Sheldon/Penny: Encounter Stories
381. L is For … by basketcase1880
Penny does something she has always wanted and gets a surprising answer.

382. The Valium Revisitation by jade24
Giving Sheldon Valium again seemed like a good idea at the time... S/P Hilarity with a smidgen of angst. Rated T for language and boobs.

383. How it Can Happen by Concupiscence66
Another "how they" end up on a date following in the footsteps of Tempest Jo, Medusa20 and Trippy41!

384. The New Mop Exclusion by LadyHouston
Sheldon teaches Penny how to clean. The right way. Smutty one-shot without actual smut.

385. The Amazonian Queen Conundrum by droidgirl
After the New Year's Eve party at Stuart's comic book store, Sheldon realized that he kind of had some apologizing to do to Penny. At 2:30am.

386. A Strong Nuclear Force by Atom G
After many years, science finally proves to Sheldon that it does have a sense of humor and that he is not the only thing that matters in the universe. A two part story, completed.

387. The Reveal Hypothesis by red_scully
Three months is a long time for Penny and Sheldon to be left without Leonard. (M)

388. The Close Proximity Situation Calibration by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
Penny and Sheldon and a closet and hiding... oh my! (M)

389. Inconclusive by itakethewords
There's finally a test Sheldon can't ace. May move to Platonic.

390. TLAPD by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
A different take on the story. hope you all enjoy it! Shenny as always.

391. Sobering by CTR69 Soft Kitty
Penny is having a bad day, and she needs a shoulder to cry on. The only shoulder in sight, however, is Sheldon's. (Written for the Paradox writing challenge. Fluffy and cheesy Shenny, I needed a break from the previous bloodshed stories...)

392. And Not a Drop to Drink by Daedaleopsis
Sheldon's in hot water with Amy when she finds him in a very compromising position with Penny. But the situation's not what it looks like... or is it? A humorous Shenny one-shot. (Light M)

393. Insomnia by CTR69 Soft Kitty
Penny and Sheldon can't get no sleep. They tried to keep everyone happy, except themselves. Lives they cannot live anymore.

394. The Emergency Plan Addendum by Daedaleopsis
Leonard stopped reading Sheldon's updates to their emergency preparedness plan a long time ago. This was why he was clueless about his friend's changing feelings for the beautiful blonde next door. *Shenny*

395. The No Shave November Situation by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
Some fun with Shenny. A quick fluffy story to tide y'all over for a bit. Enjoy.

396. Running on Cobblestones by egrant94
Sheldon ran. Penny, of course followed.

397. The Pirate's Prerogative by Daedaleopsis
A story celebrating my favorite completely-made-up holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day! Sheldon has an eye-opening experience when he accompanies Penny to her new job... waitressing at a pirate-themed dinner show. *Shenny... as always*

398. Learning by Osmosis by misbegotten
Penny's used to the weird t-shirts. And the movie-themed sheets. And the comic book character costumes in the closet. But the Death Star underwear threw her.

399. The Communication Conundrum by BrilliantLady
Penny is in love with Sheldon, and is forced to resort to increasingly obvious attempts to get him to notice her flirting.

400. The Saturnalia Permutation by Daedaleopsis
Sheldon has to find a way to reciprocate when Penny gives him a gift that he loves with no monetary value. Christmas one-shot, AU from early seasons.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
401. Shenny at the Movies: Wizard of Oz by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
The title explains it all. I had to go there

402. The Great Journey of Dr. Cooper and Penny-121, As Recounted to the Hobbits of the Dolphin Tribe at the Wedding of One of the Same by damalur
A train trip brings expected revelations. Can Penny and Sheldon overcome their differences? Does the dining car serve alcohol? Will telepathically-controlled flying dolphins steal Sheldon's brain? (Must have Ao3 account to read)

403. The Beach Hypothesis by Jules-Millicent
one night could change everything forever. (Light M)

404. Nebraska Style by Pickl3lily
Despite his contract with Amy, Penny is the only one who sang him soft kitty. When that changes, Penny can't help but feel... Sad? Angry? Sheldon can't help but be shocked.

