Merry Newtonmas (Fan fiction Challenge)

Happy Saturnalia to all the Shenny shippers. Wherever you are, in all four corners of the globe, we know what Christmas means to Sheldon and Penny. Just some of the best Shenny scenes ever!! So with that in mind we invite you to write a Christmas fic. And wish you a happy Christmas and New Year.

It can be as short or as long as you like.
It can be a Christmas day where they open presents...
Or anywhere your imagination goes.
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Hurrah! We have ONE Christmas fic and its even a bit saucy.

Let It Snow By: OrsonWells

Penny, Sheldon, a cabin and snow... ho ho ho... (Holiday fun, some smut... with plot... and you know.)

[Image: shenny_bunnies___squashed_by_gwendy85.jpg]
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The Perfect Murder? By: OrsonWells

A weird combo of the Movie Challenge and How To Kill A Doctor.

[Image: 66409fff66ae78863797e46f75649e02.jpg]

I don't know if this image really goes with this fic but I like it.
I don't think this technically qualifies, but it is Shenny and it is Christmas. The Santa Catalyst over at Ao3

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