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This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories where Sheldon and Penny are in an established relationship. If you're looking for stories about date nights, weddings, pregnancy, and children, this is where you'll find them. Any stories that have descriptive sex in it will be marked (M)

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. The Coitous Conundrum by chunkeymonkey
Sheldon and Penny are dating. But they are having a "problem".

2. The Parenthood Paradigm by Keiko Noriko
A series of ficlets about the Cooper family

3. More Research Required by trainlindz
Sheldon questions and analyses his encounter with Penny.

4. Full Circle by WeirdMisty
An evolving relationship, and all the joy, pain, and experiences that come with it.

5. An Unlikely Pairing by redgrunt84
A look back at Penny and Sheldon's remarkable lives in the form of a Biography written by their son.

6. The Ardor Indeterminacy by PrincessButtercup83
One small moment. One giant leap.

7. Understanding The Law Of Large Numbers by PrincessButtercup83
How does someone's past impact their future?

8. Defining Home by redgrunt84
Sheldon reflects on what home means to him and has an unexpected revelation.

9. He's Got the Brains Alright by gwendy
Penny is disappointed with Sheldon's idea for a first month anniversary…

10. The Pregnancy Complex by Mika Casey
Penny made an announcement that changed Sheldon's life.

11. The Love Conundrum by Ayla Pascal
Sheldon's idea of pillow talk is to explain the multiverse theory.

12. Eight Secrets About the Cooper Family by Mika Casey
Penny and the kids were part of Sheldon's daily routine.

13. Photographic Memory by jessicajason
Sheldon and Penny are shopping at the mall.

14. The Loss Hypothesis by starfish001
Penny suffers a loss and it raises some strong feelings in the group.

15. The Penny Perception aka The Six Senses of Penny by Jade24
Over time, Sheldon discovers Penny in many senses.

16. What's in a Name by Seraphim-Burning silver
Sheldon and Penny are new parents and it's not as easy as Penny thought it would be

17. Deja Vu Vibes by gwendy
Dr. Sheldon Cooper doesn't believe in coincidences...until…

18. A Study on the Human Condition by naughtykittekat
The human condition effects us all a little differently, where our paths diverge and meet. But in the end everyone moves forward guided by the paradox that we have the capacity to both make love and war and choose between how we wield the two.

19. Talk by butterflymind
The problem with people is they need to create stories around things that aren't real.

20. Alert Levels by gwendy
Sheldon goes all neurotic. See how Raj, Howard, Leonard and finally Penny deal with him...
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The New Relationship Exploration by the-fairy-godmother silver
Penny and Sheldon are finally together, but have not told anyone. they wanted to explore their new relationship themselves before letting anyone else know. (M)

22. Love Notes by DesiringPirates (Must have HQ account to read)
Sheldon sends Penny a "love note" after their first time together

23. Ice Cream of The Future by Besottedly
A series of ficlets beginning with Sheldon and Penny going for ice cream.

24. You Are to Me by CSI Ames
Penny and Sheldon have been married for 60 years. Has anything changed or do they still feel exactly the same? Based on the song "You Are to Me" by Adam Brand.

Marital Series by gertie-flirty
25. The Marital Observation - Sheldon Cooper is marrying Amy Farrah Fowler, but someone breaks up the ceremony at the last second. (Crackish)

26. The Problem is the Nobel Prize And Also Leonard - Sequel to 'The Marital Observation.' Sheldon and Penny are dating, but they face some obvious problems.

27. The Milestone - Sequel to "The Problem is the Noble Prize And Also Leonard ." Penny tells Sheldon something important, and he has no idea how to react.

28. The Proposition Proposition - Sequel to "The Milestone". Penny and Sheldon reach a turning point in their relationship, then Penny runs away to Nebraska.

29. Daddy 101 by Hakkaiduo
Sheldon spends a day with his daughter.

30. The Costume Reaction by vannadear
A brief interlude before Penny's 2010 Halloween Party

31. Doing Laundry by Dsieya
Let's dispense with the friendly banter.

32. Full of Love by Bella-Jade83
One whimsical duck can be so full of love…

33. Gently They Go by starfish001
She has already decided it’s a ‘he’ and can’t help but name him..." WARNING: Character death. Pretty dark.

