Sheldon/Penny: Encounter Stories
181. Undisclosed Desires by Wolf-lover-girl (Account Deleted)
Set after Howard's Bachelor party. Will Wheaton, Kripke, Raj and Stuart, compensating for the lack of strippers at the party, invite them back to the apartment. A drunk Sheldon seeks refuge in Penny's apartment.

182. Relationship Curiosity by AlexxLove21
Penny takes a trip to the psychic to see if all her relationships are doomed to fail or if she might ever meet the one…

183. In Sickness by RicksIlsa
What if Leonard was delayed coming home and Sheldon had to continue taking care of an injured Penny.

184. Five Little Words by Risknight
The five greatest words Sheldon has ever heard.

185. A Slow Withdrawal by Risknight (Moved to Friends to Lovers thread)
He doesn't understand how no one but him sees the pain she is in. She's in love with her best friend, who is dating the woman who calls her Bestie. Shenny by end

186. Someday by Darkly Dreaming
Sheldon needs a 'plus one' for a banquet in his and others' honor at CalTech and Amy's busy, so he asks Penny. Maybe someday they'll have their moment.

187. Christmas 2012 by BreathlessFaith
Penny has moved to New York City to further her career. Sheldon comes to see her for the first time in two years. Pretty much a fluff story.

188. The Un-Controlled Variables by Laury the Latrator (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
I have neither the time nor the strength to start another relationship. It's far easier to invest my intellect in fixing the cloning process than in understanding romance." / Sheldon and Amy break up, and Sheldon finds himself forging an unusual relationship with his neighbor.

189. Revelations in a Storm by Risknight
Sheldon has won his coveted Nobel. What happens when a freak blizzard strands everyone at the airport?

190. Inner Thoughts by GalexyQuest
A one-shot look inside Sheldon and Penny's head's and what they think about each other…

191. Blonde-Bombshell Conundrum by Pickl3lily
When a friend knocks on your door and you need comforting, it's normal for that to happen. Unless its Sheldon. When penny receives devastating news, Sheldon is the one she turns to.

192. Selfless by Darkly Dreaming
Most people think Sheldon is incredibly selfish when really he's the most selfless person Penny knows.

193. The Heartbreak Complexity by Pickl3lily
Over coming heart break is hard for regular people, as a homo Novus, Sheldon never thought he would have to.

194. The Eggnog Did It by lia200304 (Story Removed)
This is a Christmas story that is sappy! lol Sheldon/Penny

195. The Death of Shenny by Reparata
It's Penny & Leonard's wedding day... maybe

196. A Beneficial Friendship by Risknight
Sheldon renews an old conversation with Penny.

197. One Good Reason by quirky-circus
When Sheldon plans to leave Pasadena for Texas after the Arctic incident, Penny reaches out and shows him one good reason why he should stay.

198. The Campaign by Risknight
A rook, a round of paintball and an imagined affair. Somehow it all adds up to Shenny.

199. Lost In A Sea Of Rubble by Risknight
Penny faces up to the reality of her life and makes a decision that will change everything and everyone around her.

200. Moonlight Dreams by muaaimoi
Penny and Sheldon snuggle through some dream delivered revelations.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
201. The Comfort Catalyst by Omhypothesis silver (Moved to Friends to Lovers thread)
After a catastrophe, Sheldon Cooper begins to realize what he's taken for granted. The story of an isolated man slowly discovering his humanity... with the help of a friend.

202. Underneath Your Clothes by BreathlessFaith
A Valentine's Day Penny Sheldon Fic.

203. The Ride by Risknight
Sheldon misinterprets a conversation between Penny and Raj. His erroneous conclusions bring out a desperation no one expected.

204. It's Friday by sparklylulz
And holy crap on a cracker, she loved Sheldon Cooper.

205. Breakup by Risknight
Penny has broken off the beta test with Leonard. Sheldon confronts her about what has happened. "I asked you not to hurt my friend!"

206. The Nine Step Program by Risknight
Everyone could see it. Except the two people it concerned the most.

207. The Downtown Distortion by kjewls silver (Moved to Friends to Lovers thread)
When Penny begins to suspect Leonard and Amy of having an affair, she and Sheldon embark on a journey, which takes them to a place that neither of them expected . . .

