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10.05 The Hot Tub Contamination
Hunting Penny for sex?

Well, therewith I could live. Big Grin

Joking apart. Leonard has changed locks? Really? I had suspected something but.....well....I can not understand ho someone continue to like this character.That is not the behavior of a (best) friend, that is the behavior of (sorry for my choice of words) a mean, selfish and sneaky bastard!!! Angry

Who was the first one who lived in this apartment?
Who had created this "Nerdvana" there? (Sorry, Howard, but there you was wrong).
Who had the first "wire" to the lovely Penny?

That all was Sheldon, not Leonard!!!
I really wish that Sheldon, after this maneuver, recognizest hat this troll is his enemy, that he use Amy to get him out of  4A. (That he would say to him the same as once to Ramona Nowitzki: "Out here!"")

And what is that for a script-stuff? While their talk Penny recognizes that she have with Leonard the same problems as Sheldon with Amy, and that she understand him.
(Again a occasion where this two could see that they are the best ones for each other. The understanding, the tolerance, the real true affection,....all that is there.)

[Image: Dr-nd-Mrs-CooPer-penny-and-sheldon-11729067-338-500.jpg]

But than Penny wants that he make the first step becaus he hurts Amy soooo much? This script-turn is pure idiocy. There is no scence at all. (Either the writers are simply stupid, or they are all fans of the "divine Marquis")

And by the way, (cheating of his father, yes or no) if he would really leve Amy, than he would never have the fear that he could cheat her. Such a fear is only there in relationships where something went wrong from the beginning.     
Apropos Amy.
Sorry, but there is again such a comparison which comes to my sense.
Sheldons Mother was always his kryptonite,.... in the way that she could made it that Sheldon came "down to earth", right?
And Amy is like this fake-kryptonite from Superman III

[Image: cec8a3b1bfee6878dc848eaf5cc32ec9.jpg]

Ross Webster (Robert Vaugh): "Right after Gus gave it to him, he started to turn into an ornery, evil, malicious, selfish....
Vera Webster (Annie Ross):".....A normal person."

[Image: superman3ws.jpg]

Normal person?
In truth he became ordinary ,without own personality, robbed the properties which made him to someone special.
It would be great if Penny and Sheldon would wake up and recognizing that they are not the partners but the victims of these puppet-masters.

[Image: latest?cb=20160601135051]

I am still hoping.

P.S.: I have not seen this episode, but I have read the scenes-synopsises. That was enough.
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^ That kiss. *faints* I will never not adore that kiss. Smile
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