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This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories where Sheldon and Penny have encounters and/or moments that may contain fluff, angst, flirting, pranks, etc. Almost all of these are short stories (I tried to keep them under 7,000 words) and will usually contain a kiss.... or more*. Any story that has descriptive sex in it will be marked (M)  

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silver Indicates FanFiction Big Bang Theory Top 200 Favorite.
Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.

* there are a few stories in here that can be considered platonic. But since they had romantic undertones (between one or both characters) they ended up in this category.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
1. Mission: Weekend at Penny's by lachatdelarue
Penny takes the boys to visit her family.

2. The Incandesence of Ignorance by CoquetteDoll
Penny wants to know why Sheldon kept her, and the answer isn't what she expects.

3. Simultaneously Logical and Illogical by MrsVincentCrabbe
Penny and Sheldon celebrate the Chinese New Year.

4. The Swimsuit Issue Estimation by skullmunkey
When Howard delays game night to buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, a casual remark leads Sheldon to make a surprising revelation.

5. Umbrella in the Rain by redgrunt84
Penny and Sheldon share a moment with each other.

6. The Sensual Cellular Similarity by DesertDragon (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
A sexy, accidental text becomes the cause of some unaccountable behavior. (M)

7. The Summer Shower Precipitation by AWMPerry
Three years of curious and unexpected datapoints pile up on Sheldon, forcing him one rainy night to reach an unexpected conclusion.

8. The Plasma Implosion Experiment by AWMPerry
Of all the people to curl up to during a storm, why did she have to pick him?

9. The Arizona Algorithm by MrsVincentCrabbe
A music inspired fic about Sheldon and Penny.

10. A Viable Pursuit by renisanz
Penny goes to the midnight premiere of Star Trek with the guys. She's dressed as Uhura, while Sheldon obviously goes as Spock, and the two experience a little chemistry off screen.

11. How Penny Spent Her Summer by secondplacechampion silver
Once the boys left Pasadena for the North Pole, the biggest heat wave in a decade hit the west coast. And then Penny's air conditioner died. And then she flashed Howard from 3,300 miles away.

12. Rescue by Jade24
He could be awkward, and he could be a prick, but she never expected to one day find this side to him.

13. The Near Apocalypse Scenario by R.J. Anderson
In the wake of the unthinkable, the implausible becomes inevitable for a grieving Sheldon and Penny.

14. Discovery by southern cross
Sheldon makes a discovery; scents and fabrics abound.

15. Hands and Fingers and Touching Oh My! by Jazzrose343
Penny and her fascination with a certain pair of hands.

16. The Potted Orchid Proposition by R.J. Anderson silver
Sheldon has a plan, but Penny's not sure she can go along with it. How far will Sheldon go to convince her?

17. The Virtual Coitus Surrogation by gwendy
Sheldon and Penny play a late night game of Age of Conan…

18. The Nocturnal Confrontation Gambit by R.J. Anderson
Penny's attempt to sneak some milk out of the boys' fridge during a power outage is thwarted by a watchful Sheldon... but Penny has a few tricks of her own

19. The Concept of Breathing by Mika Casey
Penny always made Sheldon's chemicals react.

20. The Early Morning Expression by Len
Sheldon returns from the Arctic.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The Kryptonian Power Degradation by gwendy
Forget junior rodeo. It's time for Superman to die.

22. The Duplicity Hypothesis by MrsVincentCrabbe
How do you betray your best friend? With Stetson hats and perfume like sunshine.

23. The Plato's Stepchildren Gambit by Ishie
Sheldon was whispering furiously before she'd even focused enough to see him. "I'm invoking paragraph seven of our recently revised friendship agreement!"

24. The Break In by NellyLush
Penny gets robbed and must rely on Sheldon for some support.

25. The Goldilocks Hypothesis by kmd5133
The guys are returning home from the Arctic and Penny is excited about their return.

26. Immunity Obstacle by kmd5133
It all started because Penny snaked one of Sheldon's onion rings again.

27. The Relationship Observation by AcuteSensibility
Sheldon uses The Sims 3 to gain a greater grasp of basic human behavior.

