Sheldon/Leonard: Shelnard Stories
61. Wonder What's In His Wonderballs by moonlit flower
Late in the night, Sheldon Cooper is ever vigilant. He's faster than a speeding photon, able to know both where he is and how fast he is going at any given time and is able to bounce quarters off his star-spangled bottom. Crack (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

62. The Asexual Physicist Conundrum by Chash
Honestly, I don't know why you don't just date Sheldon.

63. 2BDM1BTH, Whistlers Need Not Apply by fujiidom
Leonard meets Sheldon for the first time, as mentioned in The Friendship Algorithm. Written before The Spaghetti Catalyst aired, so apologies for any similarities or mistakes in comparison to canon, now-a-days. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

64. The Scientific Method by Pumpkin Head Jones silver
"Maybe the reason you don't find women sexually stimulating is because you prefer men." "Leonard, is that supposed to be some kind of joke that I'm not picking up on?" Sheldon tests his sexuality, with surprising results. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

65. Tears that Lead to Smiles by KakashiYuffiePro
Penny is gone without a trace, leaving poor Leonard in a terrible depression. Can Sheldon cheer him up? (Sheldon/Leonard)

66. The Gifting Venture by Geeky Blue Strawberry
Five times Leonard lowkey celebrates Sheldon's birthday and one time Sheldon returns the sentiment. (Sheldon/Leonard)

67. The Male Pregnancy Conundrum by noelia_g
On the plus side, Sheldon gets to be on the cover of various scientific magazines, and a plethora of not-so-scientific too. He basks in the publicity, although says he'd prefer if it was for his scientific achievement, not the mere fact of existing. Crack (Sheldon/Leonard)

68. and I won't hate you (but oh, it stings) by sareli
How does it feel to be adored by him? (Sheldon/Leonard)

69. The Lime Floating In Virgin Cuba Libre Is Not That Sour by GhostheartMetaphor
Dr Sheldon Cooper dissected the theory of soulmate with the crowning science and won Nobel prize for it. But what concerned the media most was the mystery of his soulmate. (Sheldon/Leonard)

70. Needs Must by Zaxal
Leonard has needs. Luckily for him, Sheldon also has needs. It works out for both of them. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

71. The Answer Lies In Love by ladyofdecember
Sheldon suffers a family emergency and Leonard is there for him. (Sheldon/Leonard)

72. Time Apart by Cloud889
Sheldon dreads the four months he has to spend without Leonard. Drabble (Sheldon/Leonard)

73. The Homo Novus Dating Process by therealfroggy
Sheldon freaks Leonard out by suggesting they date. Leonard eventually agrees, but there's something wrong with the way Sheldon rationalizes their relationship, and it all makes Leonard highly uncomfortable. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

74. The Tentacle Debacle by Zaxal
Leonard accidentally awakens a long-ignored and forgotten aspect of Sheldon's body, and they are so happy to meet him. Alien Sheldon (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

75. The Interspecies Breeding Paradox by VincentMeoblinn
Our favourite geeky group lives under da sea, and to add to the fun Leonard the Octopus is looking to mate… with Sheldon the Shark! Howard is being his usual Dolphin slut self, but Raj wants to get him to settle down in a nice bit of anemone and make some little pink anemone fish/dolphin babies with him. AU ABANDONED (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

76. In an Apartment on Los R'obles… by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Prompted by damalur: "something something Big Bang Theory characters in a Lovecraft setting?" I strongly suggest reading the tags before you read this, just in case. (Sheldon/Leonard)

77. Gift Box by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Sheldon. Leonard. Inexplicable handcuffs on an inexplicable bed in an inexplicable room. In short: PWP. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

78. The Amatory Gambling Scenario by lesyeuxverts
Sheldon has known about The Bet since the first day he met Leonard's friends, and has followed it through its various permutations over the years. He's now aided by Penny, who can be convinced to do almost anything for chocolate, but he was able to remain aware of the situation before she entered into the equation. Lesser minds always underestimate his talents. (Sheldon/Leonard)

79. To Come Apart by Zaxal
Leonard loves reducing him to a whimpering, writhing mess. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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