Sheldon/Penny: Lemonade (Smut Stories)
New stories added 9/22/2021

136. The Digital Stimulation Situation by Delgardo
A Shenny smut one-shot inspired by an article in New Scientist. #Shenny #Smut #Anal exploration #Oral Sex #over dramatic descriptions of adult situations. (M)
New stories added 9/29/2021

137. The Vegas Morning Alternative by CTR69
Short little fic of the bikini scene in The Focus Attenuation (S08E05), this time with Sheldon in bed instead of Bernie and Amy. Prompt by Bjamestown. #shenny #cheating (M)
New stories added 6/12/2022

138. Driving Lessons by CTR69
Spiced up silly little spin on 'The Euclid Alternative' episode. Penny uses her ways to teach Sheldon how to drive. #Smut #OOC #NoSex (M)
New stories added 6/21/2022

139. The String Theory Revelation by BurBerryCat
After a long time, Sheldon finally confesses his feelings for Penny. Set in Season 11 Episode 13 "The Solo Oscillation". #Drama&Romance #Cheating #MakingOut #OralSex #VaginalSex #MakingLove #ExtramaritalAffairs (M)
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Deleted Stories: If you have a copy, or know where to find these, please let me know.

1. Sharing the Spot by Jana Girl123 (BBT stories deleted)
"I would appreciate it if you refrained from sitting in my spot in the breaks between coitus while spending the night with Leonard." "I'm not here for Leonard, Sweetie." Penny teaches Sheldon a lesson. (M)




“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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