405. Sharing The Shenny Sauce by Amie357
"Scratch & Sniff: Gotcha!" (Light M)

406. The Thermal Comfort Economization by htbthomas
Penny lifts her laptop lid in preparation. She's nervous, and a little bit excited, the way she always is. (Need A03 Account to view)

407. Count It Out by cereal
The ___ time Penny kisses Sheldon.

408. The Verbalization Prohibition by htbthomas
Penny will do anything to get Sheldon to shut up. (Need A03 Account to view)

409. The Nightmare Consequence by Cassiopeia's
What if it had not been just a terrible dream? What if Leonard's nightmare had actually been real? Takes place just right after Sheldon moved in and fused his lips to Penny's in 09x02: "The Separation Oscillation" and goes from there.

410. I'll Bite by GreenNebulae
“Okay, you know what, whatever, I’ll bite. Why should I have your baby?”

411.  The Shower Fixation by Raine Cooper
Sheldon and Penny learn to explore the use of a good shower. Note: This story goes from a Lenny to Shenny, but the relationship doesn't last. lots of angst.

412. The Marital Defense Hypothesis by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
When the recently engaged Sheldon returns home, Penny's not quite sure what to make of his new pragmatic attitude. (Set after the proposal scene in 10.24) This is a little Shenny-banter one shot.

413. The Iambic Pentameter Solution by BJMccoy
Sheldon must come up with a solution to a nagging problem that is interfering with his work..and his life.

414. Two Plus Two Is On My Mind by brutalhustler
It starts with positive integers. Whole numbers. Counting numbers.

415. Yes Ma'am by eccentricities_of_kitties
Sheldon and Penny having a discussion that turns into more.

416. Big Bang Theory meets PotC by QueenKas
Penny and Sheldon on the Black Pearl.

417. Talk like a pirate day challenge: The Swashbuckling Misadventure by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
A pirate party at Caltech brings out the blaggard in everyone! (Be warned, this starts out canon and ends as a Shenny fic.)

418. A Week In The Life Of by istantime
My view of the week after Leonard & Penny elope - rated M for a reason - I don't own the characters, I wish I did - A Sheldon/Penny story (Penny/Bernadette) (Raj/Bernadette) (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

Marauder Series by MixItUp
419. The Marauder Consideration - There is a Harry Potter costume party. Things get...complicated.

420. The Clothing Expedition - Sequel to The Marauder Consideration. A mall trip yields unexpected consequences for Sheldon and Penny's relationship.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
421. The Parental Agreement by imdrowninginfootwear
When Penny gets pregnant she doesn't know how she's going to raise her baby. Sheldon has an idea though.

422. Stone Eyes Look Through the Sun by jazzfic
Of a night spent at the top of 2311 North Los Robles, in which time passes as in life, with conversation being of little consequence, and minds wander.

423. Valentine's Day Sucker by Risknight
This isn't your typical sappy Valentine's Day story. In fact, this one is kind of ...logical. Enjoy!

424. This Nearly Was Mine by LANIKI
Sometimes what you want isn't what you actually get. A story of longing throughout the years.

425. Tracing Lines by CTR69 Soft Kitty
Penny's hot. Sheldon's observant. Because they're so good together when trying to figure each other out.

426. The Magic and Attraction Correlation by ANGSWIN
"After a ""Harry Potter"" movie marathon, Sheldon has a dream that he and the gang are all students at Hogwarts.
Could his real life ever be that magical?"

427. Heaven Has No Rage by Shenandoah76209
Finally it's all coming to fruition. It's taken a while but homunculus will be removed from Sheldon's life. And more importantly, from Penny's life. After all 'Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned'.

428. Kisses by Darkly Dreaming (Sarai90)
Each chapter is a different kind of kiss.

New Stories added on 06/28/2019

429. 5 times Penny knew how to get to Sheldon by Dreaming of Starry Skies
What the hell? I was just gonna write a quick one shot to see if I could write Sheldon, how did that turn into this? Or alternatively- 5 times Penny annoyed Sheldon in ways only she could.

430. Needs by Marathon Zack 140.6
SHENNY One-shot.

431. Team Penny by Marathon Zack 140.6
Leonard tries to bring Sheldon's world crashing down around him after Sheldon tries to remain friends with Penny following Leonard/Penny's break-up.

432. Shameless Little Hussy by Marathon Zack 140.6
Sheldon has another grad student vying for his attention.

433. Broken REM Cycle by Marathon Zack 140.6
Penny has too much to drink. Who will be there to take care of her?

434. The Soup and Soulmate Substantiation by ANGSWIN
After an unusual dream while he is sick, Sheldon comes to a surprising realization about Penny.