208. Enigmatic Shenanigans by Risknight (Moved to Friends to Lovers thread)
Someone has started a prank war. The problem is, no one in the group knows who. Or do they? Can Sheldon find out who is behind it all before things go too far? (M)

209. The Unwonted Wolowitz Rendezvous by Risknight
Sheldon's suspicions are aroused when he sees Penny and Howard embracing. When the two of them suddenly disappear, possibly together, Sheldon has to confront his own feelings for the blonde waitress.

210. Bodies In Motion by Risknight
Just a short, short story that buzzed around my brain at work. Penny, Sheldon, sweaty good fun. That's all I'm saying.

211. With My Neck in a Noose and My Heart Beating Fast by spikespetslayer
Penny takes Sheldon shopping for a suit. Set sometime circa season 3.

212. Re-programming by Risknight
Now that Penny and Leonard have ended their futile relationship, he can resume re-programming Penny. He is sure he can have her behaving as he sees fit in just a few weeks. And really, it's for her own good.

213. The Love Spell Apperception by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
Set the day after 'The Love Spell Potential'. Penny drops by the apartment and talks to Sheldon about exploring his feelings.

214. The One With the Freudian Slip by Darkly Dreaming
Penny is Ross. Leonard is Emily. I think Amy is Joey, and that's just weird when I think about it, but oddly accurate.

215. The Impeachable Tranquilizer by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
Sheldon gets drunk at an office party, with devastating consequences. Who will help him pick up the pieces? Dedicated to the drunk guest reviewer of my other fic, 'The Bon Voyage Parenthesis' who inspired this.

216. I Never Told You by Blink Floyd
Basically, Penny's leaving, and she and Sheldon are both having regrets, so yes, it's Shenny. Based on the song by Colbie Callait.

217. 10 Reasons Why by thisisonlineright
With Leonard away, Penny tries to bond with Sheldon but discovers something entirely unacceptable.

218. Home Alone by muaaimoi
A little after the beginning of the beta test relationship, Leonard get's offered a position in England and it comes to an end. So Penny's left in Pasadena with only Sheldon as her geeky neighbor.

219. The Contact Continuation by blazingeyes
He can think of endless reasons why he shouldn't be doing this, but now that he is, strangely enough…he's finding it hard to find a single reason why he should stop.

220. Reach for the Gun by muaaimoi (Moved to Friends to Lovers thread)
Deviates from " The Habitation Configuration". When Sheldon goes to talk to Penny about girls, there's an attempt at armed robbery.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
221. Late Night Revelations by HPfanatic09
Sheldon has reached an epiphany, and he needs to share it with Penny. At 3 am in the morning...

222. The Relationship Anomaly by LadyPyr
Penny has the birthday blues as she ponders her life and her unrequited feelings for a certain genius

223. Crossroads by Darkly Dreaming
Penny catches Sheldon after a particularly stressful day doing something she never thought he would.

224. The Island by Risknight (Moved to AU thread)
Sheldon makes a discovery about Penny that will lead to Sheldon doing something he would never have believed he could do. Drugging/kidnapping/dub-Con

225. Every Little Thing You Do by Riley-Ann Charles
It's Sheldon's birthday, he has such a bad temper, but there is something else, what torments him…

226. The Paintball Perspicacity by Daedaleopsis
Paintball brings out the alpha male in Sheldon Cooper.

227. Tell Me Why by Darkly Dreaming
Penny feels stifled, but puts up a front until she can no longer handle things. Lenny, then Shenny.

228. The Emotionally Compromised Effect by TuesdayTerrible
He realizes, with great shame, that he has been emotionally compromised and with a 187 IQ he cant even formulate as to why. Shenny.

229. Please Don't Leave Me by jimmyfallon (Deleted account)
Penny is about to get married. She's really happy. Leaving Sheldon sad and disappointed...

