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1.11 The Pancake Batter Anomaly

1.11 The Pancake Batter Anomaly
Originally aired March 31, 2008
Written by Bill Prady & Stephen Engel

"When Sheldon gets sick, Leonard quickly escapes from Sheldon's grasp, leaving Penny to take care of the very needy Sheldon.”

Howard and the phone, one of the best Mrs Wolowitz scenes ever. Code milky green

Had to repost this...

Visiting Professor. The conversation that ended just before Sheldon asked about a sponge bath. Tongue

"It must be humbling to suck on so many different levels"

And then there's soft kitty.

[Image: 157162.jpg]
This is the episode that started my favorite formula on the show. Sheldon/Penny A plot and Leonard/Howard/Raj off having an adventure in the B plot.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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It takes the wind right outta my sails to repost this for some reason, oh well.

Oh yay! This is my favorite episode, probably because it was the first one I watched. Soft Kitty

[Image: tumblr_lgcws6B4PK1qh2f1go1_250.gif]

I'll try to watch and review this one this week. Big Grin
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[Image: sheldon-i-want-grilled-cheese.gif]
[Image: 4755809747_9fe73413ea.jpg]
[Image: CGQRHcgUgAAp1o2.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_lqaouu1dKP1qeeqito1_500.gif]
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"All these people here are doomed. YOU'RE DOOMED!"
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I am really busy at the moment and I wanted to at least post my favorite scenes

The opening:
-The way Sheldon is staring at Leonard with his "I just whooped your inferior ass" look is one of my favoritesBig Grin
-I much prefer this Penny/Sheldon/Leonard type of interaction
-Sheldon's squawky "what?!" at the end of the scene is funny too

The scene with Sheldon at the Cheesecake Factory.
I bet it was some ad-libbing when Sheldon was clearing his throat, interrupting Penny like that. Big Grin
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Sheldon looks really different with that hat, it alters the shape of his face so much. Now, I've never had any patience with overly childish Sheldon, I find the really infantile behaviours grating, ( and very unlikely, considering canon history of employment, academia etc) but in this episode, the reversion to small boy when sick rang horribly true. I say this as someone who has had to do soup and toast just the right way before now. Luckily, chest rubs were never involved.

In any other show, the couple who went shopping together, took care of each other whilst sick (and spent significant holidays together,) rescued each other, even had their own special song, would be the central romantic pairing. It's no wonder we're confused, the narrative doesn't work, when we see all this onscreen, and merely get told that something other happens out of view. Attempting to rewrite or reappropriate these scenes with the writer's pet are doomed to failure, it is such a blatant ploy to build off history and good will. This applies both in-show and out.
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Helberg. Heart

[Image: 714bhz.jpg]
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Thanks Toad. Howard always did the best Mrs Wolowitz impression. They really didn't need to try and repeat the joke with Bernadette. This is brilliant!
Definitely one of my faves! I could rewatch this again and again and still laugh out loud at Sheldon's paranoia and Howard's impression of his mother. And of course, SHENNY! Big Grin

You guys are right, they should've gone with more Shenny and Raj-Howard-Leonard plots 'coz it works so well. Even if they don't pull the romantic card on the Shenny and just go with fun, geeky plots, it could've been nice.
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I love the beginning of this one: Sheldon and Leonard knowing that Sheldon is way better than Leonard, and Penny's joke about Nebraska being better than North Dakota. -> I thought it was funny.

I like Sheldon's proactiveness when it comes to being sick, loved that Leonard has been using the urine intact cup for pancake batter. At least Leonard realized it was his fault.

I totally hate that the guys abandoned him, and stuck Penny with taking care of him. However, Loved Howard's response to Sheldon's call, and that the boys totally failed. -> they deserve their failure.

I liked Sheldon sort of sarcastic response, "What else would I drink? Gases, Solids?"

I also loved the Howard and his mother's arguing, which was totally funny. "Who's calling at this ungodly hour?"

Also, even sick, this Sheldon made it on his own to the Cheesecake Factory, while Sheldum can't make it through a revolving door, let alone leave the building.

Shenny was the best in this episode. -> I like that Penny made ground rules: No spongebaths, no enemas, -> Something Sheldon should have done with Amy.

Also, if he was a visiting professor, shouldn't he be better at being a professor later on?

It's obvious that Penny is already a better friend than the boys. -> still true.

I loved the boys' attempts to get the glasses without SHeldon knowing...funny as hell, especially when Leonard found out the sensor wasn't on and didn't have to crawl. -> you deserve it, Leonard.

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