435. Dungeons and Declarations by Darkly Dreaming (Sarai90)
"It's time to fight the boss and if I don't tell you now, I might not live to tell you."

436. The Old Switcheroo by red_scully
Sheldon and Amy's first time didn't go as expected. Sheldon goes to Penny for help and gets rather more than expected. (M)

437. Live Now by Ultra
Maybe it was crazy to think a video game could save one marriage, never mind too. All it really does is reveal a truth all four of them should've known from the beginning…

438. Lost Amongst Friends by LadyPenn (i_write_a_lot)
Sheldon comes to an epiphany and struggles to comprehend it. For a moment, his friends sense his strange behavior and try to uncover the reason behind it.

439. The Nuptial Negation by medusa20
The prompt was Sheldon and Penny's wedding. Here is my take on it.

440. She Knew She Wasn't Drunk by SweetTale4u
One drunken night was all it took...
441. The Osculation Incident by Cassiopeia's
Amy knows he likes their connection of minds and only that. If he ever wanted to have a physical relationship with another human being he would want it with a woman with different features and sexual attributes than Amy's." Takes place during and after 04x021 "The Agreement Dissection" and goes from there.

442. The Valium Experiment by Niffler91
Just a silly little idea I had while I watched The Bad Fish Paradigm, about what could happen if Leonard didn't answer the door when Howard bought home a drug induced Sheldon.

443. With Love by Wintreaux
Story prompt: Flowers. It's the day after Valentine's Day

444. Closed Door by HeIsNotOneOfUs (Clove_The_Hufflepuff)
Based on a Quote that I found. "I am undoing you from my skin" This is a story about Shenny after their break up

I Do Series by Wintreaux
445. I Do - Penny needs saving, and she doesn't realize it until a pair of blue eyes are staring at her on her wedding day.

446. I Do Too - It's Sheldon's turn to get married.

447. Learning Curve by MelyBelle44
What happens when Sheldon finds out what that chew toy really is for. (Light M)

448. Anything Can Happen Country Night by lia200304
It's anything can happen night and penny gets Sheldon into chaps for a country bar. Not Leonard friendly

449. Piano Man by TempestJo [Image: silver.gif] 
Penny arrives at the university to pick up Sheldon one night, and finds him in the auditorium. (Light M)

450. The Fuzzy Boots Resolution by CTR69
Sheldon takes matters into his own hands when his neighbor defies him once again. #NoSmut

451. It's Been One Week by ishie (Must have Ao3 Account to Read)
The Leonid camping trip was a bust. The next week doesn't get much better 

452. 5 Times Sheldon Gets a Ride From Penny by PrincessButtercup83
The 5 times Sheldon gets a ride from Penny and the 1 time he returns the favor. (M)

453. The Literal Substitution by Daedaleopsis
While Leonard is away on the North Sea, his nightmare about Penny and Sheldon comes true. (light M)

454. The Douglas Adams Resolution by Risknight
Sheldon, Penny, a couple of towels and the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. (light M)

454. The Awards Night Attraction by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Written for the BBT Kink Meme, for the prompt Sheldon/Penny – Backstage. Maybe as a celebratory act after Penny wins her first Emmy. Or after Sheldon wins his Nobel prize. Also, I’d prefer it if they were not discovered in the middle of the act. It makes me cringe. Lol. (M)

The Good Neighbor Irregularity by naughtykittekat silver 
She could not stand it anymore. They constantly bickered. And there was seemingly no end to it insight. She knew there must be some way to truly get to him beyond the usual strikes. The results of her theory were unexpected. (Light M)

Trial and Error by kuwdora
It was awkward describing her fantasies Sheldon Cooper of all people. She never did this with any of the men she actually had sex with. None of them were ever interested, actually, and even though the questions were insane (Sheldon equally so), somehow the way he asked them lent an air of normalcy to the whole bizarro situation. (M)

No Catch Up Necessary by Syrus silver 
What if Penny's nighttime visits to Sheldon's room were just what they seem? (Light M)

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
New stories added 10/5/2021

449. The Fuzzy Boots Resolution by CTR69
Sheldon takes matters into his own hands when his neighbor defies him once again. #NoSmut

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