28. The Effusive Discontinuation Enterprise by arabean
Who's gonna get the pot?

29. The Lip Balm Speculation by Hollow Haven
Penny shares her lip balm in a non-conventional manner.

30. The Cooper Deal Experiment by RosyShimmer
Penny decides to find out for herself what Sheldon's 'Deal' is.

31. The Vampire Variations by MrsVincentCrabbe
He's an expert in everything, just go with him. Halloween fic

32. The Cooper Dating Paradox by hAbIrAbI
Penny is sitting in her room when an excited Raj knocks on the door. What has him so excited and why hasn't Penny seen Sheldon in past few weeks.

33. That Certain Something by Darlin
After the adhesive duck deficiency, a visit to the ER & singing the kitty song Penny wanted something . . . more. Sheldon knew it wasn't right, in fact everything was wrong, yet he had the funniest feeling that giving in would make everything perfect even though the world he knew would change irrevocably.

34. Choices by Penny Cooper
Leonard and Penny break up very badly. Penny contemplates moving, which displeases Sheldon.

35. Levels of Like by Wolf Maid
Penny has always known what she wanted. And even if what she wants surprises her, she’s still going to get it. She’s that kind of girl.

36. The Mistletoe Conundrum by avalonian-priestess
Penny throws a Christmas party and shenanigans ensue.

37. Euler's Identity by Dsieya
“It is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don't know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.”- Benjamin Peirce.

38. Five Times Penny Doesn't Touch Sheldon by Dsieya
And one time she does.

39. Maybe by Dsieya
Peppermint Schnapps is a holiday drink, right?

40. Perception by Dsieya
“like mint and cinnamon and clean, and the combination is...”
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. LoveGame by aekohl
A faceless man at a party stirs feelings in Penny she thought she'd long since forgotten. Little does she know, the stranger is even closer to her than she ever imagined.

42. According to You by CSI Ames
What does Penny do when she realizes that she's not being treated the way she should be. And who is there to be her superhero and save the day?

43. The Apocalypse Realization by MarieofIlledra silver
In a casual conversation about the zombie apocalypse, Leonard realizes something about the relationship between his ex and his roommate.

44. The Christmas Landing Calamity by degrassichick
This is not how Christmas is supposed to go. I’m supposed to be home with my family, watching football and hanging out with my cousins and drinking eggnog and waiting to open presents. And instead, I’m here. In an airport. In the middle of Utah. With you.

45. Lessons From the Masters by Wolf Maid silver
It takes her a while to realize she's being wooed.

46. Vindicated by CSI Ames
Sheldon knows of 1 social paradigm in which people exchange jewelry. But could he be wrong for once? And can science help him to finally explain it to her?

Elevator Series by Erzibeth-Malfoy
47. The Elevator  - Sheldon has finally fixed the Elevator, but for how long?

48. Sequel to The Elevator - Penny gets home from work to find Sheldon in the hall.

49. Three Weeks by DesiringPirates (Story removed)
Penny gets an acting gig that requires her to go to New York City for three weeks, much to her and everyone's surprise. She takes it and leaves; while she is gone, someone realizes how much he misses her.

50. Speechless by Menacherie
Sheldon Lee Cooper has been speechless five times in his life.

51. Say Anything by Menacherie
Sheldon has to apologize.

52. The Relocation Reasonings by Fayth3 silver
Penny wonders if she should move back home. Sheldon has other ideas

53. Costumes by Mrs Penny Cooper
Sheldon likes his own clothes. So does Penny. Yet, here they are, dressed up like puppets, as they prepare for a Caltech party held in Sheldon's honor.

54. The Problem with Spock by airekuh
Penny and Sheldon watch Star Trek 2009. Sheldon likes it, but there's something not quite right.

55. Love's Philosophy by immortalbeloved13
Penny begins receiving love notes from a mysterious admirer.

56. A Collision of Unusual Thoughts and Particles by 00JLO
What happens when the person you are supposed to miss, you miss but not the most?

57. Counter by Random Dice
Sheldon! I didn’t cheat. Now get the hell out of my apartment!” They stood in the middle of the kitchen, screaming, and she flattened her hands on his chest and gave him a shove. Sheldon had looked surprised and tried to stabilize him self.

58. We're All in the Mood for a Melody by articfoxarticfox
Their story starts with an ending. Penny has since tried to work her way around that one, make it so that their epiphany doesn't rely on misfortune, and sadness. But she can't.

