TBBT: Schrödinger Stories
Schrödinger Stories

I didn't know what to do with these stories, but I thought they should be listed somewhere. Here you'll find Fics of friendship and capers having 3 or more of the original five in it (Original 5), stories about childhood and family (Family), plus a few others I wasn't sure what else to do with. Any story that has descriptive sex in it will be marked (M)

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Sheldon/Penny - Collections, Drabbles & PoV's thread as of 6/1/2017
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. Sheldon Cooper, PhD and fulltime Knight by immortalbeloved13
Poem inspired by spaceanjl's "The Paladin Protocol!" (Sheldon/Penny)

2.  Overqualified by Miss.Sly
The first time anyone ever hit Sheldon, he was five. (Family)

3. The Best Day Ever by kyuuketsukirui
Staying the night at Meemaw's house always means cereal for breakfast, even if it's not cereal day. Today is extra special because it's just Shelly and Meemaw. (Family)

4. Ya tell him not to do somethin' by Mirumo
Mary Cooper knows how to make men do what she wants them to do. Drabble (Family)

5. Invisibility Impossibility by cursivenigh
Sheldon is annoyed when he finds some kind of device in HIS spot. When he touches it, a flash blinds him, and he believes he is dead. Friendship (Original 5)

6. The Mating Ritual Experimentation by CakeOrDeath620
Sheldon gets lessons on how to "attract the ladies" from none other than... Howard, with help from the rest of the gang. (Original 5)

7. The Penny War Antagonism by WeBuiltThePyramids
A fundraising event in the apartment building leads to rivalry between it's residents. Takes place sometime in season four, but no spoilers for any unaired episodes. No pairings, Shamy in a few chapters but that's not really a pairing! (Friendship)

8. What's Been and Gone by weasleytook
It only takes four words to change Penny's life forever. A comment fic for the Rewriting History meme. The prompt was "Penny gets a major movie role after The Tangerine Factor." (Penny/Career)

9. The Five Things Sheldon Cooper Learned by seddiefan2009
The five things Sheldon Cooper learned from the people in his life. Friendship (Sheldon POV)

10. Operation White Christmas by Hakkaiduo
When Penny is upset about missing winter in Nebraska, it is up to Sheldon and the boys to come up with a way to cheer her up. Friendship (Original 5)

11. The Ferguson Conversion by viola12night
The guys meet graphic novel writer Eddie Ferguson while at the comic book store. He brings a Nintendo Super Scope to Vintage Game Night. (Original 5)

12. The Mercury Mitten Mystery by Knight-Ander
Penny has a job at Comic Con, but will the boys approve? (Original 5)

13. In Brightest Day by magpieforjoy
The boys consult each other regarding Halloween costumes this year. Drabble (Original 5)

14. The Night The Heat Went Out by CloveShadow
When Sheldon gets them to accompany him to the Arctic Circle, the heat unexpectedly goes out. The lengths one must go to survive might drive one to suicide. (Original 5)

15. Camp X Ray by Pjazz
Howard invents x-ray spectacles and tries them out on Penny. Big mistake… (Original 5)

16. The Equine Expansion by WeBuiltThePyramids
Penny decides that she wants to do something with her friends that isn't related to Physics or science fiction. This has NO pairings, it's just a friendship story. Slight adventure, nothing too dramatic, just fun for the fivesome. (Original 5)

17. Stock by afullmargin
Stuart stocks the shelves of Comic Center and prepares to open on New Comic Day. (Stuart)

18. Average Saturdays by StrawberryPajamas
The whole gang lounges around and watches Doctor Who. Drabble (Original 5)

19. Comic-Con by AllaRuse
The guys take Penny to Comicon. Drabble (Original 5)

20. The Flash Perquisition by Steve61
Sheldon's favorite t-shirt is destroyed, forcing him and the gang to search for a new one. (Original 5)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The Two Apps by joniskpelare
What happens with the two apps. (Original 5)

22. Translating Oyster Dressing by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
They need a translator for Penny-Speak. (Original 5)

23. The Prestidigitation Approximation Fallout by ermintrude421
The Department of Homeland Security tattles to Sheldon's mother. (Family)

24. A New Beginning by Reparata
Sheldon has to accept that life as he knows it will never be the same. Everyone has moved on and he is forced to accept changes in his life that he would never before have considered - until he meets her.

