Sheldon/Penny: Platonic Stories
181. And Since We've No Place To Go by weasleytook
Fights over exes, snow, toy helicopters and this time Penny is the hero. And the hero always peeks.

182. National Best Friends Day by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
This is Sheldon musings and fluff... lots and lots of fluff. One Shot for National Best Friends Day

183. The Price is Right by debirlfan
Penny gets a job.

184. Break In the Rain by Dreamsparkle
Penny gets her heart stomped on by yet another guy. Sheldon tries to make it better.

185. All We Can Do Is Keep Breathing by weasleytook
When Sheldon suffers a sudden and shocking loss, he becomes addicted to a virtual reality world that only Penny can pull him out of.

186. Reunion by jade24
The last thing she needed in her life right now was to show all her old classmates how much homecoming-queen Penny had failed. Slight S/P, mostly friendship in the face of angst.

187. It Was All A Mistake by arraytime
Sheldon asks for Penny's help…

188. Won't Let Go by Donaji25
Based on Maroon 5's song "Leaving California" a Shenny/friendship songfic

189. Corrective Measures by damalur
Penny takes Sheldon with her to the Black Panther premiere.

190. Fun with Pirate Flags by ynotlleb
Sheldon and Penny present a special "Fun with Flags" in honour of "Talk like a Pirate day". Aaaarrr ('Talk Like A Pirate Day' Challenge 2016)

191. Hatch by GreenNebulae (TheDarkestShinobi)
"So Sheldon, what came first: the chicken or the egg?"

192. Politics by Halfred Askold
Just an idea during this election year, and a way to get to Shenny. This is my opinion and my idea. If you don't like Shenny, don't read. If you are for gun control don't read. I'm not afraid and I have a delete key. I don't own TBBT, but we all have the 2nd Amendment Right. WARNING: Politics, Possible triggers for some people.

193. The Babysitting Experience by OrsonWells Soft Kitty
Sheldon and Penny and the Howardette baby! what could possibly happen? just a quick, fluffy fic, enjoy! Shenny as always... canon but not really canon friendly... but also sort of is.

194. The Present Acquisition Theorem by Book girl fan
Written for SFC Ficathon prompt 19. I have always hated the holidays but you love them and I love you, so…

195. The Alien Stipulation by red_crate
In which Penny, once again, triumphs over Sheldon's endless intellect.

196. The Hole on the Shelf by Flora (florahart)
Penny's sick, and Sheldon wants his movie back. (You must have an A03 account to view this)

197. Fright Night by ishie
In a shocking twist, flat-out begging doesn't work.

198. The Grapefruit Revelation by lilyayl (Ailelie)
Leonard and Leslie. Penny and Sheldon. Not a date. Really. (You must have an A03 account to view this)

199. Why Sheldon Wears Long Sleeves by Mary85
Have you wondered why Sheldon wears long sleeves? Well in this ONE SHOT you will find out.

200. Computer Love by Sir Hawkeye Who
While left alone in the apartment Sheldon hears a song which rekindles his love for the band Kraftwerk.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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