59. Cooper-Penny Postulate by TheShoelessOne
Likelihood of engaging in a deemed romantic relationship slim with current criteria-—further research necessary

60. The Proposition Hypothesis by TheShoelessOne
"I'm no wizard when it comes to social interactions, but I'm under the strange impression that you're trying to experiment on me, Penny."
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. You Don't Even Know by Raine Cooper
Sheldon finds that Penny stole the milk again.

62. Never Say Never by danakate silver
Sheldon and Penny play the drinking game "Never have I ever..."

63. The Mojito Reaction FANFIC ONLY! by gwendy
Leonard and Penny break up and try to deal with it separately while Sheldon insists upon giving a shoulder to cry on to his best friend.

64. The Inadvertent Nuptial Catalyst by ibreak4CSI
When Leonard proposes, Penny is forced to confront the feelings she’s been denying. Feelings for an entirely different physicist with blue eyes and an inclination for being difficult.

65. The Intimacy Inspiration Initiative by danakate (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
Sheldon gets stuck again and the solution leads to some surprising events.

66. You Are My … by Bella-Jade83
Penny is about to move away and Sheldon has a revelation about what Penny means to him.

67. Mad World by Amputation
DARK!FIC ... Nothing like the sitcom, something much more depressing.

68. The Queen of Hearts Revalidation by Talitha Koum
Old habits die hard.

69. The Beethoven Bond by immortalbeloved13
The unlikeliest of bonds forms over a shared interest in The Maestro

70. Without You by camiguin
Song fic based on the song from RENT during the time the boys are in the Arctic Circle.

71. A Lesson in Semiotics by renisanz
Penny is expecting something to happen, some interruption, some sign that she shouldn't be here.

72. Stuck on You by Talitha Koum (Moved to friends to lovers)
Sheldon and Penny are stuck with each other. Literally.

73. The Butterfly Effect Conundrum by arabean
The boys are gone and Penny's pining, but her mind and body are at odds.

74. The Moonlight Cooties Infection by arabean (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
A meteor shower is the perfect setting for a first kiss.

75. Three Kisses by Fayth3
Their first kiss was an accident.

76.  You Were Meant for Me by eisa
Penny moves after her break up with Leonard and is dealing with missing one person more then most. It's only a little bit angst filled

77. Let's See How Far We've Come by Rashaka
Sheldon will go to any length to maintain his social paradigm, including playing matchmaker, and, if necessary, much worse.

78.  The Bazinga Experiment by lonegungal17
After years apart Penny finally gets her big break and appears at Comic Con, Sheldon can't help but notice some new feelings that weren't there before.

79. The Replacement Theory by Demi.T. Greca
Sheldon is getting lucky with Penny's replacement at the Cheescake Factory, which brings her to a surprising realization and a really weird situation.

80. Ah, Pheromones by Shin Sankai
Sheldon has made a discovery regarding pheromones, but what does that have to do with Penny?
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. The Locked Door Complication by LadyHouston
Sheldon and Penny are locked in the Laundry Room. How will they get out? Will Sheldon suffocate? Will Penny kill Sheldon?

82. Love Calculations by  Han-22x
Sheldon just can't keep it a secret any longer.

83. It Isn't Bigger on the Inside by lonegungal17
Penny joins Sheldon in his new Tardis.

84. The Vodka Flavored Ice Cream Experiment
Why couldn't Haagen Dazs make a vodka flavored ice cream?

85. Penny's Nightmare by lonegungal17
Penny has a nightmare and Sheldon stays the night with her.

86. The Congratulations Experience by gingercumberbabies
Penny is excited that she got a part in a show and Sheldon congratulates her. This one little action goes much farther.

87. He died on a Tuesday by lonegungal17
Sheldon died on a Tuesday but is he really dead?

88. Ice Cream by lonegungal17
On a hot summer day Penny eats ice cream.

89. The Semi Pro Hypotheses by droidgirl
5 Times Sheldon and Penny Were Thinking Totally Inappropriate Thoughts About Each Other and the 1 Time It Was Ok

90. Mistakes by ClaudiaRain
One night leads to a reevaluation of everything she's ever known.

91. Something There by axmidnightxsun
He rushes towards her like she is his lifeline and he is in desperate need of saving.

92. Infallible by izzylane
Three times Sheldon kissed Penny although the first one doesn't really count

93. Moments by ClaudiaRain
It took her awhile to realize how much those small moments of her life actually meant. And that, if she allowed them, they would start to comprise a lifetime of happiness.