25. Found it by TheDarkestShinobi
Because Sheldon must always be right. Just a little scene I imagined while reading a comic book. (Original 5)

26. Toast by Elennare
At breakfast in a hotel, Sheldon runs into trouble with the toast. (Original 5)

27. Stuck in a Rut by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
Raj doesn't want to be the unpopular superhero any more. (Original 5)

28. Best Man by MrsVincentCrabbe (Moved to Established)
Sheldon has a very important question to ask Leonard. Shenny (Sheldon/Leonard friendship)

29. The Sonic Screwdriver Subjection by Darkly Dreaming
Penny's mixing drinks for the boys and introduces them to Sonic Screwdrivers. Everyone's instantly hooked. No ships, but I did make Penny wink at Sheldon...hence the character choice (Original 5)

30. A Modern Day Cinderella by Constance Truggle
What happens when Penny focuses more on her career and less on her social life? (Penny/Career)

31. A Personal Meditation by Magnet-Rose
He was a prodigy. A thinker more than a feeler. His world is defined by logic and ideas. But how did it all come about, how did he go from a bright-eyed child to an frightfully smart man? Here we meditate on the subject of Sheldon Lee Cooper, a man who knows more than he should, but never feels like it's enough. A man who aims to be the smartest in the world. (Family)

32. Dungeons and Polyhedrons by Oswulf
With these main characters-tabletop role play was bound to pop up eventually. (Original 5)

33. The Mattress Extrication by XMarisolX
Mary does some cleaning and doesn't like what she finds. (Family)

34. The Influenza Dilemma by Darkly Dreaming (Moved to Alt Ship Thread)
Penny's sick, Sheldon and Leonard are away at a conference, and Raj is stuck at work on a Saturday. That leaves Howard to take care of her. (Penny/Howard friendship)

35. Grew Up in a Small Town by kumikokat
Songfic about Penny leaving Nebraska to follow her dreams.

36. I Do Like You, Sheldon by nerdland
Sheldon realizes that he needs friends, but it can be too late. The one person who stood beside him was the only person he could never imagine that would.  (Sheldon/Howard Friendship)

37. Unwanted Mental Images by BringOnTheWonder1997
Leonard wonders why he asked. He really doesn't want to know what his mother did to Sheldon that was so inappropriate. So why?

38. Such a Jerk by Autobot Chromia (Must have HQ account to read)
Kripke is such a jerk. He is always teasing Sheldon, and always speaks with that impediment. Why does he talk like that anyways? Doesn't he have access to a speech therapist? A one shot explaining and answering all these questions, plus more.

39. The Old Couple by Vikingheart
An old couple watches Episode 6x13 of their favorite show. This is some sort of comment to The Bakersfield Expedition. Implied Shenny

40. Wishes by Matsuda'sDreams
He wished for many things, things he didn't believe he deserved, but he still wished. Possible character death? (Stuart)
41. Dream State by Risknight
A look at the dreams (or are they nightmares?) of Sheldon and company as sleep. Implied Shenny

42. Four Loves Of Stuart Bloom by Mislav
Stuart was engaged in many relationships. But he really loved only four people. (Stuart)

43. The Comedy Routine Quandry by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
Watching Monty Python with Sheldon is an adventure in and of itself. Drabble (Original 5)

44. The Meeting Motivation by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring
Sometimes knowing someone would miss you if you didn't show up makes all the difference in the world. Leonard's offhanded proposal in "The Mother Observation" gives Stuart the incentive he needs to change his life. (Stuart)

45. Sheldon's Final Argument by Marie S Zachary
When GOD won't let Sheldon into heaven Sheldon argues with GOD

46. Memorial Day by Daedaleopsis
This is a tribute to military servicemen and women everywhere, as seen through the eyes of the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

