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This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created alternate BBT "ship" stories.* Whether it's Penny/Howard, Sheldon/Leslie, Raj/Missy, Leonard/Alex, etc. Some of these stories are just about the friendship between two characters, but most are romantic in nature. Any stories with descriptive sex in them will be marked (M) 

This thread does not contain BBT Character/Original Character stories

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. A Sudden Realization by whisper013
Penny comes home drunk one night and after a few things she realizes something surprising. (Penny/Howard)

2. Alcohol and Ice Cream is a Toxic Mix by whisper013
After a night of drinking-and ice cream- Penny wakes up to an interesting discovery. (Penny/Howard)

3. The Cooper Winkle Vendetta by twowritehands
Sheldon can't let anything get in the way of his Nobel Prize, and Leslie, though a hippie for science, can't stop comparing her life to the classic literature her parents analyze for a living. Love is a distraction, and nothing like the books, or is it? (Sheldon/Leslie)

4. Communication by Concupiscence66
Raj and Penny find themselves alone with no liquor and only one way to communicate. (Penny/Raj) (M)

5. Who We Are Is Not Who We've Been With by MindBottled
Because two has always been better than one and misery certainly loved company. (Penny/Raj)

6. The Expectations Instability by  Bialy
This, Penny knew, was the kind of crushing, inescapable despair born of being stuck in a rut too long, being static, being trapped. She had to do something, anything, to break away from it - no matter what it took. (Penny/Howard) (M)

7. 10 Things You Never Knew About Raj by TopHatGirl
Pretty self explanatory. Some Penny/Raj, Howard/Raj, but mostly just giving more info about Raj. (Penny/Raj) (Howard/Raj)

8. Three Knocks Equals Love by Haydos271
When Howard is forced to move to Israel, Bernadette seeks comfort in an extremely odd man who goes by the name Sheldon Cooper.  (Sheldon/Bernadette)

9. The Silent Astrophysicist Conundrum by Sheldorfan
What happens after Penny walks out at the end of the season 4 finale? I have seen several stories showing scenarios regarding this, but haven't seen many that go this route. (Penny/Raj)

10. The Relationship Addendum by Sheldorfan
Raj and Penny are dating, Sheldon wants to lay down the ground rules since Raj is his new roommate. AU after season 4 finale. Most of the story revolves around Sheldon and Raj. (Penny/Raj)

11. The Mistletoe Misappropriation by Dance Elle Dance
Mistletoe sucks. (Howard/Penny)

12. Like You by Shedim
Night after night, they stay together, drinking until their kidneys decide to give out. They laugh, saying that they'll be sitting together in their old age, receiving dialysis together. He still won't be able to talk to her. Drabble (Penny/Raj)

13. Subshells by TheDarkestShinobi
There was no middle ground. No way they could compromise and meet in the middle. Like the subshells of an electron. There could be no physical transition, only collision. (Sheldon/Leslie)

14. Love can be Silence by Snake D'Morte
Raj let's Penny borrow his laptop, and Penny snoops around but what does she find? (Penny/Raj)

15. Star Tricked by htbthomas
When Penny meets Wil again, she's completely charmed. Can she prove to Sheldon that Wil is not as evil as Sheldon claims? Or is Sheldon right? (Penny/Wil)

16. It's You: Missy & Raj Edition by Technological Musician (Story removed)
Missy Cooper & Rajesh Koothrappali sing a sweet song together at a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. (Raj/Missy)

17. Wing Man by MrsVincentCrabbe
After her break-up with Leonard, Penny finds some comfort from someone new. (Penny/Howard)

18. The Sweetie Repetition by WeBuiltThePyramids
Raj can only talk to women while drunk, and Penny will be in the room during a Star Wars marathon. So Penny decides to get him drunk playing along with a How I Met Your Mother drinking game. Friendship  (Penny/Raj)

19. Come Around Again by  izzylane
Penny has many regrets, but going out with him was never one of them. (Penny/Stuart) (M)