94. The Heisenberg Jocularity Incident by lyrisca
Sheldon hurts Penny's feelings, and Leonard thinks Sheldon should apologize.

95. This Moment by arraytime
Penny is losing hope, and he is always there for her... no matter what!

96. The Power of Positive Thinking by Unknown
Penny develops the perfect mathematical formula to have a relationship with Sheldon.

97. Out of It by TempestJo silver
Sheldon is Penny's responsible friend while she recovers from anesthesia, with interesting results!

98. Not So Cold After All by gertie-flirty
Saturnalia rolls around again, only this time Penny doesn't have any idea what to get for Sheldon. He, however, might have found the perfect gift for her

99. Glow In The Dark Adhesive Planets and Stars by nerdland
Sheldon never thought he was capable of love. Until that Thursday.

100. Nothing For Christmas by TempestJo
Sheldon wants to prove he's not as innocent as Leonard thinks he is
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
101. Thanking Sheldon by TempestJo
Penny needs Sheldon's help

102. The Necessity of Chaos by ClaudiaRain
As friends go, Sheldon knows that he and Amy are a perfect match. Until he realizes what she's costing him.

103. Penny for Your Thoughts by angeleyes2827 (Must have HQ Account to read)
Four years ago, Penny left for the stars of Hollywood. Five years ago she made a pact with Sheldon. An agreement, a promise. "If you see me and I don't see you, throw a penny at me. That way I'll always know it's you."

104. I Saw Mummy by TempestJo
Christmas one-shot, just me clearing my head again!

105. The Domino Effect by JourneyFawkes
Sheldon does not believe in love, so Penny purposes an experiment to see if the genius is right about this too. who could have anticipated these results

106. All She Had to Do Was Ask by TempestJo
Penny gets a fortune cookie that prompts her play Truth, and go for what she wants.

107. All the Beautiful Boys by Concupiscence66
Penny's New Year's Eve plans are ruined but she's determined to ring in the new year right. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

108. The Christmas Miracle Hypothesis by Ultrawoman
Sheldon has a Christmas gift for Penny, and its not exactly what she was expecting, but then after the surprise she gave him last year, what else did she really think would happen?

109. Sheldon Goes a Courting by lonegungal17
Sheldon goes to Penny for relationship advice and to practice kissing.

110. Shared Solitude by stock2007
Both Penny and Sheldon are upset Both find comfort in each other and ice cream.

111. Love the Way You Lie by TempestJo
Sheldon noticed when Penny lied

112. The Shiny Diamond Ring Revelation by degrassichick
When Leonard asks Penny the question that all girls wait to be asked, Sheldon is less than prepared for his reaction to her response, and that scares him more than anything's ever scared him before.

113. The Whip Inclination by TempestJo silver
Howard brings over something he figures will make him a bonafide ladies man, only Sheldon walks out with only lady in the room...

114. The Thing About Chocolate by TempestJo silver
Sheldon and Penny are making chocolate covered cherries when education gets interesting...

115. How it could Happen by TempestJo
One of the ways in which Sheldon could find himself on a date with Penny..

116. A Butterfly's Tornado by JourneyFawkes
Ever since Sheldon met Penny she has always made the genius do crazy things.

117. Run Time by stock2007
Sheldon take's up Running?

118. How to flabbergast Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper by Mirumo
Penny found the perfect way to make Sheldon speechless. And maybe drool a little over her …

119. The Homo Novus Experimentation by danakate silver (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
Penny tries to utilize the scientific method to try to seduce Sheldon for a bet. In the end, they both learn a lot about each other and themselves and the outcome is surprising for all.

120. Yellow by renisanz
Sheldon always knows what Penny needs, even when she doesn't.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
121. Sheldon, Junior by Trbl silver
Hanabi's 'Sheldon Wants A Baby' Challenge. I saw this and was instantly inspired. Just a silly little one-shot.

122. Summer Winds by TempestJo
Sheldon and Penny, after Amy's kiss...

123. Knight With Shining Cellphone by FluffyGoddess
Penny's return to California did not go smoothly.

124. A Simple Touch by Purple Eyed Cat
Penny and Sheldon begin to view each other in a new light through the simple touch of a back massage.

