Sheldon/Leonard: Shelnard Stories
101. The Texan Revelation by clumsyghost
Mrs. Cooper deals with news about her son's relationship with his friend.

102. The Christmas Tree Deviation by clumsyghost
Leonard wants new holiday traditions and Penny plays ninja! Matchmaker

103. The Lunch Substitution by clumsyghost
A student at Caltech observes Leonard and Sheldon's relationship when Dr. Hofstadter takes over the class.

104. The TARDIS Intervention by clumsyghost
Sheldon and Leonard discover a TARDIS. Or do they?

105. Buoyancy by clumsyghost
Leonard confronts Sheldon about his fear of swimming.

106. The Relationship Implementation by clumsyghost
Sheldon won’t stop talking. Leonard has to take drastic measures. Clichés abound. Fluff (M)

107. Water and Air by clumsyghost
After an accident, Sheldon confronts Leonard about his relationship with Penny. Pre-slash.

All Souls Series by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
108. All Souls Sheldon's not happy with the changes happening in his life. Very mild Sheldon/Leonard (rating for language rather than anything else). Season four AU, spoilers up to 'The Herb Garden Germination'. Pre-slash

109. Into the West This is a POV-flipped version of all souls as requested by Concupid

110. Approximity by misura
Even though he knows what's going on - knows it before stuff starts showing up on the evening news, with old, avuncular professors looking straight into the camera when they admit that 'there may be some reason for concern, John' - it's not quite real until Sheldon sits down a whole two minutes early for Battlestar Galactica and says: "We're all going to die." Friendship (Disaster)

Under His Thumb Series by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
111. Under His Thumb They’re out at dinner and Sheldon secretly pleasures Leonard under the table. Established Relationship (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

112. Routine Disruption Sequel to Under His Thumb. Leonard ups the ante. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

113. This Side of Paradise by concupiscence66
Sheldon gets dosed with a powerful aphrodisiac created in Amy's lab and Leonard has to help him... get it out of his system (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

114. Like Harun and Tanvir by tomatopudding
Two pairs of nerds contemplate how they just might be like Harun and Tanvir. Leonard and Raj POV (Sheldon/Leonard) (Howard/Raj)

115. A Contract by Titti
Sheldon needs to redraft their roommate agreement. Fluff (Sheldon/Leonard)

116. Red Matter by Captain_Loki
Sheldon and Leonard go see Star Trek (2009) Friend Fic

117. The Emoticon Incongruity by china_shop
Sheldon needs help deciphering a note. Friendship

118. “The More Things Change” by debirlfan
Sheldon learns he has options.

119. By a Green Light by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Did Sheldon let Leonard use his Green Lantern, Lantern and Ring? (in 'The Justice League Recombination')

120. Sedating Sheldon (or, Initial Calculations of the Relationship Algorithm) by Niektete (therealfroggy)
Why Leonard really puts up with Sheldon. (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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