Sheldon/Penny: Lemonade (Smut Stories)
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This thread will contain fan created stories where Sheldon and Penny do the "Dance with no pants."

These stories are about heart-pounding, jaw-dropping sex, so don't hold your breath for much of a plot  Angel Most of these are short stories (around 5,000 words, although a few longer PwP’s snuck in)and will definitely contain descriptive sex.

silver Indicates FanFiction BBT Top 200 Favorite. Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. Proving It by TempestJo silver
Penny and Sheldon, after the date with Amy (M)

2. Under Sheldon's Hood by SmuttyShipper [Image: silver.gif]
The boys debate whether size matters, and when Sheldon ridicules their pre-occupation, they decide that he's not packin' much. (M)

3. Paper Disproves Spock by outromundomeu
Penny wants to play Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock, but what does she want if she wins. (Light M)

4. The Candlelight Effect by zekatamri silver 
What happens when Sheldon and Penny both find themselves alone on Valentine's Day? (M)

5. Sex: The Final Frontier by freudian fuckup silver
Sheldon takes the leap from theory to practice. (M)

6. Disarray of Panties by Bella-Jade83 silver
Penny adds a new routine to Sheldon's laundry night. (M)

7. You Don't Know What You Do to Me by starfish001
Penny and Sheldon, one shot smut in a car park. That's about it, really. (M)

8. Mistake by gwendy
Penny goes to 4A to spend a night of passion with Leonard...and finds out she had made a mistake. Dub-con (M)

9. Creature of Habit by Bella-Jade83 silver 
Sheldon Cooper finds out that he's not always a creature of habit, all he has to do is banish a certain someone to find out. (M)

10. The Break In by starfish001
There's a break-in at the guys apartment and Sheldon is hurt. Penny makes him feel better. (M)

11. The Captain Morgan Culmination by EvenAngelsFall22 silver
It doesn't bother her that she's slept with thirty one men, it bothers her that Sheldon thinks she has. (M)

12. The Bleach Accident by TempestJo silver
Penny borrows Sheldon's bleach, then spills it… (M)

13. The Black Suit stimulation, Part 2 by TempestJo
Written with permission from Medusa20 (M)

14. Appetite by FloralSuitcase
A slightly OC fic featuring our favorite nerd and waitress, intended to satisfy all you Shenny lovers out there who want a little more smut. (M)

15. Upside Down by TempestJo silver
It all starts when Sheldon has a bad week and Penny resets the balance unexpectedly... (M)

16. Blame It On That Red Dress by mysoulmate
Penny is wearing a new dress and Sheldon shuts down (M)

17. A Purely Academic Driven Proposal by mfig silver 
Sheldon is curious about human mating rituals. (M)

18. Of Saints and Sinners by muaaimoi
No actual religious subtext people, I do try not to offend. Angst warning for some Penny low self esteem. She feels much better by the end of it though, promise (M)

19. The Midnight Paradox by My Reality is Fiction
He had just crossed the hall to ask a favor, surely this amount of physical contact was not merited! (M)

20. The Shower Seduction by medusa20
Penny's borrowing the boys shower once more but Sheldon has different ideas (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. To Learn a Lesson by sohamk01793
Sheldon Teaches Penny A Lesson About Never Sitting In His Spot Ever Again (M)

22. Wednesday Routine by Eternal Contradiction silver
"Come to bed, Kitten," he demanded in a sleepy voice. (M)

23. I Want to Grow Old with You by muaaimoi
Penny finds that honesty is hard. Sheldon readily, and unknowingly agrees. Set in season 5. After The Infestation Hypothesis. (M)

24. A Day Like Any Other by Anna Doherty
The Boys Go To A Babylon 5 Convention. Sheldon Stays Home With Penny. (M)

25. A Proverbial Itch by MrsFlanigan silver 
Penny's frustrated and Sheldon only makes it worse. Until she catches him proving he is human after all. OOC for Sheldon but that's part of the fun. (M)

