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This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories between Sheldon and an Original Character (OC). These stories will mostly contain romance. Any story that has descriptive sex in it will be marked (M)

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silver Indicates FanFiction BBT Top 200 Favorite. Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. The Prodigy Protégé by LittleCaroline
Sheldon finally finds a person who all at once awakes his sexual instincts - it's a young and extremely beautiful man, a prodigy in physics. Leonard and Penny are going to have fun, too. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

2. The Sheldon Flexibility Improbability by myboygeorge
Sheldon accompanies Penny to her weekly yoga night, but what happens to the slim, nervous geek when the class instructor wants to get physical with him?  (Sheldon/OC) (Leonard/Penny)

Chasing Amy Series by queenofthelooneybin (NOT about Amy Farrah Fowler)
3. Chasing Amy - Once upon a time, Sheldon Cooper was in love. But, he lost her. Now, Sheldon must win her back before it is too late. With the help of the guys, Penny, his family and some surprising sources, they must race the clock to stop a wedding, geek-style. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

4. The Post Wedding Discussion - Part of the 'Chasing Amy' universe aka the Amyverse. Sheldon and Amy talk after her failed wedding. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

5. The Contemplation Actions - Sheldon and the love of his life contemplate each other. Part of the Amyverse. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

6. The Wedding Dress Mêlée & The Coitus Conundrum - Penny and Amy go shopping for wedding dresses. Meanwhile, Leonard is very uncomfortable. Part of the Amyverse. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

7. The Relocation Hindrance - Sheldon's fiancée moves in. Sheldon acts like himself, which creates a problem. Part of the Amyverse. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

8. The Infertility Issue - After a doctor's appointment, Amy and Sheldon end up in an unexpected place. Part of the Amyverse. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

9. The Timeline Alteration - After a fight with his fiancée, Sheldon makes a wish, and that wish alternates everything in his world. Part of the Amyverse. AU crackfic. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

10. The YouTube Wedding Guy Discovery - The night of the meteor shower, a very strange discovery is made. Part of the Amyverse. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

11. The Nuptial Process - Sheldon gets married in Vegas. Part of the Amyverse. Guest starring: Howard's mom! Read to learn her opinion on strippers. Not Farah Fowler! (Sheldon/OC)

12. The Romance of the Man Named Sheldon by DarkAngelSnapeLover
A romance with Sheldon unlikely but possible . Will it end the way he hoped or will the unexpected cause the inevitable? T for sexual humor. Crack (Sheldon/OC)

13. The New Girl Hypothesis by SunnyPenName
Penny's cousin Belle moves into the apartment building, and Sheldon experiences something he never has before: love. (Sheldon/OC)

14. Splendid Summer Days by kumikokat
1995. Fifteen-year-old Sheldon Cooper meets Olive Morrison, sparking a summer romance that will stay with him for the rest of his life. (Sheldon/OC)

15. The Starbuck Experience by bigbangtheorysheldoncooper
When a new woman starts working at the University, the guys all seem to love her but Sheldon could not be more put out. (Sheldon/OC)

16. First Impressions and Reflections by Ms. ST (Story removed)
She had met him in a cafeteria in the fifth grade, and where she was outgoing and caring, he was shy and insensitive. These are the stories of Cassandra Penna and Sheldon Cooper from their first meeting to the very last day they ever see each other again. (Sheldon/OC)

17. The History Paradox by CatherineJosephineMarie007 silver
Sheldon/OC fanfic. Less fluffy than my normal stuff, but it had to be to become appropriately geeky. (Sheldon/OC)

The Challenge Series by Kit-cat99
18. The Wheaton Challenge  silver - It's well known that Sheldon Cooper is far from a lady's man. But he just might have to try when Will Wheaton challenges him and his friends push him. Think of it as an experiment. One that's about to go horribly wrong. (Sheldon/OC) (Penny/Leonard) (M)

19. The Sheldon Valentine Disaster - Expectant parents, Sheldon and Marnie, have a rather eventful Valentine's Day. (Sheldon/OC)

20. Chaotic by Tumblr Ate My Soul (Author deleted account)
Tomorrow her research in London gets approved and she leaves, because it's science before all else. And he understands. And never again lets anyone get as near as her. (Sheldon/OC)

21. The Progenitor Acquaintance by AbitheWitch88
Sheldon meets Pagan at the comic book shop, he and her young son make a wager that will turn all their lives upside down. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

22. Taken by Reparata
Something has happened and our favorite BBT guy has a lot to figure out if he's going to survive long in his new environment. Sheldon/OC but still Sheldon. I double-dog dare you to read it and step outside of your comfort zone and embrace diversity (Sheldon/OC)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
23. The Copper and Cobalt Polarization by silvergryphon06 silver
Dr. Copper McIntyre is an old friend of Penny's and the new neighbor just one floor down. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that she and Dr. Cooper are going to have quite the reaction once they meet. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