230. I Wish by GalexyQuest
A man and a woman who finds answers in each other.

231. Lost Sparkle by Risknight
Sheldon grows concerned when he notices some changes in Penny's behavior. She's lost that sparkle in her eyes. She's hanging around Howard way too much. And worst of all, she's avoiding him. Major character death.

232. Wake Me Up When It's All Over by TuesdayTerrible
"I wonder what's worse, a catastrophic end, or an opportunity that never happened."  Major Character death.

233. How Penny & Sheldon Take Over the World by readinggirl1989
World ending equals S & P procreating

234. The Ravenwood Culmination by LibbyMay (Moved to Friend to Lovers)
A Sheldon/Penny romance story. When the outcome of Sheldon and Amy's disagreement over a beloved movie classic results in their breakup, it's Penny to the rescue and even she's not prepared for what happens next.

235. Koala Kisses by Pickl3lily
Shenny. Quite a lot of narrative but hopefully still good. Sorry but a summary would ruin it... Isn't the 'Shenny' label description enough? Been on a long hiatus... So a bit rusty though hopefully, still readable.

236. Blank Slate by muaaimoi
Things aren't what they seem, but who cares when you can't remember any of it anyway? At least they have each other. Right? Shenny as always. Confusing premise is hopefully less confusing at the end.

237. Remote Troubles (or The Time Sheldon and Penny Got Stuck In The TV) by Risknight (Moved to AU thread)
Ever feel like you life is a sitcom? Or a soap opera? Maybe it is. Maybe when you sleep, they show commercials. Sheldon and Penny are about to find out what it's like to be on the small screen.

238. The Christmas Excitation by jdschmidtwriter silver (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
When Penny gives Sheldon yet another incredible Christmas gift, he's forced to take desperate measures to equalize the scales. His actions have unexpected consequences, resulting in a Christmas neither of them will ever forget.

239. The Man You Need by wolfofsheep
Sheldon gets a shock to the pre-frontal cortex and has a fun night.

240. Blame It On Santa Claus by BreathlessFaith
Sheldon meets Santa Claus.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
Desires Series by Jan of Arc
241. The Synthetic Desire Experiment -  Amy takes extreme measures to push Sheldon's boundaries in her need for physical intimacy. Plans are derailed, couples torn apart and friendships will be forever changed. Drugging/dub-con

242. The Aphrodisiac Ramification Quandary - Sequel to "The Synthetic Desire Experiment". In the cold light of day, what are the repercussions of Amy messing with forces she had no control over? Guilt, confusion and Planned Parenthood ... oh my!

243. Saturday Night – Laundry Night by funkfank
While Penny is washing her loads of dirty laundry on a Saturday night, laundry night – as Sheldon would refer it as – she decides to playfully try to seduce him.

244. Honey Bee by tx-fictionqueen
Sheldon is interrupted on a busy Saturday afternoon by Penny and the loud, country love song coming from her open apartment door, and it never occurred to him until now that she could be singing to him.

245. Christmas With the Coopers by wolfofsheep
Penny and Sheldon stay at Los Robles for Christmas both trying to avoid family, except Sheldon's family comes to him.

246. Dance Class by funkfank
Amy asks Penny to accompany Sheldon to dance class when she's called in to the lab. Agreeing to go she might just learn some things other than some waltzing. (Hints of Shenny!)

247. Just Another Dance by wolfofsheep
Penny has to practice a dance and who better to help her than Sheldon…

248. Happy Valentines by wolfofsheep
Sheldon finds Valentine's Day horribly redundant (and don't we all) but one event can thaw out the coldest of hearts.

249. The Games People Play by GalexyQuest
A little one shot of fun competitiveness between our favorite characters in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl Weekend

250. Chase and Catch by wolfofsheep
Penny needs a change in her life... and some people just do not like Change.

251. The Proximity Experimentation by Amie357
Penny and Sheldon find themselves single and they turn to each other for comfort.

252. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by JustMyLuckiness Soft Kitty
"Thanks for rescuing me. Mild was getting on my nerves."

253. Sheldon 2 point 0 by Trust.Hope.Love
This is my first Shenny fic. I wrote this for "Hanabi's 'Sheldon Wants A Baby' Challenge."