20. Will You Be What I Need and Nothing More by amtrak12
"It's nothing serious." Penny-Raj fic set at some undetermined point after The Lunar Excitation. (Penny/Raj)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The Attraction Abnormality by twowritehands
Does Sheldon have a deal? Has someone we know been secretly admiring him all along? Is there a reason why these two characters have it out for each other? (Sheldon/Leslie)

22. Stuart by stock2007
The boys are away Penny is invited to a wedding Friendship (Penny/Stuart)

23. The Koothrappali Conflict by Jellybean82
Raj has finally found a woman he thinks is smart, sexy, fun and most of all he can talk to her without alcohol. As his relationship starts to blossom he wants to be able to include his new friend with his old friends, but everyone isn't as excited and accepting of this new person in Raj's life. (Raj/Leslie)

24. The Learning Curves Complexity by toniskyy0220
Sheldon agrees to go on a double date with Leonard and Penny. Set around season 2, but without the Lenny first date. (Sheldon/Bernadette)

25. She had the most beautiful eyes he ever seen by Mislav
If you love someone, tell them. Because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken. (Howard/Priya)

26. I Don't Want To Let You Go by Mislav
Set during episode 5x24 "The Countdown Reflection ." Howard flies in outer space, and Penny, Bernadette, Raj, Leonard, Sheldon, Amy and his mother are very worried about him . And so is one girl in other part of the world, who was never brave enough to reveal her true feelings towards him . (Howard/Priya)

Decoupling Series by patricia51
27. The Decoupling Activation - What if in "The Decoupling Fluctuation" Penny DID break up with Leonard? Will she regret it especially when she finds out Alex Jensen has seized the opportunity to go all out for the man she is desperately attracted to? (Leonard/Alex)

28. The Duality Synthesis - Sequel to "The Decoupling Activation". Bits and pieces of Leonard and Alex's life together and their friends. (Leonard/Alex)

29. The Post Break Up Talk Escalation by Mislav
"But believe me Lucy, one day, you will found the right guy, you will be ready, and everything will be OK ." (Stuart/Lucy)

30. The Prohibited Affair Egregion by Princess Shania
Howard and Priya have been together for a while. They'd love to come out to their families, but know they can't. (Howard/Priya) (M)

31. The Massage Experiment by Mislav
"It was something she thought she would never experience, although she knew that every woman feels that; something repeatedly skewed by her fears and compulsions, something wild and romantic in the same time. She thought that she would never experience it, but once she did, there was no going back. And she liked it. (Stuart/Lucy) (M)

32. Wham by panda321
Follows after Penny hits Howard in Killer Robot Instability. (Penny/Howard)

33. Bridge by Mislav
Two young people are on the bridge. On the edge of a bridge. Each of them damaged on his or hers own way. They can either be there to end it all together or to save each other. And so they are there, on the bridge. On the edge of the bridge. (Stuart/Lucy)

34. The Drunken Variable by ItAllStartedWithABigBang
This is how Zack and Penny got married and how penny feels as they go through the process. Based of of the trailer of 'The Thanksgiving Decoupling'. (Penny/Zack)

35. The SheldonLeslie Experiment by Mislav
Set post the episode "The Hamburger Postulate". Sheldon thinks that his suffering is over, but later that night, Leslie causes him another "problem"-and she is the only one who can take care of it. (Sheldon/Leslie) (M)

36. The Memories Ambiguity by Mislav
Set several years into future, Raj remembers the day when he got back together with Lucy. (Raj/Lucy)

37. The Moments Motivation by SergeantFuzzyBoots (Story Removed)
"How serious were you two?" "Well, to be honest, we only went on four dates, hugged twice, kissed once, and there was a handshake loaded with sexual innuendo." (Raj/Lucy)