47. The Nebraska Reaction by Daedaleopsis
Penny's parents discuss how they feel about their daughter's engagement to Leonard. (Family)

48. Nothing I Can Do by Thiing1
When Sheldon gets a shocking phone call, what can he do? IS there anything he can do? (Family)

49. Launch by Risknight
A short story about a certain engineer's thoughts as he left for the space station. (Howard)

50. Memories and Love by Risknight
The ornaments for the tree may not be conventional, but they hold a lot of wonderful memories for her. Memories of friends long gone. Memories of happy days long past. Memories of the greatest gift she was ever given. The trust and love of her very best friend.

51. Penny's POV by Shenny Fan (Must have HQ account to read)
Penny's thoughts during Shamy's wedding. (Penny POV)

52. The Freedom Consideration by the queen of slurking
Penny never drives the car Leonard bought her. (Penny)

53. I Am not Stupid by percyjacksonfan135 (Must have HQ account to read)
Just a small one shot about how Zach feels when people call him stupid. AU. Let's pretend that Zach Jonson is smarter than people think and that he got a masters in teaching; particularly, American Literature. How will Penny react when he tells her how he feels when he's called stupid? (Zach)

54. The Day He Left by Mislav
"It wasn't something he expected . Actually, he never thought about possibility of that happening, but he probably assumed that he would be able to see warning signs . It was nothing like that ." (Leonard/Howard Friendship)

55. The Deck Discussion by Princess Shania
Penny and Bernadette discuss the events of Killer Robot Instability. (Penny/Bernadette Friendship)

56. Healing by Mislav
Set post the episode "The Relationship Diremption". Sheldon and Howard look for escape from things that haunt them. (Sheldon/Howard Friendship)

57. Strike a Match by pixelnerd (Must have HQ account to read)
Don't you ever tame your demons But always keep 'em on a leash-' One-shot. Implied domestic violence. (Family)

58. GOD Made You Special Too by Princess do-gooder (Must have HQ account to read)
When Sheldon is jealous of his older brother his mother comforts and reassures him (Family)

59. Feminine by sudoku
Sheldon usually gets what he wants. That's not the case for dealing with females in his life though. As any self-respecting scientists do, he does a quick analysis to find out what goes wrong and what needs to be done. No shipping (Sheldon)

60. The Princess and the Squeeze by wanderingsmith
Sheldon objects to inequality. No ship (Sheldon)
61. Cooper's Law by nadagio
Pre-BBT. Sheldon Cooper's Law of Female-Video Game Dynamics is theorized and challenged. (Sheldon)

62. The Pop-pop Disappearance by teoriapostmoderna
Days spent at his grandparents' house were a big part of Sheldon's early life; until one day, that was no more. He didn't like changes – at all. (Family)

63. Sheldon's Watch by Halley the Comet (Deleted Story)
Sheldon always wears a watch. Nobody ever really noticed and they didn't ask, but he wore it for a reason. (Family)

64. Saturday is Movie Night by gladdecease
"It's not enough that you made me watch that movie, but you mock me with it?" - or, Sheldon watches The Lake House. Reluctantly. (Original 5)

65. Oh The Madness by Stella Goodfellow (Story deleted)
Penny sits with the guys and thinks about how foreign they are, or are they? (Original 5)

66. Paintball Night by A. N. Ravencroft
Penny and the guys are going paint-balling...or are they? (Original 5)

67. The Baby Whisperer Allegory by degrassichick
A newborn was never in Howard Wolowitz's plans. And babysitting said newborn was never in Sheldon Cooper's. (Original 5)

68. The Flashback Effect by GoldStarGrl
Sheldon Cooper has a really, really embarrassing habit when he gets upset. But when he doesn't find it as funny as all his friends, they're left to figure out what turned a smart little boy into the broken man they know.

