Sheldon/Penny: Established Stories
181. The Tri-Dimensional Lighthouse Leap by Mount_Seleya
In which a humble waitress from Nebraska wallops a brilliant physicist's proverbial posterior across three dimensions.

182. The Missing Letters Initiative by shydiva1996
Cute Shenny oneshot inspired by “The WiFi Password Proposal” by emmaspirate. Sheldon knew he wanted to propose to Penny from the moment they started dating, but he’s been waiting for the right time. Now that the right time has come, all he needs is the right proposal…

183. Raj's Second Scavenger Hunt Spectacular by thisisonlineright
... Or how he tried to make scavenger hunts, pictures and Goofy to work.

184. So Pretty Soon, In This Room It'll Just Be Me and You by inspector_spacetime
"Penny and Sheldon have been secretly seeing each other and they've been quite sloppy in hiding it.
Leonard and Penny haven't been together for a long time."

Endless Shenny Series by Shipper1990 (Must have HQ account to read)
185. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 1: Penny for his Thoughts  - When Penny moves into her new apartment it's love at first sight - for Sheldon. Retelling of season 1 from Sheldon's POV

186. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 2: Small Steps - Second part of my ongoing Shenny series, sequel to "Penny for his Thoughts". After sharing their first kiss Sheldon and Penny start dating with some bumps on the way

187. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 3: Moving Forward - Third part of my endless Shenny series, sequel to "Small Steps" with an equally uncreative title. Sheldon and Penny have brought their relationship to the next level, now it's time to meet the parents, other relatives and friends

188. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 4: Pillow Talk - A collection of bedroom conversations. Rated M for some adult themes and language.

189. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 5: Fun with Flags - What do you do when you inherit 18,5 million dollar? Exactly, you go on a world trip with your beautiful girlfriend - eight months later. And of course Sheldon doesn't miss a chance to drop some of his knowledge about flags.

190. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 6: Forever - I have no idea what to write as a summary. Simply more Shenny. Please read the ending of part 5 before this.

191. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 7: Hell of a Day - Accompanying content to the "A Tale of Sheldon & Penny" series. Just extra some stuff I forgot to write or didn't go with the theme of the part

192. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 8: Sealing the Deal - Sequel to "Hell of a Day". After the very happy ending of a long day, Sheldon and Penny now set sight on their wedding.

193. A Tale of Sheldon and Penny: Part 9: A Murder for Two - Big Bang Theory/Castle Crossover (Story deleted)

194. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 10: Penny's Big Break - 10th part of my Shenny series, sequel to "A Murder for Two". Sheldon and Penny are married and are back home. Sheldon returns to the university and Penny finally makes it as an actress. How will she deal with the new fame and how will their career ambitions affect their relationship? (Story deleted)

195. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 11: Daily New Penny - Next part of my Shenny series. Penny gets hit on the head and head and suffers from amnesia. Can Sheldon help her remember while dealing with the characters in Penny's head? Hopefully funny (Story deleted)

196. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 12: Farm Life- 12th part of my series. Penny is forced to move back to Nebraska and of course Sheldon follows her. Title really tells it all. Sheldon and Penny with a new adventure as farmers (Story deleted)

197. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 13: Family is Family - No calm hour for Sheldon and Penny. Just returning home, the next unwanted surprise awaits. Without advance warning Sheldon's sister Missy and his nephew Jacob move in with the couple. How will the new house community get along? Meanwhile Sheldon sets out to write scientific history and Penny goes back to school(Story deleted)

198. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 14: Long Distance Relationship - With only one step away from proving his universe redefining theory, Sheldon gets the chance to fly to space (Story deleted)

199. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 15: Nine Months - Sheldon is back and Penny has only one thing on her mind, she wants to start a family. Follow the couple through the ups and down of pregnancy (Story deleted)

200. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 16: Family Life - With the new addition to their family, Sheldon and Penny start into a new chapter of their life. Penny also returns to acting (Story deleted)

201. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 18: The Break-Up - When a shocking revelation from Penny's past surfaces, Sheldon leaves and disappears. Will their love prevail? (Story deleted)

202. A Tale of Sheldon & Penny: Part 19: Songs of our Life - Song-based stories out of the life of Sheldon & Penny (Story deleted)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
203. Keep Your Clothes On by betternovembers
In which I heavily ship Penny/Acting Career in addition to Sheldon/Penny. (M)

204. The Secret by Marathon Zack 140.6
Sheldon and Penny have an unexpected secret. SHENNY One-Shot. Plenty of Leonard bashing ahead. Don't like, don't read.

205. The Secret Marriage Trope by Darkly Dreaming (Sarai90)
A retellling of the Pilot. Shenny

206. Sheldon's Wife by Marathon Zack 140.6
Expanded version of "Shenny Shorts 1". Sheldon and Leonard have a new neighbor in the apartment across the hall, but for one of them she might not be quite so new. SHENNY, as always.

207. Secret Agent Obstacle Party Planning by mrsvc
Raj and Penny are best friends. There is text messaging involved. Established Shenny

208. The Love of Shenny by Alliecat445
Just a short Shenny one-shot

New Stories Added: 06/19/2019
209. Office Paradox by Wintreaux
He didn't know what he expected, but what he saw was the furthest thing from it.

210. Memories by Niffler91 (Niffler_91)
Twelve years have flown by. It's time to make new memories.

211. The Dating Postulation by Wintreaux
This is just the way I imagined the conversation to go if Leonard found out Sheldon and Penny were dating.

212. Birthday Cake Kisses by Niffler91 (Niffler_91)
No child of Dr Sheldon Cooper will eat birthday cake for breakfast. Even if it is their first birthday.

213. This is Happiness: II by Wintreaux
Sequel to This is Happiness: I. You'll need to read that in order for this to make sense. This is Happiness: I can be found in the friends to Lovers thread

214. The REM Cycle Disturbance by Niffler91 (Niffler_91)
Moments like this, made the disturbance of Sheldon's REM cycle, entirely worth while.'

215. Best Man by MrsVincentCrabbe
ONESHOT. Sheldon has a very important question to ask Leonard.

216. The Nobel Prize by medusa20
Sheldon's quest for glory has unforeseen consequences. Prior relationship starts again.

217. Pretty Woman by Lizwontcry
Penny gets turned on when Sheldon plays the piano for her, and he is more than happy to oblige. Established (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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