of universes. At least, we assume there are. Up is up, no one understands how everything began — some think they do but they don't, not really — and the Star Wars prequels were a textbook example of man's inhumanity to man.  But for everything that happens in this universe, it goes just slightly off-course in another one. AU (Drabble)

151. The Penny Sheldon Truth Hypothesis by psycholizard
Each of the guys see something unbelievable. Will Penny and Sheldon ever see it too? (Drabbles), (POV)

152. Apples on Pomegranate Trees by Wolf Maid
Interpreting Sheldon’s actions according to his own eccentricities as well as social protocols. Shenny (Leonard POV)

153. Addicted to Chaos by Subject87
Sheldon is about order and routine, and is introduced to chaos by Penny, but finds himself addicted to Chaos. (Sheldon POV)

154. Getting Into You by ohmypreciousgirl
Penny misses Sheldon more than she thought she would. (Penny POV)

155. Into the Fire by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
This is a POV-flipped version of The Awards Night Attraction as requested by Amanda. (Sheldon POV) The Awards Night Attraction can be found in the Lemonade Thread

156. Like The Periodic Table by Talibra
You be steel and I'll be zinc." One-shot, thirty Shenny snippets for the first thirty elements of the periodic table. (Drabble)

157. Love Acknowledged by Risknight
There is a reason why they aren't together.

158. My 0,0,0,0 Thingy by NellyLush
Alone for the summer Penny has time to think about what the guys, and Sheldon in particular, mean to her. (Penny PoV)

159. The Patience Passage by Bazinga'd
In which a certain theoretical physicist ponders an unexpected change in his lifelong preoccupation with physics. (Sheldon POV)

160. Which boy is it? by CrazyAvrilFan
Penny is getting ready for her big date with a guy. (Penny POV)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
161. Circle by violent darlings (Must have HQ account to read)
Penny and Sheldon, and trying to make sense of the senseless. Drabble

162. Three Facts About Sheldon Cooper... by DianaMoon
There are three things (among many) about Sheldon Cooper that no one knows. Shenny Drabble (Sheldon PoV)

163. The Penny Paradox by mpatientdreamr
Leonard is certain they're just friends. Shenny (Leonard PoV)

164. Biological Imperatives by mpatientdreamr
Not even Sheldon could ignore something like that. Shenny (Sheldon PoV)

165. Through the Eyes of 3B by Anita
The man who lives in apartment 3B can't help but notice some changes when Penny moves in.

166. The Sexy Suit Conundrum by It'sElementaryMyDearWatson18
The scene in 3.18 The Pants Alternative where Penny and Sheldon go suit shopping. Need I say more? (Penny PoV)

167. ALoveStoryToldByWifi by Dreaming of Starry Skies
Simple Shenny story told in less than 100 words. Drabble

168. Glimpses of Happiness by Jade24
Penny is just a small town girl with big dreams. But maybe her dreams have different plans (Penny POV)

169. Different Beginnings: Shenny Drabbles by ANGSWIN
This is a series of 100 word drabbles from the first season of TBBT. They feature a mixture of both canon and original dialogue that explore the idea of how the scenes could have been different if they had featured a definite Shenny twist instead (Drabbles)

170. The Yes/No Predicament by Ultra
Sheldon has a proposal to put to Penny. (Drabble)

171. Laundry, Paintball and Other Games by debirlfan
In a timeline where Penny never marries Leonard, Penny and Sheldon play games. (Drabbles)

172. The Band-Aid Conundrum by the queen of slurking
Penny has some time to think. Set after S7 finale; some spoilers. (Penny POV)

173. The Freedom Consideration by the queen of slurking
Penny never drives the car Leonard bought her. (Penny POV)

New Stories added on: 06/17/2019

174. Clueless by Wintreaux
It's Leonard's birthday -(Penny POV)

175. Superman by Ultra
Drabble based on the song 'Superman' by Sandi Thom. (Penny POV)

176. Evolution: A Shenny Storyboard by ANGSWIN
Sheldon reflects on the evolution of his relationship with Penny. (Drabbles)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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