69. Shoes and Sexual Clues by mysoulmate
Penny needs to be saved and Leonard finally gets the answer to the question no body wants to ask. Friendship (Original 5)

70. Impediment by TolkienGirl
Penny struggles with her self-esteem after the boys present their latest "boards." Sheldon isn't helping. Set some time during Season 1. (Original 5)

71. The Big Bang Theory The Memaw Reoccurrence by Chris Colon
Sheldon skips work to go on a secret mission. Howard tricks Penny into helping to follow Sheldon. Penny learns history has a way of repeating itself. (Original 5)

72. The Cotton Ball Confusion by SergeantFuzzyBoots (Deleted Story)
Sheldon receives a package and is very excited about it. (Original 5)

73. Favourite Element by ObsessedwithBirds
Sheldon asked everyone what their favorite element was… Drabble (Original 5)

74. The Piano Masters by Not Just a Nerd
What happens when there is a fund-raiser at the University that involves a piano contest, when Sheldon is the only one who can play the piano, but is banned from fund-raisers? (Original 5)

75. (Sheldon) Cooper Theory by AbiG2015
Sheldon resolves to studying and solving String Theory, but in his attempt Sheldon refuses to sleep, eat or bathe. Leonard and Penny begin to worry about their friend's health and attempt to force him to take a break. Sheldon comes to an interesting hypothesis that baffles even himself. (Original 5)

76. continuum by MixItUp
A selection of poetry focusing on the relationship between Sheldon and Penny. SHENNY

77. The Threads of Being by MrsVincentCrabbe
He worships the power she had over the lives of men. She never asks him to speak. Together, they rule the universe for all eternity. A Metaphysical, Abstract Raj/Karma Romance

78. Wesley by Gypsy Love
Some Wil Wheaton thoughts when he did "fun with flags" with Sheldon and Amy. Not Amy Friendly (Wil POV)

79. The Cookie Monster Contemplation by Cereal Apist
Set in mid season 4 this is how Penny may have come to get her Cookie Monster tattoo.

80. The Message Board Maxim by dharmavati, sporkyadrasteia (dharmavati)
Of things Sheldon cannot just let go. OTHER
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse by entanglednow
"I think accepted biology will be our life raft in the waters of ignorance here." (Original 5)

82. Sheldon Cooper's First Job by themadlurker
The beginning, and end, of Sheldon's career as a high-school math tutor (Sheldon)

83. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall by ishie
Howard was the first to stop shaving. (Original 5)

84. Small Talk by entanglednow
Leonard and Penny teach Sheldon the art of small talk (Original 5)

85. Scars by WinterGarden
Everyone knows that Sheldon's life as a child was less than perfect, but how much can they really tell just by looking at him? No one truly knows what scars lie in a person's past, but Sheldon's friends are about to find out.  (Family)

86. The Android Investigation by Deborah Peters
"'Wow,' said Penny. 'And you said "soup" was bad.'" The gang plays "Never Have I Ever." (Original 5)

87. Sheldon's Plea to his Father by Shenny Fan (Deleted Story)
Sheldon needs his Father. Shenny, Family (Sheldon POV)

88. Sheldon's Dilemma by Shenny Fan (Deleted Story)
This story is a Shenny and most likely a one shot. (Sheldon POV)

89. The Casero Mitosis by Spooladio
AU. Moria Casero is the daughter of Rafael and Raissa Casero. She is also known as Penny. The Caseros are brilliant scientists being pursued by a ruthless international organization. Penny's new neighbors and their friends are nerdy geniuses who have secrets of their own. Thanks to Beta Zaedah for her guidance during the initial chapters. (Penny/OC) (Sheldon/Amy)

90. the universe expanded by Ivory Muse
A brief history of philophobia. — (Family) (Sheldon)

91. The Butterfly Effect by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
After returning from a time travel trip, the guys find that everything is different. (Original 5)

92. Prospects by quiesce
Sometimes Sheldon thinks about the future. (Sheldon)

93. On the First Day of Christmas, My Sheldon Got For Me… by McKay
Sheldon goes shopping for his mother's Christmas present at a local super store. Implied Howard/Raj (Original 5)

