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9.24 The Convergence Convergence
"Chaos ensues when Leonard's recently divorced parents and Sheldon's devoutly religious mother come to town, on the ninth season finale of The Big Bang Theory, Thursday, May 12."

[Image: keClno2.png]

"Chaos" here meaning everyone sits at table wearing a sour milk face.
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  • Del Fino
How in the hell is divorced for over six years "recent"?

Also, isn't it hard to be "devoutly religious" when you keep having out of wedlock sex with different guys?

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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They had nothing to use as a finale after playing both big cards earlier in the season. Leonard and Penny married. Sheldon having sex with Amy (brrrr yuck!) after a reconciliation. As soon as I saw that Leonard's dad had been cast I totally guessed that Mary and him would get together and Beverley would get angry. It's all they had available. It also shows that Big Bang has so little story left to tell that they have to pull a predictable stunt.

Bev and Alfred split in S3, talk about mining the past. It may be a decent episode though. Everyone has to be sick of the sight of every ship on this show by now. It might be a welcome relief.
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[Image: 28hRmQM.jpg]
[Image: YhNdWye.jpg]

Yowza. This episode looks like it could be riotously...solemn.

[Image: TvUkG0U.jpg]

Huzzah, a few titters of mirth have escaped...

[Image: V6ewiK3.jpg]

...and have been quickly apprehended and smothered to death.

More promo photos here.
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Even the outfits as a whole are so dull. I'm getting sleepy just looking at these pics. **yawns**
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It looks like the end of an "Aghata Christie"- criminal-story when Hercule Poriot says:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I let you come to present you the murderer." Dodgy

It have the smell of a "dead-dance."

(I could imagine that the same kinds of faces we could see when the writers are sitting together to thinking about ideas.) Morlock

Really, it is sad that "TBBT" is become to a "money-cow" that they will milk as long until it drops dead.
If they will go further in this kinds of "stories" they will "ride the sick horse to death" and the show will end with a puny whimper.

I hope that they will make the turn and decide to implement the possibilities of the couple  which this page is dedicated. (SHENNY FOR THE WIN!!!) Cool Blossom Soft Kitty

They have a whole season which could be last one,.... but may not be. (Mister Molaro)

With the words of "Supreme Leader Snoke":

"We shall see."

"We shall......see."

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God, what a nightmare. Sheldon is sitting across Penny in the restaurant and here, but the wicked witch of the West is always between them.  Angry Amy is pure evil. 

[Image: 108235_WB_1902b_595_Mini_Logo_TV_white_Gallery.jpg]

But I have to say, I like Bernie more and more. Shernie were great in the last ep and now I cannot get her out of my head. And she can troll Amy like no one else.  Heart

[Image: 108235_WB_1817b_595_Mini_Logo_TV_white_Gallery.jpg]
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  • Ratman77
There is a thing that concerns me. A kind of horror-vision.

In a german forum a member has written that Penny and Leonard are married, but-so it seems- do not live together.

(A great marriage, isn’t it?) Sarcasm

But on the other side…..that Sheldon and Leonard are roommates is/was always one of the “core-topics” of the show, right? Idea
So I have the fear that one of the “surprises” of this “cliffhanger” could be the decision of them to go together. This pic where Judd Hirsh stands between Penny and Leonard in front of the door scares me. It looks like that Penny and Leonard-and the writers- could use Mister Hirsh to proclaim this decision to Sheldon and the others.

I hope that this is only a bad fear-obsession of me and will not come true because it would destroy one of the “pillars” on which the show is standing. By the whole nonsense, the writers made the last seasons, I could imagine that they are be able to kill the last rest of  originality.

You all know me, fellow “Shenny”-shippers”.  I am still optimistic that the “Shenny” could come true Heart and that the producers and writers cannot longer close their eyes before the facts that

A): it would be the only logical and emotional consequence to start to work with this two great characters


B): that the show simply completely goes desolate when they do so on like now. Sock

But it simply scares me.

Do someone know something about it? Can someone reassure me?

(If they would something like that, then-I prophesy- the next season/seasons would be have the lowest quotes.)

P.S.: To "CTR69": You are right. Amy looks in every of this pics like an evil warden.
Have you noticed that TPTB are trying to "Bernify" Amy in terms of her wardrobe? She's more color coordinated with an open sweater rather than those cardigans and mismatched button-up shirts that she used to wear. Then again it may be because they are going out.
Also, notice the *subtle* color palette they've chosen for the dinner party. The boys in black, greys and beige and the women in black, navy's and maroons...all except Amy who they've put in light flowered dress with a spring green sweater that screams " look at me, look at me"
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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