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Worst Renaissance Fair ever
Getting Funky
Penny becomes a Nerd
Klingon Boggle
Sheldon gets his L plates
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
Mars Rover, "Come on over"
Die Toaster Die!
Unreal Friendship
Movie Madness
Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess
Simulated Driving
The Space Toilet
Making of the Blossom
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Nerdvana Season Two - Top 5 (guests can vote)
So we move on to the next season and there was definitely a shift away from group scenes, as Sheldon became the break-out star. There are a lot more individual nerd moments which focused on one character. Season Two still has some good group ones though and a few surprising additions.

Here’s my top picks from Nerdvana Season Two:

1. Worst Renaissance Fair ever
"That was not fifteenth century soap, my God those people need to learn you can’t just put “ye olde” in front of anything and expect to get away with it." - Sheldon

2. Getting funky
The guys just doing what they do, mucking about and having fun. Raj pours white liquid into the main dish of a stereo speaker covered in cling film.

3. Penny becomes a nerd
This has to be one of, if not the best Penny episode ever because its about her as a person and not just her as a romantic prop. Here she becomes addicted to Conan the Barbarian and forms a new connection to Sheldon. This was never repeated, sadly. “Like if Hulk were dating Peppermint Patty”

4. Klingon Boggle
Another fabulously nerdy opening scene. The guys speaking Klingon, something we don't see anymore. Big Grin

4. Sheldon gets his L plates!
There’s nothing like Sheldon meeting outsiders and in the early years his pure brilliance via the everyday, set this show apart. The interaction with the DMV lady is incredible and I also love Sheldon’s response to Penny’s question “why didn’t you just get a license at 16 like everybody else?” WOW!

5. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock
Decision making in 4A and probably one of the most famous nerd scenes. One of Sheldon’s best monologues. Priceless.

6. Mars Rover, come on over!
Howard gets the Rover stuck in a ditch trying to impress a girl. So good! Howard later finds out his mistake causes them to discover water on Mars. “It’s unclear how the Mars Rover got into the crevice, but one thing’s certain, the data which it has sent back contain the first clear indications that there may have been life on Mars. It’s a scientific discovery that has staggering implications for all mankind. Unfortunately, we’ll never know who’s responsible.”

7. Die Toaster Die!
Ever bit of The Killer Robot Instability is nerdtastic, but the opening scene kills it. Awesome!!!
Best quote - “Featuring one articulated razor-sharp killing saw, one polycarbonate grinding and flipping wheel, steel armour plate exoskeleton top and bottom, and enough horsepower to drive a 110 pounds of mechanized death from zero to holy crap in 4.8 seconds.” - Howard

8. Unreal friendship
Sheldon creates an algorithm for making friends, and takes it to extreme lenghts.
“A loop counter? And an escape to the least objectionable activity! Howard, that’s brilliant! I’m surprised you saw that.”

9. Movie madness
The guys use their mathematical minds to try to solve an everday problem. So funny.
“I don’t see a Sheldon-approved restaurant proximate to a Sheldon-approved theatre.”

10. Rockband
Raj squawking along to Rockband is both excuriating and all too realistic.
Howard: Penny, come on, we were just finding our sound.
Penny: You found it. It’s the sound of a cat being run over by a lawn mower.

11. Paintball traitors
With added Lesley, the only nerd girl the show featured in more than one episode. The team take on the other departments at Caltech.

12. Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess

I just love this, funny, daft and clever! The guys creativity and smarts made them so unique on a sitcom.

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My favorite nerd scene from The Euclid Alternative is Sheldon 0, Sim 1
Batman, Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber, and Penny being helpful as an airbag  Big Grin

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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Oh that is so good, adding to the list Big Grin
The Griffin Equivalency

I was studying recombinant DNA technology and I was confident I could create one, but my parents were unwilling to secure the necessary eagle eggs and lion semen. Course my sister got swimming lessons when she wanted them. - Sheldon

The rest of the scene:
Howard: Sheldon, not that we don’t all enjoy a good lion semen story, what’s your point.
Sheldon: My point is, if Koothrappali is moving on to a new life of shallow, undeserved fame, perhaps this is an opportunity to create a better cohort.
Leonard: You want to breed a new friend?
Sheldon: That’s one option, but who has the time? But consider this, the Japanese, they’re doing some wonderful work with artificial intelligence, now, you combine that with some animatronics from the imagineers over at Disney, next thing you know, we’re playing Halo with a multi-lingual Abraham Lincoln.
Howard: Sheldon, don’t take this the wrong way, but, you’re insane
Leonard: That may well be, but the fact is, it wouldn’t kill us to meet some new people.
Sheldon: Uh, for the record, it could kill us to meet new people. They could be murderers, or the carriers of unusual pathogens, and I’m not insane, my mother had me tested.

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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[Image: CfzJC8oUEAAmSEA.jpg]

I think we got a little obsessed with this at one point...TOAD'S FAULT.

[Image: B-GhRJjCQAAfVH3.jpg]

[Image: CNBK_YjVEAEqzGz.jpg]

Also Toad's fault...

Incidentally, we have 653 photos on our benighted twitter account (er, found here https://twitter.com/BigBangTheoryHQ ) and "weird shit" appears to be an appropriate tag for a fair portion of it. I think our minds were collapsing under the cumulative weight of horror...
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Every single scene where the boys deal with The Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Human Waste Distribution Disposal System in The Classified Materials Turbulence just made me laugh

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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You can't miss on the Shenny. The whole Worksong was one great scene after another.

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OMG I can't believe I forgot the Space Toilet! That has to go on the list right now. Thanks Nutz. Please feel free to 'undo' you original vote and pick a different five, if you wish.

The Nerdvana section will be all science and pop culture references so although the Worksong is great its really the manufacturing of the Penny Blossoms that should make the list.

I'm torn over the Griffin, if this a nerd scene... I'm not sure it is. It's more of a Sheldonopolis scene. Which makes me think I will need to do both Best Shenny and Best Sheldon scene polls after these are complete.
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I like your plans sirrah!

We already did a vague Best Sheldon Scene poll...if this is of any help? http://shennyhq.co.uk/dir/showthread.php?tid=289

Most of the best ones are further down in the comments. The poll was of inadequate size to accommodate them.

I see I'm bloody well going to have to replace some of the gifs there that have gone AWOL.

Oh my god, WORK! Heaven forfend.
Oh yeah I forgot it kind of got out of control. I think we may need a Best Sheldon scene tournament.

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