94. Cooped Up by foxtwin
Mrs. Cooper and Dr. Hofstadter occupy close quarters. (Family)

95. The Supermarket Adventure by AylaPascal
Sheldon goes shopping at the local supermarket. (Sheldon)

96. This Is Going To Be Good by betternovembers
Raj is sort of surprised his cell phone even gets reception out here. Adhesive Duck (Raj)

97. A White Canvas, Complete in Itself by allthingsholy
"I'm not asking Mom and Dad for money." Her voice is sharp and clear. Strong. New. Penny (Family)

98. Beloved, Let Me Hump You by damalur (Story deleted)
The problem with this job is that there's just not enough Penny-time. (Penny/OC) (M)

99. Here There Be Dragons by trascendenza
Penny wants a pet. (Original 5)

100. Sincerely Yours by d_sieya
Sincerely, Sheldon Cooper, PhD (Family)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
101. Just as Sane as You Are by gladdecease
He's not crazy. His mother had him tested. Sheldon (Family)

102. Kiss a Guilty World in Love by gloss
Sheldon and his Meemaw. (Family)

103. The Dollhouse by Pixie_Child
Changing the routine. (Original 5)

104. The Doctoral Deficiency by ancarett
Four men, four doctorates. Since Sheldon has two, that leaves Mr. Wolowitz as the odd man out in the academic foursome. But what's the use of working at one of the most prestigious universities if you don't take advantage of the opportunities to get your slice of the higher education pie? Howard's been working on his doctorate, but now Sheldon's wormed his way on the dissertation committee with disastrous consequences. Can Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj deal with the tribulations of angry Buffy fans, harassed university staff members and a flurry of mandatory university policy workshops that Sheldon somehow seems to avoid, all to help Howard get his Ph.D.? Stay tuned! (Original 5)

105. Odd Angled Memory by jazzfic
It was something that shouted of unreality, a memory that he wanted to believe wasn't really his; it belonged to a boy who ran through the green-gold surrounds of a Texas home. (Sheldon)

106. Schrodinger's LOL by DisaLanglois
It was all Penny's fault. She shouldn't have forwarded the dratted thing. (Original 5)

107. Anything-Can-Happen Thursday by Ailelie
After aliens come to Earth, Penny is one of the survivors who helps form the Resistance. (Disaster), (Penny/OC)

108. Not Enough by jazzfic
As a girl, she would climb from her window and run away unseen, the house far behind her, dirt beneath her feet. Drabble (Penny)

109. The Penny Equation (Or, How Leonard learnt that a Sheldon is for life, not just Christmas) by jazzfic
So basically, Christmas this year would see the two occupants of 4A and the single occupant of 4B merge briefly, try and be merry, and mostly fail, or, in other words, Praeteritus Relationship meets Does Not Believe In Relationships. To which Leonard could add the new mystery of why Sheldon Cooper, the man who cannot tell a lie, was suddenly keeping secrets about Penny. (Leonard)

110. Drabbles by concupiscence66
I based these drabbles on the first line of page 10, 20, 30 etc from the book A long Way Down by Nick Hornby. I did these as a challenge for Big Bang Land. Go Team Wackadoodle! (Original 5)

111. The Timetable Rationalization by juniper (junipermouse)
When the university's physics department has some budget cutbacks, Sheldon is the first to suffer. Which means that everyone else is also the first to suffer. (Original 5)

112. Ions by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
A drabble collection I wrote for the Big Bang Land Round 5 Flash Friday. They're not themed or anything, it's just ten random drabbles (Alt.Slash) (Shenny)

113. The Tuesday Night Realization by loveneverfails
It's just another Tuesday night. (Original 5)

114. Awkward by anemptymargin
It was sort of a spur of the moment thing, really. (Original 5)

115. Words Are All I Have by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Five different experiences with writing. (Family)