34. It's Times Like These by DSieya
If this resulted in, like, permanent damage Penny would never forgive herself.

35. Penny, FTW by immortalbeloved13
Penny appears on "Jeopardy!"

36. That Great Morning by Random Dice
Even after two years, he wasn’t use to sleeping pushed, formed against the body next to him. He glanced down at his hand and smiled softly like his wife taught him. Two rings adorned her left ring finger, one on his.

37. The Snowflake Iteration by TheShoelessOne
Even life has a pattern. It's finding the threads that's the tricky bit.

38. The Neutral Endgame Observation by Lady Lioness silver
Raj walks into an office and walks out with his world forever changed.

39. The Boredom Consequence by immortalbeloved13
Sheldon gets into the coffee again.

40. Pièce de Résistance by arabean
Sheldon and Penny sing for Leonard.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. The First Experience by axmidnightxsun
Their first night of marriage and Sheldon's feeling a little nervous. Good thing he's married to Penny. (M)

42. Thump! by Panda-chan-plays-tennis
Penny is beating up on a punching bag instead of Sheldon when he won't tell her how he feels.

43. The Pie Crust Exercise by danakate
Sheldon tries to teach Penny how to bake.

44. Batman and Robin? by lonegungal17
Penny helps Sheldon choose a costume for her for Comic Con.

45. The Tomato Soup Revelation by renisanz
He sighed and listed the symptoms he had noted over the last few days: slight weight gain, nausea, bouts of irritability that did not coincide with his documentation of her moods in relation to the point she was in her menstrual cycle.

46. My Chick Bad by Panda-chan-plays-tennis
Sheldon has to go to another department function. Kripke tries to start something but Penny puts him in his place.

47. More alike Than You'd Think by lonegungal17
Sheldon compares himself to Forrest Gump.

48. Spending the Night by lonegungal17
Penny wants to spend the night with Sheldon.

49. Make Up by lonegungal17
Sheldon thinks Penny is beautiful with or without make up.

New Year Series by muaaimoi
50. New Year, New Things - Different people react differently to the same situation. This is how Sheldon and Penny go about love.

51. Actions and Reactions - Sequel to New Year, New Things. The result of a somewhat secret hook up between Penny and Sheldon On New Years eve.

52. Aftermath and Affections - Sequel to Actions and Reactions. Love can make the briefest moment last an eternity.

53. The Naughty Photo Enquiry by lonegungal17
Sheldon wants to take naughty photos of Penny.

54. Your Teddy Bear by lonegungal17
Sheldon buys Penny a special teddy bear.

55. Harmony by rhapsodybree
A snapshot of the future

56. What He Needs by BobtheFrog
Sheldon gets a phone call and his friends have to deal with the aftermath

57. Satellite by Loki's-Phantom-x
Six little ficlets to go with songs from a fanmix I made. Sheldon/Penny.

58. The Twilight Hypothesis by Loki's-Phantom-x
Penny persuades Sheldon to take her to Comic Con.

59. The Baby Postulation by Bunny1
A few years in the future for Sheldon and Penny

60. How it Possibly Happens by stock2007
Another "How They" end up dating fic.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. There Is Something Going On by AliceAtHeart
Sheldon and Penny have something going on… See how the others find out, and how they both feel.

Exposed Series by Lady Lioness
62. Exposed - Sheldon discovers something new about Penny.

63. Permanence in All Its Forms - Sheldon ruminates about Penny's tattoo.

64. Coitus by AliceAtHeart
Leonard, Raj and Howard overhear a…spicy… conversation over in 4B between a certain cheesecake goddess and robot.

65. Loving Life by AliceAtHeart
Kaley Cocuo once said in an interview that she's 'waiting for Penny to get knocked up, because it's only a matter of time'. If only she knew who the father would be.

66. Catch Me Up by BlueZeny
It's just takeout dinner actions and conversation. No almost pink elephants, or elephants from those two things, right?

