Missing in Action - The Lost Shenny Writers

Thanks to Nutz for this collection. They are no longer available online. As we don't know the reasons all these fics have been removed by their authors we are keeping them in the private area. Send us a message, or join up if you want to read 'em.

1. A Day in the Life by Damalur
March 9th, 2011, is just another day in the life for Penny and her roommate, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. (One shot. M)

2. Doctor Dementa and Lesbian Barbie by Dalamur
Sometimes the dimensional walls come down between Leslie-world and Penny-world.  Those are the good days. One shot. (Slash – Penny/Leslie) (M)

3. Honey let me hump you by Dalamur
The problem with this job is that there's just not enough Penny-time. One shot. (M)

4. Interlude But What Are Your Thoughts on Ho Yay by Dalamur
Set in the Lifeverse sometime before "The Universe and You," so Penny and Sheldon are living together but not yet involved. I should probably just throw in the towel and write a series called "Sheldon and Penny Talk About Awesome Things." (Next up, Neil Gaiman!) Also, I'm pretty sure I stole the "There was a moment of..." line from Douglas Adams. One shot.

5. Life in a Nutshell by Dalamur
Penny laughs, cries, shrieks, smiles, and takes the theater world by storm. Sheldon watches Firefly. Leonard gambles. The world starts to look up. Part 2 of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

6. Maybe I’m a Lion by Dalamur
They do this every day at dawn and dusk. One shot. (M)

7. The Dress Code is invasion casual by Dalamur
She wasn’t the Prom Queen. One shot.

8. The Role of a Lifetime by Dalamur
Élan Magazine sits down for an interview with Academy Award-nominated actress Penelope Cooper. Part 3 of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

9. The Universe and You by Dalamur
Set before "A Day in the Life." Penny thinks Sheldon is asexual. Sheldon begs to differ.

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