26. The Phallus Inquisition by Lizwontcry
It's been a hot summer, and Penny makes it hotter when she decides to solve the mystery of Sheldon's pants. (M)

27. The Wi-Fi Inconsistency by Tjay M
Penny goes to get the Wi-Fi password from Sheldon but what happens when she bursts into 4A wasn't expected by anyone. (M)

28. Margarita Mix Up by Tjay M
The music was far to loud, he had to do something about it, however things rarely go as planned.. (M)

29. The Inappropriateness of Sheldon Cooper by MyOwnStar
A Cinco de Mayo party brings out a naughty side of Sheldon Penny isn't prepared for...and can't resist. ALTERNATE ENDINGS included! (M)

30. The Elevator Entropy by PeaceLoveAndMockingjays silver 
Penny and Sheldon are stuck in the elevator together. Their anger issues cause them to...overheat. (M)

31. One Time Sheldon Let Penny Sit In His Spot by AliceAtHeart
Sheldon wakes up after hearing a noise and find finds Penny in his spot. (M)

32. The Sleepover Complication by (Must have HQ account to read)
Penny stays the night on the couch in 4A while Howard and Christie render her apartment uninhabitable. (M)

33. The Proximity Conundrum by bloodtears16
Penny is alone on a Saturday night. Sheldon wants to learn how to tolerate touching people. (M)

34. The Sweet Vibrations Discovery by Zenkindoflove silver 
While cleaning, Sheldon discovers a box under Penny's bed that he probably should have never seen. (M)

35. Maybe A Dream by QueenOfTheFlame
Penny decides to give Sheldon a lesson when they're alone one night. (M)

36. The Stress Reduction Endeavor by Risknight
When I re-watched The Euclid Alternative, I got bit by a naughty muse. Penny helps Sheldon get rid of the stress brought on by him trying to learn how to drive. Warning! Definitely smutty. (M)

37. Establishing by Risknight
When you have an IQ of 187, sometimes things are just easier for you than they are for others. (M)

38. Dream Come True by spikespetslayer
The Hero sometimes peeks-and sometimes he touches, too. Takes place after "Soft Kitty" during TADD. Dub-Con. (M)

39. The Good Luck Bear Endeavor by Risknight [Image: silver.gif]
Penny discovers a very personal, private secret of Sheldon's. When he confronts her about her snooping, she finds out that Sheldon has never had a good experience with intimacy. Penny decides to rectify that. I absolutely earned the rating on this one. Also, my muse is a naughty little fellow. (M) Not Leonard friendly

40. The Battery-Operated Rubber Chew Toy Demonstration by AliceAtHeart
Sheldon found Penny's 'battery-operated rubber chew toy', but what happens when she tries to explain that he had got it wrong? Well, Sheldon DID always learn through demonstration… (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. The Homo Novus Malfunction by sammie.spad
This is a chapter I originally penned for my other story "The Alien Invasion Predicament" but chose not to include it as I wished to keep the rating as T... However I feel that it makes a great one-shot and it would be such a shame to waste it! (M) "The Alien Invasion Predicament" is currently a WIP, but you can find it at FanFiction

42. Sheldon Squared by spikespetslayer
Okay, this is Crack!fic, folks, pure Crack!fic-Sheldon's mitosis leads to an interesting pairing-Sheldon/Penny/Sheldon, and Leonard as a voyeur. M rating is for sexual situations and language. Don't blame me, blame the Pad Thai. (M)

43. In the Rain by muaaimoi
Shenny and what the tittle says. (M)

44. The Couch Configuration by LivingInADream95
Penny is upset and comes to Sheldon seeking comfort, which he provides in the most unexpected of ways. (M)

45. The Spock Hypothesis by Bari Sax Player
Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper has always said he has no use for human contact. But how does he know? (M)

46. The Dream Deviation by Lizwontcry
During a hot summer night, Sheldon's air conditioner is broken and he seeks more than cold air in Penny's bedroom. (M)