125. The Lesson by  XX4aXX
Penny decides to teach Sheldon a lesson, but perhaps she will learn something too.

126. The Kite Fighting Observance by Sheldorfan
Sheldon needs a partner for kite fighting.

127. The Amphetamine Phenylethylamine Effect by wonderwoundedhearers (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
Penny makes it easy for Sheldon to become 'one of the idiots' in ten simple stages…

128.  The Wedding Day Phenomenon by Only-eyes-for-Riddick
Penny is getting married, there's just one problem. She's not in love with the groom, but the groom's best friend.

129. Something Did Happen Thursday by XX4aXX
Sheldon asks Penny to make him dinner.

130. The Unexplainable Love Confliction by Mymermaidstory
Raj gets invited to this crazy party and all hell brakes loose. Sheldon and Penny both get extremely drunk and end up having sexual intercourse.

131. The Deficiencies of Sheldon Cooper by ThreeJays
He always thought it was a matter of inclination. Amy believes it's something more. Penny thinks they're both insane, & she intends to prove it.

132. Assets Ogling by Eternal Contradiction silver
Otherwise known as 5 Times Sheldon Checked Out Penny Before She Finally Did Something About It.

133. Grand Slam by muaaimoi
Can you picture Sheldon playing Basketball? Can you picture him being a BAMF! while he's at it? Penny certainly likes it.

134. The Inebriation Interaction by Jade24
They were out having lives, sort of, while she sat staring at a blank television set. Which one of Sheldon's crazy string universes had she fallen into?

135. Just a Kiss Songfic by KurtsiePuff
Just a Shenny Songfic to the song Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum.

136. The Alien Parasite Mutation by Arilover10
Sheldon begins to display 'woo' like symptoms towards Penny. Amy sees this and plots a way to help Sheldon and Penny deal with their tension

137. Eligible Bachelor for the Holidays by MyOwnStar silver
The guys participate in a Holiday Fundraiser Bachelor Auction for the university and Sheldon is less than interested. What happens when he's actually got a winning bidder?

138. The Self Preservation Complex by XX4aXX
Bernadette wants to get her hands on some video that Sheldon took of her and Howard's wedding.

139. The Going Price For Home by Ikari no Ojo
I love you more than you could know, in those eyes you hide it well. I think you do. Here I go, I'm on my home now to you.

140. Emergency by Ikari no Ojo
This is an emergency, So are you listening? And I can't pretend that I don't see this
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
141. The Night Club Hypothesis by Trisha Uchiha
Penny takes Sheldon to a night club on a Friday night when he has nothing to do.

142. The Christmas Cookie Debate by misslexilouwho
A Fluffy Christmas Fic in which Penny and Sheldon argue about cookies for a party.

143. Taking Action by shadowdweller25
Penny's obsession with Age of Conan is keeping him from sleep. He has to take action

144. Release of Endorphins by shadowdweller25
Beverly kissing Sheldon was not pleasant. However, it did result in the release of endorphins when Penny realized he was the guy.

145. The Social Obligation by XX4aXX
What if Penny said yes in Episode 5.10?

146. Alright by Laury the Latrator
"Love-sick is a kind of sick." / In which Penny feels the sting of rejection and Sheldon tries to keep things the way they are.

147. Look Before You Leap by muaaimoi
Sheldon tries to deal with love at first sight and Penny tries to keep a hold of her Libido.

148. Truth or Dare by Leotron (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
When Penny gets dared to have sex with the amazingly asexual Sheldon Cooper, she doesn't think things could get much worse. But what happens when she finds out seducing him is going to be a bit harder than she had planned?

149. Mistletoe by AliseEve
My first one shot Big Bang Theory Fanfic, based off my drabbles Mistletoe and First Kiss, this celebrates both reaching 100 reviews in my story Paradox Drabbles

150. The Acquired Feelings Theory by IndifferentStoryTeller (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
I, Dr. Sheldon Lee Copper, seem to have a bit of a predicament, I have actually managed to "fall in love" with a female, more importantly that female is Penny.

151. Pon Farr Paradigm Shift by Tiva-Jisbonxxx
Sheldon and Penny are eating dinner after the usual laundry night. When while watching Star Trek Penny learns a new word.

152. The Couture Complexity by Eternal Contradiction
Penny accidentally ties the drawstring of her new pants too tight and goes for help. Sheldon unwillingly lends a helping hand.

153. Theatrical Arts by bobkitty1123
When Penny needs help rehearsing for an audition, Sheldon decides that he needs to help her.