38. The Martha Effect by Stephen-Hawking
Set immediately after the end of The Psychic Vortex. (Sheldon/Martha) (M)

39. One Night by Lightningbolt81
Penny and Howard share a night together, or was it a dream? (Penny/Howard) (M)

40. That Night by Lightningbolt81
What if Raj and Penny did sleep together? Drabble (Penny/Raj) (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. Unlikely Couple by Lightningbolt81
What if the egotistical scientist got with the raven haired Indian lawyer? (Sheldon/Priya) (M)

42. Missy and the Guys by Lightningbolt81
Since Sheldon seems to want a Sheldon 2.0 for Missy and his reaction to her suggestion of one of the guys she agrees to go out with each of them, what could go wrong? Crack (Missy/Leonard) (Missy/Howard) (Missy/Raj) (M)

43. When Penny falls for Howard by Lightningbolt81
Takes place when Penny hurts Howard's feelings, all she was going to do was apologize what happened next threw both off guard. (Penny/Howard) (M)

44. Meant to Be by Lightningbolt81
If Raj and Bernadette were together instead. Drabble (Raj/Bernadette) (M)

45. Innocently by Person
It had started out completely innocently, but that didn't mean it needed to stay that way. (Penny/Raj)

46. The Silent Type by ijemanja
Porn battle ficlet. (Penny/Raj) (M)

47. Don't Panic by kuwdora
Written for the Porn Battle VII for the prompt talkative (Penny/Raj)

48. A Dream by Lightningbolt81
Bernadette/Sheldon one shot. (Sheldon/Bernadette) (M)

49. Penny Righting A Wrong by Shenny Fan (Story removed)
It's time for take charge Penny to return. (Penny/Stuart)

50. The Halloween Party Combustion by Mislav
Set early in season nine or ten. Stuart sets up a Halloween party at his comic book store and his girlfriend, Lucy, both helps him make that happen and agrees to attend it. It's not all easy, but their growing closeness and understanding comes to light during the event that, in the end, lives up to the title. Stucy. Oneshot. Halloween themed, because I won't have it any other way. (Stuart/Lucy)

51. The Wolopenny Seduction by One-Trick Man (Account deleted)
My first big bang theory story and first full lemon. Taking place directly after the events of 'The Killer Robot Instability' from Season 2, this is what Howard Wolowitz imagines to be known as 'getting it on in style' R&R Please, enjoy! (Penny/Howard)

52. Video Calls & Conversations by distantime
Following the trials and tribulations of our friends as their relationships stagger from crisis to crisis. (Raj/Bernadette) (M)

53. More Than Friends by PotterNutter93 (Story removed)
Penny and Raj get it on (Penny/Raj) (M)

54. Ten Year Later by matuisgman (Story removed)
My excuse, I needed practice writing a little? I tried to do multiple things I think, so kind of a bad b-movie maybe. Anyways. Here it is. (Sheldon/Penny) (Sheldon/Priya) Not Leonard friendly (M)

55. It Never Happened by matuisgman (Story removed)
I had a funny thought, so here it is. A little incident. Non-cannon pairing for most. (Sheldon/Penny/Priya)

56. How could I forget? by Lightningbolt81
Leonard wakes up to find a pretty brunette in the kitchen, he questions where's Sheldon and why is she in a robe making breakfast? (Leonard/Missy) (M)

57. Professional Courtesy by trascendenza
The one where she writes on his board. She leaned one hip against the counter, sipping the juice. "But I fixed it, dumbass." (Sheldon/Leslie)

58. Stacked Odds by trascendenza
"I see your Cylon toast and raise you a Dalek cookie," Leslie said, tossing it into the center of the table. (Sheldon/Leslie)

59. The Sudden Seduction Suspicion by awmp
Leslie gives in to curiosity and takes it upon herself to see just how inexperienced Sheldon is. She's in for a surprise. (Sheldon/Leslie) (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