254. Double-take by muaaimoi
A love story told in glances. Shenny

255. A Love Like War by fact-and-fiction
Where the truth of Sheldon's negative reinforcement on Penny with chocolates comes to light.

256. Sharing The Shenny Sauce by Risknight
"It's Gonna End With You Eating Me, Isn't It?"

257. Say Something by fact-and-fiction
The complicated relationship that is externally defined as friendship but internally incongruent with that meaning, between Sheldon Cooper and Penny.

258. The Giant Jenga Recurrence by dnelle
Sheldon wants to play Giant Jenga with Penny, but they end up playing a different game.

259. The Panty Pinata Predictament by Risknight
Sheldon crossed a line when he hung Penny's underwear on a telephone line. Now he has to find a way to make amends.

260. Deception by wolfofsheep
A prank is taken too far and brings Penny and Sheldon a little too close for, anyone but theirs, comfort
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
261. The Unexpected Undercurrent by samhaincat
Sheldon comes back and Penny finds out what happened while he was away and helps him cope with it. Something unexpected happens that neither saw coming.

262. I'm Always Angry by Risknight
Penny walks into 4A and finds herself in the middle of an Avengers debate.

263. Yar Har Har by Risknight
Penny, Sheldon, Bernadette, Raj and Cinnamon celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day the best way they know how.

264. Sea Fever: A Talk Like a Pirate Day Story by Daedaleopsis
Penny and Sheldon face their feelings for each other amidst blue parrots, mini golf and a wayward rowboat.

265. A Tattoo With Meaning by Risknight silver
Penny gets a new tattoo and Sheldon has a difficult time figuring out what it is.

266. Sheldor the White Knight by Les Enfant Terrible
When a late night argument is interrupting important work you can't really expect Sheldon to ignore it. Especially if every video game he's ever played has been conditioning him to go help a Damsel in distress, not that Penny really needs his help, at least not in that way.

267. The Privateer Production by Prospero Hibiki
Wooden ships, catwalks, and sharks...REALLY? Sharks!

268. What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar? by Risknight
Sheldon and Penny have discovered the fun of Klondike Bar Ice Cream challenges.

269. I Don't Know by animefan021513
Sheldon can't sleep so he tries to sneak over to Penny's so she can soft kitty to him but he gets got by her boyfriend Leonard and he has a lot of questions as to why Sheldon is going for a walk in his PJ's...but the bigger question is what happens when he finally does get over to Penny's?  

270. A Very Shenny Halloween (part 3) by Risknight
Penny's on her way to a Halloween party, but first, she needs a little help with her costume.

271. A Very Shenny Halloween (part 4) by Risknight
Sheldon invites Penny to join the guys for a monster movie marathon.

272. The Euphonious Name Issue by Les Enfant Terrible
Shamy, Penny's nickname for the couple has Sheldon on edge. Not much to this some harmless Shenny Hinting

273. Shoulders To Cry On by dnelle
Leonard and Penny break up, and Sheldon realizes just how much he loves Penny.

274. Fellowship by Risknight
This is what happens when I binge watch The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies, and then talk to Darkly Dreaming. Penny has a dream that leads to Sheldon making a discovery.

275. What Happened at Night by TempestJo
Sheldon has a tough day, thanks to recurring thoughts of Penny, he finds himself not alone.. (light M)

276. Can't Forget You by Risknight
Had to take it down and make some changes. Still the same story, only minus the lyrics, now. Sorry for any confusion.

277. The Intimacy Consequence by Darkly Dreaming
Sheldon has reflected on their experiment and came to a conclusion he was reluctant to acknowledge, but past experiences have told him it's best to get things out in the open, even if nothing will come of it.

278. Penny Dream by Gleegirl28
Sheldon tells Penny I love you.

279. Stay by Nebuleste
Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on. (M)

280. The Elevator Conundrum by gwendy silver
The elevator's finally working and Penny and Sheldon managed to get a test ride...until things get a little interesting
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
281. The Philandering Genius Altercation by lyrisca
Leonard's amorous activities with Dr. Plimpton bother Penny far more than she'd like to admit.

