10.09 The Geology Elevation
"When Bert (Brian Posehn), a Caltech geologist, wins the MacArthur Genius fellowship, Sheldon is overcome with jealousy. Also, Wolowitz finds an old remote control Stephen Hawking action figure he invented."


Johnny Galecki (Leonard)

Jim Parsons (Sheldon)

Kaley Cuoco (Penny)

Simon Helberg (Wolowitz)

Kunal Nayyar (Koothrappali)

Mayim Bialik (Amy)

Melissa Rauch (Bernadette)


John Ross Bowie (Kripke)

Brian Posehn (Bert)

Stephen Hawking (Himself)


Kunal Dudheker (Tour Guide)

STORY BY: Chuck Lorre, Erik Kaplan, Maria Ferrari

TELEPLAY BY: Steve Holland, Jim Reynolds, Jeremy Howe
DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski

Promo pictures are here http://www.spoilertv.com/2016/11/the-big...-1009.html
Finally, Sheldon's tootsies

[Image: Capture.jpg]
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(11-10-2016, 02:50 AM)CTR69 Wrote: Finally, Sheldon's tootsies

[Image: Capture.jpg]

I like this double up image very much but if you recall Ramona gave Sheldon a pedicure in the Cooper-Noweski Theorem. They like to repurpose things for Amy and as noted he's barely allowed to do anything without her in tow. Same with Penny, the ball and chain is always close at hand.
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[Image: latest?cb=20130318213313]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
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Funny thing is, that looks suspiciously like Penny's toe separators Big Grin
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[Image: tumblr_ogfghnYl5S1s6fovto1_1280.jpg]
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If only those two would leave the room, so Penny can comfort Sheldon in peace and quiet. She's the Sheldon whisperer
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That Sheldon because of something like that, become jealous reminds of the original, the "vintage"-Sheldon. Smile

Is there  possibly a light on the horizon?
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Sheldon: "I tried to let go of angry and threw a foot onto my foot"

Penny: "And what happened to you?"

Leonard: "Oh I laughed so hard I burst a blood vessel in my nose."

WHERE'S THE JOKE?? CHUCK LORRE, BILL PRADY, STEVE MOLARO, YES I'M TALKING TO YOU. If anyone finds this hilarious I'd like to hook their brain up to a scanner and try to work out whats wrong with it.  Confused One thing I will say its such a visual relief to see Sheldon back in his rightful place. HIS SPOT! All this living with A at P's place must end.

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Sheldon being jealous of Bert is a recon of The Jerusalem Duality where he is jealous of Dennis Kim, child prodigy.


[Image: 37a655_5005bf039339d137731336689ff9b8b6.jpg]

I love the final moment when Sheldon announces in the cafeteria.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, honoured daughters. While Mr Kim, by virtue of his youth and naivety, has fallen prey to the inexplicable need for human contact, let me step in and assure you that my research will go on uninterrupted, and that social relationships will continue to baffle and repulse me. Thank you."

Even though I'm a Shenny shipper this is the Sheldon who makes me laugh and who I admired the most.
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