47. Yours Always by MyOwnStar
A DARK SEXY ONE SHOT: Sheldon's genius knows no bounds as he has trained Penny to be submissive to his whim… (M)

48. Damn You Joel Feinberg by Please submit your
Penny's drug-addled candor knows no bounds. Sheldon-centric kinda lemon. Dub Con (M)

49. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by FairDrea
"It's okay. You can say it. I love you too." (M)

50. Obsession by MyOwnStar
Penny's interest in Sheldon crosses over to obsession, primarily in the bedroom... (M)

51. Wedged Within the Erogenous Zone by wolfofsheep
Sheldon and Penny happen upon a video store closing down, when Ramona Nowitzki busts through the doors and send the two fluttering away from her attention until they find themselves locked into the porn section. (M)

52. The Sexual Conundrum by Lushgirl
One-shot AU rated NC-17. Penny has woes in the sack with Leonard. Maybe the guy in the bedroom across from them can help. Crackish (M)

53. The Backseat by SmuttyShipper
Sheldon missed out on a lot of teenage rituals, so Penny wants him to experience some of them now. This is one of them (M)

54. Restless Nights by LivingInADream95
After multiple restless nights, Sheldon decides it is finally time to do something he never thought he would do. What brings Sheldon to Penny's door late one night? How will their lives be forever changed? (M)

55. The Vertical Coitus Exploit by Darkly Dreaming
Smut, pure and simple. (M)

56. The Benefits Of Friendship by spikespetslayer
Takes place immediately following Penny singing Sheldon 'Soft Kitty' in the Vegas Renormalization. Penny allows Sheldon to sleep in her bed when he's locked out of his house, but sleeping Penny can be a dangerous thing, as Sheldon discovers. Rated M for sexual situations and language. Dub-Con (M)

57. Injured by Risknight
Sheldon is in a scooter accident with Howard that leaves him with two broken arms. Good thing he has Penny to take care of him. (M)

58. What Happens Beneath the Sheets by Chiany
It all starts with a simple text message. (M)

59. Seducing Sheldon by FancyStrawberry
Penny's got her mind set on a new and seemingly impossible goal. She's going to seduce Sheldon Cooper. (M)

60. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by Daedaleopsis
"Meet me tomorrow; same time, same place." (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
Soapy Smut Series by TriplePirouette
61. The Laundry Room Exhibition by TriplePirouette
Sheldon, Penny, the laundry room and smut. Originally written for Paradox's April Kink Meme. (M)

62. The Shower Cubicle Conundrum by TriplePirouette
Sheldon, Penny, a shower and smut. Originally written for Paradox's April Kink Meme for a few prompts and as a continuation of "The Laundry Room Exhibition" (M)

63. Every Night by Lightningbolt81
Sheldon and Penny are together and enjoy their sexual nights, unknown to them so does Leonard (M)

64. The Doctor Cooper Accidental Sweater Seduction by OrsonWells Soft Kitty 
I can not explain it, all you need to know is that it is rated M and it's Shenny. (M)

65. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by JLynnB Soft Kitty 
"Nice palm. I read a great deal of pleasure in your future." (M)

66. Casual Friends by Risknight
What happened after Penny took the guys to dinner the day they met? Let's find out, shall we? (M)

67. The Homo Novus Renunciation by Waterwench
Sheldon Cooper discovers something surprising and elemental about himself when Penny, once again, is in his spot. Takes place in AU after Leonard and Penny have ended their relationship. (M)

68. The Aberrant Conflagration Affair by danakate
Sheldon has to bring a non-related date to a University function (M)

69. The Five Mississippis Speculation by Daedaleopsis
All bets are off when Penny is bored and tries to distract Sheldon from his whiteboard. (M)

70. The Arctic Expedition Consequence by starfish001 silver
Sheldon gets his revenge on Leonard. Set during 3.1 The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation with refs to Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (M)

71. The Unexpected Evening Encounter by TriplePirouette
"You know why I play Age of Conan, Sheldon. Did you know that I've wondered about your fingers? Your hands? What they might feel like touching me?" (M)