282. The Specialist Effect by CoquetteDoll
Penny is called stupid, when an unlikely person comes to her defense.

283. The Definition of Why by Bella-Jade83
Penny answers all of Sheldon's reasons why.

Impala Series by Darkly Dreaming
284. The Impala Improbability silver - Sheldon is seduced by a car and Penny is seduced by Sheldon on said car. (M)

285. The Sheldon Shenanigan silver - Set after The Impala Improbability. Sheldon, with Penny's help, takes the opportunity to shock his coworkers into silence. The Impala Improbability can be found in the Smut thread

286. Sharp Dressed Surprise - 3rd in the Impala-verse.

287. Thanatos (θάνατος) by dnelle
Even the most "emotionless" of all humans can still feel love-and pain. Rape, Character death

288. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by mysoulmate
Not a sequel to Blame It On That Red Dress, but more of an Interlude. The missing club scene and what they guys were doing during the first chapter of the other story. Blame It On That Red Dress can be found in the Smut thread

289. Not an Ounce of Shame by LizzieV
Shenny silliness in honor of leap day. This story stemmed from a friend starting a conversation with "how could we get Sheldon drunk?"

290. Sneaky Little Thoughts by Orrick
Penny sees Sheldon in his maid outfit and Sheldon is convinced she was checking him out. But that's absurd. She would NEVER check Sheldon out...would she?

291. His Eyes by AMiserableLove
"Penny, Penny, Penny," He says quietly, his voice sounds low in her ears. "I have eyes don't I?" (Move to PoV)

292. The Cute Absurdity by shopgirl152
Sheldon asserts that Penny is cute...which is absolutely absurd.

293. The Mating Rituals of the Next Door Praying Mantis by wooster182
A game of Wii between Sheldon and Penny becomes educational.

294. Monitoring Changes by southern cross
Penny has a surprise for Sheldon but the biggest surprise may be hers.

295. The Variables of Love by Miss Dreavus
Penny is upset. Who can comfort her? Sheldon Cooper to the rescue.

296. Yours, The Earth and All That's In It by Nyghtvision
Sheldon loses the Nobel. Penny makes pie. The season ends. The world ends. They fix it. They ruin it. Then they find each other. And it all makes sense in the end.

297. Sheldon Penny WAR! by ShennyFTW
Sheldon and Penny pushed each other’s nerves too hard. The war has begun! da da DAAA!

298. Swimming Lesson by megamindlover666
Sheldon and Penny are at the beach, walking on the pier, when Penny decides to do something "not so smart" and Sheldon rescues her... sort of.

299. The Toddler Conudrum by ms. rosey cheeks (Moved to AU thread)
Awhile back I had asked for suggestions to write a story. Jislane gave me this one. I hope I did it justice. LONG- one shot. Sheldon wishes to become the second youngest person to win the Nobel Prize but something happens.

300. Missy and Sheldon by BreathlessFaith (Moved to Schrödinger thread)
Missy helps Sheldon get his dream. Shenny
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
301. The Osculation Competition by  Daedaleopsis
Penny reluctantly agrees to judge which of the four guys is the best kisser. The results surprise everyone. (This is an AU one-shot [One. Shot. People. Read my lips.] that happens sometime between mid-season 1 and the end of season 2

302. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by BreathlessFaith
I'm not telling you the sauce phrase. It's at the end of the story you will know what it is the moment you read it.

303. What Science Cannot Cure by galfridian
How Sheldon discovers the affliction of romance.

304. The Mistletoe Divination by galfridian
Sheldon, Penny, and the traditions of mistletoe and bickering.

305. The Failure of Einstein's Universe by Annakovsky
Penny desperately needs to save face in front of her ex, so she makes Sheldon pretend to be her boyfriend. It's like Three's Company all up in here.

306. No Thanks To Waffles And Cast Iron by fujiidom
Penny whacks Sheldon with a frying pan.

307. Under Your Tweeds, You Sweat Like A Teenager by fujiidom
Sheldon and Penny get mugged.

308. And the Words, They're Everything and Nothing by galfridian
Sheldon thinks he has a list somewhere of reasons this is wrong, reasons he doesn't want this, but he can't recall them now. And he thinks that maybe..