116. The Little Girl I Carried by medusa20
A glimpse into some pivotal moments as Penny grows up in Nebraska (Family)

117. Come As You Are by Muir_Wolf
Adventures in Bartending (Penny)

118. Coping Mechanisms by concupiscence66
"And who is this pretty girl?" The man takes a step backwards when Beverly looks him in the eye and says, "Beverly Martin". She's only twelve and she doesn't know why people step back from her undivided attention but she has already begun to enjoy the reaction. It is her first taste of power. Leonard (Family)

119. Mint Editions by Missy
Sheldon and Leonard try to explain the rebooting of comics to Penny. (Original 5)

120. It's Going to Be a Bumpy Night by Muir_Wolf
Penny!fic. That pretty much covers it. There’s some Penny/Sheldon, because I can’t help it, and there’s Penny/Acting, but this is pretty much just Penny! (Penny)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
121. It's All Relative by Evil_Little_Dog
Penny really doesn't get her new neighbors. Drabble (Penny)

122. The St. Patrick's Day (Massacre) by Evil_Little_Dog
Sheldon doesn't celebrate. (Original 5)

123. The Uncertainty Principle by medusa20
Penny has met "one of these beautiful mind genius guys" before. (Penny/OC)
The sequel to this story "The Fundamental Properties of Friendship" can be found in the Platonic thread

124. Some Things Just Don't Change by medusa20
Another remix though unofficial . This is based on ishie's "A Warm Gulf Wind"- a truly incredible fic. The prompt:Sheldon is going peacefully on with his usual routine while Penny is going through events in the original story. But lots of details shows he misses her more than he admits. Sheldon POV (Family)

125. The Law of Conservation of Momentum by medusa20
The Fab Five go on a well-deserved summer road trip. Shenny if you read with one eye closed. (Original 5)

126. Shaken to the Core by Cornerofmadness
She couldn’t believe such a horrible thing happened. (Original 5)

Alchemy Series by Evil_Little_Dog
127. Alchemy Vs. Star Trek Leonard thinks it'd be neat to be an alchemist. (Original 5)

128. Alchemy Vs. Magic Part 2: Howard and Leonard try new outfits for cosplay at Comic-con.

129. Alchemy Vs. Renaissance Faires Part 3: Sheldon's tired of talking about Fullmetal Alchemist.

130. Packing for Comic Con by antrazi
The Big Bang Theory, Ensemble, Packing for Comic-con. (Original 5)

131. Fanboys by eanor
Fandom is Love. Or: Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us? Drabble (Original 5)

132. 51 More Days to Go by lita
he diaries with countdown for the boys and Penny before they come back from the Arctic at the finale of Season 2. I don't write the authors' names so you can guess.

133. The Fable of the Apple by Hisako_Kojima
She didn't realize until mid-day that this was the happiest Christmas she'd had in a while. (Penny)

134. Saving Grace by Evil_Little_Dog
“I was just thinking,” Sheldon said, spinning his forefinger on the mousepad of his laptop. Drabble (Original 5)

135. Why Sheldon Never Made A Friendship Agreement by TourmalineQueen
Written for Evil-Little-Dog and the prompt: The Big Bang Theory, Any/Ensemble, “Just because I’m wearing a red shirt doesn’t mean I’m going to die first.” Crack (Original 5)

136. Mind Over Matter by Theluminousfisheffect
The story of the hugging machine that Leonard built when he was ten to feel the affection his mother refused to give him. (Family)

137. Five Things That Never Happened To Penny And The Boys by A_Damned_Scientist
Was it real or was it just too much cheesecake? (Alternative Universe) (Original 5)

138. Sheldon Hofstadter and Leonard Cooper by ynotlleb
What if baby Sheldon and baby Leonard were switched at birth? TBBT Alternative History. (Family)

139. The Physicist’s Advice by fanfictioniwrite
"Sheldon Cooper never went back to Pasadena, setting his past life behind him. Many years later he is a world known physicist, a Nobel Laureate and a man who regrets too many things amongst which leaving the woman of his life behind. (Sheldon)

140. SETI Never Expected This by fenellaevangela
Everything seemed totally normal. Until it didn't. (Original 5)
141. I Know What you Did the Other Day by Little_Firestar84
“Leonard? Tell him why I hate him.” Or, when reality meets TV and Comic Books... and vice-versa. Because Sheldon loved the guy- and there's no way he can forgive his hero-turned enemy-turned enemy... Spoilers for Powers' last episode.

