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I have yet to come across any arguments, scenes or quotes, that point out why Amy is supposed to be nice and in love with Sheldon, or why Shamy is supposed to be true luv.  
Because all I see is her monkey torture, attacking and harassing people, making Sheldon into her property, following her five-year plan into making him propose to her, wearing ugly clothes and being grumpy and annoying all the time. She's a character of darkness, like Zelena from OUAT.
Which is why I love how Bernie handles her on couple of occasions.
Penny is a good person, she's being nice to her all the time. She doesn't like Amy as well, but only Bernie can deliver it:


Amy does not belong into this group of friends, simple as that.
I actually don't know what creeps me out more: Amy's behaviour towards Sheldon or her behaviour towards Penny. Which I am sure the writers see as a positive example of onscreen female friendship, because apparently there cannot be female friendship without (one-sided, unwarranted, and creepy) sexual subtext, conversations that are always about men and relationships, and heavy drinking (it's even understandable, all things considered).
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(06-07-2017, 02:01 AM)Shelatte Wrote: Hi everyone,
I can't figure out which thread is better suited to introducing myself, so I decided to land here. First of all, I'm so happy that I have discovered this place! I started watching BBT couple months ago (I blame Delta, because they had three BBT episodes in their in-flight entertainment, and that led to my current predicament; although it wasn't even good episodes, it was S10 episodes, so I should probably share the blame).
Anyway, I had binge-watched the show in several weeks and it was like meeting someone, falling in love, and then watching your loved one develop Alzheimer's. It left me feeling so sad, but even more baffled, because I couldn't understand why the showrunners would do such awful things to their own creation. I went online, because I couldn't believe that the viewers would not object to the things happening in the later seasons, but apparently people love it! It is mind-boggling!
I understand that I may be biased, because I work in academia, and most of the people I know are pretty much like the ones we see in the show (well, in the early seasons, at least), but my biggest issue is with Amy. She is not a valid representation of women in science, nor is she a "female version of Jim Parsons", she is a mean and ugly caricature of either. I understand that money is money, but I honestly don't know how the actress who plays Amy deals with it considering that she apparently has a scientific background herself. It is so infuriating that the producers (I think it was Molaro) do not even understand how offensive it is when they say that while Sheldon and Amy both missed a whole lot of "normal" experiences in life, the difference between them is that he is fine with that, but she is eager to make up for it (I'm paraphrasing because I don't want to look it up, it makes me too angry). Which means they think that while a man can be interested and happy and satisfied with something other than dating, getting married and having babies, a woman can only pretend to be until she has a chance to "get a life", and then she apparently turns into this frightening creature that is Amy?
I remember when I first heard about BBT, it was from one of PhD students in our department who was obsessed with it and kept repeating that everyone who works in academia should watch it. It was about eight years ago; I doubt she would say that about current version of the show. Which is sad, because the idea had so much potential.
But anyway, as I said, I started reading discussion boards, and it turns out, people love Amy, they think she is lovely and beautiful and a sweetheart (that made me think that something is wrong with my TV or with me, because I totally don't see that), and they love "Shamy", which is probably one of the saddest and creepiest pairings in TV history. I turned to fan fiction, and at least that didn't disappoint, because most of the fics seem to be about Sheldon/Penny. But if fanfic writers can see that, why cannot show writers? Why on "Friends" (that ended more than ten years ago), Joey was allowed to stay single until the end of the run, and Ross and Rachel were allowed to have an oops baby and not get married, and that was a show about "regular" people? Why the show about outstanding, exceptional scientist(s) does not allow him to do anything interesting? I can understand lazy writing and poor plotlines every once in a while, like with the can opener (which was completely unbelievable: if someone tampered with my results and let me publish it? I wouldn't still be friends with those people, I might let them live but only if I couldn't figure out where to hide the bodies), I can sort of gloss over it and pretend it didn't happen. But when the writers systematically destroy the characters that were the reason of the show's success in the first place?
As I understand, there will be at least two more seasons of BBT, and despite the fact that the ratings seem to be declining, they are still the highest on TV (right?), so it is unlikely that the writers will try to change anything. I couldn't bring myself to watch two last S10 episodes, and I don't want to watch the next seasons if the show continues to translate the message that people cannot have any aspirations in life besides being married and boring.

(Sorry about the long post and abuse of English language!)

Welcome Shelatte. I love this post, it reminds me of the exact feelings I had discovering BB and the disappointing direction they took.

Can Opener was written by Steve Molaro and it shows a lot of recentful undercurrents towards Sheldon. It was 'pay-back' time an episode where Leonard got Penny and Sheldon got a swift kick in the teeth. He easily let Leonard off the hook for the sabortage and it made me feel like the writer felt Sheldon was inconsequential. Or wanted to make some kind of statement about that.

Molaro is now the showrunner so you can understand why we have the state of affairs which we do, Sheldon is still important but they keep him in check. Its almost as if he took revenge out on a charcater that was bigger and better than the show itself. Which Sheldon really was at the time, he was epic once. By S3 we were seeing him in Mickey Mouse ears and Penny playing 'Mom'. It was gross and felt deliberate. Sorry to any Shennys who like that scene where Penny is supposed to have taken Sheldon to Disneyland but I hated it. Disneyland FFS!
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We have a new Showrunner!!

[Image: 37a655_2817dd9c83a54a4d9860298f28843cda~mv2.jpg]

And yes I did quote Daedaleopsis in my description of Molaro's 'Young Sheldon'. Big Grin
On "TV-Serienjunkies" are news regarding the possible end (or not) of "TBBT". I try to translate:

Chuck Lorre himself has set the rumor in the world: The Big Bang Theory tends to the end, the twelfth season of the successful sitcom could be the last. CBS boss Kelly Kahl wants to hold on the number 1. Until the twelfth season, the sitcom is still there. What comes after this is uncertain. At the TCA co-series creator Chuck Lorre told  to THR:

'We had never expected to come to year 11,or what happens after the twelfth year. It could easily to assume it would be the end of the series, but I'm just amazed that we've made it to this point. '
The plots of the "TBBT" -episodes are not planned far in advance. Executive Producer Steve Molaro, who is now responsible as the showrunner at the spin-off "Young Sheldon", said:

'We focus on an episode, that we've been doing for ten years, and that has brought us that far. '

Meanwhile, Kelly Kahl, the new entertainment-director at CBS, keeps the future of the Sitcom open and wishes to keep the series on air for, at least, 20 years.CBS and Warner Bros. have, so far, announced no plans for the future. The multi-camera sitcom costs ten million US-dollars per episode. It is said that CBS and WBTV share these costs together because "TBBT" was in its tenth season with 19 million viewers (Rating 5.1) a basic- pillar in the program of the US- broadcaster.

The main-actors (Parsons, Cuoco, Galecki, Nayyar, Helberg) have recently abandoned parts of their salaries to allow her colleagues Mayim Bialik (Amy) and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) to increase their salaries.

At autum, the potential successor "Young Sheldon" will also celebrate premiere and eventually replace the 'mother- ship' after the twelfth season. If it is then really over with "The Big Bang Theory", will be announced at the earliest in a year, when new contract-negotiations are pending.

(2. august, 2017)

Twenty years?

New contract-negoitiations?

What do you think?

P.S.: A late, but cordial, HI to "Shelatte"

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