The "Other" ship fanfic
I've notice recently a dramatic shift in the fan fiction being posted and I've wander what the cause was, but until now had no place to ask.

I know we've had a member who has so graciously pored over all the fanfiction and categorized all of the Shenny fics and the like. If I recall correctly we had a majority of the postings as of September. In the last eight weeks 'they' seem to be catching up.

In November the NaNoWriMo takes up the time of many authors as well as the beginning of the Holiday season. I understand if this is the cause, though it hasn't seemed as drastic in years past.

In that period of time I've also noticed the increase of vitriol directed towards us from the 'others'   (I've never in any other fandom seen people so mean, crass and juvenile all at the same time. I wonder if the Shamy fans are teenagers (would explain why they think those are good relationships) who just learned some of theses word (seriously if you are going to curse at me, use the word in a context that makes sense)  (NO OFFENSE to Teens-not all of them are simple minded)
This coincided with TPTB  finally sinking the plot to an all time low. 

Their fanfic just seems to be rehashing cannon (I suspect they don't understand fanfiction.)  And most not very well (another reason I think its a group of 14 year olds.)

So am I wondering, have the Shenny writers, or writers who focus on a more authentic approach to any of the characters,   Run out of steam?   Tired of be abused?    Just on a break?     Disheartened by current plot?

currently couldn't write a Shenny now. (I've also lost hope for Howard, he was so light and funny  Tongue.) 
Anything I could come up with would be let them be happy singles or an OC.
Personally, I ran away at speed from actually watching after the promo for the S3 finale, because I could see the Oncoming Trainwreck. The Abomination made my skin crawl on sight. I think it is a combination of disheartened and weary of abuse (and I bailed before the barmy army really got into stride) - there's only so long you can produce anything in a vacuum, and sooner or later, there just isn't anything left in the original material to inspire. Hence my turning to seriously batshit AU. Dropping a really big rock on someone is very cathartic.
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I think the thought is the Shamy fan are actually older? It's not the surprise the Lenny and Shamy fans want fics that exactly match the canon from the show. I like to try something different with fics and like to explorer different pairings at times. I even like Sheldon and Penny to face obstacles before they get together in fics. I do not want fics to be stale and boring like the show.

I think some Shenny writers were run off by hateful Shamy and Lenny fans. I think most got frustrated with no Shenny on the show and lost the passion to write fics.
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I agree with, Trust No One. The Shamies are older. Incredibly immature but older. They don't have any idea what fan fiction is supposed to be, hence their blind canon compliance. They also, IMO, identify very strongly (perhaps unhealthily) with Amy Farrah Fowler and nobody else on the show. All the other characters are there to support Fowler's desires. And, BTW, they hate Sheldon. And Penny.
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Older, huh? I hadn't considered that. I always thought no self respecting adult could accept those farce of relationships as anything remotely real or healthy. (Yes, I know its not real, but if we are going for AU I expect more aliens or zombies-anything)

The poor verbiage, and embrace of a relationship no thirteen year old would accept, lead me to think otherwise.

If they are so resistant to non-cannon writing why then do they write fanfiction? (Ugh, if i see one more fanfic rewriting Shamy's first time! Where's the brain bleach. I know I saw some around here earlier.)

I bet it's because all the cool kids are doing it Wink
And by cool kids I mean you dorks who have inventive minds and time on your hands. (Looks around are realizes she resembles that remark)

Age of the Geek, baby!!
They absolutely hate Sheldon... I've seen this before in shipping and fandoms. I think a lot of Shamy fans are older...

And yeah I mean I don't actively watch the show anymore... But I love Jim and Kaley and shenny are my babies so I've been writing fanfic for them. I did a lot with TWD but right shenny is so much fun to write!

And the point of fanfic, for me, is to do what the show isn't doing. If I wanted to see what the show is doing I'd just watch the show.

The Shamy fans who attack the shenny fanfic are just a pissed that shenny is a better couple, that shenny writers are better and that we haven't gone away at all.

But yeah... I do wish more would write because I love reading new stuff!!
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I've not been in many fandoms, but I have a few, but I've never seen this level of specific hate.

I've seen reviewers that don't like non cannon settings or not like certain pairings, but to actively chase people down and spew life threatening hate is CRAZY.
I would never do that. If I don't like what's on the label, I don't buy it. And if I did get something I didn't like it, I would return it quietly. (I feel bad pointing out typos on writing I do like)

I agree we do have far better writers with much better imaginations. Too bad our authors have been run off or burnt out.

I wish we could get more written. Those first few season have so much juicy characters and plot points that could go so many ways.

I'm not certain how anyone could latch on to Amy, let alone create anything around her. She is dull and one trick pony. (TPTB knew this and changed her b/c of it) But I don't begrudge them writing what they want (even when they need to harm Penny), to their hearts content. I just don't see the need for other writers to be victimized by it.

The shamy crowd seems to be the worst-occasionally you seem a shamy that is a lenny get nasty, but its rare you see someone who is just a lenny behave that way. (Maybe they biggest offenders have picked up some of Amy's crazy.)

But I do wonder, if they hate Sheldon, why are they 'Shamy' they could just as easily be Rajammon (Oh dear Lord, don't get me started on the dog...)
They want what Amy wants. If Amy (still) wanted Penny they'd want her to have Penny.
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Things have improved on the abuse front a lot.

This guy (a Lenny) used to leave reviews on our fics, he had several tumblr accounts and I think THIS is the last one still around. There's only a handful of posts here but you can imagine what our writers got in their mailboxes!

So I'd like to say its not just Shamys and most fans are not even interested in abusing us. Its just a few insecures. But there has been a little rise since the ciotus event. It hard for me to know why anyone ships Shamy because its not to my taste. There could be any number of reasons.

I think the show has been the main reason people stopped writing Shenny. There's just not a lot of inspiration for us now. I say that speaking for myself because a few of you are full steam ahead!!!
Maybe some of these canons attack our fan fiction to get us to react. Sheldon and Amy have just had sex and where are the wailing Shenny shippers, crying for their ship? Where are the shennys throwing themselves at Prady on twitter? For the most part, Shenny shippers haven’t reacted much at all. It’s been more of a collective sigh. It’s all been very dignified.
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