309. MeeMaw Knows Best by MrsFlanigan (Moved to Friends to Lovers thread)
When Sheldon's beloved MeeMaw decides to visit, she notices her Moonpie's behavior regarding Amy his "girlfriend" and Penny his "best friend" and Sheldon questions if MeeMaw really does know best. (M)

310. The Non Sequitur Interaction by Philyra912
Sheldon does the dishes, Penny observes, and several comments are made that make a lot of sense, but only to Penny.

311. That Kiss by La Apricot
Penny, dealing with residual feelings for Leonard, gets jealous when she sees him with a new girl, and decides to do something drastic. (Sheldon/Penny friendship)

312. The Check Engine Light Inevitability by Trisha Uchiha (Moved to Friends to Lovers)
Penny's car finally gives out while she's driving Sheldon to a symposium and it allows the two them to grow closer. They are forced to share a room and Penny unknowingly begins to make Sheldon fall for her while Leonard is suspicious.

313. The Parturient Excitation by Annamonk
Leonard and Amy want to move their relationships forward and turn to science for the answer. Sheldon and Penny wind up doing it the old fashioned way. (Drugging/dub-con) (M)

314. The Music Exhibition by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
What a difference a year makes... something a little different. Hope you all like it! it is Shenny of course.

315. I Get Tachycardia When I'm Around You by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
Just some cute, Shenny fluff. hope you all like it. Happy Valentine's Day!

316. The Celebration Experimentation by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
Penny always gave Sheldon the best presents. yeah it takes a hard left from canon. (M)

317. Too Easy by ndnickerson
Penny accepts a dare. Things go downhill from there.

Revolution Series by ishie
318. Revolution in Miniature - "I think the elevator's working. I can hear the motor powering up! It hasn't done that in forty-two months." Penny rolled her eyes. "Yeah, okay, bazinga to you, too."

319. Paradigm Shift - "Look, Sheldon, either you answer the question or you do the dare. Those are your only options." "I beg to differ! I can also refuse to play."

320. The Hex Code Compendium by sinstralpride
In which Sheldon looks great in hex code 663366, Penny is sneaky, and Leonard is clueless.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
321. Laundry Day: Underthings Tumbling by mrsvc
Sheldon and Penny do laundry. Some feelings are sort of...inadvertently blurted out. Title from "My Freeze Ray" from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Crossing the Line Series by dashakay
322. Crossing the Line - She didn't understand a word he said but it was nice watching him be so confident, so completely sure of himself, as he said stuff about world-sheet duality and extreme charged black holes.

323. Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza - She moved closer and closer in bed to him and he felt something akin to panic grow in his chest. Not only was she violating his precious space, she was...she was a girl. (M)

324. Seven times Leonard doesn't suspect anything is going on with Sheldon and Penny and one time he does - Leonard is relatively sure that the Roommate Agreement prohibits not only whistling but unnecessary non-videogame related singing.

325. Even the Myopic Have 20/20 Hindsight - Leonard doesn't spend a lot of time dwelling on it, but Sheldon's fairly handsome. And while Sheldon dresses like a kindergartner with ADHD and a passion for comic books and dinosaurs, some women might like that quirky style.

326. The Midnight Solution by weasleytook
It's New Year's Eve, and all Penny wants is one kiss.

327. The Agitator Malfunction by weasleytook
Saturday. 8:15 p.m. Tragedy strikes when the laundry room is out of order and Penny must save the day.

328. Knee Deep by ndnickerson
And then she forgot about it, because honestly, what the hell. "This is my friend Sheldon, he likes talking about complicated science things and you can't ever sit on his cushion and he has labels on everything and if he gets sick you have to sing Soft-Kitty until he falls asleep, and he thinks he's better than you. Hey, want to have a baby he'll raise to be his clone?"

329. Turning Night Into Daytime by weasleytook
Sheldon and Penny try to find things to do in Las Vegas where they can BOTH have fun.