Affair Series by SlytherinPride2292 silver
24. The Damnable Affair - Sheldon continues his day-to-day schedule without disruption. That is, until a Batman-loving, intelligent surgeon captures his mind and body, and even manages to disrupt his daily routine without him even knowing. Can someone make Sheldon Cooper fall for his 'baser urges? Past negates it, but Future says otherwise. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

25. Love Is Hell - Sequel to Damnable Affair. While Kate and Sheldon are still surprised by each other's whimsy and unmasking their human selves, Leonard and Penny take their relationship to a whole new level and Raj is (yet again) single. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

26. His Secret by no73
To maintain his everyday routine and relationships Sheldon needed something. This something was just his little secret. But someone else became involved and things got complicated. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

27. Human Nature by Addicteddict
Sheldon finally beds his long term girlfriend Odette - But it is not going to be as easy as he might think! (Sheldon/OC) (M)

28. TBBT: New girl on the Block by Chevok
It all starts with a new girl who just moved in and has caught a certain Theoretical Physicist's eye or will she just be another in the crowd? (Sheldon/OC) (M)

29. Collide, or, The CooperBallard Convergence by Femme Bo silver
Whitney Ballard is a jaded military vet who has met many people in her life, but none of them have prepared her for Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD. Just a touch of a songfic here, which was the inspiration (Sheldon/OC)

30. The Love Conundrum by Blue Sky Thinking (Big Bang stories deleted by author)
Victoria Moore is an accomplished astrophysicist, and has just moved in with Penny, obviously catching the attention of the boys... Especially, to everyone's shock including his own, Sheldon. Re-write of 'the Love Concept (Sheldon/OC) (M)

31. Just Us Two by PerrfectPorrcelain
Penny's best friend Lainey spends some time with Sheldon, while everyone else is busy. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

32. Spirit of Insanity by Blink Floyd
When Sheldon won Professor Rothman's office, he had no idea the office has been occupied since Rothman's tragic mental decline. Now Rothman's ghostly daughter has her eyes on Sheldon, and she's not going to leave him alone until he gives her what she wants-revenge. (Sheldon/OC)

33. The Skull and Crossbone Encroachment by wolfofsheep
Tabbie, Penny's cousin, comes to stay with her for a bit and catches the eyes and heart of Penny's whackadoodle neighbor. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

34. Imperfect by SheldonAlwaysHasASecret
Even the imperfect are loved. (Sheldon/OC)

35. The Clover Effect by phantomofgallifrey
Set somewhere around Season 3. Sheldon meets someone who makes him rethink his ideas of relationships and human contact. (Sheldon/OC)

Masquerade Series by HallowsEve
36. Masquerade - Everyone's lives are put at risk when Sheldon discovers Penny's big secret. Supernatural (Sheldon/OC) (Penny/Leonard) (M)

37. Masquerade: After Life - Sequel to Masquerade. Sheldon, Penny & Leonard find their peaceful immortal existence thrown into chaos when a rival coven declares war. Supernatural (Sheldon/OC) (Penny/Leonard) (M)

38. The Coitus Arrangement by Sionann
Sheldon has a previously unknown coitus arrangement. How do the guys react when they meet her? (Sheldon/OC) (M)

39. Two Negatives Make A Positive by imaginary-shadow
Everyone always puts up with Sheldon, gives into his every wish and whim. Sometimes out of love and most of the time just to shut him up. What if Sheldon Cooper PhD has to put up with someone? (Sheldon/OC)

40. Slow Burn by FuckinPoind3xter
Phoebe is an alcoholic, a brilliant neuro surgeon and Sheldon's first - and true - love. But she's killing herself. And Sheldon - who has always been her place to sleep it off for round two - has had enough. (Sheldon/OC)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. The Friendship Reestablishment by LizzeXX silver
When Sheldon's childhood best friend gets a position at Caltech, the boys and Penny are in for quite a shock when confronted with the bubbly redhead. Even more of a shock is Sheldon's reaction to her. Will Sheldon realize that he's starting to see her in a different light? Or will Penny be the only one to read between the lines? First in the Cooper-Benson Exploration. (Sheldon/OC)

The Lovers Series by AbitheWitch88
42. The Lovers Isolation - What if something happened to Sheldon when he was young and that's the reason he is the way he is. he was young and in love, then she disappeared. (Sheldon/OC)

43. The Unification Hypothesis - This is a continuation of 'The Lovers Isolation'. The story takes place after Sheldon Marries Rory. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

