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SHAMY WARNING: 10.07 The Veracity Elasticity
"In order to continue living with Sheldon, Amy lies to him about repairs being made to her apartment and they host an “on location” episode of “Fun With Flags” in Penny’s apartment. Also, Leonard lets Penny decorate Sheldon’s old room after he learns that she has been secretly moving Leonard’s collectibles into storage."

Major Shamy warning on this. Sleeping in Penny's bed is so weird, its as though he's dating Penny but the wrong person got in beside him. So odd to look at.

Promo shots etc. http://www.spoilertv.com/2016/10/the-big...-1007.html

Oh the shocking lie is that Amy lyed about her plumbing now bing fixed (who didn't see that coming - Fish Guts) and the thing they can't show us is a dream anyway. Whoopee!

Penny's lie is just stretching the joke too far I think.
(11-02-2016, 01:59 PM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: Oh the shocking lie is that Amy lyed about her plumbing now bing fixed (who didn't see that coming - Fish Guts) and the thing they can't show us is a dream anyway. Whoopee!

I actually bluffed that lie in my latest fic and now it turns out to be true?? Man, this is getting better and better... But of course, Sheldon will just roll over with it, instead of kicking that bitch out of Penny's apartment Rolleyes 
Come on, where's his backbone, pride and anger from Panty Pinata!? Don't buckle under, show her who's the boss! #MakeSheldonGreatAgain
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If it's any consolation, Penny did call Sheldon sweetie. That's all I've got. Sad

Basically every plot can be traced back to Amy and her lies:
-FwF looks like a joke for children
-She's living with Sheldon, which is why Penny is moving Leonard's things away.
-Bernie revealed her lie to Howard and he tells it to Leonard
-She and Penny talk some nonsense about drywalls and end up arguing
-Her living here, made Sheldon think and dream about them living together

She's tearing the group apart and they don't even realize it
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I hated this brunch. Sheldon saying Stuart was a test run and that Raj was even worse but they “can’t say that because he’s a minority” Even the audience gashed at that and the fools kept it in! Then Sheldon does a crappy apology and Stuart accepts it. It’s just awful. Don't like this new 'aware' Sheldon he's a horrible person.
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Finally watched it.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again The idiot in the writing team thought Fun with Flags was funny needs Jim’s pup Otis to wee in his shoes. Sheldon would never be interested in something so banal. There’s no brain power necessary for this limp hobby and its even more implasible that Dr Amy Farrah Fowler would give this crap the light of day. Zzzzzzzz.

Also Sheldon would never pick up the fact Amy changed the subject, he’s not that astute. This story is straining to be believable as it suddenly insists that we believe Sheldon whose entire persona is one of sheer oblivion can know something is going on which is that subtle. Then when he finds out...

Sheldon; “Well I don’t tolerate deception in our relationship”

ARE THEY FRICKEN KIDDING??? Amy and Sheldon’s relationship is built, fostered and maintained on her ability to deceive him. This IS their whole canon arrangement.

Other stuff, Howard was great. Simon rocks that cafeteria scene. The lenny story is actually a whole lot better in this episode, than the Shamy one, as far as I’m concerned. Leonard was quite funny.

Penny and Amy on the stairs. Amy just seems so normal now, she’s just Mayim Bialik in a bad outfit.

I liked the Klingon vs Amy’s language scene but only because Penny was in it and she's still got a sense of humour unlike most of the other main characters. I do not believe that Amy shared her secret language with anyone else but Sheldon though, and I certianly don't think Penny would take the time to learn it...so again, plausibility issues.

Penny lying to Leonard was very funny, I kind of enjoyed these two this ep and that’s saying something.

The final confrontation scene was weak as fuck. Boring! Man they really stretched that plot out huh?

Amy saying “Are you saying you’d like to live with me?” Geeez Amy get a backbone or lighten up and inject some humour into your acting.

By the way; That’s not just Sheldon’s room, its Sheldon’s damn apartment. What happened to these writers? The show is about Sheldon, always was. Making him secondary in 4B is a load of tosh.

The bedroom scene where Sheldon is deciding where they could live is a big reminder of how dull Shamy are. There's no dialogue between these two which generates any laughs, unless she's in a mood with him. The philosophy was not funny, it was just words. Just a load of opinion and pales in comparison to a good battle between Sheldon and his science vs Penny.

Leonard and Penny’s new room was really nice though and I like that he hid some of his stuff.

Best of this ep: Howard, Penny and Leonard.

Worst: Amy’s acting and Sheldon’s lack of funny lines.
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Hmm, when I see, at this experiment with Amy, Sheldon's face expressions.......

[Image: 79488.jpg]

.............I'd say there was another experiment that "gave" him more.

[Image: p-and-s.jpg]
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