Sheldon/Leonard: Shelnard Stories
41. The Pyrex Dish Separation by mo person
In which Sheldon is an oblivious mate and Leonard loves him anyways. And Rajesh and Kripke share a complicated relationship. (Sheldon/Leonard)

42. Good for Great by Yaoimelody
Finally together, Sheldon is worried Penny is still after Leonard and he's not good enough to be better than her as a partner... That has to be wrong though? (Sheldon/Leonard)

43. Opposites Don't Always Attract by Ema Schopenhauer
Two geniuses. Two opinions. One truth. Okay, how's this all going to pan out, then? With Leonard and Sheldon involved, it is sure to be one heck of a strange ride… (Sheldon/Leonard)

44. Changes: Scenes from My Life with Sheldon Cooper by julesmonster (Story deleted)
This is the story of Sheldon and Leonard, from their first date until they have reached the ripe old age of 68. Each chapter deals with a major event in their life together. There are funny moments and romantic moments and moments that might bring a small tear to your eye. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

45. A Physicists Romance by Komak
One-entry Big Bang Theory fanfic about Leonard, Penny and Sheldon. Contains a lot of sex and nudity so this one isn't for you kids. (Sheldon/Leonard) (Leonard/Penny) (M)

46. Give Me Love by WhoserLoser
I fell in love with him during our second year as roommates. And my feelings still haven't changed for him. If anything, they've only grown. I don't think my love for him will ever change and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. (Sheldon/Leonard)

47. The Break Up by Concupiscence66 silver
Leonard and Sheldon aren't a couple, they're just roommates, so they can't break up. Only Leonard is stupid enough to buy that one. Written for a prompt for an asexual Sheldon dealing with a break-up with Leonard. (Sheldon/Leonard)

48. The Spectrum of Desire by Gypsy Love
Leonard thinks about Sheldon. (Sheldon/Leonard)

49. Understanding by afullmargin
Sheldon thinks nobody understands him. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

50. The Friendship Level by WhiteDarkChocolate
Sheldon has been doing research on friendship and explains to Leonard where he falls in a certain category. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

51. Two Christmases by Empress Shellie
Leonard is feeling a little bad after he finds out during their Christmas-themed Dungeons & Dragons game why Sheldon isn't all crazy about the Holidays as he is. He figures a little gift might help make things better. (Sheldon/Leonard)

52. Reflect by Cumberbatch Critter
Whatever Leonard had been expecting, it wasn't a hug. Character study/spoilers for the May 1st, '14 episode. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

53. The Sustenance Deficiency by Book girl fan
Sheldon is caught up in a new project, and Leonard is worried. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

54. I Get You by spn22
When Raj and Howard play a practical joke on Sheldon, Leonard realizes that Sheldon feels things differently to them. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

55. Hot Chocolate by Ersatz Einstein
What Sheldon should've said in response to a particular query of Leonard's. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

56. Alpha Centauri by snarechan
Leonard and Sheldon decide to spruce up their apartment. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

57. Of Geniuses and Men by Gypsy Love
Sheldon struggles with dead ends in his work. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

58. The Synesthesia Revelation by Nausicaa Smith
Howard drugs Sheldon, and Leonard accidentally discovers the secret of why Sheldon is the way he is. Missing scene from S2E1. One-shot. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

59. Appendicitis by Phelpsgirlxxx
When Sheldon comes home from work and finds Leonard passed out on the floor, he realizes he really would miss Leonard if something was to happen. Friendship (Sheldon/Leonard)

60. Sheldon’s Cat by hey citrus
Is there a fatal flaw in Sheldon's hypothesis? And is the cat dead or alive? (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

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