Sheldon/Leonard: Shelnard Stories
21. A Change of Heart by AlexMegan-chan
What happens when Sheldon has a change of heart? (Sheldon/Leonard)

22. The Spot by kiky21
A little one-shot of a life changing something that happened to Sheldon's spot. (Sheldon/Leonard)

23. Whatever Works by Concupiscence66 silver
A visit from Leonard's mom takes an unexpected turn and the effects are far-reaching. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

24. The Love Algorithm by EvenBiggerBang
After he has come to a disturbing conclusion, Sheldon goes to apartment 4B to ask Penny for help. The result is The Love Algorithm which Sheldon wants to effectuate to win Leonard's heart.. (Sheldon/Leonard)

25. A Twisted Smouldering Wreckage that Was a Fantasy by Autumnoxe
The arrival of Penny puts Sheldon's ideal relationship with his roommate in danger. (Sheldon/Leonard)

26. The Touch Paradigm Phenomenon by Jack Solo Black silver
Sheldon has a problem and he wants Leonards help... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

27. The Boyfriend Agreement by Doctor Sexy
When Leonard tells Sheldon that he wants to be more than friends, Sheldon draws up The Boyfriend Agreement. But is Sheldon functional enough to be in a relationship? Is Leonard patient enough? (Sheldon/Leonard)

28. Tea by The Emcee
Set immediately after The Middle Earth Paradigm. Leonard was a bit surprised by Sheldon's gesture of making tea and offering him comfort. As a result, his thoughts begin to wander... (Sheldon/Leonard)

29. The Needs of the Few by cedarrapidsgirl78
Leonard can't sleep. Sheldon tries to 'help'. Confessions are made. (Sheldon/Leonard)

30. The Companionship Experiment by armybro8
While visiting his mother for the weekend, Sheldon finds himself unable to sleep and seeks comfort in Leonard. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

31. The Butterfly Effect Hypothesis by Lady Mirelle
When Howard and Raj do something that seems to be breaking the entire social group apart, and with Priya AWOL, Leonard comes up with a drastic solution that also addresses some hidden feelings. Rated M for strong language and very suggestive adult themes. (Sheldon/Leonard) (Howard/Raj) (M)

32. Shelnard by TalaDentro
A very short Sheldon/Leonard drabble. Featuring Penny, but no bashing, she's just a supportive side character. (Sheldon/Leonard)

33. Experiment by NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon silver
Sequel to The Seduction Experiment: Upon realizing that Raj and Howard aren't just friends anymore, a curious Sheldon proposes to Leonard an experiment to find out if there is a difference between kissing a girl and kissing a guy. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

The Seduction Experiment can be found in the Wolopali Thread

34. Give Your Heart a Break by xxEmoRainbowxx
Leonard thinks about how he feels about Sheldon, and something happens. A songfic using the song "Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato. (Sheldon/Leonard)

36. On Top by Yaoimelody
A fluffy/angsty drabble. (Sheldon/Leonard)

37. Wish You Were Here by InnocentSmile97 (Account Deleted)
Sheldon's away from home and gets an odd... feeling... about someone. Who might just be feeling the same thing... (Sheldon/Leonard)

38. Sleeping Pill by InsaneAndHappyAboutIt silver
Sheldon is feeling sexually frustrated and he, being a robot, has no idea how to deal with the situation. Naturally he doesn't behave as a normal person should... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

39. Perfect Mate by emmaspirate (Story deleted)
Sheldon and Leonard is the last two in the group of friends that isn't married. And the two of them figure out, that the person they are met to be with, is right in front of them. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

40. The Stress Manifestation by Princess Zombie
A short little scene wherein Leonard gets sick at the lab because of Sheldon. Mentions Leonard/Sheldon, but can be seen as slash or not slash. (Sheldon/Leonard)

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