67. The UV Light Conundrum by Miss Demetria Zambini
Sheldon and penny have been dating for some time now and penny finds out something big but how will she tell Sheldon?

68. The Anniversary Corollary by renrenren3
Social conventions dictate that two people celebrate the fact that they've been together for three hundred and sixty-five days. Sheldon and Penny comply.

69. The Reciprocal Gift Giving Dilemma by FluffyGoddess
Sheldon likes his anniversary gift.

70. ComicCon Conundrum by darthsydiou
Choosing the right Comic-Con costume can present some problems.

71. He's So by Erzibeth-Malfoy
One shot! T for language

72. Time by stock2007
Time changes people even Sheldon

73. The Ultrasonic Investigation by Mymermaidstory
Penny tells Amy she is pregnant and Penny brings Sheldon to her doctors appointment. There she gets a huge surprise, she's pregnant with TWINS!

74. A day at the beach by Schneephoenix
or the paradox of Sheldon Cooper loving what he really can't figure out

75. Forever in Your Eyes by naturallyclutzy93
What if forever was exactly what it meant? Sometimes the people who leave us, don't always leave for good. Character Death

76. How Everyone else sees it by supercave
Things were easier with Kurt. Things were better with Sheldon." Penny and Sheldon have finally seen the error of their ways, now...they only have to deal with the guys finding out.

Shenny Chronicles by AnAverageGirl15
77. A Ceremony To Remember - She never really thought she would be there up on stage accepting that award. She had been through so much and such great things. And she owed it all to the one man that meant the most to her. (Part 1 of The Shenny Chronicles)

78. A Day in the Life of Penelope Cooper - Penelope Cooper sits down with Olivia Day from People Magazine to answer a few questions. (Part 2 of The Shenny Chronicles)

79. New Member of the Group - Penny and Sheldon find out the miracle of life, as well as the downside of stardom. (Part 3 of The Shenny Chronicles)

80. Outing With Friends Interrupted - A normal get together with their friends is interrupted by the most horrible of people. (Part 4 of The Shenny Chronicles)
81. The Gift Recipient by XX4aXX
Leonard really shouldn't be looking through Sheldon's desk draws. Not a Sheldon/Leonard romance .

82. She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart by Tjay M
A little Shenny song-fic to a classic Tim McGraw song

83. Almost Lovers by emmaspirate
Sheldon always knew that Penny and him was meant to be together. But like a lot of things in life, it didn't go as planned

84. Starting Our Family by emmaspirate
Watch Sheldon and Penny go through heartache, freak outs, and the joy of having their first child together.

85. The Penny Cooper Realization by JJ Louise
Sequel to "The Blue Lunchbox Conundrum". Short little blurbs about what happens with Penny and Sheldon after Alex returns to the year 2029. The Blue Lunchbox Conundrum can be found in the AU thread (M)

86. Far Away by Tjay M
Like any relationship, fights happen. This is the tale of two lovers reunited after an angry outburst that separated them long enough to realize how much they love each other. (M)

87. Colors of the Week by Zenkindoflove
Sheldon notices that Penny has a routine of her own.

88. Vixen by Darkly Dreaming
"I think you just like to make me wait."

89. To Date Sheldon Cooper by DemonicXaliv
Before even attempting I suggest you read my advice. I may not be a physicist, but I know more than enough about one Dr. Wackadoodle.

90. Knowing by Risknight
What Sheldon and Penny could possibly see in each other. Songfic. Kelly Clarkson's Because of You

91. Part of the Territory by xinsidewantsout
What happens when Sheldon is forced to run to Target in the middle of the night for a diaper run?

92. A Change of Heart by GalexyQuest
Sheldon has unraveled the mysteries of the universe. A particularly difficult Christmas Eve forces him to re-think his beliefs.

93. The Nuptial Culmination by Lizwontcry
It's Sheldon and Penny's wedding day, and Penny ponders the long road it took for them to get there.

94. Happily Ever After by Risknight
A jealous queen, some weird dwarves and a demon monkey. What more could you want? Blame the rating on the raccoons.

