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For what it's worth I'm a feminist and I consider the 'doofus man-child' paired with the unassailable 'wise woman' trope to be horribly offensive, overused and unfunny. Is it a by-product of feminism? In my opinion it's the cliched toxic runoff of lazy writing, though perhaps tossed in as a sop to feminism by people with a shallow understanding of such.
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The characters no longer have any internal consistency from episode to episode. They have all turned into plot devices.
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(11-15-2016, 09:55 PM)devilbk Wrote: The characters no longer have any internal consistency from episode to episode. They have all turned into plot devices.

You hit the nail on the head. That is EXACTLY what is going on.
Bitches be crazy. 
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Thank you for understanding, I feel like some manip is in order. The cold way Sheldon delivers that "Screw him, he was weak." and walks away, it needs to be put over some Shamy kiss.
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Hi everybody!

Excuse me when that I also write something about this topic, because it, (as "CTR69"already wrote) an episodes thread, but there are some points which in my opinion are not unimportant.

From my POV we should not blame feminists and -after I had think about again-not even the writers.
Yes, the writers made very much destructive nonsense with our favorite characters, but.... they do not set guidelines.
Yes, I was /am angry about their work, but-"at light"- they are also only tools with which something bad was fabricated.

If  a driver rushes into a crowd and injured ten people with a "Ford Mustang", then we do not say that the "Ford Mustang" is a bad thing. No, it was the driver who had the fauld. And basically it is the same here. As example: Remember, (and correct me if I remember wrong) it was at the start of season eight where Mister Parsons had been told, that he should let flow more manirisms of himself into the role, and he wondered about it. It was not the decision of Mister Parsons but from higher instances.

If there are persons who are to blame than this two:

Steven Molaro. I must say that my anger for him has grown in the course of time. He had regardless changed the concept and the characters of the show,  where I have to say I do not hate him properly. He is/was as showrunner for "TBBT" like Ben Affleck for the role of "Batman". Simply miscast. A professionell showrunner, but with no sense for the real message of the series. Confused

But,...the one  on which I am even more angry is Mister Lorre himself, who apparently does not care that his "child" was brought to grave. He started this original project,... and then he only watched as it became a cash- machine without interest for the "evolution" of the figures.I think that his behavior is much heavier.He could have stopped it, but he did not. Angry He rimds me of George Lucas who had changed from a visonary and pioneer (Episode IV-VI) to a cold buisiness-man(Episode I-III) regardless to his own creation. Angry

If there is some to blame than this two. Not feminists or writers.

But well, fellow "Shenny"-shippers and nostalgics. No matter how dark it looks at the moment, the season is not over yet and possibilities are still there. It is still possible that they will again become aware of which both characters have made the show great (And which "Shippers"). So we all should not let the heads hang.

How Chris Rea sang at his song "Lets dance":

"There is a dream,.....I will never let go!"

[Image: 834027_700b.jpg]
And as Ghandi said:

"First they ignore you,
then they laugh about you,
then they figt against you,
and then you win." Wink

Greetings from Germany!!!
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I like your Ford Mustang analogy... Big Grin 

It was Season 5 that Parsons was asked to incorporate more of his own mannerisms, wasn't it? Jim said he was surprised at the time. Season 5 is certainly when Sheldon's whole demeanor and portrayal changed.
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Once again, Ratman77, you're right!! You're right you're right.
Bitches be crazy. 
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In more episode-related news, sneak peek is online:  brainbleach


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