Why didn't they advertise the Shenny Kiss?
We can only speculate about this and I know what I'm thinking...

For years Shennys have maintained that Shamy only happened because the majority of female viewers (the larger audience) preferred Sheldon and Penny scenes to Leonard and Penny. We have been shouted down, called delusional and worse for suggesting that previously asexual Sheldon was only matched with Amy due to the sexual chemistry between Sheldon and Penny.

Shenny was once a massive group, including some on the media. We were completely ignored and have been the sub-fandom of Big Bang ever since. The producers of the show went to great lenghts to write in 'maternal' type storylines between Sheldon and Penny as far back as Season 3 because women shipped Sheldon with Penny. They have successfully created Shamy and sold it to the world, made a stack of money and yet still they run scared of the Shenny.

I found this post from an rather insightful canon called mirs1 over on the BB fansite and thought I'd share it:

"I've always been very curious to understand why the monkeys at TBBT didn't advertise the Shenny kiss properly. I mean, it was made for sure for shocking value, but it didn't help to bump the ratings of that episode at all, since almost nobody knew it was coming.  I'm not expert in advertising techniques and from my point of view I'm very happy they did not advertise it, but it was a strange choice. In fact, some people commenting photos uploaded very recently about that scene in Official TBBT media (on IG, Facebook, etc...) did not even remember what episode it was and that it already aired.

As far as how popular it is in social media, in the CBS official TBBT Youtube channel Shenny kiss is for sure more popular than Shamy coitus (even if it has been on line 2 months before it), but on the unofficial YT channel I usually check (I'm not from US and I don't have devices that allow me to watch the videos uploaded on the Official TBBT channel) Shamy coitus hit 2.500.000 visualizations in a month (I swear, only a few dozens are mine!!!, LOL|). To be fair it most likely is due to the fact that it is a video collecting all the scenes from that episode related to Shamy coitus, not just the few available on the official channel, so I'm sure many people even from USA prefer it to the videos officially released. And that unofficial channel doesn't have the Shenny kiss on it, so I can't make a comparison. But, checking a little bit on line, on another pretty famous YT unofficial channel, the video about Shenny kiss doesn't go beyond 800.000 visualizations vs. 450.000 visualizations for Shamy coitus which was uploaded of course 2 months later and they are essentially the same videos uploaded in the official channel. "

Here's the original post.

I hang my head and sigh.... do we need any more proof kittens? Blossom Blossom

I think TPTB are generally scared that the Shenny kiss is too popular. Which begs the question, why did the writers do it in the first place? We never asked for it. The vast majority of Shennys have given up asking. They don't even give us any scenes anymore, maybe the popularity of the kiss sealed Shenny's fate and we won't get anymore episodes featuring these two alone together because even now, after years of canon the Shenny can raise eyebrows in the fandom. With so many people commenting on the chemistry. As this poster has told us the kiss has more hits than Shamy coitus on the CBS channel. I can't confirm this as I'm out of the regoin. Could someone else take a look please?
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And I think I found the youtube video she was talking about... It's a Shamy shipper channel from Peru.

It's currently at 850,000.

I checked (sense I'm in the USA.) the official TBBT YouTube page. The top videos for S9 on their channel are (these are the only videos with over 100,000 views btw.)

1. Shenny Kiss with 413,285 views.
2. We Will Rock You with 131,881 views.
3. Shamy Coutus with 130,959 views.

Yeah you could argue that The Kiss has been up longer... But absolutely no promotion... It's the highest video on there for S9.

And I absolutely agree that they're freaked bc people LOVE shenny.

And they re-write the scripts as they're acting them out sometimes... I don't doubt that they may have minimized the shenny interactions right after and then just stopped all together after that.

They know. They're so preoccupied with giving Leonard the hot girl that they ruined the show.
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Amazing!! I'll be very interested to see those figures again once the season has ended. Even if Shamy coitus equally the kiss, it still a breakout scene, that wasn't advertised and wasn't part of an ongoing storyline.
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