44. Moving On by Reparata
Penny and Leonard are engaged. Sheldon is trying to cope with the constant changes in his life and not succeeding until...well, read it and find out. (Sheldon/OC) (Sheldon/Penny)

45. The Secrecy Spectrum by thebluemartian
A new woman moves in 5A. Beautiful, confident, smart and full of secrets- she befriends the whole gang and teaches Sheldon how to live, love and lie. All kinds of action, romance and mystery. (Sheldon/OC)

46. A Changed Man by TWDTBBT
AU & Completly out of character for Sheldon. Sheldon decides that he needs to change after his break up With Amy and being abandoned by his friends. Moving states is a big change but one he wouldn't regret in the future. I own nothing. COMPLETE WITH EPILOGUE . (Sheldon/OC) (M)

47. Falling For A Criminal by TWDTBBT
Sheldon never wanted nor desired a relationship. He definitely didn't think he would fall for the local criminal. After being arrested at a university event for being drunk and disorderly-thanks to Penny of course-Sheldon finds himself In the cells of pasadena police station along with a beautiful young women with captivating blue eyes. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

New Beginnings Series by marly4077
48. The New Beginning Experiment
When Amy and Sheldon take a time out from their relationship, they both begin to experience feelings they've never encountered. Suddenly, a handsome stranger enters Amy's life, and her attention shifts, leaving a shattered Sheldon behind. Begins after the season eight finale. Story features all characters and includes fun, angst, steamy romance, and adventure. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

49. The True Love Stratagem - Life for Dr. Sheldon Cooper has never been better, with a new theory dominating the physics community and an inspiring girlfriend at home. Suddenly, his lovely Rosemary takes on a huge project, and Sheldon is thrust into a series of difficult social situations. Will he buckle under the pressure or will he rise to be the man Rosemary needs? (Sheldon/OC) (M)

50. The Wedding Day Reflection - The sequel to The True Love Stratagem and the final story in my TBBT AU. Sheldon and Rosemary prepare to walk down the aisle, but before they do, the couple reflects on the months of their engagement, recalling good times with friends both old and new and precious moments with family. Story features all characters, fun locations, romance, comedy, adventure, and angst. (Sheldon/OC)

51. The Purloined Letter Technique by Alex51324
Sheldon has met another of his species, and they would like some privacy. Why is Leonard reluctant to give it to them? (Sheldon/OC)

52. The Circumstances of Curiosity by Ninjela
Penny is introduced to a new friend, Cera: an eccentric with secrets. As Cera's secrets are uncovered, everyone will have to adjust. When the group discovers she isn't a stranger, how will this change the group? Who changes the most? (Sheldon/OC)

53. I Should Tell You by Lonely Looney
Becky Carlson was new in town. A girl who had more in common with the nerds than they ever could know. Except that she was a geek. And a pair of big blue eyes were about to brighten her way... It's heavy on Angst and Drama with touches of Romance

54. The Assistant Conundrum by katladyd
Sheldon gets a new assistant who turns his world upside down and opens his eyes to many things. I don NOT own TBBT or any of its characters. I just take them out to play now and again. (Sheldon/OC)
Sheldon x Mimi Series by by OpalAngelWriter13

55. Sheldon and the New Girl - There's a new girl in the apartment, Mimi, a doctor's in Algebra and Number Theory! With Penny already hooking up with her friend, Mimi is heartbroken, and Sheldon, the only one evolved enough for her, is there for her.

56. In Sickness and In Health - Part 2: Sheldon is sick! Everybody is desperate to run away from him... well, except for the girl who moved in upstairs.

57. Sheldon's Valentine - Part 3: Sheldon is planning the perfect date night... but what if things don't go as he wishes?

58. Mimi in the Spotlight (Love, Sheldon Ep 1)- Part 4: Mimi gets a part in a musical and Penny instead of Penny who is not happy... and to Sheldon, this may be the last chance seeing her.

59. Runaway Sheldon (Love, Sheldon Ep 2) - Part 5: So... Mimi seems to have feelings deep down for the guy who just Sheldon saw get hit by a car... and Sheldon is not happy at all. Sheldon is not into the idea of seeing him, but is running away really the best way to solve this?

60. Saving Mimi (Love, Sheldon Ep 3) - Part 6: Sheldon is back home and he sees Mimi almost dead on the hospital bed... and he is upset. Things are not so easy all the time, but will they let these hardships get in their way?

New Story Added: 09/21/2018
61. The Physicist of 2A by Dts17
Sheldon and Amy's relationship gets reevaluated when the gang suddenly meets a 31 year old woman who just happens to be a theoretical physicist just like Sheldon and feelings start to emerge. I don't own the Big Bang Theory but I do own Dr. Leo Fordyce. Sheldon/OC
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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