154. The Threat of Change by NightlyBlueDemons silver (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
The arrival of Sheldon's brother George forces him to realize that maybe he's not as immune to the female sex as he had thought. Could Mrs. Cooper's dreams finally be coming true?

155. In Which Dracula Meets Jabba the Hutt by Boogum (Story deleted)
"Penny, what are you doing in my room? No one is allowed in my room." There was a pause. "And why are you not wearing any clothes?"

156. Pinch by muaaimoi
Waiting tables on St. Patrick's Day can be a pain in the butt. Literally. Fortunately for Penny Sheldon's willing to help.

157. The Right Man by Flyteh
Penny dropped Sheldon's hand as if it were one of Howard's G-strings...

158. The Relationship Query by ithaswhatitisnt (Story deleted)
Songfic using Jake Owen's "Alone With You". Sheldon wants to test his hypothesis that love exists. So he asks Penny. What happens next shocks him and her.

159. The Elevated Decibel Conundrum by Trisha Uchiha
When Sheldon hears the lyrics of a certain song that Penny plays above his decibel levels he just can't keep up the act of a Homo Novus any longer.

160. The Way It Should Have Been by BaronessBlixen
An AU for the pilot. Just a short one-shot. Shenny.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
161. Out of Tea by Leotron
Sheldon's out of tea, Penny has a hangover, and an accidental collision leads to a discarded shirt and nothing to help either one of their problems.

162. Sneak A Peek by Leotron
When Sheldon saw her naked, it could be considered an accident. When she gets an intimate look of him, Penny can't quite say the same. But what's the risk of sneaking a peek every once and a while?

163. The Strawberry Lip-gloss Anomaly by jedimasterathena
Sheldon helps Penny with some spring cleaning and it doesn't end there.

164. The Standoff at Fort Miranda by Rashaka
The very dramatic, no-holds-barred laser tag battle for the living room, by a bunch of people who watch too much Firefly.

165. Wild One by AliceAtHeart
Shenny songfic. 600 words max

166. Swim Fan by ms. rosey cheeks
"He was so graceful when he did the flip thing that swimmers do"

167. Like Fireworks by Marie S Zachary
Penny and Sheldon have an interesting talk

168. Fireworks by Axelrocks
Sheldon and Penny on the roof watching some fireworks.

169. The Goodbye Girl by XX4aXX
Penny is helping Leonard and Sheldon clear out their apartment. Sometimes saying goodbye is hard.

170. Pining by JustSmile1
She feels the ache for him, everyday, without fail, her body pines for him. Longs for him in a way that it doesn't for anybody else. (Depression)

171. How It Happened by MixItUp
An extraordinary day in the lives of Sheldon and Penny, including random acts of kindness, disguises, and Sheldon driving like a maniac.

172. Fantasy Five by knwho
Penny brings up the subject of the Fantasy Five/Freebie Five list during dinner.

173. The Friendship Betrayal Axiom by LissyGray
This is a short story about how Sheldon reacts when Penny moves out expectantly. It's been a while since I've written a story, so I'm sorry if it's a little bit off. I purposely made Sheldon have a little more emotion, as this is a story. Also, I leave the end for you to decide if they rekindle their friendship or get together.

174. Plan of Attack by Risknight
Sheldon discovers he has emotions. Can he repair the damage done when he gives in to them?

175. I'm Still Here, All That's Left by JustSmile1
No matter how many variables. And no matter how many scenarios. They had left. Left her to destruction at the hands of another, and because of that, things would never be the same. Attempted Suicide, Self-harm (M)

176. The Sexy Transformation by Darkly Dreaming
Penny takes the boys shopping, does their hair, and takes them to a club. Merriment is had by all, but mostly Sheldon and Penny.

177. The Chemistry Hypothesis by NightlyBlueDemons
How do you feel now Sheldon' she whispered her voice huskier than she had intended.'

178. The Broken Shower Catalyst by DreamerofImprobableDreams45
A broken shower leads to much more than Penny or Sheldon ever expected. Watery-wildness ensues. Rated a strong T for the usual reasons, if you know what I mean!

179. To Be Near You by sweetgummybear
Penny has a habit every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. This time, she's going to make this Saturday different from all the other Saturdays.

180. I Forgetby Risknight (moved to Friends to Lovers)
After a car accident, Penny cannot remember who she is. How will everyone deal with this?
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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