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Thespian is brilliant. They had a character who wanted to be an actor, and how many acting-based episodes did we get? Two. Over seven years.

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Quote:Just an idea but maybe when you get back we can start from the pilot and work our way through to the end of S3. We can make new ep threads for each (as if the show were airing in order now) if you'd like...?

Otherwise carry on Tongue

Yes, that's a much more organized idea, PJ. Let's do it that way. I don't want to clutter up the site. Things are kinda busy and chaotic for me, right now, plus I'd like to contribute more graphics and stuff and don't have the wherewithall, right now.

Let's still do Friendship Algorithm this weekend, though, and then I'm gonna wait until I return home at the end of Feb. I want to really do this right and make these Vintage posts all nice-n-shiny, a really fitting tribute. Smile

There are various eps in 2-3 that I don't/won't re-watch and don't care to discuss, so people can do whatever they want with that. And like WPP said, there might be a few S4 eps that are worthwhile.
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All Hail Monte! Die, Toaster, die! Big Grin

I am really glad that someone extracted all the Monte scenes from that ep, because I have issues with the rest of it.

Poor Monte, his life was short...

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By ThatJemmaGirlDraws
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Shameless bump for the hilarious Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem episode. Just to refresh the memory of classic greatness, that was season 2, before Ramona appears again in the BBT.

One could make a poll for the best scene in it. It's impossible to isolate a single favorite quote from this ep, there's just too many of them. The whole S10 does not include this much hilarity, as it's gathered here. 

An intelligent labradoodle. Woof Wink :

Sheldon's deal:

Communication through the wall. The mortal fear, when she walks into the bedroom:

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A couple more from this great episode.

Be my Yoko Ono...

Sheldon asks Penny for Help
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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Here's a case of mis perception (which relates to the George mis perception). Is Yoko Ono still perceived as the woman who split up the Beatles? I heard an anecdote on the radio today. John Lennon went to an art gallery. There was a step ladder, he climbed it and written on the ceiling was in very small letters the word 'YES'. He said who is this artist, I have to meet her.
He (and I) found her conceptual pieces intriguing. He was getting bored with the Beatles and the limitations of pop, and Yoko opened his mind to other forms of artistic expression.

The main ep that stands out to me is season 2 ep 18. I will re watch this, but it was the idea of Sheldon wholeheartedly helping Penny, and the warmth between them. In a way this clip encapsulates everything you need to know about the early BB seasons, and shows off each of their characters perfectly. Singing a English sea shanty work song indeed!


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