72. The Water Vapor Vexation by EvenAngelsFall22
It should have been easy. Sheldon ruins Penny's date, Penny ruins Sheldon's shower. Yes, it should have been very easy indeed. (M)

73. The Mystery Redhead Situation by Shenny Fan (Must have HQ account to read)
Penny was just looking for a fun night teasing her favorite Whack- a- doodle. Penny was about to get a whole other level of fun. (M)

74. The Friendship Conundrum by LanaGrey
Penny and Sheldon have always shared a special relationship. Could friendship turn into something more when one friend seeks the comfort of another? Takes place mid 7th season. (M)

75. The Ken-Barbie Osculation by QxSess15 [Image: kitty2.gif] 
Sheldon and Penny's prank war from the Panty Piñata Polarization takes a decidedly interesting turn. This one shot is AR/AU/OOC so if you do not like to deviate from canon pairings, do us all a favor and stick to your ship. (M)

76. The Invisibility Shield Occurrence by Daedaleopsis
Fluffy Shenny smut. Because sometimes I just want them to get together... so there. May be slightly OOC. Read at your own risk, and don't flame.

77.  Heat by FancyStrawberry (Must have HQ account to read)
A hot afternoon prompts Penny to have a steamy fantasy about a certain lanky theoretical physicist. (M)

78. Seducing the Doppler Effect by MyOwnStar
"Show me what you like," he said against her neck. She brought her eyes up to him and smiled... Some good Halloween themed sexy little story for the fun of it. (M)

79. Pi Day (314) by Orsonwells Soft Kitty
If you were ever wondering if anyone could make smut out of Pi Day... this should answer that. Shenny as always. (M)

80. Stay Classy, San Diego by ishie
It begins with a dull pressure in his paranasal sinuses. (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. This Alternate Universe We Inhabit by dashakay
Leonard wonders, what does he do that I don't do? What does he have that I don't have? (M)

82. Eavesdropping by FancyStrawberry (Must have HQ account to read)
Sheldon often overhears them while he's trying to fall asleep, and he can't stand it, as it makes him think about Penny in a way that he knows he shouldn't. (M)

83. The Excitation Implementation by LanaGrey
Promiscuous Penny sets her sights on Sheldon when he makes it apparent that he has no interest in her. She is determined to prove that he can't resist her, and Sheldon experiences something entirely new to him. *Lemon* Takes place in season 1 (M)

84. One Steamy Night by Lightningbolt81
Sheldon and Penny have a night they'll never forget.(M)

85. The Time Agent Inception by TriplePirouette
"This is not one of those dreams. This is you and me stuck in space jail and at any moment a portion of the wall is going to open and an incarnation of the Doctor will come flying in and help us escape. No sex." Doctor Who/Torchwood/BBT Crossover (M)

86. One Time Only by FancyStrawberry (Must have HQ account to read)
That's what they both agreed. (M)

87. The Elements in Harmony by medusa20
Amy is running an experiment. Sheldon is the catalyst and Penny is the test subject. Written for a Porn Battle (M)

88. Morning Sex by Lightningbolt81
Sheldon surprises Penny in the morning. (M)

89. Let It Snow by Orsonwells [Image: kitty2.gif]
Penny, Sheldon, a cabin and snow... ho ho ho... (M)

90. Spin Cycle by seraphina_snape
Penny and Sheldon do their laundry. (AKA Laundry Room Smut) (M)

91. Going Through the Motions by medusa20
A one-shot insight into a night between Penny and Sheldon (M)

92. Shenny Hot One Shots by Riotstarter1214
All of my Lemons that took down included everyones favorite one...the fucking machine. Serious OOC SMUT! (M)

93. The Pickle Jar Experiment by thundermoo
Sheldon wants to one day take his relationship with Amy to a physical level but doesn't know where to begin. He seeks advice from the only sexpert he knows: Penny. (M)

