The ever expanding BANG.
Of course they need two more seasons.
- Season 11: Penny gets pregnant (maybe even a "cliffhanger" at the end of season 10) and Amy and Sheldon are getting married. Raj gets a new girlfriend.
- Season 12: Amy gets pregnant, and Sheldon finally gives up on physics. Raj marries his girlfriend. Leonard and/or Amy get the Nobel Prize, because you know "they deserve it". Sheldon has been dumbed down to idiocy level. Cliffhanger: Raj's girlfriend is pregnant, and the circle is complete.

There you go, I just wrote the storyline for the next two seasons. I have to admit that it was very hard!
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I'm "liking" that because it's accurate, not because I like it. I think I felt my soul die a little under the weight of crushing apathy and commercialism.
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I understand your frustration and I would lie if I say that may feelings are not similar.

But, hey "Shenny"-shippers, let us see it also from another side. If there will be really two full years,...isn't there are also the possibility that the chances for our "Shenny" could become better?

I mean,..if it go on in the same way, how are the chances that the quotes will be stand good? With only this relationship-stuffs? Only with this "Shamy"-and "Lenny"-clobber? What could come further from this story-lines without it becomes completely dull and unbelievable? Again regnancy and wedding? Can they really use the two full years only to show in two more cases happy family( Sarcasm )?

I really think not. I think that, how longer the show will be on air, the writers will suppressed to find other ideas.

(And what could be better as this relationship Heart   and this tension Soft Kitty  between our two favorite characters-which hovered over the show from the beginning-to create a new exciting plot-line which could hold again the show at life )?

And so, fellow "Shenny"-shippers, do not let the heads hang. Stay strong and see also the good thing in the possible continuation of the show.
The enlargement of the chances that the "Shenny" (which owes the show so infinitely much) will come back into the minds of the producers.

And I am convinced it will.

(We will see, the "Shenny" will, at the end, fight to victory.......

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So again and altogether:

SHENNY FOR THE WIN!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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I rather adore your posts, Ratman. You have an enviable level of vim and verve. Wine Blossom

I'm one of those fans who never assumed Shenny would happen (I just think it's the only logical AND artistically satisfying choice for Sheldon, if he HAD to be attached to anyone. Penny obviously. Come on.), and indeed this knowledge didn't impede my enjoyment of the show one iota. I don't like romance, I like opposites relating to each other. I liked their friendship with the underlying POTENTIAL of something unsaid. It was fascinating watching such disparate personalities alternately attack and protect each other.

The actors had extraordinary chemistry and the clash of mentalities was intrinsically comedic. I felt also, overwhelmingly, that the relationship of Penny and Sheldon showed how opposite world views could co-exist, provided there was empathy and love. At which point I break out the joss sticks and put on my yoga pants, apparently...

Anyroad, I would have happily watched years of a platonic relationship, with no expectations, just pure enjoyment. But they (Molaro? BigWig Moneybags?) scuppered it by;

A) Removing Sheldon's intellect
B) Directing his remaining brain cells towards dealing with the "mysteries of romance" Puke

C) Making the object of this romance an objectifying (like Leonard) and manipulative scold of a caricature, living out a fantasy romance (like Leonard) determined to rid Sheldon of his last vestiges of originality and independence

D) Removing well-nigh all Penny and Sheldon scenes

With a woefully diminished and buffoonised Sheldon, and an unrelenting parade of stuffy, conservative, conventional, deadening, hostage/captor-like relationships thrust upon our eyeballs in lieu of episodes devoted entirely to scientists floundering around amidst the mysteries of the universe (or at least building killer robots), I cannot even bring myself to enjoy the clever writing that remains around these deadening "ships". The couples taint everything, and life is too short to weed through dross, picking out gems.

Yadda yadda.
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Every scene where they were together, was going in the right direction, but they froze in the last second or said something stupid to ruin it. 

I feel this way everytime a beautiful Shenny scene failed on its potential. Like how can you miss such an opportunity by so much! Ugh... 

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Negotiations are being drawn out as Bialik and Rauch go for 1m per episode to bring them in line with the others.

Sharply in contrast to Mayim Bialik's attitude over the last pay negotiations. The media was full of attacks over how much Kaley, Jim or Johnny were paid. With a lot of criticism towards Kaley specifically. Mayim weighed in at that time to highlight the gap in her pay. I thought it was a little poorly timed myself. I'm fairly sure they will get 1m per episode though. The show has changed so much that they are very much in the forefront.
More on the pay gap. The rest of the cast are taking a cut to raise the pay of Mayim and Melissa which is pretty agreeable of them and similar to what happened with Friends. So they are likely to take home $900,000 and not 1m.

All the news reports are saying Melissa and Mayim have been on Big Bang since S3 but that's more true of Melissa. Mayim was in the final tag scene of S3 and they invited her back for S4. So she really cut her teeth in S4.
And they didn't get added to the credits until season 5, right?
(03-03-2017, 09:38 PM)devilbk Wrote: And they didn't get added to the credits until season 5, right?

Yeah, they didn't become show regulars until Season 5.

They seem to be so loved and such great pals with cast and crew thats there's a tendency to exaggerate a tad. To be fair, I think they should paid more now as they pretty much own the writers, or at least Shamy do. And Shamy is all about Amy, not Sheldon. Regardless of how they market it. The whole 'Sheldon has grown' mantra is a load of old bollocks.

Although I'm suspecting that MR and MB want a big raise anyway and they have sway now, the others have to take a cut if they want another 48 pay checks of £900,000. Big Grin So if I had to loss 10% or get nothing, I'd take a 10% cut as well. Warner obviously don't want to fork out for 7 cast members at those numbers. They have also had to give them a new show, in the prequel of Sheldon's early years as an extra bribe.
So its official folks! There will be two more seasons of TBBT as CBS confirm its in the bag.

There is only the salaries of Bialik and Rauch to be settled. I suspect it will be two seasons of Shamy as this seems to be the main writing arc for the shows popularity now. With Shamy wedding and whatnot being a big ratings draw. Sad I don't expect to see much of the old days, as they'll be wanting to distance themselves from all that.
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