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The World of Nerdcraft
The Battle of the Sauces
Cosplay Confusion
Two descendants of Archimedes, one Entertainment Centre
The Original Dating Experiment
The Space Odyssey Dance
Code Milky Green
I, Sheldon
Sports Day
Science meets Science Fiction
PMS all night long!
Dividing Lois
Power of the force
Three dimensional chess
Call Rajesh Koothrappali
Assembling a media centre
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Nerdvana Season One - Top 5 (guests can vote)
Come ye, come all. You are now entering Nerdvana... Big Grin

We at HQ believe that The Big Bang Theory started life as more than the sticky rom-com/family show it become. So with this in mind we're creating a section on the main site to shine a light on the best NON-rom moments. Also to defend the show which has been getting some bad press due to its later season 'nerd bashing'. Although the show did mock in the early years, it also produced some of the funniest and freshest nerdy moments ever! That's where you come in. Starting with Season One, please vote for your top 5 Nerdvana scenes.

In no particular order:

1. The World of Nerdcraft
The episodes opens with the guys furiously tapping away on their laptops. This is a most fabulous World of Warcraft scene and so funny. We have Sheldon as a rogue Elf and both he and Howard as the Sword Master. Magnificient!

"Don’t panic, this is what the last 97 hours have been about." - Leonard

[Image: the-fuzzy-boots-corollary-4.jpg]

2. The Battle of the Sauces.

Another great opener with the guys at The Cheesecake Factory re-inacting the Battle of Gettysburg. But they do in Nerd style complete with superheroes and Gods. So good!

"Excuse me, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and Shiva is the destroyer. When the smoke clears, Abraham Lincoln will be speaking Hindi and drinking mint juleps." - Raj

[Image: latest?cb=20120306105845]

3. Cosplay Confusion
The guys fail to arrange a costume meeting and everyone turns up as the Flash. Eventually settling on Thor, Frodo, Peter Pan and the Doppler effect... the later qualifes this episode as a winner in itself.

[Image: 20628523.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n2uuf25zdw1so84gyo1_500.gif]

4. Two descendants of Archimedes, One Entertainment Centre
Leonard and Sheldon attempt to use their brains to get a heavy parcel up to Penny's apartment.

"Ah gravity thou art a heartless bitch." - Sheldon

5. The Original Dating Experiment
Leslie and Leonard approach a romantic tryst in a whole new way.

"I was going to characterise it as the modification of our colleague/friendship paradigm, with the addition of a date-like component. But we don’t need to quibble over terminology." - Leslie

6. The Space Odyssey Dance
One of my personal faves from this season. Howard hooks up various appliances in the apartment to a remote access server across the net, cue triumphant dance to 2001: A Space Odyssey theme.

[Image: the-jerusalem-duality.20130423143958.jpg?1366727998]

“Gentlemen, I am now about to send a signal from this laptop through our local ISP, racing down fibre-optic cable at the speed of light to San Francisco, bouncing off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to Lisbon, Portugal, where the data packets will be handed off to submerged transatlantic cables terminating in Halifax, Nova-Scotia, and transferred across the continent via microwave relays back to our ISP and the X10 receiver attached to this …..lamp.”

7. Code Milky Green
The guys will do anything to avoid Sheldon when he's sick. Declaring a 'code milky green' they take in a Planet of the Apes marathon, then they attempt to get into the apartment undetected. Howard feeds a fibre-optic camera under the door and they send Leonard in, spy-style.

[Image: The-Big-Bang-Theory-The-Pancake-Batter-A...20-480.jpg]

8. I, Sheldon
Another of my faves from this season. This understated but funny scene where Raj and Howard try to convince Sheldon he's a robot by using Asimov’s three laws of robotics.

9. Sports Day: Trestling
One of the unique things about Big Bang are the games they create especially for the show. Some of these are only ever seen once but show the guys had developed their own special world.

"...combines the physical strength of arm wrestling with the mental agility of tetris into the ultimate sport."

10. Science meets Science Fiction
There's a sense the guys as scientists can appreciate ideas that most don't. They happily reinact science fiction scenes and see sci-fi as possible. Their passion is mocked, sure but also celebrated because they are so endearing.

[Image: latest?cb=20120727024801]

Sheldon: The exact time machine that carried actor Rod Taylor from Victorian England into the post-apocalyptic future, which society had splintered into two factions, the sub-terranean Morlocks, who survived by feasting on the flesh of the gentle surface dwelling Eloy.

Howard: Talk about your chick magnets.

11. PMS all night long!
The guys go head-to-head with Sheldon's ego at the physics bowl.

[Image: 692661b5fd47e0fe116548.jpg]
[Image: The-Big-Bang-Theory-The-Bat-Jar-Conjectu...20-480.jpg]

12. Dividing Lois
They guys argue over the Superman movies and Sheldon gives a consise account of how Lois Lane would be sliced in three when Superman tried to catch her in front of a bemused Penny.

[Image: Sheldon-explains-the-Physics-of-Superman...s-Lane.jpg]

13. Power of the Force
Leonard defending the apartment with a light sabre. (lone scene but funny)

[Image: latest?cb=20100304172253]

There were so many others I had to leave out...

Like Sheldon's teeshirt idea of a 'Proton through a plane', the very first explanation of his spot, Howard dancing on game pads, Sheldon and Leonard talking about time travel and the problem with teleportation., Sheldon and Penny's first car journey with Sheldon talking about stopping distances etc, Penny killing Sheldon at Halo, Sheldon trying to blow up Leonards brain as in Scanners, Leonard threatening to tear the head from a mint Geordi LaForge figurine and the guys reactions, Sheldon becoming a shop assistant when he went to the store to buy a birthday present for Leonard and his chat with Penny about Schrodinger’s Cat. AND Sheldon and Leonard talking about Skynet and how the Terminator timeline doesn't work. Phew!!! And that's just season ONE!!! I left out most of these other nerdy moments because they didn't include most of the guys, weren't technically a nerd scene or just not as fine as some of these others.
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Oh I forgot one.... THREE DIMENSIONAL CHESS with Sheldon and Leonard. Damn it!
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[Image: tumblr_m8jce892jQ1r3gmbo.gif]
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Don't forget this gem...  Big Grin

Leonard: Here, let me try. Call McFlono McFloonyloo. Heh-heh.

Howard’s phone: Calling Rajesh Koothrappali. (Raj’s phone rings).

Raj: Oh, that’s very impressive. And a little racist.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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(02-27-2016, 11:31 PM)QueenOfShebaSays Wrote: [Image: tumblr_m8jce892jQ1r3gmbo.gif]

It IS Tongue I'm sure there are others I've missed. *sniff*
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For those of you who need a refresher ... or just want to laugh your ass off

The World of Nerdcraft

The Battle of the Sauces

The Space Odyssey Dance

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I, Sheldon

Dividing Lois

Cosplay Confusion

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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The Original Dating Experiment

Science meets Science Fiction

“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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i kinda like that the moments that mostly had Leonard or had him besting Sheldon are not voted on at all.

[Image: tumblr_inline_mp2j7coX1p1qz4rgp.gif]
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If I could only pick one, the Space Odyssey dance would be that one. Nerdy hijinks, flawless Helberg, and a sci-fi movie reference to boot.  Heart 

[Image: kQYJcS7.jpg]
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