94. Sheldon and Penny by Lightningbolt81
What if Penny said yes to Sheldon asking her out instead of thinking he was trying to make Amy jealous. (M)

95. Hidden by MartialArtsCat (must have Ao3 account to read)
Leonard might come back to the apartment at any minute, and Sheldon and Penny have no time to waste. (M)

96. The Romance Concept by Orsonwells Soft Kitty
This is just some fun... note the rating. it's also a big fat FU! to any and all haters. It even ties into S9, had things gone a bit differently. (M)

97. Next Day by Lightningbolt81
Takes place after Penny fell in the shower. (M)

98. Thunder by misbegotten
He finds it fascinating that human relationships should be so fraught with complications and endless variations of perplexity and yet sex has turned out to be easy. (M)

99. Get Your Green On! by MyOwnStar
When Penny has a St. Patty's Day Party, Sheldon is stuck without any green to wear and Penny tries to help him out… (M)

100. The Erection Elimination by hot4ivy (richguy455)
Penny decides to settle a debt to Sheldon in an unconventional way. (M)
101. The Erotic Vocalization Phenomenon by WeirdMisty
Penny gains the ability to turn people on just by speaking. Sheldon becomes a victim to her newfound power. (M)

.pdf   The Erotic Vocalization Phenomenon_wierdMisty.pdf (Size: 199.87 KB / Downloads: 34)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
102. The Snow Cone Titillation by Cantodevil
Sheldon wants Penny to make a snow cone. Now. (M)

Tin Man by KBelle1
The aftermath of Penny finding out about Leonard's betrayal. Sheldon is there to comfort her. (M)

The Recall Ramifications by Midknight
Sheldon finds that his flawless memory is a greater gift than he could ever have suspected. (M)

The Deal Definative by Midknight
Penny goes looking for Leonard, but finally gets definitive proof as to what exactly Sheldon’s deal is.(M)

One Hot Morning by rosexxcollins
Sheldon is locked out of his apartment one hot morning, and has no choice but stay at Penny’s apartment until Leonard comes home. But things take an interesting turn. (M)

Sheldons Science Helmet by Delgardo
A fun dirty little one shot that popped into my head, Shenny + science (M)

Anything Can Happen by Wintreaux
Penny and Sheldon have some fun together. (M)

July Heat by Wintreaux
The meterologists have issued an extreme heat warning, and Sheldon's getting fed up with the looks his friends keep giving their blonde neighbour. (Light M)

Lividity by Lady Medusa Formalization
Penny and Sheldon enter into a physical, but potentially damaging relationship. (M)

Alcohol Leads to Cicatrice by thisisonlineright
Prequel to "Babysitting." Alcohol and sexual frustration combined with guilt just doesn't mix well. (M)

Just A Little Spontaneity by thisisonlineright
One-shot from "Babysitting." Sheldon has everything all planned for him and Penny; all he needs now is to make sure that his plan succeeds. (M) 

"Babysitting." can be found in the Established thread

The Attraction Confrontation by TuesdayTerrible
It all started with a final strike, or Penny's blatant disregard to follow the rules. Dark, Smutty Shenny. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

The Morpheus Restitution by agirlnamedtruth (Account deleted)
Sensing her distress, Sheldon wakes Penny from a dream. She really wishes he hadn't but she'll take whatever relief she can get. (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
New stories added 08/22/2021

133. Penny's Private Photoshoot by Delgardo
Just a smutty short from an idea suggested by Bjamestown. (M)
New stories added 9/15/2021

134. Penny's Private Photoshoot, part 2 by CTR69
A continuation of Delgardo's original story. Please read his story first (/s/13939416/1/Penny-s-private-Photoshoot)
*Shenny, Leonard-unfriendly* (M)

135. Codename: Penny by Delgardo
No one seems to notice the ditsy, blonde Cheesecake Factory waitress who lives across from two certified geniuses seems to cope surprisingly well with real danger.  Sheldon/Penny, protection, care, friendship.  Espionage Oneshot. (M)

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