60. The Faerie Analogy by Lauren (notalwaysweak) (Moved to Wolopalli thread)
Raj secretly has a fondness for Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry books, and fantasises about himself as Doyle, Howard as Frost, and Penny as Merry, because Relena said I had to, okay? (Penny/Raj) (Howard/Raj)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
Whatever Works Series by concupiscence66
61. Whatever Works Part 1 of the Whatever Work Series
Beverly is finally getting her groove on. Dubcon. (Beverly/Sheldon) (M)

Part 2 - 11 of the Whatever Work Series can be found in the Shelnard thread

Consanguinity Series by Lauren (Stories deleted by Author)
62. Two-Step Waltz - Missy's going on a date and needs to practice her dancing... and her kissing, just in case. Warning: Incest (Sheldon/Missy)

63. Pas de Deux - Part 2: It's safer for both of them if their first time is together. Warning: Incest (Sheldon/Missy) (M)

64. Coefficient of Relationship - Part 4: Their birthday comes but once a year, and sometimes they're states apart, but sometimes circumstances conspire to bring them together. Warning: Incest (Sheldon/Missy) (M)

65. The Fade Of Love Catalyst by LostInTheSun
He runs into Alex four weeks after he broke up with Penny. They come across each other at the supermarket, a complete accident, and a total surprise. He texts her three days later. Something he's learnt the hard way with Penny is that being too eager to please will break him. But that guy who tries way too hard did get Penny, so why wouldn't he get Alex? (Leonard/Alex)

66. A Nice Day to Start Again by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Two miserable people meeting at a wedding (Stuart/Penny)

67. First Come, First Served by FrostedMerry
It really was first come first serve, or maybe it was just Howard. (Howard/Penny) (M)

After the Train Series by ynotlleb
68. After the Train - Sheldon's birthday ends in tragedy. Starts off very sad but gets better. (Howard/Amy)

69. Sheldon and Bernadette - 10 years later - Sequel to "After The Train" about Amy and Howard's twin children Sheldon and Bernadette (Howard/Amy)

70. The Sheldon Cooper Memorial Lecture - Sequel to Sheldon and Bernadette- 10 years later

71. Penny and Raj by Lightningbolt81 (Story removed)
After Penny gets dumped, her life is about to get a whole lot better. (Penny/Raj) (M)

72. Priya and Sheldon by Lightningbolt81
Priya and Sheldon one shot. (Sheldon/Priya) (M)

73. Balance of Attraction by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Lab partners. High School AU (Sheldon/Leslie)

74. The Beauty of Your Repair by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
“You know, this is technically our third date,” she says. “So, you know. We could.” (Penny/Stuart) (M)

75. Bernadette's One Night Stand by Lightningbolt81
Bernadette runs into her old boyfriend Glenn and things go from there. (Bernadette/Glenn) (M)

76. Penny and Stuart by Lightningbolt81
What if Stuart and Penny's date went as expected. (Penny/Stuart) (M)

77. Not as Think as I Drunk We Are by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Truth or Dare. Just a ficlet set at the end of 'The Roommate Transmogrification'. Drabble (Penny/Raj)

78. The Creepshow by Mislav
Super Scary (or not) Halloween challenge. "The Creepshow"-TBBT style. Three horror stories, three non-canon pairings: (Sheldon/Leslie), (Stuart/Lucy) and (Sheldon/Alex) (M)

79. Penny Sleeps With the Guys by Lightningbolt81
Penny loses a bet to the guys and never thought this would be the result. (Howard/Penny) (Raj/Penny) (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

80. A Love Story by Lightningbolt81
Penny falls for Raj. (Peny/Raj) (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
Biophysical Series by ynotlleb
81. The Biophysical Relationship Evolution - Something Different - A Sheldon-Bernardette story. (Sheldon/Bernadette)

82. The Biophysical Relationship Continuation - Sequel to "The Biophysical Relationship Evolution" about the married life of Sheldon and Bernardette.

83. The Biophysical Relationship Development - A sequel to "The Biophysical Relationship Continuation" about married couple Sheldon and Bernadette's life working together at Caltech.