330. Curiosity by speccygeekgrrl
Penny's curiosity gets the better of her when she hears something strange in the middle of the night. (M)

331. Eye on the Prize by missparker
Somewhere, somehow, there's another universe where Penny did not just have a sex dream about Sheldon.

332. The Buttercup Prediction by jazzfic
Leonard realises that predicting patterns in life is a little harder than he'd thought. There's a red tent in there too, if you squint.

333. Dressed in Superman Blue by jazzfic
All the things they're finding out they really are finding out together. This is why (but only a part).

334. The Point Of Strangeness by jazzfic
This is the scene: a silent room, one occupant not thinking at all, the other thinking way too much for someone who's entirely sane.

335. Baroque Moved You by fujiidom
Sheldon and Penny get their high school reunion on.

336. Let's Get Behind the Wheel by Marks
Sheldon takes another stab at driving lessons with Penny's help.

337. Eia Au, Eia 'Oe-Here I Am, Here You Are by medusa20
Penny and Sheldon fall under the spell of Hawaii. (M)

338. All Tangled Up by jazzfic
He looks about ready to murder the seatbelt. She's seen those Hulk hands in action, and thinks it unlikely.

339. The Heat Wave Catalyzer by Muir_Wolf
On the hottest day of the year, Sheldon gets heat exhaustion and Penny takes care of him.

340. How It Can Happen by concupiscence66
Another "how they" end up on a date
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
341. We All Scream For Ice Cream by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
I can't really be held responsible for this one. just a bit of quick fun. rated T for some suggestive stuff. Shenny as always

342. A Comedy of Manners by slybrunette
...of extended morning-afters, lipstick stains, and inconvenient hotel room arrangements. in short: penny figures out what she wants.

343. As the Seconds Pass, Count Them Out by jazzfic
Maybe it's Sheldon who reaches out first, but it's definitely Penny who leads them away. Angst

344. Banging on Your Door by Muir_Wolf
Penny, Sheldon, and Amy fic. Relationships aren’t always easy to figure out, and your own feelings are sometimes a lot harder to sort. (Shamy to Shennyish)

345. Insurmountable Oddness by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Psychological experimentation, unpaid power bills, new traditions begun, old traditions altered, a few horrible puns, a love quadrangle, and the perils of leaving your secret list of reasons you love someone lying on your coffee table. Plus Sheldon's first kiss. (Well, third. But we're not counting the other two.)

346. carpe diem, seize the day (but not the cat that ran away)by jazzfic
Peter Pan (the cat, not the boy) is lost in a heaving metropolis where bat signals are paw prints and Penny writes a mean flier. Or...something of the like.

347. Green by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Britt wanted a dirty Sheldon for her birthday, so I wrote her one. UST.

348. The Relationship Road-trip Revaluation by TriplePirouette
Sheldon commissions Penny to help him bail out the rest of the group in Vegas. It was supposed to be a four hour trip, but things don't quite go as planned.

349. Tea and Honey by loveneverfails
Penny's sick. Sheldon decides to help - but only so he can have peace and quiet to finish his paper, of course.

350. Letters by loveneverfails
In one she tells him about her first love and why she only dates jerks now who won't fall in love with her. In another she tells him about her father and why she finds it easiest when she's on stage pretending to be anyone but herself. (Move to pov)

351. He Calls It Vera by jazzfic
This is like double-entendre heaven. One that sanity deprived Penny decides she's going to take with all guns blazing.

352. We'll Sleep on this Rocket Ship (The Plan for Everyone Remix) by jazzfic
The final verse isn't always sung.

353. Like This by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Sometimes, Penny’s curiosity gets the better of her.

354. Kites, Ho! by medusa20
Penny and Sheldon have a kite war to settle the issue of dominance and other areas of tension between them.

355. Make Tonight Our Own by dontbitethesun
At an awards ceremony in San Diego, Penny drinks too much and Sheldon drinks just enough. (Light M)

356. Tidings of Comfort and Joy by medusa20
Sheldon wants to buy Amy a Christmas present and he recruits Penny to help. They shop around, they bicker, they take pictures with Santa and essentially have a good time. Soon, Penny starts to think that maybe Sheldon really is the guy from her story after all.