95. Opposites Attract by knwho
Opposites attract. Penny and Sheldon are prime examples, here's how they get along.

96. Baby Steps by BaronessBlixen
Sheldon and Penny on their way to parenthood.

97. Smile by Riley-Ann Charles
Penny can't stop smiling

98. Something More by quirky-circus
Continuation of 'One Good Reason'. After an unexpected occurrence in both Sheldon and Penny's lives, they begin to undergo the small tribulations that will lead them to their future and to discovering that something more. Fluff, slightly OOC "One Good Reason" can be found in the Encounters thread

99. The Shirt by Riley-Ann Charles
Well, my third try to write a English fanfiction, I hope you like it!

100. The Conversations We'd Never See by fact-and-fiction
Sheldon talks. Penny talks. And the world stumbles in confusion. One-shot!
101. TV Time by stl85
Conversations between Penny and Sheldon while they force the other person to watch the program of their choice. Established Shenny and pure fluff.

102. Insecure by stl85
After coming home from date night, Penny is feeling very insecure about herself. Sheldon tries his hardest to make it right.

103. Revelations by Risknight silver
It wasn't a big announcement. There weren't any huge proclamations. No one took out ad space in the paper. Everyone just sort of ...realized it.

104. Set Fire to the Rain by MyOwnStar
Using Adele's song, "Set Fire to the Rain", this is a dark lyrical flowing one shot about Penny and Sheldon's heated (and secret) love affair…

105. Fundraiser, the by readinggirl1989
Leonard gets upset when Penny turns him down again. Leonard POV. Not for Lenny fans. Don't like, don't read.

106. Please Come Home by Riley-Ann Charles
Christmas is around the corner and Penny receives a message that she don't like… - Well, my fifth try to write a english FF!

107. Leave The Light On by WalkInTheMoonlight
He watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed gently. He brushed a golden strand of hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. She lay still, lost in her dreams, cradled against his chest, one hand rested over his heart, the other wrapped around her waist. He finds it easier with her. He doesn't obsess so much anymore. - Inspired by Neil Hilborn's "OCD"

108. The BoyfriendGirlfriend Variable by NoSecretsHere
Director Gibson had no idea how Dr. Cooper had managed to get such a beautiful girlfriend, but after seeing them through the course of one day, he was positive the two were made for each other.

109. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by muaaimoi
"Not to be used as a flotation device."

110. The Sex Thing by sunshineditty
Penny and Sheldon are dating, but when Penny discovers something about Sheldon, will this break them as a couple?

111. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by Shintaro Kozu
"Use your stomach, not your mind."

112. The Monkey and the Princess by QueenSpicy
Sheldon recites a beloved children's story. AU/AR/ Slightly OOC.

113. We're Dreamers by Nebuleste
When Penny is unable to bear children, she and Sheldon imagine a life that could have been theirs.

114. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by thisisonlineright
"If you throw this, would it be a flying saucer?"

115. The Ever-Changing Wi-Fi Password by dnelle
Sheldon changes the Wi-Fi password again because of Penny.

116. A Hairy Situation by dnelle
Penny gives Sheldon a haircut that makes him the ultimate heartthrob in CalTech.

117. Babysitting by thisisonlineright silver
Dr. Sheldon Cooper was one of the greatest minds of his time; had two doctorates, an IQ of 187, a long list of accomplishments, and was at the top of his career. So, why was he stuck babysitting children he didn't even know? The Prequel to this fic. "Alcohol Leads to Cicatrice" can be found in the Lemonade/Smut thread

118. Bundle of Joy by Risknight silver
Positive. Of course it was positive. Negative means everything stays the same. Positive means Penny is in deep, deep trouble.

119. I Never by mariteri
Nothing can escape unnoticed in a game of "I Never..." or so Penny and Sheldon find out.

120. The Coitus Result Surprise by thelittlesnape
It's time for Penny and Sheldon to tell their son Wally the news. How will he react? One-shot.
121. Soup and Crackers by mariteri
Leonard takes note of Sheldon's tattoo for the first time.

122. Unmask The Night by Allison Diamond
A romantic evening at the bar turns out differently than what Penny imagined. Sheldon is occupied with other things, or is there a trick up his sleeves?