142. The People on the Internet Know Everything by Temperance-is -a -virtue
Penny becomes famous and stars in a hit tv show. Through online snippets, we see her relationship with the boys, Sheldon in particular. First posted on LJ in 2009

143. Shenny: Will they, won't they? by CTR69 Soft Kitty
We talk with stars of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco about their on-screen relationship that's taken the TV world by storm. (Thanks to the BBT HQ for inspiration)

144. Big Bang Mall of Wonders by awabblertoday
Howard, Sheldon and the gang get stuck in the mall on Christmas Eve. AU teenagers

145. Sheldon's Dream by ynotlleb
Sheldon's dream comes true, or does it? (Sheldon)

146. Freezing Point of H2O by UtopianAtom
A blizzard leaves the guys snowed in at the university. Sort of Crack

147. The Grand Tour by ancarett
Penny, Sheldon and Leonard make a pilgrimage to Greece. (Original 5)

148. Ickle Shelly by fujiidom, mrsvc, sinstralpride, Southern_Heaven
When Sheldon is caught in a lab accident, he becomes everyone's worst nightmare

149. Unique by FairyNiamh
Sheldon isn't like others. He's Unique. (Asexual Sheldon)

150. The Midnight Sexual Frustration by LadyMango
Sheldon can't sleep… (Asexual Sheldon) (M)

151. Ten Things About Penny by misbegotten
Penny has a high school physics textbook next to her bed. She's highlighted a lot of it. In neon pink. (Penny)

152. Sheldon and Family by Princess do-gooder (Story deleted)
Sheldon and his family reflects on what it's like to be/live with Sheldon (Family)

153. The Apartment Switch Solution by CTR69 (Duplicate)
Amy and Leonard conspire to make their lives better. Short prequel to The Cohabitation Experimentation episode

154. False Safety by Dreaming of Starry Skies
She couldn't stop running. She had always known that. So why had she stopped? A darker look at Penny's backstory. (Penny)

155. A White Canvas, Complete in Itself by allthingsholy
"I'm not asking Mom and Dad for money." Her voice is sharp and clear. Strong. New. Penny (Family)

156. Big Bang Theory - The Knight Industries Extrapolation by Thor2000
Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj get to test a new intense "battle world" simulation full of games and physical exercises, but it actually turns into a free-for-all with each of them trying to out-do the other for points, glory and ego. (Original 5)

157. Friday's Child by sketchbook henry (bessemerprocess)
Sheldon puts Penny's Christmas present to practical purposes. (Original 5)

158. The Parallel Universe Collision by urban countrygirl
When Penny and Sheldon go tuxedo shopping for his wedding with Amy, they meet a nice guy who seems to attract Sheldon in a very special way…

New Stories Added: 06/19/2019
159. Breaking the Cycle by Wintreaux
It wasn't even twenty minutes later when Penny found herself confined in the small space of the houses' den, in the dark with a bottle of tequila and a glass in front of her; although there was no need for the glass because she was doing just fine without it. Glasses were for people who had self-control, she had none. Leonard/Penny - No Romance - AU - NOT Lenny Friendly -

160. I'll Count the Hours by virgo_writer
In an unusual bout of decisiveness, Leonard decides not to join Sheldon and the gang in their search for slow-moving monopoles. Lenny at beginning (Original 5)

161. stripped bare, got nothing left by heterocosmica
Penny runs from Nebraska (Penny)

162.  Missy and Sheldon by BreathlessFaith
Missy helps Sheldon get his dream. Shenny

163. Breaking up is hard to do by Shennyhater666
Sheldon finally realizes his feeling for Penny - Shenny (Major characters deaths) (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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