357. Europa Falls by jazzfic
Penny wins a contest to stay at the strangest hotel imaginable. In place of Swedish actors and Star Wars characters, she takes Sheldon.

358. Thermodynamics of Love by Anonymous
"Chemistry is involved in the initial attraction, but it is thermodynamics that determines if the relationship will last."

359. Adaptation by medusa20
As Penny watches the festivities at Howard and Bernadette's wedding, she's not sure what her place in this little group is anymore until a perpetually out-of-place physicist shows her exactly where she belongs within the confines of a hallway and a classic box step.

New Years Series by medusa20
360. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - Penny stays home with Sheldon to ring in the New Year while the others go to party. At least, that's how it starts… (M)

361. Resolution - It's the morning after the night before and the new year is off to a rough start. A continuation of What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
362. The Carnival Conundrum by Hisako_Kojima
"In what universe did you think you would have fun by bringing me here? It smells like a farm, and I don't like things that smell like farms." Sheldon and Penny go to a fair, wherein there are coin-toss fish, nutritionally-unsound food, and a fish named Isaac.

363. The Black Suit Stimulation by medusa20
A famous song once said "We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time." Penny couldn't agree more.

364. Impulsive Force by medusa20
Penny has a chance at achieving stardom but rehearsing with Sheldon sets off another chain of events.

365. The Ornament Disintegration by medusa20
Nebraska Cindy Lou Who faces off against The Galveston Grinch. Some Holiday Cheer written for Trippy41 as part of a big bang land challenge. (Move to Platonic)

366. Constants and Variables: A five times fic by medusa20
Penny learns the key to unlocking Sheldon's deal (M)

367. As Gently As You Please by dontbitethesun
Sheldon finds an abandoned kitten out in the rain. He asks Penny to keep him for awhile.

368. In June by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Missy and Wyatt Jr. get engaged. Sheldon, determined to stop the wedding, agrees to be Best Man, but he's not counting on the time he and Maid of Honor Penny will have to spend together as the wedding draws near…

369. The Freeze Ray Song by orphan_account
A One-Shot based of the Doctor Horrible 'Freeze Ray Song'

370. Lucky Gamble by Cosmic Empress
Penny is about to be evicted, but her luck turns around. Short story.

371. Whiskey Kisses for Everyone by Ahria
Her worst decisions always happen when she's drunk. Alcohol makes temptation too easy to give in to. (M)

372. Pride in their Port (Defiance in their Eye) by Ahria
Leonard learns to think before he speaks and Penny judges a kissing contest.

373. Burn by Tribeca
They had given in to the pretense of their verbal sparring and now found themselves in his bed. (light M)

374. Beach House by Tribeca
A short little story of Penny and Sheldon (and Leonard for a while) and a house at the beach.

375. Love Hurts by Effie_Peletier
Sheldon is in love with Penny but she’s always dating someone else. Finally he decides to move back to Texas.

376. Shooting Down Arrows of Patience by knoxoursavior
It takes a photoshoot and a new (conniving and very perceptive) addition to the gang for it to happen, but hey, who's complaining?

377. Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
Written for Saturnalia 2013, the wildcard prompts were "waffles, kitten, pillow, outlast, tuxedo". My mind seized upon "kitten" and, well, let's just say that there is more schmoop in here than you can poke a stick at. (I mean, just look at the title.)

378. The Sheldon Situation by JenniferEsther
Sheldon gets home early from date night.

379. The Algorithm Elucidation by jdschmidtwriter
When Penny finally gets a starring role for a film in New York City, all of her friends are excited for her, that is, everyone except Sheldon. The rising tension between them results in a confrontation that will change their relationship forever.

380. The Relationship Equation Development by Genkai
Sheldon has been inquiring about the relationship between Penny and Leonard for some time and thinks he found a new variable to fit into the equation and offers a substitution method for the blond who just spilled wine on her new heels. A one shot story for Shenny fans, which includes a sleep deprived Leonard and a curious Amy.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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