123. A Cooper Family Christmas by Ultrawoman
Sheldon Cooper spends a special Christmas with his whole family, including wife, Penny, and their kids.

124. The Countdown Anticipation by Nebuleste
As the year comes to an end, Sheldon reflects on the past he shared with Penny.

125. Amnesia by LexiW
Sheldon loses his memory and no one is telling him what happened between him and Penny. No one wants to be responsible for putting him in pain again. Will he ever remember?

126. The Unexpected Outcome by Lizwontcry
Just a ridiculously fluffy story about how the experiment in the Intimacy Acceleration led to Sheldon and Penny falling in love.

127. Four Movements of a Shenny Sonata by EddyxMarvoloxRiddle
Sonata; n. A classical composition for an instrumental soloist, often with a piano accompaniment. It is composed of three or four movements.

128. The 7 Deadly Sins by stl85
Excerpts of Penny and Sheldon's relationship that focus on the 7 deadly sins.

129. The Sea Biscuit Discussion by JLynnB Soft Kitty
What pirate doesn't like cookies? A 'Daily Occurrences' universe future fic snapshot.

130. The Yellow Apple Paradigm by MrsVincentCrabbe
A stork, a pair of mittens, and a green apple.

131. Only Once by Reparata silver
It had only been that one time but apparently that was all it took. Just one time without a condom. Penny looked at the pregnancy test stick in her hand and marveled once again at how calmly she was taking this. Her hand was steady and her breathing was calm but beneath that calm exterior, flights of butterflies were swooping and fluttering throughout her stomach.

132. My Spot by ClairDeLaLuna
Penny reflects on her relationship with Sheldon. Implied Shenny.

Mya Adventures Series by Kimlavina
133. Date Night with Shenny - Sheldon and Penny's first night out since becoming new parents

134. BLEEP - Shenny fanfic in which they are married and their young daughter learns a new word… (M)

135. Adventures in Mya-Sitting - Penny leaves Sheldon alone in charge of their toddler for a few days. (M)

136. Playtime Gone Awry - Sheldon, Penny, and Mya are back and on a family outing to the park. Find out what happens when a face from the past appears - and not in a pleasant way…

137. Sheldon Cooper PhDuhhhh - Another short story starring the Cooper family

138. The Sandwich - Just a silly little one-shot from the series of Shenny stories I've written about Sheldon, Penny, and Mya.

The Start of Something New can be found in the Friends to Lovers Thread

139. Two by fujiidom
Just your average Thursday.

140. Parenthood: The Final Frontier by clow-san
Snapshots of the First Five Years of Isaac Cooper's Life. Shenny family fluff.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
Driving Lessons Series by dashakay
141. She Never - She never thought it would work out.

142. Driving Lessons - Snapshots from the first few months.

143. The Comic-Con Costume Conception Caper - She's never seen Sheldon quite so obsessed, which for Sheldon is quite a feat.

144. Get This Show on the Road - "I'm more than a bit concerned that you've turned into some sort of succubus," he said once.

145. There Was a Child Went Forth - One plus one equals three. Solve that equation, Sheldon.

146. Don't Stop Believing - Minivans never figured into her plans for the future.

147. What Might Have Been by randfan07
Sheldon let Penny walk out of his life, with his unborn child. Now seven years later, Penny returns to Pasadena but she's not alone and Sheldon sees what could have been his, is there still a chance that it could be?

148. The Christmas Cookie Substitution by Daedaleopsis
Penny finds out there's only one person who can make Meemaw's Christmas cookies. *Shenny*

149. The Proverbial Jealous Situation by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
Birthday gift for DHMMS, who wanted some jealous Sheldon. here you go! hope you like it!

150. Two Times Sheldon Kinda Met Leonard Nimoy and One Time He Really Did by screamlet
"Just think, Penny," Sheldon said as his hand tightened around hers, "You will witness history: the first time I have really met Leonard Nimoy."

Holiday Series by betternovembers
151. The Costume Coincidence - It's the Doctor in her living room.