84. Closing The Distance by CTR69  Soft Kitty
An alternative turn of events happening in Long Distance Dissonance episode - because for some reason, everyone else is sticking with canon... Smutty and cheaty  (Sheldon/Romona) (M)

CA Reunion Series by by ynotlleb
85. The California Reunion - TBBT 30 years on. Leonard and Amy both face old age and loneliness. (Leonard/Amy)

86. The Hawaii Reunion - Amy and Leonard visit Hawaii for a very important event. Sequel story to "The California Reunion", "The California Musical Road Trip" and "Fun With Pirate Flags - 34 years later". Dedicated to the memory of Stephen Hawking. In this TBBT universe Howard and Bernadette only had one child. (Leonard/Amy)

87. The California Musical Road Trip - Sequel to "The Hawaii Reunion" (Leonard/Amy)

88. Fun with Pirate Flags: 34 years later - TBBT 2050, Leonard and Amy, now a married couple and both retired from Caltech watch a 34 old video of their late spouses. Part of the 2017 BBT Fall Challenge # 1: Talk Like A Pirate Day. (Leonard/Amy)

89. - Uncle Leonard Attends a Conference Sequel to "The California Reunion", prequel to "The California Musical Road Trip", "Fun With Pirate Flags:- 34 Years Later" and "The Hawaii Reunion". The continuing story of the relationship between widow Amy and widower Leonard. (Leonard/Amy)

90. Amy and Leonard in Harmony The continuing story of the relationship between widow Amy and widower Leonard which started with "The California Reunion".

91. Junior Rodeo by Darkly Dreaming
Penny goes to the rodeo and has some fun. Not Shenny but has Shenny themes (Penny/George Jr.)

92. The Big Bang Theory, The New Year Alcohol Syndrome by Muhabba (Moved to Ot3 thread)
Penny tries to impress the gang on New Year's Eve. (Penny Gang bang) (M)

93. Silence by Risknight
Howard has lost the love of his life. Just when he feels completely shattered, he discovers a friendship that will be his salvation.  (Penny/Howard Friendship)

94. Howard the Hero by Risknight
Howard is one icky little dude. But underneath that creepy candy coating lies the heart of a lion. Well, a little lion. More of a cub, really. (Penny/Howard Friendship)

95. Claustrophobia Induced Friendship by Risknight
Howard and Penny become closer. (Penny/Howard Friendship)

96. Inner Geek by Risknight
Howard notices something surprising about Penny's reaction to the guy's hobbies. (Penny/Howard Friendship)

97. Lost and Found by ishie
"Where am I?" Raj asked again, squeezing her wrist. When his eyes focused, he looked confused. His expression edged closer to terrified the longer she gaped at him. "Who are you?" (Penny/Raj Friendship)

98. Can't Fight The Moonlight by Mislav
A story for the Halloween challenge. A oneshot. Stuart Bloom develops a disturbing obsession, which leads him to an unusual path of self-discovery. (Stuart/Lucy) (M)

99. The Beauty Scale Malfunction by Laura Schiller
What if the dating site had matched Amy with Howard instead of Sheldon? It could've been a disaster ... but maybe not. (Howard/Amy)

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100. Cambridge Beats Starfleet Academy by ynotlleb
Alternative Ending to 4.21 and what happens next. (Leonard/Priya)

101. The Biophysical Relationship Excursion by ynotlleb
A sequel to "The Biophysical Relationship Evolution", "The Biophysical Relationship Continuation" and "The Biophysical Relationship Development". Sheldon and Bernadette do some travelling. (Sheldon/Bernadette)

102. The Influenza Dilemma Darkly Dreaming
Penny's sick, Sheldon and Leonard are away at a conference, and Raj is stuck at work on a Saturday. That leaves Howard to take care of her. Probably not-so-subtle speculations of Shenny. (Howard/Penny Friendship)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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