152. The Parade Preoccupation - A sequel to The Costume Coincidence, or in which the Holiday Verse is created.

Lifeverse Series by damalur (Stories deleted)
153. Interlude: But What Are Your Thoughts on Ho Yay - "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you're more concerned with the characters' sexual entanglements than with that frankly masterful performance by Leonard Nimoy—"

154. The Universe and You - Penny thinks Sheldon is asexual. Sheldon begs to differ. (M)

155. A Day in the Life - March 9th, 2011, is just another day in the life for Penny and her roommate, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

156. Life, in a Nutshell - Penny laughs, cries, shrieks, smiles, and takes the theater world by storm. Sheldon watches Firefly. Leonard gambles. The world starts to look up.

157. The Role of a Lifetime - Élan Magazine sits down for an interview with Academy Award-nominated actress Penelope Cooper.

158. The Perfect Moment Equation by sinstralpride
In which Penny has trouble sleeping and Sheldon begins to solve the most important equation in the world.

159. The Good Part by weasleytook
Sheldon and Penny's relationship crashes and burns after 17 days. But it's far from over yet.

160. Honey, It's the Mileage by damalur
In which there is much ado over the 'check engine' light.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
161. Half-Awake in a Fake Empire by betternovembers
Everything you want. Everything you need. He will be. Honestly, and completely.

162. The Steep-Sided Gorge Excursion by weasleytook
The journey of 500 miles starts with a meticulously put-together binder of information, NOT a single step as we were led to believe.

163. Normal as Blueberry Pie by dashakay
Penny and Sheldon visit her parents in Nebraska. Sheldon wears jeans and maybe a cowboy hat. Penny explains her deep, abiding love for Justin Timberlake. Jell-O salad is consumed in bulk.

164. To Be Your Valentine by mrsvc & sinstralpride
Sheldon tries to make Penny a Valentine's Day card.

165. Wedding Crusher by Southern_Heaven
After their wedding is ruined, Sheldon and Penny visit the County Clerk's office.

166. The Sharpie Tattoo Syllogism by ladyofjest

167. The Two Peas In A Pod People Entanglement by Keenir
Leonard talking with Penny (and Sheldon) about the upcoming Penny/Sheldon wedding.

168. Endless by hitlikehammers
She chokes, her eyes wide, unseeing as the end looms; It’s never over he tells her gently.

169. Build a Bears Are Terrifying! by loveneverfails
Sheldon and Penny finally go to Build a Bear.

170. Missy Cooper Gets Married by loveneverfails
This was Missy's day and he'd agreed to 'give her away' - though he thought the act itself was barbaric, just as he'd told her when she'd asked. But Missy had convinced him (Penny found her sitting on Sheldon's back, having wrestled him to the ground until he'd conceded two months ago) and he did so today with a smile, at the very least.

171. Violins in My Heart by dontbitethesun
They waltz at their wedding

172. Baby, Baby (Ohhh) by ishie
Do you remember when I told you I wouldn't love a child who couldn't solve for the area under a curve?

173. Addenda to Sheldon’s Schedule by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
"...once Sheldon gets a taste of sex, he becomes as obsessive about it as he does about everything." (M)

174. The Santa Claus Paradox by geeky_ramblings (Story deleted)
Although Sheldon didn’t believe in the commercialism and hoopla of Christmas, Penny had insisted on celebrating it…

175. The Texan Chain Reaction Massacre by medusa20
Sheldon decides it's time to take the next big step with Penny.

Broken Series by medusa20
176. Broken Penny is the glue that holds the three of them together (M)

177. Fragments I'm continuing with "Broken" since it won't leave me alone. Much like Penny, I don't know where we'll end up but enjoy the journey at least. Summary: Things heat up in Texas (M)

178. More Than Happy by HappyEight
Penny doesn't know why she thought this aspect of her relationship with Sheldon would be any more normal than the rest of it.

179. It's Not Forever by jazzfic
Marriage is hard. Years after the fact, Sheldon is still trying to figure it out. Angst

180. Green is in the Mistletoe by dontbitethesun
After Sheldon proposes on Christmas Eve, Penny is nervous about asking Amy to be her maid of honor.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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